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Pocket Pussy

Tickling your pickle gets old after a while. Same stroke, same pace, and same orgasm – day after day. Make your next wank a good one with a little variety. Get yourself a realistic pocket pussy designed to tease and please.

The Essential Pocket Vagina

What makes male masturbators so great is the variety of different colors, shapes, sizes, and functions they come in.  From vibrating pocket pussy toys to warming functions that simulate actual intercourse.  Some so natural feeling; it feels like being with a real woman to make your solo sessions a much more enjoyable experience and an essential sex toy in a man’s collection. An artificial vagina is a helpful tool for enhancing the experience of male masturbation.

So Many Quality Pocket Pussies

Pocket pussies and male masturbators have come a long way from the cheap pocket pussy toy that barely looked like a real vagina, let alone felt like one.  Within the past few years, technology has made it possible for you to enjoy the feeling of a realistic vagina without breaking the bank.  Even the ones that don’t look realistic will still feel excellent and will add to your maximum pleasure. Have sexual fantasies you can’t carry out? Alone and wishing for anal sex? Give male masturbators a try. The’ll help keep your sexual stamina up.

The Best Male Stroker For Your Money

Looking for the best pocket pussy? With such a wide variety of pocket pussy products and male strokers, it’s easy to find one at your price point.  From an affordable pocket pussy toy for extra stimulation to higher quality pocket pussies with the feeling of real skin that feels like having real sex. Like the real thing. Once you try a masturbation sleeve, you won’t want to put it down.

It Feels Like An Actual Vagina

Jack and Jill Adult will have the best pocket pussy to start the party and get your pocket pussy pleasure on. Be sure to use water based lube to avoid any damage and don’t forget to keep it clean with a toy cleaner.

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Keep your pleasure in your hands with a pocket pussy

Another day, another chance to jack off. If you’re bored with the palm of your hand but still need to release some tension, it may be time for a pocket pussy. Who wouldn’t want a pussy ready to pull out and use whenever the mood strikes? When you’re between partners or your partner isn’t around, the pocket pussy stroker gets the job done.

What does it feel like? That depends on what you want. Your pocket pussy can feel like a vagina with a nice tight grip. If you’re craving some anal play in your masturbation fantasy, you can have that too. Jonesing for a blowjob? There’s a pocket pussy for that too. Get yourself off in any way that feels good to you.

Pocket pussies are available in a variety of skin tones and come in multiple shapes and sizes. Most are small and discreet, so you can jack off and feel good without anyone knowing you’ve found something better than an old sock or worrying about callouses. Sometimes bigger is better when you want to feel like you’ve got a partner underneath you.

If you choose reusable strokers, don’t forget to get lube and sex toy cleaner. Your pocket pussy will last longer if you take care of it. And when it feels that good, you want it to last. Can’t be bothered with the mess? One-shot masturbation strokers are available when you’re ready to wrestle the eel but don’t want the hassle of cleanup and maintenance.

FAQs About Pocket Pussy

Do pocket pussies really fit inside my pocket?

Most pocket pussies are several inches long and a few inches in diameter. They might not actually fit in your pocket but they are discreet. No one will know what you’ve got unless you tell them.

How are pocket pussies different from other strokers?

Pocket pussies come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They’re often more affordable than other strokers. Unlike masturbation toys, you’ll experience sensation all the way around your shaft, increasing your pleasure.

Do all pocket pussies look and feel like a pussy?

While many pocket pussies are modeled on vaginas and even add in labia to make it feel more real, you can choose other types of strokers. Some look like a plastic tube. Others are designed to look and feel like a mouth or let you experience anal play.

How do I clean a pocket pussy?

Because of the material they’re made from – silicone or plastic – you can use an antibacterial soap and warm water to clean your pocket pussy. Even better use a sex toy cleaner as they are meant to be used on materials that sex toys are made of. It will also kill any germs or bacteria. Let your pocket pussy dry completely before putting it away.

Should I tell my partner I want a pocket pussy?

Masturbation, in or out of a relationship, is a healthy thing. Not only should you be able to tell your partner you want one, but you might also want to show your partner how you use it. Masturbating together can be a lot of fun and good for a relationship.

If you are looking for other types of masturbators try our fleshlights page, or visit our main page for other adult toys.

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