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Satisfyer Intensity Plug Gold


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Unleash the Power of Connection with Satisfyer Intensity Plug!

Elevate your pleasure experience with the innovation that is Satisfyer Intensity Plug in Gold. A marvel of design and functionality, it promises not just stimulation, but a deeper connection with yourself and others. Say hello to a pleasure experience like no other.

Award-Winning App Integration

Connectivity is the name of the game. The Satisfyer Connect app, a proud recipient of multiple CES awards, brings an array of features to intensify and personalize your moments:

  • Unparalleled Data Security: Your pleasure remains your personal secret with no data collection and robust German data protection standards.
  • Remote Revelations: Control your Satisfyer or let someone else take the reins! Whether via Bluetooth or the Internet, the choice is yours.
  • Designer Delights: Craft your unique vibration patterns and, if you’re feeling generous, share them with a worldwide community.
  • Sonic Sensations: With Ambient Vibration, let the rhythms of the world around you dictate your pleasure.
  • Music and Magic: Sync up with your Spotify playlist and move to the beat.

Celebrated Innovations

The world has recognized the revolution that is Satisfyer Connect:

  • CES2021: The Satisfyer Connect app dazzled the tech world, clinching the esteemed CES Innovation Award.
  • CES2020: Lauded for its blend of pleasure and tech, the Satisfyer Connect app bagged the globally recognized CES TWICE Picks Award.

Satisfyer ‘Intensity Plug’ – Pleasure, Amplified

When average just doesn’t cut it, the Intensity Plug steps in:

  • Powerful Passion: Featuring 12 intense vibration modes, this anal vibrator promises a sensation that’s beyond the ordinary.
  • Ergonomic Excellence: Its shape ensures comfort while providing a pleasurable fullness, with the groove offering that added touch of titillation.
  • Adaptable Adventures: App control lets you orchestrate your pleasure, set it to music, or even immerse yourself in erotic tales.

Silky, Safe, and Submersible

Crafted with your pleasure and safety in mind:

  • Silken Comfort: Made from body-friendly silicone, the Intensity Plug promises a smooth entry and delightful stay.
  • Waterplay Welcome: Dive into wetter, wilder adventures! With an IPX7 waterproof rating, bath or shower sessions just got hotter.

Step into Intense Elation

The Satisfyer Intensity Plug is not just a toy, it’s a journey. One that takes you to the peaks of pleasure, powered by technology and your imagination. Ready for the ride?



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