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Lubes & Lotions

Lubricants and lotions are must-haves in the bedroom. At Jack & Jill Adult, we carry a wide range of options, making it easy to find something that is most suitable for you. Our high-quality lubes and lotions can help improve your sex life. Consider shopping the Jack & Jill Adult line of lubricants. We carry water-based personal lubricants in a variety of sizes.

If you’re looking for silicone based lube, we carry this type of lubricant as well. We even have lube designed specifically for anal use. Some of our lubricants and lotions are scented to heighten sensation during solo play or to enhance your experience with your partner. Our flavored lubes can take your sexual wellness and sex play to the next level. Looking for shaving & intimate care products? Our smooth creams will soothe your skin.

Not Your Average Pharmacy Lube

Personal lubricants have evolved from your run-of-the-mill sex lube you would pick up from your neighborhood pharmacy or grocery store to a plethora of varieties ranging from oil based lube, water based lube, silicone based lubes to coconut oil and organic aloe vera based lube. You could say that Jack and Jill Adult has your bases covered when it comes to any play you’re looking for.  With many fragrance free and paraben free options also!

We have lubricant and lotion for every budget. Browse our selection and filter by price to discover the best water based lube, oil based lubes, natural lubes, or best silicone based lube for your price range. We have a huge inventory of lubes and lotions for you to shop from, so you can be sure to find a high-quality, affordable, and pleasurable lube that is the perfect match for you.

The Right Lube For The Job

When it comes to sex, finding the best lube for the job is ideal.  Personal lubricant is exactly what it sounds like.  Personal lubricant is different for every person.  We have an amazing selection of the best overall lube choices for vaginal sex, anal sex, sensitive skin, vaginal dryness, using your favorite sex toy, and beyond for practically any activity.  Jack and Jill Adult will have the best lubricants to make an intimate night more of a party.

With a variety of the best lube products on the market ranging from flavored lube, anal lube for a little anal play, natural lube, hybrid lube, lube for your silicone sex toys, ph balanced lube to prevent yeast infections or any personal lube of your liking for some “me time.”  Jack and Jill Adult has what you need to be your go-to in your bedside table.

Protection Is A Priority

In addition to lubes to enhance your pleasure and reduce friction, Jack and Jill Adult also offers a variety of latex condoms and non latex condoms to give you that natural feel of comfort and safety in the bedroom.  And many condom safe and latex friendly water based lubes and silicone lube products to prevent condom breakage for a night of good clean love.

Taking My Toys And Going Home

Jack and Jill Adult has an amazing variety of water based lubricant products as well as oil based lubricants for your silicone toys.  As well as an abundance of different lubes and silicone lubricant products to enhance your sexual play.  Just make sure to pick up some toy cleaners also!

Relax And Enjoy The Ride

A simple and fun way to get things started is with a stress-relieving massage.  Jack and Jill Adult has you covered with a wide variety of massage oil products.  With many different types of scents and aromas, sensitive skin options, different bases, and even massage candles for the adventurous!  We will have what you need to get relaxed and ready.

Some Of Our Available Brands

Shop your favorite brands in-store or online with Jack & Jill Adult. Our line of personal and premium lubricants can meet your needs, or you can shop from brands like Pjur Woman, Spunk, Pink, Sensuva, Jo H20, Jesse Jane, and more.

Jack & Jill Adult is the best place to find lubes, lubricants, and just about anything else to enhance your sex life. Browse the rest of our website to find everything from sex toys to lingerie.

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Jack and Jill Online offers the kinkiest variety of Lubes & Lotions on the internet and our team makes sure to ensure the quality of every Lubes & Lotion we offer on our store. If you are in quest for anything else other than Lubes & Lotions, then click to our main toys page to discover all the sex toys in the United States.
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