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GenderX Undercarriage Gray


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Experience the Ultimate Playtime Partner

Unlock the doors to innovative pleasure with GenderX Undercarriage in a sleek gray shade. Combining adaptability, design, and power, this exceptional toy offers a unique multi-faceted approach to intimate exploration.

Refined Elegance and Versatility

  • Three-in-One Design: Crafted with precision, the Undercarriage features an interconnected trio of a large ring, a hollow double-sided cup, and a vibrating wedge. The fusion of these elements brings forth unprecedented pleasure dynamics.
  • Textures that Tease: Every inch of the Undercarriage is thoughtfully textured, ensuring that every touch is an invitation to a deeper, richer experience.
  • Harness the Power: Boasting 10 varying vibrating speeds and patterns, let your desires dictate the rhythm and intensity.

Premium Craftsmanship

  • Supreme Material: Made from high-grade, body-safe silicone, the Undercarriage promises durability without compromising on comfort or safety. Accentuated with black chrome ABS plastic details for that touch of luxury.
  • Optimal Dimensions for Delight: With a height of 4.14″, depth of 2.95″, and width of 2.45″, it’s expertly sized to provide pleasure that resonates.
  • Dive Deeper with Confidence: Embrace the aquatic realms of passion. Whether it’s a steamy shower or a sensual soak in the tub, the Undercarriage is wholly waterproof and submersible.

Convenience Meets Quality

  • Stay Charged: With its magnetic rechargeable feature, the fun doesn’t stop. The USB cable ensures that your Undercarriage is always ready for action.
  • Safety and Satisfaction: Your well-being is paramount. The Undercarriage is meticulously crafted, free from phthalates and latex.

GenderX Undercarriage Gray

Expand your horizons and explore the uncharted territories of pleasure. With its versatile design and potent features, the Undercarriage ensures every encounter is unique, memorable, and utterly exhilarating. Dive into the future of intimate toys with GenderX.



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