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Hannes Neo Black


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Hannes Neo Black: The Future of Pleasure Awaits

Elevate Intimacy with Advanced Technology

Introducing Hannes Neo Black, where cutting-edge technology meets sensual satisfaction. Seamlessly merging tactile pleasures with modern advancements, this device offers unparalleled experiences, tailored just for you. Whether you’re indulging in solo explorations or sharing exhilarating moments from a distance, Hannes Neo Black ensures every touch, thrust, and pulse resonates with pure ecstasy.

Features Tailored for the Modern Enthusiast

  • APP-Controlled Delights: Command your pleasure with ease through Bluetooth connection, offering customizable play from any distance.
  • Ergonomic Design: Reimagined for the discerning user, enjoy an improved, compact design that’s a delight to hold and operate.
  • Interactive Adventures: Sync with interactive videos or connect with webcam performers for a truly immersive experience.
  • Dynamic Thrusting: Dive into ecstasy with 7 intense auto-thrusting modes, each crafted to tantalize and tease.
  • Sensational Texture: Experience heightened sensations with a specially designed inner texture and gripping feature that enhances every movement.
  • Sustained Pleasure: Relish in prolonged sessions with over an hour of playtime after a full charge.
  • Universal Fit: Celebrate uniqueness with an adaptable sleeve designed to accommodate any size, ensuring comfort and satisfaction.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: Featuring a twist & lock design, cleaning is a breeze, ensuring your Hannes Neo Black is always ready for the next adventure.

Hannes Neo Black: Where Innovation Meets Intimacy

Elevate your sensual journey with a device that understands the intricacies of modern desires. With the Hannes Neo Black, experience pleasure redefined, where every touch, pulse, and thrust is orchestrated for pure indulgence. Embrace the future, where technology and intimacy dance in perfect harmony. Dive in, explore, and let the waves of pleasure carry you to new horizons.



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