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Ben Wa Balls

Strengthen your kegel muscles, or take your sexual pleasure in a sensuous and subtle direction with Ben Wa Balls aka kegel balls.

Discrete Exercises

Kegel balls are one of the few sex toys you can use all day long and out in public – even strengthening your pelvic floor muscles without anyone knowing the difference. Kegel balls will strengthen your pelvic floor, which can help with bladder control and urinary incontinence.

Post Birth

After giving birth, things tend to be stretched out, and many women look to get that vaginal elasticity back. They have found if they incorporate ben wa balls into their sexual health regimen with targeted exercises, the vaginal canal will return to its original tightness.

In Practice

The best way to strengthen things back up is to steadily insert a kegel ball into the vaginal opening while taking note of the different weights you insert.

The Next Step

Next, you will want to insert a second ball, with the first ball still inside. Take note of the weight of this second ball as well. It is best to start with the smaller weights first and work your way up like you would if you exercised any other body part. In a comfortable position and with the kegel balls inside, attempt to stand up and hold them in. Don’t let them fall out. This is your first exercise to master.


With a little practice daily, weighted balls inside your body might not produce the bone-clenching orgasm you’re used to, but they will strengthen your pelvic floor and tease you until you’re craving something so much more.

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Make yourself beg for more with Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls have a long history in the sensual arts. Some say they’ve been around 1000 years or longer. The Chinese call them pinyin. Others know them as orgasm balls, Venus balls, and even Geisha balls. Ben Wa balls are small, sometimes weighted balls, to be inserted into your vagina. As they roll around and as you move, they lightly bounce off the sides of your vaginal walls, stimulating your body. They offer a sensual experience, instead of the electrified orgasmic pleasure you might be used to. For some people, Ben Wa balls aren’t about the end result of a climax but the journey into sensual pleasure.

While Ben Wa balls have definitely been used for sex as long as they’ve been around, they also serve another purpose – vaginal strength. Ask any woman who’s had children, and she’ll tell you that laughing, coughing, and sneezing don’t always produce good results. The most common advice is to perform kegel exercises – squeezing the pelvic muscles similar to the way you squeeze to hold back urine. The act of holding the balls in your body can activate the muscles. Women may also practice their strengthening muscles while the Ben Wa balls are inserted.

FAQs About Ben Wa Balls

Can Ben Wa balls be used anally?

While a set of Ben Wa balls may fit in your anus, they’re not safe for anal play because they lack a wide base or easy retrieval loop that keeps anal play safe. You can find anal stimulators similar to Ben Wa balls that are much safer to use.

Should I use lube with my Ben Wa balls?

If you find penetration difficult or experience vaginal dryness, use a lubricant to make it easier and more comfortable to use your Ben Wa balls.

Will I have an orgasm while using Ben Wa balls?

Ben Wa balls are used to stimulate the body or strengthen your pelvic muscles. While you may feel a very pleasant sensation as the balls move in your body and bump against your vaginal walls, orgasm is rare for many people.

Will it hurt if I sit down while wearing Ben Wa balls?

Some people may experience discomfort if you sit down too quickly or firmly while wearing Ben Wa balls. Attempt to adjust the balls or sit down more gently. If you find another position doesn’t work, remove the Ben Wa balls during that activity.

How do I know Ben Wa balls won’t get stuck in my vagina?

Most of the Ben Wa balls available for purchase are connected by a string with extra length you can use to remove them from your body. When you insert Ben Wa balls into your vagina, leave the string on the outside of your body so that you can remove it when you’re ready.

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