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Gender X Hip To Be Square – Black


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“Geometry of Joy: Gender X Hip To Be Square”

Meet your new best friend in the realm of pleasure, the Gender X Hip To Be Square! Don’t be fooled by its name; there’s nothing mundane about this innovative device. This powerful silicone toy is an avant-garde dance of delight, a new wave of exploration, and a bold statement of your playful identity.

“Design to Stir and Stimulate”

Our Hip To Be Square features a bulbous shaft with a state-of-the-art motor that pulses with the rhythm of your desires. This isn’t just about functionality—it’s an embodiment of ergonomic elegance, complete with a textured six-inch shaft that tapers to a rounded point.

  • Powerful Pulse: The built-in motor vibrates at 10 different speeds and patterns, promising to take you on a roller coaster ride of pleasure.
  • Sculpted for Sensation: The textured shaft swells gradually before cinching in again to a thick stem, creating a symphony of sensations with each use.
  • Comfortable and Control: You’re always in control with its square base snugly in your hand. The one-button design ensures your focus stays on pleasure, not puzzling over controls.

“Water Wonder and More”

The Hip To Be Square isn’t just a dry-land adventurer—it’s fully submersible, ready to join you in any aquatic escapades. Its ability to adapt is a celebration of the fluidity and flexibility inherent in all of us.

  • Aquatic Adventure: Fully submersible for those who wish to take their pleasure journey beneath the waves.
  • Rechargeable Rapture: No need for batteries here; our Hip To Be Square is rechargeable, ensuring your pleasure is never unexpectedly cut short.
  • Easy Clean: Thanks to the easy-to-clean design, your aftercare routine is as breezy as your pleasure journey.

“Hip To Be Square, Hip to Be You”

The Gender X Hip To Be Square isn’t just about physical pleasure. It’s about exploring the unconventional, embracing new heights of joy, and affirming your identity. With this innovative tool, you’re not just stepping into a world of delight. You’re declaring, “I am me and ready for a pleasure revolution!”

So, go ahead. Ignite your senses. And let your journey into pleasure be as vibrant, unique, and playful as you are. After all, it’s hip to be square, but it’s even hipper to be you.

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BK – Black


Rechargeable, Waterproof

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