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Boy Butter Extreme – 6 oz Lube Tube


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A Dash of Alchemy: Introducing Boy Butter Extreme 6 oz Lube Tube

In the ancient halls of pleasure, a new potion has been concocted – Boy Butter Extreme! Think of it as the secret sauce that makes the unthinkable possible. Whether you’re on a quest for prolonged ecstasy, a smoother entry into uncharted territories, or the audacity to challenge your limits, Boy Butter Extreme is your magic elixir.

The Wizardry of Boy Butter Extreme

With a flick of the wand and a dash of 5% Benzocaine, Boy Butter Extreme transforms into an enchanted brew. Let’s unveil the spellbook:

  • Numbs the Feisty Beasts: Harnessing the power of a local anesthetic, it gently tames the excitable parts for a calmer and more controlled adventure.
  • A Creamy Dream: Homogenized like the finest butter, its creamy texture ensures you won’t be caught in a sticky situation.
  • The Stamina of a White Knight: It’s relentless, going on as long as any silicone counterpart.
  • Magic Eraser Included: Fear not, adventurers! This potion washes off with water alone, from both skin and fabric, making it the most courteous of companions.

Indications: The Scroll of Knowledge

Fabled to prevent the climax of premature finales, Boy Butter Extreme aids the gallant knight in delaying the curtain call. The enchanted elixir tempers the fervor, allowing for a grander performance.

Directions: Spellcasting 101

Use wisely, oh brave explorer! Anoint a small amount upon the sacred scepter or the gates of elation. Should a medical mage prescribe differently, follow their ancient wisdom. Remember to dissolve the spell with water post-adventure.

Beware: The Ancient Scrolls of Caution

Listen well, for every potion has its lore. Boy Butter Extreme is oil-based and thus shuns the presence of latex armor  (Oil-based products are NOT latex condom safe). Seek counsel from a wise healer if untamed dragons persist despite the potion’s use. If an ill-fated curse such as a rash or irritation emerges, disband the elixir at once.

A Toast to Legendary Adventures!

Prepare the banquet hall and let the minstrels play! With Boy Butter Extreme in your satchel, the night ahead is full of endless wonders and tales yet to be woven. A toast, then, to the magical escapades that await the bravest of hearts!



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