Clone-A-Willy Kit – The Complete Guide

clone a willy kit displayed on a blue background

Have you ever had a penis that was so great you could not stand to see it leave? There have been times when I have told guys, “I wish I could just save your penis for later.” No, we don’t have to rely on the means of Lorena Bobbitt, as there’s now the Clone-A-Willy.

Even better than dealing with any type of illegal or bloody situation, instead of Sada Abe trying to savor her lover’s genitals forever, there’s no bloody mess required. Just grab the Clone-A-Willy kit, mix the concoction that is body safe and will not harm your lover, put the penis into the mold, and you can even get a vibrator to insert inside of it.

This is a much safer, totally legal process that does not require anyone to go to jail. Sure, it’s easy to fall in love with a favorite penis, especially when it fits your lock like the perfect key, but replicating it into a silicone Dildo you can enjoy for years to cum is much better. That way, you can feel your lover’s member inside you, even when he is nowhere close.

Prepare the Mixture

Preparing the concoction for the mold is as easy as simply mixing a couple of ingredients together. These are algae-based and completely body safe, so even if some got down the tip of the dick, it’s not going to cause any danger, and you can merely piss it back out. As the liquids blend, they may thicken slightly, and once applied to the penis, the viscosity may continue to increase, solidifying to create that mold for the silicone mixture.

The mixture might be a little cooler than the air, so prepare yourself. Also, when preparing for the mold, you might want to get a fluffer to make that penis hard unless you are looking for a soft mold of his dick. The harder and bigger it is for the mold, the better the dildo will be after, as you want to capture the essence of his manhood most effectively.


The Perfect Replica

Having a fully erect penis is essential for the molding process. Do whatever means necessary to capture the exact copy you want, including the erection and even a curved penis to hit that g-spot. This perfect replica will be your new favorite sex toy, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. That will make you feel as if your lover’s penis is right there with you, even if the rest of his body is elsewhere on the planet. Hence, it’s worth the small wait time.

The Clone-A-Willy kit comes with two jars, an instructional video, and there are four simple steps when you follow the instructions correctly. When mixing with the stick, try to avoid creating a lot of little bubbles, aiming for the liquid mixture to be smooth, so don’t mix it fast and furious, as those bubbles are more likely to form with extra air pockets. Pour it into the tube, and the disposable container can be recycled after the dildo-making process.

Customize Your Willy Kit

The cool thing is that there are different Clone-A-Willy kits. Whether you were looking for the big black cock of your dreams, a cute pink one, or even a glow-in-the-dark dildo, you can customize your willy to be precisely what you’re looking for in your new favorite sex toy. Way better than a cardboard cutout of your favorite penis, the Clone-A-Willy kits even have the option of adding a vibrator into the finished mold to kick up the good vibrations.

Deliver the orgasm that your lover would give you in person with a vibrating insert to stimulate the g-spot or clit. You can even mold the balls with the penis, so you know you have the exact copy of your lover’s body. The vibrator just adds to the fun quite a bit.

Are you more into the jet black big cocks? Would you prefer neon purple? The benefit of the glowing dildo is that it’s easy to spot at night when you wake up with a need for an orgasm.

Mind the Bubbles

Clone-A-Willy kits include molding gel, mixing bowl, balsa wood stick, molding powder, plastic tube, more silicone, and everything you need for a fun evening. While the kit comes with everything except a pussy, there’s a cure for that as well. They have the Clone-A-Pussy kit where you can create Sex Toys from your favorite vagina as well, which uses a similar molding mixture and measuring cup to make the perfect mold, but again, be mindful of any visible bubbles when you are creating molds of genitalia to create the perfect sex toy.

Savor That Dick

Once you stick the vibrator into the dildo, you will feel that you made the right product, a perfect clone made of silicone, capturing that erection in a complete pleasuring device. You will no longer feel the need to rush to the extremes that Bobbitt and Abe went to, as there’s no reason to cut off a penis only to have the blood rush out, and it’s not erect. Savor that dick, and wait until you are ready, as the simple steps ensure you will have a cum worthy sex toy in the final product, soft as silicone, always the right temp for sexy fun with your lover’s cloned dick.

There’s no wondering if the dildo you ordered through the mail will be a perfect size. Is it too big, too small, or not hitting you correctly? You choose the penis that you like the best, clone that willy for you to keep until the end of time. There’s no waiting to see if your lover wants to play, as the sex toy is always ready to please you on demand.

An Overseas Lover

Whether there’s an ocean separating you and your lover or not, it does not matter. Have the comfort of his dick, even if your lover is overseas. You know how it feels inside you, and it hits all the places you want it to, so bust it out when you get lonely to feel as if your lover is in bed with you. This will be your new favorite silicone vibrator, as you made the willy the way you want, according to your specifications, based on your lover’s penis mold.

A Dying Lover

Unfortunately, nobody gets out of life alive. If your lover faces severe medical complications, the Clone-A-Willy kit will allow you to preserve his penis after death. Though a lover’s physical body may perish, the cloned willy can continue to pleasure you for years to cum.

No Other Cock

Maybe you are so satisfied by your lover that you know no other dick will do. Maybe your lover gets jealous and does not want any other penis besides his inside of you. This is the answer for those situations, as a cloned willy ensures you have your lover’s member.

Is It Messy?

Obviously, when you are combing the liquids from the Clone-A-Willy kit, you want to be mindful not to spill the molding powder when making your willy clone. Try not to make a mess when stirring the molding mix, or when you pour it into the tube. As long as you are not sloppy with the mixing process, there’s no reason for the molding to be messy.

Be sure to prepare the room you are in with plenty of newspaper on the floor, as this process can get very messy! One friend of mine had the unfortunate experience of her dog running into the kitchen as the mailman delivered the mail and tracked the mixture all over the place! What a mess!

Should I Shave?

When molding the balls, it might not hurt to shave a little bit. It won’t hurt putting your junk into the mold, but once it hardens, it could tug pubic hair a little bit. It will come off, even with pubic hair, but if you are shaved, you prevent any uncomfortable snag.

Without the Extras

The nice thing is that when you clone your favorite penis, you can enjoy all the orgasms, without the extras, like leaving the toilet seat up or dirty laundry left on the floor. No, the customized vibrator will not yell at you, ask you for money, question where you’ve been, or any of the annoying things that might typically come with having a guy hanging around. Cone-A-Willy’s not much of a talker, though a great listener, willing to be hard whenever you feel ready, and you know it will hit exactly where you want it to, even with a cock ring!

Next Shopping Venture

When you’re looking to purchase your next dildo, why not customize your vibrator? Follow the instructions, measure, pour, mix, and fill the tube with the mix molding to the erection you like best. Once you have your clone mold, you can make some for your friends to enjoy too.

Endless Orgasm Action

Know you have the length that pleases you in four simple steps. Once it is complete, you can send that guy on his merry way and still have that hard-on that pleases you best. With endless riding action, you will be glad to have your dearest member to please you always.

8 Reasons Your Dildo is Better Than Your Ex

woman in bed with dildos around her

We all have that one ex, right? The one we can’t stop thinking about, good or bad. Either they lied and cheated in the worst way or they might have been the love of our life, but now we’ll ever know for sure. 

Do you know who won’t make you feel bad, gaslight you, or pop up in your social media memories in a year? Your favorite dildo, that’s who. Celebrate your dildo because it’s definitely better than your ex. Here’s how.

Your Dildo Won’t Lie to You

Your Dildo Won’t Lie to You

A partner that lies is the one who becomes an ex eventually. Whether they lie about serious stuff or small details for no real reason, your trust in people gets screwed over in the process. Your dildo will never lie to you. It’s a six (or 10) inch dildo, and it won’t pretend otherwise. Even better, it tells you that upfront so you never have to guess. Dildos are dependable and trustworthy, as long as you keep them clean. 

A Dildo Can’t Cheat on You

Your dildo lives in a drawer or on your nightstand. It will never tell you it had to work but then sneak around and hook up with someone else. A dildo can be your constant companion, and you never have to wonder who it’s texting behind your back. It won’t send pics of the D to random people on a dating app, either. Reach out your hand, and your dildo will be there, ready to pound you deep and hard for as long as you want.

Your Dildo Won’t Send You Late-Night Texts

Your Dildo Won’t Send You Late-Night Texts

Got an ex who can’t seem to stop the late-night, increasingly desperate texting? Your dildo will never do that to you. It knows what it can do and doesn’t have to beg for your time, attention, or forgiveness. Especially since your dildo will never do anything that forces you to block it on social media and from your phone. But we all know at least one ex who will.

You Can’t Scroll Through Your Dildo’s Social Media Feed

It’s easy to miss what was good about an ex (conveniently forgetting the crappy things they did to cause the break-up). If you’ve ever scrolled through the social media feed of an ex, you know how pathetic it can make you feel. You never have to do that for your dildo. It’ll never dump you or make you jealous. In fact, it’ll always be wherever you left it last, whether that’s on the edge of the sink or next to your bed. Whenever you miss it, pull it out and use it as much as you want.

Your Dildo Won’t Get Jealous

Your Dildo Won’t Get Jealous

Unlike that ex who got jealous anytime you politely smiled at someone they thought you might be interested in, your dildo will never do that to you. Pull out your vibrator. Grab another dildo. Bring a new person to bed. No matter what, your dildo won’t freak out on you in a restaurant parking lot because you were too nice to the server. 

Dildos Will Try Anything at Least Once

Did your ex slut-shame you for wanting sex all the time? Did they kink-shame you for being into BDSM? That’s probably why they’re your ex right now. But your dildo will never do that to you. Your dildo is down for anything you want to try, no matter how freaky it might be. Just make sure to bring the lube to the party so everyone has a good time.

A Dildo Will Keep Going Until You Get Off

A Dildo Will Keep Going Until You Get Off

How many exes thought sex was done the moment they finished, leaving you unsatisfied? How many times did you fake an orgasm just so boring and bad sex ended a little faster? Your dildo won’t stop until you’re satisfied, and it doesn’t need its ego stroked with a fake orgasmic moan. If it doesn’t get you off, put it away and try something else – or get a new dildo that will get you off. Whatever, it’s a dildo, it doesn’t care.

Your Dildo Won’t Make You Sad

Dildos don’t make people sad. They make people happy. Whether you put it in a strap-on harness and pound your boo or you use the suction cup base in the shower and pound yourself, it will only ever satisfy you. If you find yourself thinking more about your dildo than a current partner, it might be time to make that person an ex. But if you ever think more about your partner than your dildo, it’ll be there patiently waiting for you whenever you want it again.


What have we learned here? Maybe if our exes were more like dildos, they wouldn’t be exes. Also, dildos are awesome and are always there when you need them.

Putting Your Self-Care First

woman in a bath tub having wine

We may often feel pulled in many different directions and never seem to have time for ourselves. Reserving ample space on the calendar for taking care of our own personal needs is absolutely vital so that we can live our best lives. Jack And Jill Adult discusses terrific tips below that can assist you with putting your self-care first for a lifetime.

Rethink Modes of Entertainment 

Entertainment does not always have to be provided outside of the home in order to be enjoyable. By relaxing at home more often, you can use your extra money to purchase desirable items for your own self-care. Go ahead and indulge yourself with intimate products that will satisfy your erotic side during playful sessions with a companion as well as during solo escapades. 

Dine at Home More Often 

Why not opt for take-out food or cooking at home rather than frequent dining at restaurants. You may wish to light candles, play soft music, and pleasure yourself with an evening of masturbation. After all, there’s no place like home. This self-care practice can do wonders for lowering stress and also uplift your mood by the release of endorphins during orgasm. 

Practice a Lifetime of Self-Care  

The gift of self-love should be given to yourself throughout your entire life. The idea that routine self-care is an act of selfishness could not be further from the truth. Proper self-care is essential for being the happiest, most comfortable YOU possible!  By taking good care of yourself, you will also undoubtedly have more energy for the people who depend upon you.

Jack and Jill Adult is the perfect “go to” company when it comes to finding tantalizing sensual products to satisfy all of your self-care needs. Jack and Jill Adult has several establishments located in Florida or you may discreetly browse and order through our website.

The Best Sex Toys for Older Couples

Older Couples Hugging Each Other

It is more difficult for many people over 50 to achieve orgasm the way that they were able to during their younger years. It takes a longer amount of time to have an orgasm or perhaps even the inability to reach climax. The reason for this dilemma can be attributed to a decreased production of testosterone and estrogen along with less blood flow to the genital area. Introducing sex toys into the bedroom is a fantastic way to bring some spicy creativity into your sensual escapades and facilitate the ability for both lovers to reach orgasm. Toys alleviate the pressure of sexual performance and can even intensify your bond with one another.              

There are dildos that vibrate and others that do not. Dildos can complement intercourse, particularly if a male is prone to having unpredictable erections. Since vibrators serve the purpose of stimulating the nerves, they also trigger nerves that fail to respond to ordinary means of arousal. There is a marvelous variety of vibrators and they are available in many shapes, sizes, and some are realistic-looking. Products that offer adjustable speeds of vibration are vital for erogenous zones that have become ultra-sensitive over time.

Penis rings are awesome sex toys for men. The ring band gently expands and gets placed around the base of the penis. There is a button that initiates a vibrating function on the ring that rubs the woman’s clitoris while having intercourse. “Two-headed” models of a penis ring stimulate both partners at the same time and direct the flow of more blood into the penis.

An additional toy for older men is a cock ring that gets positioned around the penis as well as the scrotum before he becomes erect. The purpose of the ring is to heighten the sexual intensity. It is essential to remove the ring after achieving orgasm to avoid serious problems caused by constricting circulation.

Jack and Jill Adult carries a huge variety of sex toys that can boost your sexual satisfaction by facilitating and strengthening orgasms. We have locations in Florida and our quality products may be ordered through our website as well.

Sex Toy Guide for Men

Tailgunner Butt Plug MOTO Vibe by Sport Fucker

The world of male sex toys brings a whole other exciting dimension to eroticism. The variety is incredible with the numerous shapes and sizes for whatever your pleasure may be. Jack and Jill Adult presents a guide about sex toys for men.

Male Masturbators: A male masturbator (stroker or stroker sleeve) stimulates the entire penis for solo pleasure or as a part of foreplay for couples.

Pocket Pussies & Realistic Vaginas: Pocket pussies are held in the palm of the hand and provide a tight and natural feel. A realistic vagina has an amazing form with true-to-life internal anatomy and characteristics that mimic the real thing.

Fleshlights: Fleshlights are obtainable in a variety of orifices and textured inlays that are constructed using SuperSkin material for a totally natural feeling.

TENGA: TENGA products are top-shelf goodies when it comes to sex toys for men and there is a tantalizing spectrum available for purchase.

Male Vibrators: The unbelievable selection of male vibrators offers a delectable array of pure bliss.

Prostate Massagers: A prostate massager has the magnificent ability to stimulate the prostate by inserting it into the anus. This massaging can produce powerful orgasms that radiate throughout the body.

Penis Pumps: A penis pump may give a long-lasting increase in penis size over time. If a cock ring is placed over the base of your penis before using the pump, your shaft will likely retain its additional length and width after you remove it from the device.

Penis Extenders: An extender is a fabulous way to explore enlarging the length and circumference of your penis.

Cock Rings: A cock ring maintains blood in the penis which can boost the firmness of your member and even improve endurance. The rings are available in many different styles and can be worn during sex or prior to using a penis pump to prolong an erection.                                                                                                                             

Vibrating Cock Rings: This cock ring works like its non-quivering counterpart, except it vibrates. A vibrating cock ring can be used with a male masturbator or during a sexual encounter with a companion.

Jack and Jill Adult has a variety of sex toys for men that help enable the most powerful orgasms imaginable. All of our merchandise is top-quality and tantalizing. Jack and Jill Adult has several locations in Florida and our products may also be purchased in privacy through our website.

Different Female Orgasms & How to Have Them

Did you know that women can have many different types of orgasms? Jack and Jill Adult is thrilled to list all the different kinds below. Have fun exploring and enjoying the body-trembling possibilities of the “Big O.”

jack and jill sex shop

Clitoral: A clitoral orgasm is easy to reach simply by stimulating the clitoris.

Masturbation: Whether achieved alone or with a partner, this orgasm is powerful but short-lived.

Vaginal/G-Spot: The G-spot refers to the small, nerve-filled section above the front vaginal wall. An orgasm can occur by massaging the G-spot in a circular manner. 

Blended: Blended orgasms are attained when several different parts of your body are being caressed at the same time.

Multiple: Multiple orgasms can be either sequential or serial. Sequential is when you take some time out between orgasms and serial is when you have an orgasm immediately after the previous one. 

Anal: Many women reach orgasm during anal sex because the anal walls have a tremendous amount of nerve endings. Novices should use plenty of lubrication and take it slow.

Sleep-Gasm: You are at your most relaxed while sleeping so your mind can freely explore your sexual fantasies without anxiety. This can be erotic to the point that you orgasm while still asleep. 

Cervical: This is one of the most intense orgasms for a woman. Also referred to as a full-body orgasm, the pleasure radiates throughout the entire body. A cervical orgasm is best reached by deep vaginal thrusting while in the doggy-style position.

U-Spot: This spot is encircled by interior parts of the clitoris. When the urethra is stimulated, blood charges towards the erectile tissue and this can cause female ejaculation or “squirting.” Take extra care while engaging in this activity as the U-spot can become easily infected.

A-Spot: The A-spot is referred to as “the second G Spot.” It is located above the cervix, near the belly button. This orgasm is best attained after a lot of foreplay and application of liberal lubrication. 

Nipple: Massage the area around your breasts and down to your stomach. Circle your breasts with a light touch but avoid your nipples. Just before orgasm, run your fingers around your nipples and gently squeeze them from base to tip. n

Core-Gasm: Core-gasms usually occur while exercising your core muscles. These orgasms will happen in your abdominal regions and can occur during exercise or immediately after stopping.

Expanded Sexual Response: You may be among the fortunate few who experience ESR and are gifted with multiple, powerful, and lengthy orgasms. Research suggests that ESR is caused by the simultaneous activation of numerous nerves. 

Jack and Jill Adult carries a glorious selection of products that can heighten the pleasure of your orgasms. Customers may visit our various locations in Florida or simply utilize our website for discreet access to our tantalizing inventory.

Consider a Jack & Jill GETREAL Realistic Dildo

Jack & Jill GETREAL Realistic 7 inch Dildo

Many people prefer a realistic dildo over less realistic options. Some find that a more realistic dildo that replicates the shape, size, texture, and firmness of a penis is more pleasurable and allows for easier orgasms. If you’re considering a more realistic dildo, think about a Jack & Jill GETREAL realistic dildo.

At Jack & Jill, we have eight GETREAL realistic dildos to shop from. Our dildos range in size from 7-inches in length to 9-inches. Our dildos also have flesh that ranges from 17 to 23-centimeters. We have selections with or without testicles and our dildos come in two colors: “flesh” and “brown.”

Owning a realistic dildo allows you to have pleasure on demand. Whether your partner isn’t around or you want to pleasure yourself while your partner rests between performing, a dildo can provide you with what you want. Realistic dildos also offer incredible stimulation. If you opt for a GETREAL dildo with lifelike testicles, you can experience additional stimulation by rubbing the testicles on the perineum, clit, or legs during use.

The GETREAL dildo is the perfect dildo. The texture replicates velvet soft skin, which is made from TPE. The incredibly realistic design includes a pronounced head and veins. The GETREAL dildo is entirely body-safe. You can use it alone or with your partner. These dildos even come with a super sturdy suction cup so you can stick it to a variety of hard surfaces for solo play. 

The GETREAL dildo at Jack & Jill Adult is waterproof, phthalate-free, and cleans up easily with a Jack & Jill toy cleaner. Find the perfect GETREAL dildo for you on the Jack & Jill website or at one of our Florida stores.

Top Sex Toys Every Gay Man Should Own

Two Hands Playing With A Ring Toy

With so many options to choose from, how do you know what’s the best sex toy for you? Jack and Jill Adult has you covered. We compiled a list of the top sex toys every gay man should own. Maybe you want to have fun alone or get down with your partner, whatever the reason, these gadgets of pleasure will take you to the next level.

1. Clone Your Willy

Why not make your own toy with a Clone A Willy Kit? You’ll have the perfect package to spice up your sex life and try different things like pegging. Plus, it’ll be fun to make it whether you do it alone or with a partner.

2. Twin Turbo Bullet

Anal play is not the same without a bullet, but why settle for one when you can have two? The COLT 7-Function Twin Turbo Bullets offer twice the pleasure and is a must-have sex toy.

3. Strap One On

If size or soreness is a problem as a top, you can try using a strap-on with your partner. It will make the experience more pleasurable for both of you and bring something different into your sex life.

4. Pump It

Every gay man should own a penis pump. The amazing sensations these devices bring are unlike any other experience. Grab one for a fuller look and feel while pleasuring yourself or your partner.

5. Keep It Clean

An anal douche is a must for every gay man who wants to ensure they stay clean and healthy. Our recommendation is the COLT Anal Douche. It’s made from latex and rubber, plus it’s reusable. 

6. Lube Up

Yes, every gay man should own lube. It minimizes pain and makes the whole experience more pleasurable. Pjur Analyse Me is one of the best around. It is silicone-based but adds a different sensation to your sexual exploits.

7. Deep Throat Sucker

Everyone wants a good deep throat, but sometimes it’s not available to you. That’s why you should own a deep-throat sucker. It’s the perfect toy for those days when you just need a little head.

8. Anal Trainer

When you start having anal sex, it can be quite painful. An anal training kit can help you ease into the experience. It’s also great fun to mess around with and figure out what you like best.

9. Vibrating Cock Ring

You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned vibrating cock ring. It’ll keep you hard, aroused, and ready for pleasure. 
At Jack and Jill Adult we know sex toys like a mechanic knows cars. We have one of the widest collections of sex toys for gay men. Visit our website or give us a call on 1-800-307-9531, Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 5 pm EST. Get frisky with yourself and a sex toy.

Push Your Sexual Limits

Multicolor Firefly Anal Trainer Kit
vibrators online sex store

Do you want to expand your sexual limits? If you want to try something different, but you’re too embarrassed to try new things with a partner, there are things you can do by yourself to help you feel more comfortable and confident. Here’s how you can push your sexual limits:

Dirty talk comes natural to some people, while others feel embarrassed or shy talking dirty to a partner during sex. If you find yourself feeling unsure of what to say, try talking dirty to yourself. It may feel a bit weird, but it can help you feel more comfortable saying certain phrases that may turn your partner on.

Working on your stamina by yourself can help you perform longer with a partner. Masturbating can help you learn your own personal pacing. When masturbating, try to last as long as possible. It will take practice, but you can train yourself to last longer in bed.

butt plugs

Trying new positions is always fun, unless you’re physically struggling. Working on your flexibility can expand your potential in bed. Try yoga or lifting weights to build up your muscles and improve your flexibility. The more strength and flexibility you gain, the more positions and possibilities you and your partner can explore safely and comfortably during sex.

Backdoor play is one of the things you want to explore alone before trying with a partner. Anal sex requires extensive preparation and you have to work yourself up before doing it with another person. You should always keep lubrication handy, and you should start with just one or two fingers. Then, once you feel more comfortable, you can start playing with anal beads or a butt plug.

For help expanding your sexual limits and trying new things, shop with Jack & Jill Adult. We have a variety of toys and supplies you can shop from to find exactly what you’re looking for.

9 Dildos You’ll Be Thankful For Once You Try Them

Finding a good, solid dildo that gives you exactly what you crave is something to be thankful for at any time of year. Shopping for the perfect sex toy is hard, but finding the right one is magical. You’ll want to say “thank you!” to the sex toy gods when it happens. Use our list to find your new favorite dildo and be thankful all year long.

We’re sharing top-rated picks from fellow dong-lovers just like you! No matter what size or girth you prefer, there’s something on this list for you!

Loverboy Top Gun Tommy

Want a realistic dildo whose size doesn’t intimidate you at first glance, but still gives you enough to feel every inch? Try the Blush Loverboy Top Gun Tommy, a realistic six-inch toy. It has a suction cup and is harness compatible, perfect for hands-free play whether you’re going solo or playing with your partner. The insertable length is 4.5 inches and the width is 1.5 inches.

Dillio 7” Slim

Dillio dildos are brightly colored, come in a variety of sizes, and feature curves and bends that mimic real life, even when they’re candy-colored. The 7” Slim Dillio is all of those things and more, giving you plenty of length without an overwhelming girl. Plus you get a bit of a curve to reach your most sensitive spots. The strong suction cup base allows you to play almost anywhere, or you can strap it into your harness for partnered play.

Lifeforms Big Boy 9” Dong

Want a true “big boy” in your life (among other spots)? You’re going to love the Lifeforms Big Boy 9” Dong with Balls and Suction Cup. It’s realistic and big so you can indulge your size-queen or size king fantasies. As one reviewer said, “If you really want a nice stretch then this is your toy.”

Shane Diesel’s C*ck and Balls

In lust with Shane Diesel? Craving a big, thick dong? Check out Shane Diesel’s C*ck and Balls. It’s as realistic a dildo as you can find considering this 10-inch schlong is modeled directly from his erect penis and testicles. Pull this beautiful D out, lube it up, turn on Shane’s video clips, and put yourself in the middle of the action.

Translucence 18” Veined Double Dong

Strap-on harnesses aren’t the only way for a couple to enjoy a dildo together. If you both crave penetrative fun, buy the Translucence 18” Veined Double Dong. You can enjoy it vaginal to vaginal, anal to vaginal, or anal or anal penetration. The choice is yours – and your partners. Just remember to lube up and take your time to find the perfect rhythm.

Real Skin All American Whoppers 7″

Want a dildo that’s juuuuuust right? You’re going to love the Real Skin All American Whoppers 7″ Curved Dong with Balls. You get the right amount of length to feel good with a comfortable seven inch shaft. Plus you get the realistic veins, glans, and testicles you want in a dildo. Even better, this guy vibrates at three different speeds to add some extra vroom to your orgasmic fun.

Glas Spiral Glass Dildo

Looking for a dildo that doesn’t look like every other dildo you already have? Try the Glas Spiral Glass Dildo. The blue spiraling swirls add plenty of delightful stimulation with each thrust. The hard glass gives you a firm pounding and lets you play with temperature and other sensations. Even better, this beautiful dildo works well with any kind of lube so add your favorite and have fun!

Colours Pleasures 8″ Dildo

When you want to add color and fun to your next orgasm, try a Colours Pleasures 8″ Dildo. They come in three fun colors: black, purple, and blue. No matter which color you pick, you get the same eight inches of throbbing, pounding pleasure you crave. These silicone dildos feel amazing in your hand and in your body thanks in part to the realistic texture. Let this baby fill you up with the long shaft and thick girth.

Blush Loverboy Manny the Fireman

Got a sexy fantasy of you and a smoldering, hot, delicious fireman going at it all night long? Make that fantasy a little more real with the Blush Loverboy Manny the Fireman dildo! He’s exactly what you need and not one inch more at a fun six inch length. This guy will turn you on, heat you up, and hold you until you cool down.


No single dildo works for everyone, so it’s important to figure out what you want most and then shop around. The dildos on this list are a great start to a long, thick, sexy relationship with your new favorite sex toy.

Do you have a dildo that you’re thankful for? Will you try one on this list or are you shopping for something specific? Let us know in the comments below!

What Experts Want You to Know About Using Dildos

Dildos make great entry-level sex toys. Their purpose is obvious to most, they come in a variety of sizes, and they don’t require extra skill to make them work. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things to know and learn, from the time you decide to buy one to the moment you use it.

We asked a few experts to share what they want you to know about buying and using dildos. Follow their advice, and you’ll have more sexual pleasure and a toy that lasts a long time.

Use the Right Lube

Use the Right Lube“Lube is always a great idea when using any sex toy, including a dildo,” says Rachel Gelman, president of Pelvic Wellness and Physical Therapy. “If the dildo is made out of silicone you should use a water-based lubricant as a silicone lubricant can degrade the silicone in the dildo.”

She continues, “Ideally, you want [to use] a lube without parabens, glycols, microbicides, and preservatives. The best lube is similar to your body’s pH. A healthy, happy vagina has a pH of 3.8 to 4.5, and for the rectum, is around 7.0, so you want a lube that matches or is a slightly higher pH than your natural environment.”

Size Matters

“When buying a dildo, your experience level determines what size to go for,” states Sandra Larson, nurse, and co-founder of My Sex Toy Guide. “If you’re a newbie, I recommend starting off with a four to a six-inch dildo. And if you run into the ‘monster’ dildos, just pass for now. You can always upgrade over time.”

Yes there’s such a thing as a too-big dildo. Choosing the right size dildo for you determines how good it feels when you use it.

Material Matters, Too

Material Matters, TooLarson continues, “Like every other sex toy, dildos are made from different materials. Everything from silicone, TPE, PVC, glass, and stainless steel, there’s something for everyone. For beginners, I recommend squishy materials like silicone because they’re ‘friendlier’ for starters. Over time, you can upgrade to the glass and steel options and enjoy temperature and more ‘rigid’ play.”

“Also, I recommend going for hypoallergenic and phthalate-free materials to prevent infections,” advises Larson. “Non-porous materials are also great because they are easy to clean and maintain in the long run. Silicone is the best material because it’s squishy, waterproof, and durable. Avoid cheap rubber materials that are porous because they’re easy to harbor infections.”

Consider Your Dildo’s Purpose

Sex educator Dainis Graveris of advises asking yourself a few questions about how you plan to use your dildo to figure out its ultimate purpose.

“Do you want to use it anally, vaginally, for pegging? To target [the] G-spot [or the] P-spot? Do you want to use it hands-free (with a suction cup) or harness (with a flat base)?”

“For example, if you want G-spot stimulation, you want a curved dildo with a defined head which I would recommend to most people,” says Graveris. “In the same way, think about the firmness. For more robust G-spot targeting, you need a firmer dildo. However, for more enjoyable thrusting, you want something with medium-firmness. Unfortunately, no one size fits all, but if you’re unsure, look for an average length and average girth dildo that provides medium-firmness (or dual-density).”

Clean Your Dildo

Clean Your Dildo“Cleaning your dildo and overall maintenance affects it’s longevity,” states Larson. “So, clean [it] with warm water and mild soap as soon as you’re done and air dry it before storage. Store in a clean, cool, and dry place too. You can also but a [sex] toy cleaner with your dildo to maintain the material’s integrity in the long run.”

Use Your Dildo Well

“Like sex, treat dildo usage with respect and make the experience memorable [for yourself],” advises Larson. “Put together a playlist, take a warm bath, and light the candles (unless you just want a quickie). Most importantly, use plenty of lube, start slow, and acclimatize in size and speed as you get used to the dildo.”


The right dildo feels amazing to use, fulfills your sexy fantasies, and is a lot of fun. Knowing how to pick the best one for you goes a long way to having great experiences and plenty of sexual pleasure. Use these tips when you shop to find the perfect dildo for you!

Did you pick up a few tips you hadn’t thought about? Will you play with your dildo a little differently now? Share with us in the comments below!

9 Glass Dildos That Look Beautiful and Feel Even Better

A good dildo doesn’t just feel good with each thrust. It also looks good sitting next to your bed (or in your hand). Glass dildos offer a lot of benefits from easy clean-up to fun with temperature play. But what makes them stand out the most is the beauty of the glass, texture, and added colors.

If you want a dildo that looks beautiful and feels even better than it looks, start with this list.

Icicles No. 29

Icicles is the go-to brand when you want a new glass dildo, so don’t be surprised to see them on this list multiple times. That being said, some of their options are more beautiful than others. Take the Icicles No. 29. The tapered tip makes for easy insertion and the gentle curves allow for better stimulation. But it’s the blue over the clear glass that makes it something to keep your eyes on.

Icicles No. 40

The name of the brand is on point with Icicles No. 40 because this beauty looks like it’s made of pure ice. It’s rare to find a glass dildo that’s also realistic, but this one is done perfectly. You get every part of the D — testicles, shaft, and glans. And it’s both unreal and amazingly realistic from the texture on the shaft to the folds of the tip. When you’re not using it, you might just want to look at it and enjoy the view.

Icicles No. 6

Icicles No. 6

Showcasing the more standard look of an Icicles dildo, the Icicles No. 6 offers a bright contrast to most clear glass toys. You get a bulbous tip and base for more stimulation, and the pretty pink ridges and rings offer plenty of sensation. This beauty is also a beast, measuring in at eight and a half inches long with a girth of almost five inches. You’ll definitely feel this one, even as you admire how nice it looks.

Icicles No. 18

You can almost consider the Icicles No. 18 a double-sided dildo. Use one end with its curved tapered end for easy insertion for G-spot or p-spot fun. Use the flower-infused end for a fuller feeling. Note: The end with an embedded flower is considered the handle, so proceed with caution. That’s right, you get a little extra beauty to go with your glass dildo covered in beautiful blue texture. Use it or stare at it, the choice is yours. Of course, you can always do both for twice the pleasure.

Icicles No. 8

Icicles No. 8

The closest to “art” among all the Icicles options, the Icicles No. 8 looks like a kaleidoscope and prism combined. The blue swirls on the inside of the glass make it beautiful, while the undulating lines of the dildo make it an intense experience. At seven inches long with a three-inch girth, you’ll definitely feel plenty of sensation with each thrust in and out.

Prisms Soma Twisted Dil

The Icicles brand isn’t the only game in town, and the Prisms Soma Twisted Dil came to impress and play. The wispy blue streak up the middle of the dildo is only the beginning. The design makes it look like two dildos met and twisted together in serpentine pleasure. That gives you the benefit of a beautiful toy and a thick, textured shaft that offers exciting new sensations. The curved tip will hit your hotspots while the length (under six inches) won’t intimidate too much.

Glas Red Head

Glas Red Head

Any dildo can become fun for two, but double-ended dildos make the fun much more exciting. The Glas Red Head Double Glass Dildo is both beautiful and functional. The shaft measures in at nine inches, so there’s plenty of room for both partners. Each tip is tapered for comfort and ringed in red to please the eye.

Chrystalino Elegance

When does a dildo not look like a dildo? When it looks like the Chrystalino Elegance, with a design inspired by the Venetian glassmakers of Murano. The handblown glass is a beautiful blue with a unique design and shape meant for pure viewing pleasure. The tapered tip and seven-inch length will provide all the penetrative pleasure you desire.

Firefly Smooth Ballsey

Firefly Smooth Ballsey

Want to add a bit of fun into the mix of beautiful and functional? Try the Firefly Smooth Ballsey. Not only is it made of glass and packed with realistic texture, but it also glows in the dark. You get the view of attractive clear glass during the day, and once the lights go out, it glows a shade of green! This small dildo is also perfect for multiple forms of penetration, as it measures in at only four inches long.


It’s okay if you care more about function than form, but a beautiful dildo makes the experience even better. If you want a toy that’s practically a work of art, start with a glass dildo!

Do you use glass dildos? Do you have a favorite one? Let us know in the comments below!

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