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Anal Lubricants

For many couples, the concept of anal play can produce a lot of mixed reactions. For some, it’s excitement. Others have apprehension and fear regarding the idea of going in through outdoor. Not to worry, we’re here to dispel any of the fears that come from a night of exploring the sensory excitement that comes from anal play. And the first step to doing this is exploring anal lubricants. In short, it’s less of a lubri-CAN’T and more of a lubri-CAN.

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Friction and Stimulation

If you’re in a partnership, then you might not think about using lubrication all that much during vaginal intercourse. This is understandable, as the vagina is naturally lubricated. However, if you’re thinking about introducing anal play into the equation, lubrication is a complete necessity. Why? Well, first off, the anal cavity does contain a variety of pleasure centers that, when properly stimulated, can bring about a feeling similar to that of an orgasm. And while this stimulation is certainly wonderful to experience, it also comes with a great deal of friction that can be unpleasant to experience, Hence the need to make sure penetrating and receiving are done without much in the way of the discomfort.

The Trifecta of Proper Lubrication

Now that we’ve taken the time to explain the necessity for proper lubrication before any sort of anal play, it’s also important to remember to be VERY generous with the amount that you use. Think of going down a waterside when it’s as dry as a bone. Think of painful that might be. Just like the slides that have plenty of water to facilitate a fun drop, there’s nothing wrong with throwing a little bit of extra on there to make things easier and less painful. That said, there are three distinctive types of anal lubricant to ensure a satisfying experience.

Water-Based Lubes

These are ideal for masturbation and vaginal penetration. They also work fine alongside condoms and various sex toys. While they have their advantages in these areas, we recommend something different if you and your partner are considering anal play.

Silicone-Based Lubes

For those who are looking for a highly effective lubricant to use during anal play, silicone based lubes are by far the best option. They have a thicker consistency and will allow anal penetration to take place with plenty of stimulation and no friction. However, it’s advised that these don’t get used with silicone sex toys, as they can wear down the material after multiple uses.

Hybrid Lubricants

One of the newest and most exciting advents of anal play is the hybrid lubricant. A combination of silicone and water-based properties, these are free of several chemicals and are safe to use in anal play, and can even be used with condoms without the ripping and tearing being an issue.

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