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Anal Beads and Plugs

Anal beads and plugs can be utilized by just about anyone. Beads, which are connected together on a cord, are gradually inserted bit by bit. Extracting them quickly can result in an earth-shattering orgasm. If you or your partner are new to anal play, start out small with just a few beads to assess tolerance. Plugs are best recommended for people who have experience with anal play. Designed to stimulate the nerve endings in the anus, two requisites are necessary for use. First, a flared base to prevent the plug from being lost after insertion. Second, a generous amount of lubricant. There are a variety of plugs that are available, some of which allow for more ambitious types of anal play.

Ball Stretchers

As the Marquis de Sade once said, "sex without pain is like food without taste." For boys who enjoy pleasure and pain, ball stretchers are ideal. These weighted rings are worn around the scrotum during anal penetration. Think of them as a cock ring for the male testes.

Cock Rings

One of the most popular toys for boys, cock rings restrict blood flow to the penis, the result being a tightening sensation that illicit pleasure. They can be found in a. Variety of materials, with silicone being the most popular.

Mutual Masturbation Tools

There have been many recent studies regarding the heightened state of intimacy that can come from the practice of mutual masturbation. These silicone sleeves are like Chinese finger traps for the ...well, you know. This allows for hands-free stimulation.

Sounding Rods

We return to the world of sadomasochism with a tool for daring. Sounding rods are thin, as they're designed to be inserted into the urethra. They've grown in popularity in recent years and are used in rough sex and fetish play.

Jack and Jill Adult

From toys to joys and everything in between, Jack and Jill Adult is your one-stop shop for whatever your pleasures might be. For our store, specials, and more titillating tidbits of information like the one you’ve just read, come on over to
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