Bodywand Mini Vibes Tap – Pink


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“Bodywand Mini Vibes Tap – Pink: Precision Pleasure at Your Fingertips”

Introducing the Bodywand Mini Vibes Tap in playful pink, a captivating companion that knows just how to tap into your deepest desires. With its angled tip and range of vibration patterns, this mini vibe is a true maestro of G-spot stimulation.

“A Tickled Pink Design”

The Bodywand Mini Vibes Tap isn’t just about delivering pleasure; it’s about doing it in style. Its playful pink design is sure to make your intimate moments even more enjoyable.

  • Playful Pink: A vibrant shade that adds a fun, playful touch to your pleasure chest.
  • Angled for Accuracy: The smart angled-tip design ensures precise G-spot massage every time.

“Choose Your Own Adventure”

With 10 different vibration patterns, the Bodywand Mini Vibes Tap offers a customizable experience that caters to your unique pleasure preferences.

  • Variety is the Spice: With 10 vibration patterns, you can switch up the sensations to keep your intimate moments exciting and fresh.
  • Customizable Pleasure: Choose the vibration pattern that best suits your mood and let the Mini Vibes Tap do the rest.

“Always Ready When You Are”

The Bodywand Mini Vibes Tap is not only shower-compatible but also USB-rechargeable, ensuring it’s always ready to play when you are.

  • Shower-friendly: Take your pleasure to new, wetter places. The Mini Vibes Tap is ready for fun in the shower.
  • USB-Rechargeable: No need for batteries. Simply recharge your Mini Vibes Tap with the provided USB cable, and it’s ready for your next pleasure quest.

“Tap into Pleasure”

The Bodywand Mini Vibes Tap – Pink is a versatile and playful tool that brings a whole new meaning to G-spot stimulation. With its range of vibration patterns and smart design, this mini vibe ensures your pleasure is always at your fingertips.

Let the Bodywand Mini Vibes Tap guide you on a journey of intimate discovery. It’s time to tap into a world of pleasure!



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