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GenderX The Wrangler Black


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Unveil a Universe of Pleasurable Explorations with GenderX The Wrangler Black

An Enigmatic Ensemble of Sensation and Connectivity

Embark on a voyage through the enthralling realms of intimate pleasure with The Wrangler – a sophisticated 3-part tool designed to enchant your explorations with endless possibilities and dual-powered enchantment.

The Alluring Attributes of The Wrangler:

  • Dual Motors, Dual Worlds: Dive into dual experiences with two independent, power-packed motors, carefully engineered to orchestrate a symphony of sensations.
  • Vibrational Echoes: Immerse yourself in the magnetic wave of 10 variable speeds and patterns, crafting an intimate journey sculpted by your desires.
  • Silken Encounters: Crafted from phthalate & latex-free silicone, The Wrangler assures a plush, and safe encounter every time.
  • Aqua Elegance: Allow your expeditions to traverse both terrestrial and aquatic territories with sublime waterproof and submersible capabilities.
  • Energetic Sustain: Ensure an unbroken passage through pleasure with magnetic rechargeability via an included USB cable.
  • Command from Afar: With a remote control utilizing a CR2032 battery (included), weave through your journey or surrender the reins to a trusted companion.

Mystical Dimensions and Intricacies:

  • Harmony in Form: Engage with a Height of 5.5″ and a Width of 2.39″, interplaying with your unique form.
  • Depthful Exploration: 2.85″ in Depth with an Insertable Length of 2.75″ and a 1.03″ able Diameter, crafted to explore and embrace.
  • Remote Interplay: An aesthetic, efficient remote with Dimensions: 2.43″ Height, 0.59″ Depth, and 1.43″ Width, giving you or your partner control from up to 30’ away.

Embrace Multifaceted Play with The Wrangler:

  1. Versatile Adventures: Employ the vibrating centerpiece and textured shaft, unified by a flexible neck, to explore diverse landscapes of delight.
  2. Intimate Adaptability: Engage with the two stretchy loops, bending and shaping to your whims, crafting varied terrains of pleasure.
  3. Couples’ Enigma: Grant the keys to your pleasure to another, allowing the remote control to sculpt shared or solo adventures.

Design Your Enchanting Odyssey

The Wrangler Black is your key to unlocking universes of undulating waves, pulsating rhythms, and sumptuous encounters. Whether exploring the self, or entwining journeys with another, become the architect of your pleasure, designing moments, memories, and magnificent crescendos of ecstasy.



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