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Tailz Silicone Anal Plug and 3 Tails Set


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Let your wild side come out to play with these animal tails! This set comes with 3 different tail attachments. Enjoy switching between a pink rabbit tail, a gray fox tail and a white fox tail. Mix and match with your other accessories and outfits to make into a costume.

The premium silicone plug has a tapered tip that makes ion easy and comfortable for all skill levels. Not only is the plug body-safe and comfy, it has a snap-on end that any compatible snap-on tail can attach to so that swapping tails is easy and mess-free!

To use, simply use your favorite water based lubricant on the pre-cleaned and sanitized plug, completely, then attach the tail you desire! Enjoy sashaying around with a tail to wiggle or swish as you strut your stuff! To clean, wash plug with warm water and a toy cleaner. Wipe tail clean with a damp cloth and a small amount of toy cleaner. Blow dry fur with a blowdryer on the cool or cold setting. Do not use heat.

Measurements: Plug able length: 3.2 inches, widest able diameter: 1.3 inches,
Bunny tail length: 5 inches,
Gray fox tail length: 20 inches,
White fox tail length: 18.5 inches

Materials:Silicone, ABS plastic, polyester

Color: Tails: Gray, White, Pink. Plug: Black

Key Features:
Interchangeable Tails: This set comes with 3 interchangeable tails so you can easily play as any animal you desire! The ends of each tail attach to the snap-on silicone anal plug so you can easily switch tails.
Premium Silicone Plug: Body safe silicone is silky smooth and pleasurable to touch. Increase the shelf life by only using water or oil based lubricants. The snap-on end is compatible with all Snap-on Tailz.
Tapered Tip: The perfect tip for beginners and advanced users alike; the tapered tip helps slip in the plug for gradual and comfortable ion.
Faux Fur: Enjoy fur that is easy to wash, vegan friendly and keeps its color!

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