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Anal Beads

Looking for a new way to add anal play to your sex life? Anal beads could be exactly what you need. With the right set of anal beads, you can adjust to new sizes, go deeper than you have before, and add new sensations to your anal play.

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String along your anal pleasure with a set of anal beads

Anal beads provide something other butt toys can’t. They let you start small with “just the tip” and work your way up to a bigger, fuller sensation all in one toy. Great for beginners and anal play experts alike, anal beads feel different from other penetrative toys like dildos or plugs. Most beads have a retrieval loop built in to keep it from being lost in your rectum, as they should. This loop also serves another, better purpose, though. Hold onto it to move the beads in and out of your body or your partner’s body. Your backdoor area is extremely sensitive. As good as penetration feels, the added texture of the beads moving inside lets you experience something completely different and quite pleasurable.

Anal beads can be used to help beginners adjust to the new and yet strangely familiar sensations of butt play in an easier way. Start with the smallest bead and with plenty of lubricant, slowly work up to the next size. Each time you use your anal beads can be an adventure. Add in a little thrusting motion, and you may soon be begging for more.

FAQs About Anal Beads

Is it safe to put a long string of beads all the way up my butt?

Because anal beads are made from soft, pliable materials and your rectum is long and windy, anal beads are safe for most people. Stop if you feel any discomfort and remove them slowly and carefully. Always hold onto the retrieval loop so you have control over where the beads go.

How much lube do I need to use with anal beads?

All butt play requires lots of lube. It’s the best way to make sure you don’t feel discomfort or hurt yourself. Start with a big squirt or large dollop and add more if your beads aren’t sliding in easily.

Can anal beads be used in other ways?

Because of the texture and sensations created by the beads, anal beads can be used in vaginal penetration. If your beads have been used anally, make sure you clean them well before inserting the beads into your vagina or your partner’s vagina.

How do I clean my anal beads?

Soap and water is a great way to clean your anal beads. Sex toy cleaner is a good backup, especially if it’s an antibacterial kind. Make sure you dry your anal beads completely before storing them in a dry, cool place.

Doesn’t anal play always hurt?

Anal play, with or without anal beads, can be painful for people, but it doesn’t have to be. If it hurts, it means you’re not using enough lube, your toy is too big, and/or you’re moving too fast. Slow down, add more lube, and consider a smaller toy or set of anal beads.

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