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Bodywand Mini Vibes Flit – Blue


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“Say Hello to Your Petite Powerhouse: Bodywand Mini Vibes Flit”

Meet the Bodywand Mini Vibes Flit in alluring Blue—a tiny titan of pleasure that knows how to work wonders. Don’t let its dainty design fool you; this little dynamo is brimming with power, offering an impressive array of 10 vibration patterns. With its unique fluttering tips crafted to encircle the clitoris with rhythmic pulsations, this mini marvel is all set to take you to new heights of ecstasy. Its splash-proof design makes it a fun companion for those steamy shower sessions.

“Small But Mighty”

The Flit may be small, but it’s maxi in might, proving that power can come in petite packages.

  • Compact Power: Despite its compact design, the Flit packs a powerful punch, ensuring potent, pleasurable sensations.
  • Pleasure On The Go: The Flit’s size makes it the perfect travel companion—easily portable yet powerful enough to provide unforgettable moments of bliss.

“Fluttering Finesse”

The Flit’s unique fluttering tips are designed to deliver rhythmic vibrations that focus on the clitoris, creating a symphony of sensations sure to enthrall and excite.

  • Targeted Temptation: The fluttering tips are designed to encircle and tantalize the clitoris with rhythmic vibrations, ensuring intense, targeted pleasure.
  • Variety is the Spice: With 10 distinctive vibration patterns; the Flit lets you tailor your pleasure journey according to your mood and desires.

“Dive into Delight”

Being splash-proof, the Flit is ready to join you for some wet and wild fun, whether in the shower or a steamy hot tub.

  • Water Play: The Flit’s splash-proof design makes it the perfect companion for shower-time escapades.
  • Easy Clean: Being splash-proof also means the Flit is a breeze to clean, ensuring it’s ready for action whenever you are.

“Flit into Fun!”

The Bodywand Mini Vibes Flit Blue may be small, but it promises to deliver big on pleasure. With its unique fluttering tips, various vibration patterns, and compact design perfect for on-the-go pleasure, this little dynamo is set to flit you away on a magical journey of pleasure. So, why wait? Dive into a world of delightful sensations with the Flit!



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