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Clone Your Own

Have you ever had to be apart from your partner and wished you had their willy with you? Are you going out of town and want to leave your partner with a tangible reminder of you on those lonely nights? The Clone-a-Willy DIY dildo kits are gifts that keep on giving long into the night.

If you’ve ever wished you could clone your penis, you’re going to love the Clone-a-Willy kits.

Long distance relationships, people who love their penis, people who really love their partner’s penis – these are just a few people who can benefit from a Clone-a-Willy DIY dildo kit. Create your own dildo together or make a copy of yourself as a surprise. Either way, it’s a fun and unique way to spice things up – especially if your partner has ever said, “I wish I could clone you.”

The Clone-a-Willy kit came about as a happy accident after an independent film ordered a bunch of realistic penis replicas from Empire Labs. The company was originally in the business of making medical prostheses and later life-like body part replicas for other movies. From those days of making penises for a single movie, now they let you make your own dildo clone, proving that life is strange and wonderful.

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