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Boy Butter Water Based Warming Lubricant – 5 oz


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Ignition Sequence: Engaged!

Prepare for lift-off, pleasure seekers! The Boy Butter Water-Based Warming Lubricant is here to take your love life from lukewarm to lava-hot! Blended with the finesse of a master mixologist, this 5 oz. bottle is packed with all the charm and verve of an enchanting evening in the tropics. Let’s jet set to Pleasure Island, shall we?

Coconut Kisses & Fiery Wishes

What happens when coconut oil waltzes with a sizzling secret ingredient? A concoction so steamy, it makes salsa look like the hokey pokey! Boy Butter Warming Lubricant’s exotic blend is poised to awaken every sense:

  • Coconut Oasis: With organic coconut oil at its core, Boy Butter envelops you in a tropical embrace. You can almost hear the palm trees swaying!
  • Volcanic Zeal: This ain’t your grandma’s warming lubricant. With a special ingredient that cranks up the heat, it’s like a cauldron of passion bubbling just for you.
  • Smooth Operator: Water-based and velvety as a lover’s whisper, this lubricant has the finesse of a seasoned Casanova. Your own personal Don Juan in a bottle.
  • A Gentleman and a Scholar: Latex-safe, toy-amicable, and kind to all fabrics, Boy Butter is also vaginally cordial. An indulgence that comes without the guilt.

Eruption of Delight

Ready to experience a crescendo of warmth that crescendos into euphoria? Whether you’re diving into the waves or dancing by the fire, this lubricant ensures your escapades are always at the perfect temperature.

All Washed Up!

And as the sun sets on your tropical adventure, Boy Butter bids you adieu without overstaying its welcome. A dash of water and the potion is spirited away, leaving behind nothing but memories of a night you won’t soon forget.

Unleash The Island Romance

So, if you want to break the ice, why not try setting it on fire instead? With Boy Butter Water-Based Warming Lubricant, every touch is a sultry caress, and every night is a steamy midsummer’s dream. Here’s to turning up the heat and melting into bliss!



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