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Adult Sex Toys

At Jack And Jill Adult, we aim to help you find the adult sex toys that are right for you and your partner. If you are looking for a rabbit, couples sex toy, a bullet, or even something for strap on sex, due to erectile dysfunction, you’ve come to the right place. If you are browsing for a vibrating butt plug or anal beads for anal play, you’ll also find them here. This is a collection of our best-selling adult sex toys. Feel free to use the guide at the bottom of this page to assist you with your shopping experience.

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Stimulation Response

While you browse for your sex toys, first think about how you and your partner each respond to sexual stimulation when you are intimate. Have you used a sex toy before? How did you or your partner respond to the sex toy? Does your partner respond more to clitoral stimulation? Then have a look at our bullet vibrator sex toys. Does your partner respond more to g spot stimulation? Then you'll want to look at our g spot vibrator sex toys section. Maybe your partner responds to both; you should look at our rabbit vibrator sex toys as they stimulate both spots. Finally, you can't go wrong with a couples vibrator. Vibrators, in general, are great for clitoral stimulation. 

Sex Toys Are Subjective

Keep in mind sex toys can be subjective. Each person is different. As an example, one person may have a great experience with a clitoral vibrator while In contrast, another person may have an opposite experience with the same clitoral vibrator. Don't feel bad if a toy does not work for you or your partner. It is better to have tried the toy than to never have known.

Shopping For A Special Occasion

Are you shopping for sex toys for Valentine's Day or your Anniversary? We have you covered. Maybe try a remote control operated bullet or cock rings at dinner! No one will know. Super exciting! A toy can be a great gift. You can never go wrong with clitoral suction. A toy that has clitoral suction with variable suction patterns will almost always get the job done. Sexual wellness products play a large role in America, keping couples together. Our sex toys for couples section has vibrating cock ringsgamesstrap-ons and harnessesvibrating panties, and sensual massage oils and lotions. 

A New View On Sex Toys

Nowadays, sex toys and cock rings are considered devices that aid instead of the old fashion perception of just being a dirty old toy. This is excellent news for men looking for help in the size department. We are here to help. Our sex toys for men department proudly carries a fantastic section of cock ringspenis pumps, penis pump accessoriespenis extendersmasturbatorsporn star masturbatorspocket pussies, and prostate massagers.

The Trusty Dildo

Many people are content with the tried and true dildo. The evolution from the stone dildo 30,000 years ago to a rabbit vibrator is a giant leap! However, there are many types of dildos. Clone your own dildosdouble dildosg spot dildos, and even porn star dildos molded from porn stars. Just imagine a sex toy molded from your favorite porn star!

Anal Selection

Let's not forget the anal toys. We have a great selection of anal sex toys for you! Everything from butt plugsanal beadsanal trainer kits to anal probesanal lubricants, and anal douches, enemas, and hygiene items.

Don't Forget The Lube!

Once you have figured out what sex toys to try out, be sure to add lubricant to your order. We can not stress this enough. Always keep your partner and yourself lubricated for comfort, especially if you are using butt plugs, as no one wants a painful experience. We carry a massive selection of waterbased lubricant for penetrative sex and silicone lubricant as well. Just like penetrative sex, all sex toys require lubricant, including silicone toys. While we are on the subject, keeping your silicone toys clean is essential. Always use sex toy cleaner before and after your sessions. Most people like to keep things trimmed and shaved down there, so we also recommend our shaving and intimate care products

No Longer Taboo

Thanks to the 1998 rabbit vibrator craze from Sex And The City, the sex toy market globally has really opened up in the past two decades. Currenty over 30 billion dollars a year are spent on sex toys. That is expected to double by the year 2030! Luckily this means spicing up your intimate life with a toy is not as taboo as it used to be. Nothing beats experiencing a hands free, intense climax from internal stimulation by a vibrator with a good battery life. It’s a total game changer. Most sex toys have now gone wireless, utilize remote controls, and are rechargeable, which is excellent news. No more dead batteries! Plus, the ability to be discrete via remote control. Some sex toys are even controlled via an app over wifi to connect with a partner, anywhere on the planet!

We strive to deliver the best sex toys to your door.

With thousands of products, you can be sure to find something perfect for your sex life, sexual pleasure and your budget. 

Happy Shopping!

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