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XX-DREAMSTOYS Ultra Realistic D Cup Breast Form Medium – Ivory


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XX-DREAMSTOYS Ultra Realistic D Cup Breast Form Medium – Ivory: Embrace Authenticity

Discover the beauty of realism with the XX-DREAMSTOYS Ultra Realistic D Cup Breast Form in a stunning ivory shade. Crafted with utmost precision and aesthetic design, these silicone breast forms will make you feel confident, comfortable, and connected to your body. The features are not just about appearance; they’re about sensation, texture, and comfort. Let’s explore what makes this product a true masterpiece.

The Art of Realism

True-to-Life Design

  • Realistic Looking Erect Nipples & Areola: Every detail has been meticulously crafted to provide a true-to-life experience.
  • Very Stretchy: The silicone used is incredibly supple and adaptable, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Inner Convex Points: These unique design elements enhance wearing comfort, making you feel at ease.

Quality Material for Quality Comfort

  • Material: Silicone: Chosen for its softness and durability, silicone provides a skin-like feel that’s both luxurious and lifelike.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Important Dimensions

  • Size: M (D cup)
  • Product Weight: 5.84 pounds
  • Neck Circumference: 13 inches
  • Front Neck Length: 4.53 inches
  • Neck Length: 5.32 inches
  • Shoulder Width: 13.98 inches
  • Upper Bust Line: 34.25 inches
  • Below the Bust Line: 29.92 inches
  • Total Length: 14.57 inches

Please note, users weighing more than 220.46 pounds or taller than 6 feet are not recommended to use this product, ensuring that the breast form maintains its shape and integrity.

Key Features Recap:

  • Ultra-Realistic Design: Including nipples & areola
  • Stretchy and Adaptable Material: For a natural fit
  • Inner Convex Points: To enhance wearing comfort
  • Ivory Shade: For a sophisticated look
  • Premium Silicone Construction: Ensuring durability and a lifelike feel

Conclusion: An Experience Like No Other

The XX-DREAMSTOYS Ultra Realistic D Cup Breast Form is more than a product; it’s a celebration of the human form. With its impeccable design, realistic features, and comfortable wear, it represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship in this field.

Embrace a new level of authenticity and step into a world where realism meets comfort. With the XX-DREAMSTOYS Ultra Realistic D Cup Breast Form, you’re not just wearing an accessory; you’re wearing art. Experience it today.



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