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Gender Fluid He/Him Candle


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“The Fluid-Fire of Identity: Gender Fluid He/Him Candle”

Ignite the flame of diversity and self-expression with our 4-ounce round Gender Fluid He/Him Candle. This isn’t just a candle. This is an affirmation of identity, a testament to tolerance, and a beacon of courage.

“Scent-sational Selfhood”

Immerse yourself in the invigorating and refreshing scent of Pineapple Sage. This tropical harmony of sweet pineapple and aromatic sage will whisk you to a place of relaxation and contentment. It’s a vacation for your senses and a celebration of your identity.

  • The Sweetness of Self-Acceptance: Every whiff of pineapple is a gentle reminder that embracing your identity is a delight, a joy, a sweet embrace of who you are.
  • The Wisdom of Sage: Sage, traditionally known for its wisdom and purifying properties, symbolizes the wisdom inherent in embracing your truth and purifying your surroundings of negativity.
  • The Perfect Harmony: Together, pineapple and sage create an exquisite balance of sweet and savory, a metaphor for the beautiful harmony when you’re at peace with your identity.

“Candle-icature of Courage”

Our Gender Fluid He/Him Candle is more than a pretty flame. It’s a symbol of courage, of the bravery it takes to be true to oneself, to proclaim your identity to the world proudly. Every flicker of its flame is a testament to the resilience and strength in all of us.

“Glow with the Flow”

When you light our Gender Fluid He/Him Candle, you’re not just lighting a candle. You’re igniting a conversation, sparking awareness, and kindling acceptance. You’re saying, “I am here, I am me, and I am proud.”

  • Lighting the Way: Each candle serves as a beacon for those navigating their own journey of self-discovery.
  • Sparking Conversations: The Gender Fluid He/Him Candle is a subtle yet effective conversation starter, encouraging dialogue about gender fluidity and self-expression.
  • Kindling Acceptance: Above all, this candle symbolizes acceptance. It’s a gentle nudge towards a world where everyone can express their identity freely and without fear.

“Stand Tall, Stand Proud”

The Gender Fluid He/Him Candle isn’t just about the scent. It’s about standing tall, standing proud, and embracing your identity. Lighting this candle means you’re not just filling your space with a delightful aroma. You’re making a statement. You’re proclaiming, “I am me and proud.”

So, go ahead. Ignite your candle. Ignite your courage. And let your light shine brightly, just as you were meant to.

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