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6 Ways to Play with a Sex Swing

There are as many ways to play with a sex swing as you can possibly imagine, and then even more things you haven’t thought of yet. Even the slightest adjustment in how someone’s legs are spread or whether you’re standing or not change the dynamics of what you do in a sex swing. But if you’ve put off buying one because you’re not sure how you’d use it, we’ve got you covered.

Here are six ways to use a sex swing with your partner.

Standing Penetrative Sex

The most basic position when using a sex swing is that one of you sits in the swing upright with your legs spread. Another option is that you can lean forward as if you’re on your stomach. This is a more advanced move, so don’t start here unless you have a great balance. The other partner stands up and uses the momentum of the swing and the way your body is positioned to have whatever kind of penetrative sex you want.

  • Face-to-face similar to missionary
  • Doggy
  • Anal sex

As you get more comfortable in the swing, your legs can be moved in a different position for deeper penetration or to stimulate other areas of your body.

Oral Sex

One common form of sex swing fun is oral sex. The partner in the swing has their body spread and open making it even easier for the other partner to put their mouth on your genitals. The partner performing oral sex can sit on the ground and get eye-to-eye with your body. They may kneel on the floor in front of you. If you’re into rimming, they can sit behind you for tongue action. And if your partner is in a standing position, you can 69 each other from the swing.

Swinging Together

Playing in your sex swing together is definitely a great way to use it. Make sure your swing is designed to bear your combined weight, and that’s it’s properly anchored. An over-the-door or standing swing might not be sturdy enough. This is also a time you won’t want to skip the installation tips when you anchor your swing to the ceiling.

Assuming your swing is sturdy enough to use together, you can enjoy all the seated positions you want. Face-to-face can be great for penetrative sex or grinding against each other. “Sitting” in your partner’s lap may make anal sex even more comfortable as it gives the partner who’s being penetrated more control over the angle and pace.

Handjobs and Fingering

Let’s not leave out another great part of sex — all the things you can do with your hands. You’ll be at different angles than you usually are in a bed. Even better, you can use the swing to push, pull, twist, and change things up. Whether you’re teasing your partner until they’re begging for relief or simply trying to get them off in a way you both love, make sure to bring your handjob and fingering game to your sex swing fun.

Kinky Fun

Anything can be considered “kinky” but in this case, we mean whatever fun you like that doesn’t involve penetration or oral sex. Think paddles, floggers, whips, and more. The partner positioned in a sex swing is so open and exposed that more sensitive bits can be spanked or played with. This means you can reach spots with your bondage toys that you might not be able to when you’re in bed. This is especially true with sex swing stands or swings hanging from the ceiling.

Sex Toys

A sex swing is a sex toy all on its own, but this is also a great time to bring your other toys to the party. Vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, you name it — whatever feels good can be included. This might be when you play with orgasm control. Maybe you add a vibrator in for direct clitoral stimulation and more orgasms. If you love using strap-ons for penetration, you can try any of the penetrative sex positions when you use your swing. The only limit you have is your imagination and the number of toys you have available.


Sex swings require a bit of practice and balance, but once you get the hang of it, you can enjoy all your usual sexy fun with your partner. The big difference is the movement and access to each other’s bodies. These adult toys are great options to help you get into positions you’re not able to when you’re in a bed and to move more freely during sex. As long as you’re both comfortable, try anything you can think of when you use your sex swing. All that matters is that it feels good for both of you!

Have you ever used a sex swing? Would you? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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