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The Internal Rabbit Blue


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Revel in a Symphony of Euphoria with The Internal Rabbit

Welcome to a Lush Universe of Intimate Exhilaration

Embark on an odyssey that understands and caters to your every whim and fancy with “The Internal Rabbit”. Ingeniously sculpted to delight your senses, it serenades your sweet spots with a ballet of pulsating technology and ergonomically crafted excellence.

Harmonizing Features of The Internal Rabbit:

  • Precision-Driven Design: Adroitly crafted for consummate G-spot stimulation with its specially shaped head.
  • Enchanting Dual Motors: Immerse yourself in dual realms of pleasure, endowed with two robust, independent motors nestled within the shaft and rabbit.
  • Silky and Safe Encounters: Ensured by its body-safe silicone composition, enabling a lush and worry-free journey.
  • Euphony of Stimulation: Dance through 10 riveting patterns in the head and shaft, each a unique chapter in your story of pleasure.
  • Curated Clitoral Euphoria: Explore through 10 varied functions dedicated to lavish your clitoral region with nuanced delight.
  • Uninterrupted Pleasure: Relish the convenience of USB rechargeability, ensuring your sessions remain unbroken and splendid.

A Glimpse into The Enchanting Pathways Crafted by The Internal Rabbit:

  1. Innovatively Sculpted: Experience pure joy with the ergonomically shaped head, specially designed to elevate G-spot stimulation.
  2. Dual Realms of Vibrations: Encounter a dual serenade from the powerful independent motors located in both the shaft and the rabbit.
  3. Palette of Pleasures: Be enchanted by a melody of 10 varied patterns for internal and 10 distinct clitoral stimulation functions.
  4. Velvet Sojourn: Navigate through a silky experience, ensured by the body-safe silicone.

Elevate Your Journey with The Internal Rabbit

With The Internal Rabbit, every nuance, every pulsation, and every wave is a whispered secret between you and your innermost desires. Navigate through a journey that transcends the ordinary, where every pattern, every shape, and every texture is a harmonious tune in your euphoric expedition. Allow yourself the luxury of intimate knowledge and exploration, sculpting a narrative that is as unique and profound as you are.



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