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Suction Cup Dildos

The most popular of all dildos are suction cup dildos. They are great for taking control of solo play as a realistic dildo usually has a suction cup and simulates a real penis. All you need to get going with a suction cup dildo is a flat surface to attach the suction cup base.

Ease Of Use

The suction dildo is one of the most popular sex toys for the shower wall, especially for anal play. The most popular is the realistic suction cup dildo. Suction cup sex toys are an easy, hands-free solo action solution. They also come in so many sizes. Even huge dildos have suction cups strong enough to support the girth and weight these days. Nothing like a strong suction cup on a sex toy!

Wall Mounted Dildo

For solo play, wall-mounted dildos will get the job done as well. Look around at all the different surfaces around your home; as long as the surface is not porous, you should be good. Don’t forget to remove the sex toy from the wall when you finish your session to prevent family members from discovering your secret shower pal.

Foor Mounted Dildo

Maybe you don’t feel up for backing up against a wall. Try the old Squat technique. This method works great with suction dildos. A tile floor will work best for this. If you only have carpet, you may want to buy a tile from your local home improvement store. The floor-mounted method is also great for deep anal penetration as well. Whatever you do, never use glass as a surface material to mount suction toys.

Strap Ons and Material

Since the suction cup dildo is almost always shaped after an erect penis, they are great for strap on harnesses. The suction cup base should fit through most standard strap on ring sizes. It is usually best to go with a body safe silicone material. If you are new to dildos, check out our Best Dildos For Beginners article

Get Creative

Going for the shower method? Try throwing a bullet vibrator into the mix for a quick orgasm before work! Looking for more info on dildos? Check out our dildo section in our blog. Jack and Jill Adult has an amazing assortment, so you can be sure to find the best suction cup dildo for you.

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