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H2o Splish Splash 6 White


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Redefine Freshness with H2O Splish Splash

Freshen up your intimate playtime with our top-tier H2O Splish Splash 6 Inch Squirting Dong & Douche. This isn’t just a functional personal care tool; it’s a pleasure trove that creates a party right in your shower! It gives you the fun, thrill, and spark of a hot rendezvous while ensuring you’re as clean as a whistle, inside and out.

Imagine the joy of the carnival water gun game, but instead of shooting at targets, you’re having an intimate, exhilarating time, leading to unmatched freshness. Because who said cleaning up can’t be an exciting affair?

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Our innovative kit fits snugly onto most shower heads with a universal diverter valve, letting you control the water flow for a customized experience. Now you can regulate the rhythm of your pleasure-filled cleansing ritual right from your shower knob. If the journey of cleanliness was ever a road, consider H2O Splish Splash your sleek, supersonic jet.

What’s in the Box?

  • Realistic, PVC cock-shaped nozzle, removable for convenience
  • Universal water hose
  • Efficient cleansing system that installs easily in your shower, bathtub, or sink

All Pleasure, No Pressure

The H2O Splish Splash 6 Inch Squirting Dong & Douche brings pleasure and cleanliness together like never before. But we don’t just care about your pleasure; we also consider your health and safety paramount. That’s why we’ve designed this product with phthalate-free PVC material, ensuring that your intimate moments remain both pleasurable and safe.

The Essentials of H2O Splish Splash:

  • A stimulating, 6-inch squirting dong
  • Removable nozzle for easy cleaning and storage
  • Universal water hose that fits most showers
  • Waterproof design for worry-free usage
  • Free from harmful phthalates

The Perfect Splash of Fun and Hygiene

So, dive into a sea of freshness with the H2O Splish Splash 6 Inch Squirting Dong & Douche. It’s not just about cleansing; it’s about turning a routine activity into a rendezvous of pleasure. And remember, a little bit of your favorite water-based lubricant can enhance your experience even further. Always clean your Shower Shot with warm soapy water before and after each use to ensure it’s ready for your next exciting adventure. With H2O Splish Splash, your shower time will never be the same.


Materials: PVC, Silicone, ABS, Stainless SteelDong Size: Length: 6 Width: 1.5, height: 6, Insertable Length: 6



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Weight 0.72 lbs
Dimensions 2.125 × 4.938 × 8.438 in

Novelties By Nass-walk Inc

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