Realistic Dildos & Dongs

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Choosing the Right One
With so much realism, choosing the perfect one is a matter of personal preference. You know what looks beautiful and whether you prefer the tip cut or not. These are as realistic as possible, and the variety at Jack & Jill Adult is expansive enough to provide you with the perfect fit.

Life-Like Material
The material these devices of pleasure are made from is the closest thing to life-like. Unlike the silicone or glass of phallic-shaped devices of the past, these are made from thermoplastic and are less expensive than some other toys that are marketed as lifelike. They’re soft to the touch yet stiff enough to touch you in all the right areas.

Shape and Size
Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect phallus is. What works for one might not work for another. Fortunately, the realistic dildos and dongs we carry can quite literally be considered the “perfect fit” for you. Whether you’re a stickler for an attached pair of balls or simply want the road, there’s a life-life replica ideal for you and your needs.

Once you know what shape and size are best for you, it’s time to settle on the right type of function that, for the lack of a better term, tickles your fancy. The realistic dildos and dongs offered by Jack & Jill Adult are available in both vibrating and stationary models. This means if you’re looking for foreplay via some clitoral stimulation or just want to go “all in'', you’ll have the perfect opportunity to do so.

The Benefits of Realistic Dildos and Dongs
As we previously mentioned, masturbation is healthy and a wonderful way to keep your spirits up when you’re at your loneliest. It’s a great way to practice safe sex and experience the next best thing to the real deal.

At Jack & Jill Adult, we offer complete discretion with our customers and don’t charge for shipping on orders of $60 or more. For a complete list of our products and more titillating tidbits of information, visit us at
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