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Anal Douches, Enemas & Hygiene Items

Anal play, much like vaginal intercourse, is an enjoyable activity that consenting adults love to participate in. No matter what your level of experience might be, hygiene is an important factor that applies to every situation. Cleanliness is sexiness, and today we’ll be exploring the basics that apply to those who enjoy going in through the outdoors.

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Washing Up Prior to Anal Play

Most articles stress the importance of lubing everything up before any penetrative activity. While this is true, we want to stress the importance of washing thoroughly beforehand. This means exercising a bowel moment well beforehand. Emptying the contents at least thirty minutes to an hour beforehand can ensure you don’t have any embarrassing moments or mishaps. A thorough shower beforehand is also advisable, and using a wet wipe afterward is. A great way to avoid any embarrassment.

Douching and Enemas

While both of these terms are used with one another when the discourse of any play is brought up, it’s important to remember that the two of them are very different from one another. We feel that it’s quite important to describe the difference between the two in order to clear up any confusion that might be lingering. An enema is a medical treatment, and its sexual use became wildly popularized with the release of the pornographic film Water Power. Enemas go far beyond the rectum and anus and actually penetrate the small intestine, making them take much longer than douching. Douching is a practice that’s employed by many, both in vaginal and anal play. Douching kits are very easy to come across and apply, and many experts recommend that if you choose to utilize one, you do so 30-60 minutes before any sexual activity. This is because water can sometimes get left behind in the rectum, making a hasty exit to the toilet an absolute necessity.

Keeping it Clean

Once you’ve completed your cleanliness and preparation, it’s time to enjoy yourself, and remember that cleanliness is an important aspect to maintain when it comes to any anal play. It’s recommended that you use condoms in anything that will be penetrating an anal orifice. Wash your hands and any toys thoroughly before and after, and remember that staying safe should always take top priority.

Jack and Jill Adult

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