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Dildos are commonly seen as sex toys that women use alone, and while they can certainly serve the purpose of helping satisfy a solo woman, there’s a lot more to these classic sex toys than meets the eye. In fact, many men and couples use dildos for pleasure in the bedroom as well. No matter what you’re looking for, Jack and Jill have the best dildo for you, from a realistic dildo to a double dildo and even a strap on dildo for use with a partner or as double penetration.

Find your perfect dildo in our diverse selection, featuring everything from classic designs to innovative models tailored for maximum satisfaction. For those seeking shared excitement, our double dildos collection offers a unique experience perfect for enhancing intimacy and enjoyment. Explore our range of strap on dildos, designed for versatility and comfort, making them an ideal choice for adventurous and fulfilling experiences.

The Original Sex Toys

Dildos are the oldest form of sex toys dating back thousands of years. Dildo sex toys come in many different types of materials. From glass dildos and metal dildos to realistic silicone dildos and even wood! The fact remains dildo sex toys are a staple in the bedroom nightstand. Straight sex, gay sex, and lesbian sex, sexual orientations do not matter when it comes to dildos. For the clitoral reactive person, vibrating dildos are very popular as well.

Dildo Sex Toy Material

Dildos these days are made of medical-grade silicone. Silicone, stone, and glass are the most sanitary and easily cleaned of all the materials as they are not porous. One of the cool things about a glass dildo is that you can experiment with temperature play. Try putting glass and metal dildos in warm water or ice water for a few minutes and experience a new sexual pleasure!

Endless Possibilities

The pleasure possibilities are endless with so many different-sized dildos if you enjoy penetration. The g spot can easily be reached with a dildo. While great for couples, some choose to utilize a dildo with suction cups on a hard surface for solo play. Let’s not forget dildos can even be anal toys! Up for some anal play? Anal dildos and anal probes are great dildo sex toys. They are the most versatile of all. Realistic dildos are great for anal play as they can simulate a real penis so well that some people can’t tell the difference when they grab one. Usually, these are high-end luxury dildos. Be sure realistic dildos are in your bedroom to spice up your sex life.

The Right Fit

Always check the insertable length of a sex toy before your purchase to be sure your find is exactly what you need. Don’t forget the water-based lubricant. A dry dildo never makes for good vaginal stimulation.


Strap ons require dildos, so if you are searching for one to use with a harness, be sure it is compatible in size with the harness ring. If you have a vagina and respond sexually more clitorally, you may want to use a vibrating dildo for clitoral stimulation.

Explore a new realm of pleasure with our diverse range of strap-on dildos, perfect for enhancing your intimacy and expanding your experiences. Discover the art of dildo play, a journey of self-exploration and partner connection, offering endless possibilities in your sexual adventures. Our online sex store provides a curated selection of high-quality products, ensuring safety, comfort, and satisfaction for every preference and need. Enhance your exploration with our comprehensive guide on various sex positions, designed to maximize pleasure and deepen your understanding of your and your partner’s desires. Jack and Jill Adult carries only the best dildos available online.

We Are Here To Help

Contact our customer service if you need help finding the dildo toys for your sex play. Shop dildo toys and let us help you find the best dildo with free shipping on all orders over $60 and up.  Shop dildos today for your sexual wellness and partner play!

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Icicles No 5 Glass Dong

Many women who have experience with sex toys still may not know about glass versions like the Icicles No 5 Glass Dong. Designed to slide easily over the clitoris and make solo penetration easy, the Icicles No 5 is a beautiful, non-phallic object that’s also perfect for playing with a partner. With 7-inches of length and a 1.25-inch wide shaft, the Icicles No 5 is also ideal for women who don’t want an extra-large sex toy. The clear and blue color also makes these items visually quite beautiful and erotic when showing off to a partner.

Black Thunder Realistic Cock

Coming in at 12-inches in length and offering an incredible 2.30 inches of girth, the Black Thunder Realistic Cock offers quite the ride for the experienced toy user. Designed with a unique curve that’s perfect for hitting your G spot, this toy is one that women who love a little bit of size will absolutely adore. It’s also an excellent toy for those self-described size queens who know that something smaller just won’t cut it when they want to get off. Many couples also find huge dildos to be very erotic in the bedroom, so don’t rule them out for a play with a partner as well!

Realdoe Feeldoe

Strap-on dildos are hugely popular with lesbian couples, but many men and women are getting in on the fun as well. Designed to be worn without a harness through vaginal insertion, the Realdoe Feeldoe gives pleasure to both partners during sex. The best thing about the Realdoe Feeldoe is that sex actually stimulates everybody, which isn’t always the case with a typical strap-on. The Realdoe Feeldoe is also an excellent size for strap-on play for women and men. With six inches of insertable length and 1.5-inches of width, this toy is big enough to satisfy anybody, but not so big that it should cause discomfort. Try out the Realdoe Feeldoe and get rid of those strap-on harnesses for good.

Find Your Dildo at Jack and Jill

Visit Jack and Jill to learn more about all of the great dildos we have for sale. Whether you’re a woman looking for a romp in the hay by yourself, or you are part of a couple just looking to spice things up, sex toys are an ideal place to start. Jack and Jill also offer a variety of other toys, from vibrators to lubricants and more.

Top FAQs About Dildos

Should I use condoms when I play with dildos?

That depends on how you’re playing with your dildo. If you’re with a new partner, someone who’s untested, or either of you has a sexually transmitted infection or disease, the answer is yes. Sometimes condoms are a good idea if you want to make cleanup easier, too. If you want to try anal to vaginal, use a condom for anal and take it off for vaginal. You can penetrate vaginal to anal with no worries, but not anal to vaginal. It’s easy to spread harmful bacteria that way.

Do dildos come in different sizes?

Absolutely! You can find dildos as small as five inches up to 12 inches and sometimes more. They also come in a variety of girths to help you find the perfect fit.

What kind of lube should I use with my dildo?

The type of lube you need depends on the material of your dildo. Water-based lubricants should be used with jelly, PVC, and silicone dildos. Glass, metal, and plastic dildos can use silicone lubricant. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions in case they recommend a specific type of lubricant.

What kinds of dildos can I choose from?

Sex toy companies make a wide variety of dildos from realistic to candy-colors. Some vibrator while others don’t. You can also choose double-sided dildos so you and a partner can enjoy the feeling at the same time.

Are dildos only for vaginal penetration?

Not at all! People of all genders can enjoy dildos for vaginal and anal penetration and even mock blowjobs. There are plenty of ways to play with a dildo.  Here are just some.

Are all dildos made of the same materials?

Dildos are made in a variety of materials including jelly, silicone, plastic, glass, and even metal. You may want to experiment to find what feels best for you.

How do I clean my dildo?

Most dildos can be cleaned with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. Any glass or metal dildo that doesn’t require batteries or another battery source can be cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher.

I have a smaller than average penis but want to bang my partner hard. Can a dildo help?

Definitely! With hollow dildos and a strap-on, you can both get something out of it, too. Slide your penis into the dildo, using lube if necessary, and put on the harness. Now you’re ready to give your partner exactly what you both want.

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