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Svakom Ella Neo Red/gold


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Take Pleasure to New Heights with Svakom Ella Neo!

Welcome to the future of pleasure and connectivity! The Svakom Ella Neo isn’t just another toy—it’s a passport to limitless ecstasy, no matter where you or your partner are in the world. Designed for both individual use and cam models, this powerhouse of a toy incorporates the latest technology to give you a plethora of ways to find your bliss. Unveil the hidden dimensions of your sensuality, all at the swipe of a finger!

Pioneering APP Control: Pleasure Without Borders

  • Global Connection: Long-distance has never been this close! Connect from anywhere around the globe through our cutting-edge APP control.
  • Shared Experience: Whether you’re solo or paired up, the control is in your—or your partner’s—hands. Share the reigns and heighten the pleasure!
  • Interactive Fun: Tailored for cam models, this tool allows you to interact with your fans in a whole new way. Increase tips while deepening the fan experience.

Masterful Customization: Total Control, Total Thrill

  • Finger-Touch Intensity: Adjustable levels mean you decide the pace and power. Make every moment an electrifying experience.
  • Multi-Modal Exploration: From pulsing rhythms to gentle waves, find your ideal pleasure setting with ease.

A Toy for All Seasons: Take It Anywhere, Enjoy It Your Way

  • Quiet as a Whisper: Super discreet, take your Ella Neo beyond the bedroom and explore the freedom of uninhibited pleasure.
  • Enhanced Video Experience: Sync Ella Neo to your favorite adult videos and let it dance along, adding a whole new layer to your viewing pleasure.

Extra Features for Extra Fun

  • Personalized Video Sync: Elevate your solo sessions by having Ella Neo vibe along with the content you’re watching.
  • Ultimate Discretion: Whisper-quiet tech ensures your moments remain your own, whether you’re at home or stepping outside your comfort zone.

Ready to redefine pleasure? The Svakom Ella Neo is more than just a toy—it’s an experience, a thrill, and a new frontier in sensual discovery!



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