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Pocket Rockets

“Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

For generations, there’s been a burning question seared into the minds of many; “does size matter?” While the answer to this one varies depending upon who you ask, at Jack and Jill Adult, we’ve determined that it might not after all. Why? Because the pocket rocket is proof, once and for all, that big things come in small packages.

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What is a Pocket Rocket?

We’re glad you asked. Allow us to take delight in telling you how the use of one can bring you quite a few delights. The pocket rocket is a clitoral stimulant that, you guessed it, fits right into your purse and pocket. Sure, the magic wand and other vibrators of unusual size can be used to unleash wave after wave of contented moans, but the pocket rocket is much more versatile in that you can take it anywhere you wish with no one being the wiser. You’ll find that this miniature vibrator can be used in other areas to provide some “titillating” stimulation. And unlike the phallic dildos and vibrators that have permeated the marketplace for several years, these are specifically designed to engage in various functions. Many of the models we carry at Jack and Jill Adult have interchangeable ends. This means whatever your pleasure might be, you’ll have the right tools to please. One of the most significant advantages pocket rockets have is that they’re easy to maintain and relatively cost-effective. Most pocket rockets go for the average price of $20. In this economy, that’s practically a steal. And while we do encourage a good cleaning after use in your nether regions, most run on a single battery.

Our Picks For Your Pleasure

Femme Funn Versa Bullet w/Remote…$48.40

Never before has the phrase “reach out and touch someone” taken on such a meaning! Easy to hide, whether it’s in your purse or your panties. The use of the wireless remote can give you a nice welcome surprise the next time you’re in an unfavorable situation.

Bang 10X Vibe Mini Silicone Wand…$38.46

The younger sibling of the tool marketed as a personal massager, ht emini wand will help you get hold of those witchy powers. You have the cat and the wand…all you need is a hat.

Exciter Travel Vibe…$28.49

One of the most cost-effective pocket rockets that still allows you to get good vibes wherever you happen to go. Available in pink and purple, you can color coordinate your wardrobe and passions effortlessly.

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