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Anal Probes

For those of you who grew up in the 1990s, the term “anal probe” might conjure up flashbacks of the scores of people who had claimed to be abducted by aliens and experimented upon. And while this period of popular culture is entertaining to look back upon, we assure you that anal probes are indeed a usable item and one that provides a great deal of pleasure for those who enjoy anal play. So, if you’re someone who enjoys going “in through the outdoor,” we implore you to read on.

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Alien Abduction Aside, What is an Anal Probe?

Choosing the Ideal Probe

If you feel like an anal probe might be your gateway to a brave new world of pleasure, it’s simply a matter of choosing the right one. There are four attributes that go into selecting the perfect anal probe, and we’ll now go over each one.
Size: This one is a no-brainer. When it comes to anal probes, size matters. If you’re new to the game and in the process of purchasing your first one, you might want to get one that’s not too long. One of decent length that’s perfectly straight will be more than ideal for you.
Material: Similar to dildos and vibrators, anal probes are constructed from a variety of materials. The three most common are silicone, glass, and steel. For a rigid experience, glass and steel are recommended. If you’re new or you just prefer a gentle penetration, silicone is your best bet,
Texture: For first-time users, we recommend something smooth that can be easily lubricated prior to use. More experienced users can opt for one with bumps and penile structures to come into contact with more nerve endings.
Shape: Similar to the texture and size, the shape of your probe will make all of the difference in your adventures. Length is important, but always remember to get one with a flared base. It’s not fun when toys come up missing.

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