Sex Toys for Lazy People

man and woman in sex swing with with sex toys for lazy people

When you’ve been working so hard that your arms feel like jelly and the mere thought of holding onto anything, even a sex toy, is just too much, there are hands-free options to explore. No matter what you’re into – if you want a wearable vibrator that your partner can stimulate via remote control or the penetrative sex offered by hands-free vibrators – there’s a solution to have sexual pleasure still, even when you’re feeling lazy. Why spend the money on a relationship therapist when you can invest in internal stimulation like a prostate massager?

Helping Carpal Tunnel

I’m not into minimalist design, as I’m more of an everything-but-the-kitchen-sinker, and I appreciate hands-free fun due to a carpal tunnel issue. Sometimes, it simply hurts to hold onto a dildo for an entire session, hand going numb or losing grip, as carpal tunnel can be irritated by vibration settings. When seeking out sex toys for solo play, I have always been a fan of the VeDO Kinky Bunny Plus Rechargeable Dual Vibe rabbit vibrator, so when they added the thrusting motions on top of what was already my favorite product, it sold me to be able to go hands-free.

Between the Thighs

When you don’t have to hold onto a vibrating object, it frees up having to think of any hand pain, allowing you to focus purely on the fun vibration modes between the thighs. You don’t have to talk to sex educators personally to go out and try a thrusting rabbit like the Pretty Love Natural Motion Thrusting Rabbit for yourself. Crank up both settings, feel all the good vibes, and don’t forget that you can add a butt plug.

The Trifecta, Please

There’s always opting for the trifecta like the Gender X Four by Four Vibrator. There has to be some thrusting for penetration with six intensity levels. Plus, let’s have powerful vibrations on the clitoris with an anal vibe.

To Really Orgasm

Give me stimulation everywhere. Crank up the vibrations everywhere, even in the kitchen sink! To orgasm, at least vibrate the clit and penetrate the g-spot in the vagina.

Warm It Up

You can never go wrong with having a positioning pillow like the Fetish Fantasy Series Ultra Inflatable Position Master, either while with your partner or your favorite toy. Try a little temperature play by warming lube or chilling a glass dildo in the fridge and warming another in a bowl of hot water to have dual stimulation. At least with glass dildos like the Icicles No 24 Glass Dong 6 Inch Pink, you can throw them in the dishwasher to clean them up easily.

Bounce and Ride

When you want to ride it like a cowboy, there are cool ride-upon options now that do not require a whole lot of hand control, save if you want to position a vibrating portion on the clit. There are even inflatable balls like the Frisky Sit and Ride Inflate Seat W/Vibe – think of being in gym class – where you can ride them, having a vibrating dildo to bounce up and down upon, fast or slow. However, you like it best. This lets you raise your hands with glee and get deep in with a workout.

Machine-Made Orgasm

For those that don’t like the idea of having to bounce, saying that’s too much of a physical exertion just for masturbation, there are all kinds of sex machines as well. Pick out your favorite attachment. Let it do the thrusting work for you again; sit back…

They’re Always Ready

There are all kinds of options for solo sessions. Try riding on the Jaxx Hammer; they have remote options to add bullets, and try more fun with Whipsmart. Some of these are even better than the real thing, as they will never complain of a case of having a whiskey dick.

Buzzing Couple’s Play

What’s better than wondering if a penis will last long enough to please you? Grab a Le Wand Double Vibe – Rose Gold if it doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to bust that out during couples play, as it can easily tuck into a variety of erogenous zones, with some models being whisper quiet, which does not necessarily help if you are the one to carry on, moaning in full-blown orgasm like a banshee.

Strongest Intensity Levels

Whether a model has six vibrations or eight different settings, I’m more concerned with cranking it up full throttle. What kind of battery life are we talking about? Got a kickstart?

What are you Looking For

I’m not picky if it only has five speeds, so long as the toy has a strong vibrator. Does it have a travel lock, and is it diesel-fueled for longevity? How about at least water resistant?

You Feel That?

How about some external stimulation? Let your partner control the vibration patterns through a phone app while you sport a wearable vibrator optimized for clitoral stimulation. There’s nothing like a wireless remote control to spice up the sex life when you’re apart.

Stimulate the Nipples

Maybe you’re more into nipple play. When you don’t even want to have to reach between your thighs, you can still invoke an orgasm through simple nipple play. Have you tried that today? Try out the Sexperiments Ruby Black Nipple Clamps.

Breaking the Rules

Yes, you can still use dildos. There’s no law stating that dildos can only be used on orifices. You can still vibrate not only the nipples, but the area underneath the breasts, which can be especially sensitive on women with larger-sized breasts – have a suck underneath there and see.

Cum and Swing

Perhaps one of the very best investments for lazy people is a sex swing. My friend famously said, “when I was younger, I used to use a sex swing for the kink factor. Now that I’m older, I need it out of sheer laziness, as it takes the pressure off the knees, and I can just lay back…”

No need to hear from a sexual wellness company, as a sex swing will offer that much relaxation and comfort, making it a must-have for people with knee and hip issues. A swing opens up the possibility for different positions that can hit the g-spot. While a swing does allow for hands-free fun, you can always add sex toys for clitoral stimulation and more.

A swing is also great for oral sex. Pull up a chair and eat at the Y. It will enhance the sex life.

Some Penis Envy

Admittedly, I have penis envy when I look at some of these awesome blowjob masturbators that do everything except the dishes. You can even interact with models online and have them control it. Technology is making it even easier to masturbate when feeling lazy.

All About The Evolved Novelties Big Shot Vibrating And Squirting Dong

the evolved novelties big shot squirting dong

Not that long ago, the selection of sex toys was scarce. You could get a vibrator or a dildo (or a combo of the two), and that was pretty much it. Thankfully, things have changed quite dramatically. Today, when there are plenty of products on the sex toy market, we can have our pick of naughty items that will make you moan (or scream) with pleasure.

However, even with a broad selection, up until recently, there’s been a pretty big hole in the market when it comes to a specific category — a vibrating squirting dildo. 

Now, don’t get us wrong. If you wanted to get a vibrating squirting dildo, you could easily find one that would be a great buddy for years to come. However, if you wanted a silicone, body-safe one, you’d be hard-pressed to find something fitting.

Well, that issue is no more! The new Evolved Novelties vibrating squirting dildo is here to revolutionize the market. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Finding an utterly body-safe toy that would vibrate and squirt and have a sturdy suction cup base was no easy task. But thanks to the Evolved Novelties, the issue is no more!

So let’s see how this dido can change your life!

What Is the Evolved Novelties Big Shot Vibrating Squirting Dildo?

If you’re a fan of squirting sex toys, then you’ll love the Evolved Novelties’ newest addition. Appropriately named Big Shot, this ejaculating dildo offers the best of ALL worlds. It can vibrate and squirt. However, more importantly, it is entirely body-safe, considering that it’s made out of luxuriously smooth silicone. 

A Dildo That Changed Everything

Big Shot is a large squirting vibrator that’s so realistic that you’ll think you’re holding a real penis in your hand. It’s a latex-free vibrating dildo with a very realistic head and vein textures that, combined with the ejaculating feature, make it one of the best realistic products on the market.

The squirting dildo by Evolved Novelties impacted the market because realistic silicone ejaculating dildos weren’t that readily available. What’s more, Big Shot’s gorgeous appearance and overall functionality make this dildo a complete novelty on the market (if you’ll pardon our pun).

But is the fact that Big Shot is the only realistic squirting dildo on the market everything this toy has going for it? Of course not.

Welcome to the World of the Squirting Dildo By Evolved Novelties

As soon as it hit the market, this powerful multi-speed vibrator dildo was labeled as the perfect toy for gay couples. The very realistic head (and the overall authentic appearance) and the ejaculating feature make this dildo an ideal substitute for a real penis.

Due to the powerful suction cup base, the dildo allows for hands-free play, which you can use for solo and partnered play. But Big Shot is an excellent companion for everyone, which is why it’s the first ejaculating dildos marketed toward everyone (not just the LGBTQ population). 

But Why Do People Like Dildo Squirt Toys?

There are plenty of reasons one might opt for a toy with both vibrating and squirting mechanisms. First of all, when it comes to realism, a toy like that takes having sex or masturbating to a whole new level. All realistic dildos aim to provide an exceptionally authentic experience to the user. Still, some of them fall short.

Big Short’s ejaculation feature specifically takes dildo play to a new level. It’s ideal for people who don’t have a penis but love the experience of ejaculation. It’s also a fantastic toy for those who might have trouble finishing during sex. An even better reason to use it in a strap-on harness!

Evolved Novelties Big Shot 101 — Everything You Need To Know

Although we’ve gone over the basic features of the squirting dildo by evolved novelties, to explain just how powerful and impressive this dildo is, let’s go over each feature.

The Material

We’ve already mentioned that this toy is completely body-safe as it’s latex and phthalate-free. The two main (and only) materials used in the making of Evolved Novelties Big Shot dildo are silicone and ABS plastic. 

Now, why does this matter? Premium silicone toys are the only ones that can be sterilized entirely (if we discount metal and glass ones, of course). Therefore, properly cleaning and maintaining toys, especially one with a cum tube, is vital for the toy’s longevity and your health. 

Silicone is naturally non-porous. That means there are no microscopic tears and holes in the material where bacteria can fester. What’s more, unlike some other materials, like TPE and jelly, silicone won’t show signs of wear and tear even after prolonged use.

So, being one of the first body-safe ejaculating dildos on the market is a huge benefit of Big Shot. It makes the toy extra safe and durable.

The Size

Overall, Big Shot’s name pretty accurately describes its appearance. With 8 inches in length, this dildo is quite a big boy. Of course, since it has a suction cup, it has an insertable length of 6 inches. But, best believe that’s more than enough, especially considering that the Evolved Novelties dildo is quite a firm toy.

All 6 inches of insertable length have a diameter of between 1,3 and 1,6 inches. The toy is the widest at the very beginning (so, at the head and just below it), which is an excellent feature because it allows you to feel full even if you’re not interested in taking in the full length of the toy.

The Appearance

We’ve already mentioned that the Evolved Novelties dildo is a realistic toy. Several aspects of it make it super realistic:

  • It comes in several flesh-tone colors
  • Vein textures on it add an extra layer of realism
  • The very realistic head (with a squirting hole) takes the whole experience to the next level
  • The toy has a ball sack above the suction cup

The Features

Of course, the expertly designed and incorporated features make Evolved Novelties Big Shot stand out. Although there aren’t many, what Big Shot has is amazing and works beautifully. After all, it’s better to have a few great features than to have dozens that only do a half-job (or nothing at all).

The Vibrating Wonder

One of the toy’s advantages is its powerful vibrating feature. Big Shot’s motor is quite powerful, which allows for ten different (and quite strong) vibrating functions.

As soon as you turn the toy on, you’ll see that Big Shot’s vibes are not for the faint of heart. However, they are rumbly and strong, which is quite a feat considering that this isn’t a toy that only has a vibrating feature. It’s pretty challenging to make a toy with an ejaculation function vibrate that strongly, so that’s a massive plus for the Evolved Novelty team.

Big Shot’s vibrations are easy to shuffle through. The toy has a waterproof two-button control panel. One button controls the vibrations while the other controls the squirting effect. Press the vibration button until you find a pattern that works for you, or shuffle through all ten vibration patterns to see what the toy has to offer.

The vibrations will drain the toy’s charge steadily, but, considering that you have a USB cable included in the packaging, you’ll have no trouble quickly and easily charging this bad boy up again and going for another round. 

The Squirting Stunner

Of course, the main selling point of this Evolved Novelty beauty is the squirting function. And, before you ask, don’t worry; this toy doesn’t work by using a Luer Lock syringe’s plunger. Instead, big Shot squirts automatically, which means all you have to do is push the button and watch the toy spit and spatter fake cum all over the place.

As mentioned, the waterproof two-button control panel will allow you to engage both functions. 

Big Shot’s ejaculate button is, of course, something you’ll only press once at the very end of your play session. Unlike the one that controls the vibrating feature, this button only has one job — to make the toy cum. To do that, press the button and watch the magic happen!

The Squirting Mechanism

This Evolved Novelties dildo has a pretty simple ejaculating mechanism. The internal cum tube or the reservoir is located near the back of the toy, and you can access it via the squirting quick twist cap. The squirting quick twist cap is easy to take in and out and allows for quick fluid refills and cleanup.

Big Shot’s fluid reservoir has enough space for a hefty amount of fluid. As a result, the ejaculation of the toy will last between 3 and 5 seconds (depending on the viscosity of the fluid you’ve put into it).

Using the squirting mechanism is simple. When you press on the button that’s located further back on the button controls panel, the tubing hanging at the back will get emptied. The fluid will shoot out quickly and forcefully because the toy has a squirt gun effect. But you can also play around and experiment to make it come out at a slower pace. 

Now that’s an improvement compared to the older squirting dildos that you have to squeeze hard to make them cum. There are no additional appendages to Big Shot. One simple button is all you need. No silicone bulb is attached to the toy or tubes hanging off it. It’s as simple as it looks!

What Kind Of Fluid Can I Use?

As mentioned, the reservoir only holds enough fluid for one ejaculation. So, if you want to play several times in a row, you’ll need to make fluid refills.

If you like forceful and speedy ejaculation, you can use water as your ejaculation fluid. It will shoot out quickly and effortlessly. On the other hand, if something slower is your style, you can use water-based lube that will ooze out slowly. You can even make a hybrid lube with thicker lubes to drag out the whole experience.

The Supreme Suction Cup

Believe it or not, the suction cup is one of the best features of this Evolved Novelties dildo. That might seem odd, considering what the dildo can do, but it’s true. 

The suction cup is robust, which means that you can use the dildo all on your own. It will stick to most surfaces and hold even for the most adventurous riders. 

The suction cup allows for outstanding hands-free play and an excellent handle during partnered play. 

The Packaging

Evolved Novelties goes all out when it comes to their products. The packaging is beautiful but subtle.

As mentioned, there’s a USB cable included in the packaging. Aside from that, you’ll also find the Evolved Novelties Big Shot in the box, detailed instructions on how to use it (as well as some lovely tips about the ejaculation fluid and the mechanism).

How To Maintain This Beast

Aside from that, the package won’t have any extras. Therefore, you’ll have to get your lubricant and toy cleaner (if you don’t already have those). Of course, given that the toy is high-quality silicone, you don’t have to use a toy cleaner to maintain it. Instead, a warm water rinse with mild soap will do perfectly fine. However, don’t forget to clean your toy before and after each use.

Although silicone is quite durable and resistant, if you store the toy while it’s wet, you might get a nasty surprise the next time you take it out for playtime. A wet environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

The tubing might be a bit more challenging to clean, but it’s nothing an intense water squirt won’t handle. 

When cleaning your toy, remember that you should never maintain a wet environment when storing it. It would be best to dry the toy thoroughly before putting it in a storage pouch or container. 


Small Penis Solutions

small penis

So, you are convinced that your penis is smaller than average? We have all sorts of solutions. It does matter if you have a small penis after clinical review from someplace like the Cleveland Clinic, if it’s from a rare condition, hormonal issues like not having enough testosterone, lower sperm count, the pituitary gland, genial abnormalities, scar tissue, erectile dysfunction, a webbed penis, buried penis, flaccid penis or any other inconspicuous penis caused by other disorders that licensed healthcare providers can tell you much more about, as we do not want to talk about normal size or how to get a stretched penis, just real life solutions.

Opinion on Micropenis

While not suggesting that you run to the local healthcare provider to see the treatment options for smaller than average penises, as you don’t need to be medically reviewed by a doctor or pediatric urologist to measure your penile size; men do not need to have an opinion on if they have a micropenis. If you feel insecure, we are here to give you some sex toy treatment options that may or may not have been medically reviewed. That means we do not need to diagnose micropenis, give you a physical examination to determine the pathological micropenis, hormonal abnormalities, growth hormone, potential risks or any other medical term that a scientific world journal would be throwing around about your penis.

No Counseling Required

Sorry if you were looking for advice on hormone treatments like testosterone therapy or cosmetic surgery, as you do not need psychological counseling for genital abnormalities or other health concerns when you can forget about the proper measurement and invest in some new toys to try out for systematic review with your partner. Stop insisting that your penis is the size of a hog leg and worry about heart problems from testosterone treatments. You probably have an average-sized penis and can learn more about sexual function.

Back to Basics

By that, we are not talking about the motion of the pubic bone or how the penis responds. As much as the world is on the kick that everyone needs testosterone treatment, let’s get back to basics. Instead of focusing on penile length and wondering about the average stretched penile length, stop obsessing over what a normal size penis is, the years of penile growth, or whatever hormone treatment; stop considering penis enlargement surgery or your erect penis length.

Starting with Tongue

Instead of worrying if you have an abnormally small penis, focus on giving oral orgasms. You can find many tips with some research online, such as ways to make him melt in your mouth. There are places to learn how to make women orgasm as well.

To increase pleasure, get one of the oral vibrators. That way, you can give the vibration sensation and your tongue techniques to crank up the orgasms. Extra tantalizing goes a long way, especially when oral is concerned, so add a finger or two.

Sure, some cultures are not as big on oral pleasure, and while I get that, if you are worried about pleasing your partner, bite the bullet and try it. Most people want an orgasm; many do not care how they orgasm, as they want to feel good. If you can please your partner through oral stimulation, start flicking the bean or the shaft, and if you’re really against oral, get a toy that is just like the real thing without the touching.

Study in Silence

Bust out some tutorials and learn tricks from others on your own time without knowing. Your partner will notice you with wide eyes and a big smile when your skill level increases. There are also tons of other skills to increase that do not involve penetration with a penis.

Try Hand Techniques

Do you need to strengthen your finger-banging techniques? Do you need to learn how to elevate the hand job to an art form? How about tips on how to orgasm without penetration?

Give a Breastgasm

When trying to please your partner, don’t forget about other erogenous zones, such as breasts. Both men and women have nipple sensitivities, so why not stimulate them? Do you need to research how to give the best breast orgasms, or do you already know?

Try Tantric Techniques

Learn more about energy flow. Study up on Tantra and learn the best Tantric Techniques. Are you good enough to give a full body energy orgasm from using massage and some Tantra?

The Prostate Orgasm

Are you more into men? Do you know how to give a prostate orgasm? Bend over and give the come hither.

On Exploring Anal

Why are so many people scared to discover the orgasms they can have through anal sex? Try pulling out anal beads just as you cum to increase the orgasm, or try a butt plug for a change. If you’re convinced that you have a small penis, up your anal game, as many partners are up for a small penis to try anal for the first time, so learn the spots to hit and how to toss the salad.

Try Different Positions

It’s not a secret that different sexual positions can make a difference in penetration depth. If you have only been doing the standard missionary, spice things up by trying some doggy style. Learn how to grind on the clit effectively while penetrating, too.

Find the Clit

If your partner is female, do yourself a favor, find the clit, love it, and stimulate it always. It doesn’t matter if you are licking it, rubbing it, or using a vibrator on it, as things like vibrating cock rings are great supplements if you fear your penis is not getting deep enough, inviting the clitoral climax to double up with your penetration. Especially if you want to try anal, be sure to have a vibrator on the clit, especially when trying for the first time, as this will help distract from any pain, and be sure to go slow at first, as too fast can result in tearing.

Know the Location

To increase your sexual functioning, make sure the clit is happy, and you know where to find it. The clit is not on the fupa (fat upper pussy area), nor on the inner thigh. Some people dive between the thighs and hope for the best, licking at whatever, but if you want to be effective, learning to lick that clit, flick the bean, or vibrate the man in the boat is best.

Don the Dildo

When you fear that you have a small penis, you can always supplement it with a dildo. If you think you’re not penetrating deep enough or finish early and want to ensure your partner gets off, then bust out the dildo for help. G spot dildos are shaped with a specific design to go straight up to the g-spot. You could also get a rabbit vibrator which has clitoral stimulation, too.

Strap It On

Strap-ons are not just for lesbians. They make penis extenders, so you can put them over your penis to make it longer without surgery, medications, or scarring. Some of them even come with vibrating options, which I would recommend, as it ups the stimulation.

Strapless Strap-On

Sure, ladies can try various strap-on solutions, including a strapless strap-on, one of my favorites. This allows for one lady to insert part inside of her to keep it in, while having a penis-like extension to insert into a partner. Add vibrations to both of these parts, and you get that vibration that stimulates the clit while grinding, as well as the g-spot.

Penis Extender Sleeve

Many people go for the cost-effective and fastest way to reach their goals. Penis extensions are great for wearing to add a few inches and a little girth.

Try Some Bondage

While some think guys with small penises have something to prove, like they need a massive boat or truck, others have been accused of having control issues. If you like to be in control, you might want to consider exploring the world of bondage, especially learning how to stimulate the senses without penetration. A lot of bondage is about the buildup to an orgasm and then waiting to be allowed to have the pleasure of orgasm finally.

Give up control by letting a trusted partner blindfold you or strap you into some cuffs. Bust out the rolling leather table to spin your partner upside down while strapped in, allowing them to spin you enough to make you dizzy if desired. When was the last time you put on a gimp mask to hide your identity and got kinky online?

Why deny yourself pleasure? You can please your partner no matter your penis size. If getting off entails a ball gag, some leather whips, and a sex swing, then so be it; get adventurous.

Regardless of your penis growth rate, you don’t need a penis pump to uncover your buried penis if you stop focusing on your penis size and learn a few new tricks. It doesn’t matter if you have a webbed penis or an inconspicuous penis, as pleasing your partner has more to do with the connection and mutual intent to please each other, as it does with a buried penis. Stop looking at hormone therapy and obsessing about a micropenis or other genital abnormalities, and start connecting with your partner for real with hands-on Tantric massage and more.

Rabbit Vibrator Fun

rabbit vibrator fun

If I am going out to buy a sex toy for myself, as a female, hands down, just about every time, I will get a rabbit vibrator. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the fact that I need to stimulate multiple areas, but I know I am not alone. If you are a female trying to figure out what sex toy to buy yourself or a male wanting to find something to buy your female partner, then a rabbit vibrator is the best suggested go-to I can think of, as it’s my favorite go-to item.

What’s a Rabbit?

A rabbit vibrator, as far as I know, got its name from the early models, which primarily used bunny rabbits to appeal to female shoppers. Not only is it a cute, innocent animal known to be soft, but it’s also famous for long, floppy ears. When a rabbit vibrator is inserted, with the main shaft into the vagina, a bullet shaped rabbit ears perfectly stimulates the clit, with the ears of the bunny cozied up on either side of the clitoris, vibrating it so good.

The Double Whammy

That means that this is not just vaginal stimulation, and it’s not just vibrating the clit. The g-spot up inside the vaginal opening is getting tantalized, while the clitoral stimulation does you into orgasm. It’s that two-for-one special that can’t be beaten, even by the real thing at times.

A Better Orgasm

Since there’s vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the double whammy intensifies orgasms. When I say that, it’s even better than the real thing at times; I mean it, as there’s unfortunately been more than a few times when my partner got off before me, so I grabbed my rabbit to finish. It’s not like I want to be left out in the snow when it comes to getting off, so I get mine, too.

For DP Play

My last partner wanted to try anal for the first time, as he had never tried it before. Being an old pro, knowing exactly what it entails and how sizable he was, I told him there was no way without clitoral stimulation. I had to get the vibration going on my clit, before he could even start to stick it in, but as he started going, the rabbit went in for double penetration play.

The Ideal Toy

Rabbit vibrators are not all shaped like rabbits now. They come in several shapes and sizes, with all sorts of cute little critters that will bury themselves into the flaps of the labia and offer a face-full of vibration patterns and g-spot stimulation with the clitoral vibrator. Fun Factory has many good ones; if you’re looking for decent internal stimulation with a classic rabbit vibe strong enough to give great external clitoral stimulation, then Fun Factory Toys or Evolved are a couple of my go-to brands that have yet to let me down ever.

Best Rabbit Vibrators

The best rabbit vibrators will offer strong vibration patterns. You want to find one with good g-spot stimulation, which can be personalized for adjustments, but I find that one with a slight curve in the shaft to go up into it is the one that I like best. Check out the rabbit ears or whatever is going to be vibrating the clit, as not all bunny ears are created equal when it comes to having a strong orgasm, as rabbit vibes can vary, as all sex toys can vary.

Some Upgrade Options

You want to have one that offers intense vibrations inside the vaginal canal, with some offering upgrades like rotating beads in the shaft or materials like high-quality silicone. Sometimes, the shaft portion and the clitoral vibrator is controlled separately, with both battery kinds as well as USB rechargeable ones being offered on the market now, with some battery life lasting longer than others and some quieter than others if noise is an issue. Other upgrades include Bluetooth connectivity or e-mail submission info online for virtual meetups.

Pump It Up

There are even new options that have an inflatable tip. When you’re not relaxed enough, you can insert a smaller tip, then inflate to get to a bigger size once it’s inside of you. Combine that with the clitoral vibrator, and you’re on your way to yet another intense ejaculation.

All Not Equal

You have a right to be skeptical, as not all rabbit vibrators that get you off are the same. Be sure to check the shaft length before the rabbit portion to see exactly how far it will reach inside you, as I had the experience of ordering a product thinking it would be 8 inches. Still, once it considered the rabbit’s stopping point, it was like 4 inches. When you’re looking for that blended orgasm, you want to be sure to get a product that can provide internal and external stimulation, not just a clitoral arm vibration.

The Triple Pleaser

For even more fun, the happy rabbit triple curve steps up from most rabbit vibrators, offering a blended orgasm with not only the clit and vaginal g-spot but it offers anal stimulation as well. Other rabbit vibrators might only offer two for that dual stimulation of the g-spot and clit stimulation, but when you add in the anal vibration modes, it’s even more fun. That’s the best way to get intense stimulation, with clitoral contact combined with the g-spot inside the vaginal wall, as well as the powerful vibrations of soft silicone inside the anus.

Add Some Suction

To kick up the vibration combinations, some rabbit vibrator designs use dual motors to offer a curved tip to hit the g-spot and suction toys. If you thought a regular g-spot rabbit vibrator was good, making it feel like someone is sucking on your clit is even better. That’s one of the newer waves of the sex toy industry that has taken many a sex toy reviewer by surprise, a happy rabbit combined with suction for the perfect satisfyer magic bunny.

Imitating Oral Action

Simulating oral sex, along with the suction, they also offer tongue-like toys to feel as if someone is going down on you. It’s a spin on the traditional external arm that was traditionally only bunny ears. This medical-grade silicone hits the g-spot through penetrative sex while offering vibration settings and an external arm that is more like a tongue than ears.

Hands Free Fun

When you have issues like carpal tunnel that makes it hard to hold onto vibrating objects for too long, the sex toy industry has solutions for that as well. Now, there are thrusting rabbits that combine that clitoral vibrator with the thrusting action you would normally get from a partner. This means that you can stick it in and wiggle away no hands necessary to hold it.

Which to Choose

When you’re out there looking for a new toy, pondering which are the best vibrators, there are fifty shades of sex toys to choose from, but a rabbit vibrator is always a great choice. Doesn’t matter if you get a curved or tapered tip, so long as it has the dual motors for that womanizer duo of stimulations that leads to the most intense orgasms. Get yourself off quickly and easily with a rabbit, as once you feel the ultra-soft silicone giving clit stimulation while feeling that second vibrator go into your vaginal opening, you’ll know why these are designed for a quick orgasm on the go that is much more efficient than most partners, enough to give up looking for strangers at bars to hook up with for one-night stands, as the rabbit will get you off better.

Holiday Sex Toy Wish List

holiday sex toy with list

I want to be like Oprah and give everyone a sex toy for Christmas this year. There’s nothing quite like knowing there’s a dildo wrapped under the tree, then watching someone’s face with glee as they go to unwrap it. From here, the scenario can go down many ways, but trust me, no matter what the reaction, it will be interesting to watch play out.

Sexy, Not Scared

So many people still get squeamish when discussing sex toys, like they don’t know where to begin and are afraid of the unknown. Well, I’m not a first-timer when using a vibrator, and at this point and time in my life, I know exactly what I like. If I can share my wish list of sex toys, it may inspire others to access what I know to be good ones or am curious to check out, so they may build their wishlists to post for themselves or their personal shopper.

Nice Bondage Outfit

While my partners might appreciate lingerie more than me, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned corset to get the mood started. Pair that with whatever leather that’s been purchased, such as a collar, and you’re ready to look sexy along with the models on the sites. You can’t go wrong fake leather, as it’s more PETA-friendly, but rubber and latex outfits are always fun to kink things up for a minute, especially when paired with lots of lubrication.

Some Shocking Electrostimulation

One of those items that scare many people when they first hear about it is electrostimulation products, but I am here to tell you that it is one of my favorites, topping my wish list nearly every time. It can be hard to find at a lot of average stores (so I’m not sure if it will appear on your Amazon Wishlist), but once you experience it, you’ll appreciate what I’m cluing you into of a lot more. On low settings, it sort of feels like ants walking across your skin, and contrary to popular belief, most products made for sexual use are not designed to be as powerful as an electric chair.

Try it out. Be mindful of conductors like metal, such as with piercings. Other than that, have fun; you’ll love it, and thank me later, as it’s a pretty cool area to explore for first-timers.

Locking Cock Cage

Maybe it’s the dominatrix in me coming out a bit. If we talk about bondage gear, then the next thing on my wishlist is not only the locking cock cage but the one with the metal shaft to go down the urethra as well. Now, you might think that I am bitter from having been cheated on in the past, but whatever past drama aside, this is more to get my dominating side going, as I tend to be a little submissive at times, but when I take over…

Yup, lock that junk up. I’ll be holding onto the key unless I decide to throw it away. Don’t mess with me, and you can sit back and watch whatever shenanigans I decide to get up to…

Pretty Butt Plug

They make the chastity-locking penis cages with the anal probe, but I’d rather have something pretty to look at. Is it bad to sissy up a guy if he likes it? Instead of a chastity device with an inserter, I’d opt for a pretty butt plug for my partner or for myself. Many people always ponder: are butt plugs painful? If you do it right, it shouldn’t be.

More Anal Vibrators

Just talking about anal makes some people squirm and get uncomfortable, but I’m here to tell you that anal products are not just for men. The next item on my wishlist has homme in the name, as it’s made for a man, and this little beauty is all about anal pleasure—this prostate massager is designed with a nice curve to hit the p-spot, perfect for a man’s butt.

A Pighole Squeal

Domination knows no gender, just like the pighole squeal can be used on both men and women. It’s a fun one when bringing out my dominatrix side as the enters into the realm of fisting. If you’ve ever gotten caught up, this helps to keep the hole open for added pleasure.

A Strapless Strap-on

Another favorite of mine is the strapless strap on when venturing into the realm of bondage. Being equally efficient when pegging men as when with a woman, I love that these newer versions vibrate, offering added stimulation. These are a big step up from the old-school versions with the flimsy straps that never seem to fit me quite right or hold up for too long.

Corset Lace Hood

Speaking of bondage, I love this corset lace hood, as it’s breathable. When you want to have the fun of a blindfold without worrying about it slipping off, the hood solves that problem and is cuter than most other options. It brings sexy to the average gimp mask.

While there are all sorts of gifts out there to choose from, there’s one box that I would like to ship to my house as a gift to myself this year. When you don’t want to worry about the outside world or any dating, especially if fearing contact with COVID or whatever, this is one item that I have been lusting over while looking at various websites.

Kinky Sex Machine

I’ve always been curious to check out one of those kinky sex machines to see if they are all they are cracked up to be. Will it allow me to be lazy and still get off? That sounds interesting enough to try, so I’m willing to see if Santa can fit one down the chimney for me.

Vibrating Rabbit Gift

Suppose you have been reading the links and paying attention to what I comment. In that case, when shopping for myself, my go-to item is always a rabbit vibrator. Appreciating the stimulation on both the clit and the g-spot simultaneously, I’m always up for trying variations of the vibrations and the patterns they create to vibrate my clit. This dual action is the reason that this item will always top all of my wishlists to me, as I know what I like.

Pair that up with some Eros Pjur lubrication, and I’m good to go. No partner is required. Just give me a few minutes, and I’m off to the races to please myself, getting off within minutes.

Vibrating Cock Ring

If I am with a male partner, my go-to is a vibrating cock ring. Always go for the more powerful vibrators with a large enough area to hit the clit, even if it slips around during intercourse. Again, I like that two-for-one special of the clit and g-spot the best.

What are the items that top your list? Have you been naughty or nice? Even if you’ve been bad, you can skip waiting on Santa and purchase your sex toy to delight yourself.

10 Dildos You Can’t Afford to Miss

do not miss these dildos by jack and Jill adult

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll get straight to the point. Dildos are amazing. They’re the unspoken friends that allow us to have immense pleasure, and all it takes is the push of a button, the tap of a phone app, or the flick of a switch. We all like to play with ourselves every once in a while. And for maximum enjoyment of our self-play time, we will need the right kind of sex toy. Furthermore, the choice of the said toy can have immense benefits for our health and self-esteem.

Now, sex toys come in different shapes and sizes. A typical sex toy can be as simple as a penis ring or as complex as a sex robot. It can look intimidating, but it can also look cute and adorable. The variety of sex toys nowadays is immense, and we can’t recommend buying one enough.

In this particular article, we will focus specifically on dildos and vibrators. Below are some of our top picks for the best artificial penile toys. In addition, we’ve compiled a handy buyer’s guide that will let you know what to look for when it comes to adult products.  

4 Main Reasons to Buy a Dildo

Of course, before we move on to the sex toys themselves, we need to focus on the ‘why’. As we stated earlier, some people think that dildos are scary and that getting the wrong type of sex toy might lead to some nasty consequences. However, it’s 2022, and the taboos on sex toys are slowly breaking down. So, if our readers need further convincing, here are 4 rock-solid reasons to own a nice, firm sex toy in your home. 

Reason #1: It Improves Your Sexual Performance

In terms of sex lives, let’s focus specifically on women and gay and bi men. Sometimes, achieving stronger orgasms requires a bit of help. For example, maybe your partner suffers from ED, or there might be predictability in the bedroom. Alternatively, the ladies might suffer from sexual arousal disorder, and sometimes penetrative sex won’t be enough help in fixing it. 

Similar issues can occur with guys who enjoy being penetrated. On the one hand, they might require something more exciting in their lives, and sex toys can help. But on the other hand, erectile dysfunction can prevent them from enjoying some intimate fun. 

By acquiring a dildo, a vibrator, or any other sex toy, we can significantly improve our time in the bedroom. Sex toys are versatile enough that we can use them in different ways. For example, one woman can enjoy a dildo or with her partner. In addition, sex toys are the perfect stress relief option for men and women. But most importantly, a toy allows the individual to practice and improve in performing sexually, which can benefit them in future relationships.

Reason #2: It Improves Your Health and Well-being

Thus far, science has been on the fence regarding sex toys. Sure, a toy feels good, but can it positively affect one’s health? 

As it happens, there are plenty of ways sex toys can help you feel better. For instance, masturbating regularly can promote better sleep. So, if you have insomnia, get yourself a nice vibrator, pour a bit of lube on it, and fiddle around with it for a few nights. You’re guaranteed to get your beauty sleep.

In addition, using a dildo regularly will make a woman’s pelvic floor stronger than before. A weak pelvic floor can lead to urinary incontinence, which is a condition that’s both frequent and somewhat embarrassing for the ladies to discuss. And yes, a vibrator can help in that particular department. 

Furthermore, sex and masturbation can reduce the risk of heart attacks and lower one’s blood pressure. Not every dildo user will be in a relationship or have an active sex life. Therefore, it’s not only a good idea to get some toys, but it might also add several decades to one’s life.

Now, let’s say that you have chronic pain. Your first course of action might be to reach for a pill. However, a natural remedy for pain is an orgasm. And a mind-blowing orgasm using a dildo could do wonders for people who have an intense headache. 

Finally, we should stress that masturbation and sex both count as exercise. So, by having some sexy time with your favorite toy, you’re shedding those pounds and losing those excess calories. That is more than enough reason to purchase a dildo of high quality. 

Reason #3: It Improves Your Relationship

Sexual health is essential, but toys can serve as proper tools for reigniting intimacy between partners. For example, let’s say that a young heterosexual pair has had some issues reaching the needed sensation in the bedroom. They tried everything from rough clit rubbing to shower sex, and nothing seemed to work. What are they to do? Is that lack of intimacy a potential sign of a breakup, or can they do something about it?

Now let’s imagine that same pair with a couple of sex toys, be they strap-on dildos, anal plugs with a flared base, anal beads, or cock rings. Suddenly, they can experiment with various positions, use different settings and intensities, and even swap toys with other eager couples. The sky’s the limit. And if they share these intimate moments, the couple’s relationship will only grow stronger for it. 

Reason #4: It Helps You Explore Your Sexuality

Exploring one’s sexuality is a process that can last for decades, a journey with endless possibilities. So naturally, your body will seek excitement. Soon enough, you might switch from stimulating your vagina to toying around with your anus. And while you can do that with your fingers, using a fine-shaped dildo is a different story altogether.

For closeted homosexual guys, exploring one’s sexuality is even more of a big deal than it is to the ladies. After all, a solid subsection of gay fellas is likely to have been brought up in an environment where they couldn’t experiment, like a rural area where homosexuality is still seen as a taboo. Therefore, to these men, dating after coming out can be scary. A dildo is a neat way to prepare the inexperienced gay lads to accept who they are slowly. Plus, it gives them a bit of exercise before moving on to an actual partner. 

Both men and women who are experienced with dildos can also benefit from exploring further. For instance, many women harbor fantasies about oversized members, or simply ones with different sizes than what the ladies are generally used to. Therefore, experimenting with an extra-large toy can help them discover what they like. The same goes for ribbed toys, smile-makers, clit vibrators, and other pleasure items. 

Our Top Picks for the Best 10 Dildos

Well, we have our handy list out of the way. Now comes the fun part! Let’s focus on the best ten dildos that money can pay for. All of these sex toy options are available on our website, so anyone eager to shop around for some toys can check them out.

GETREAL Realistic Dildo With Balls 8″ / 20cm Flesh

A thermoplastic elastomer is an excellent material for modern dildos. It’s soft enough to feel like real skin, easy to clean, and you don’t need to worry about any wear and tear or rust. Furthermore, it’s completely phthalate-free, so it’s safe to use regularly.

The good people of GETREAL know all of that, which is why their 8-inch realistic dildo with balls looks and feels so amazing. One look at it, and already you can tell you’re getting a high-end set toy product. It feels like human flesh, complete with wrinkles, pores, and veins. A treat for any ladies or gentlemen looking for a handy sex toy.

In addition to its material, the GETREAL 8-inch dildo is also incredibly versatile. For example, you can use its suction option, place it on a flat surface, and sit on it for hours of fun. Furthermore, it’s strap-accessible, so feel free to put it in a harness and strap your partner. And to make the experience even more magical, it comes complete with realistic-looking (and feeling) testicles. 

In short, the GETREAL realistic dildo is the perfect option for any user. It’s so good that GETREAL made an additional variant, which leads us to our next choice.

GETREAL Realistic Dildo 8″ / 20cm Flesh

Once again, GETREAL gives us a decent 8-inch sex toy with a pronounced head and veins. And once again, it’s a soft, velvety toy that a user can wear in a strap-on harness. And it’s just as easy to clean as the model described above. Furthermore, the shaft design doesn’t look too different, from the shape to the color.

So, what exactly makes this particular GETREAL product differ from the previous one? Well, it’s a simple enough, subtle enough difference for anyone to notice. Namely, this model doesn’t have the addition of testicles.

The GETREAL realistic dildo we’re looking at here is something a bit more traditional. It’s an excellent standing model with a suction bottom that can be placed anywhere and used anytime. And while it might not look as realistic as the other one, it is nevertheless just as effective. So, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t need testicles on your sex toy, you’ll enjoy this splendid item from GETREAL. 

Blush Loverboy Manny the Fireman – Latin

Manny the Fireman does not vibrate. This is because Manny the Fireman does not contain any phthalates. Furthermore, Manny the Fireman might require a condom to stay fresh longer. Also, considering its girth, Manny the Fireman might need more lube than other dildos — water-based lube, of course.

Naturally, we love Manny the Fireman from Blush Novelties, so we can’t help but repeat its name so often. With its ‘discreet packaging’ and robust and hefty shape, this dildo is the perfect sex toy for anyone looking for a challenge. Of course, it’s made of PVC, so it’s a bit porous, but it contains no harmful ingredients and is entirely safe to use. 

What separates this sex toy from the others is the shape and the shade. Manny the Fireman is slightly darker than other dildos within the same range, plus it’s curved ever so slightly for that realistic feel. The added suction bottom and testicles make it the perfect treat for someone willing to play solo. It’s strong, shapely, and gets the job done — that’s a win in our book. 

Major Dick Straight w/Balls & Suction Cup Commander in Chief – Vanilla

Ignite has given us no shortage of incredible dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys to play with. One line, in particular, has left a few women (and men) with ruffled panties, that being Major Dick. And one product from Major Dick’s Straight line, the Commander in Chief, makes it into our list.

The Commander in Chief does look like the most soldierly of artificial penises. It’s as hard as the real thing but as straight and erect as a stick. Unlike Manny the Fireman, it has no curvature, but that’s by design, and the ladies love it. 

And speaking of sticks, the suction section of the Commander in Chief will stick to anything. This sex toy will find its place anywhere as long as the surface is flat, whether it is a wall, tiled floors, wood, plastic, or metal. Enjoy hours of fun without even thinking of using your hands. 

And if the vanilla option isn’t working for you, you can always opt for the slightly darker caramel. The feel is the same, as is the length, girth, and durability. They only differ in color, so it’s up to you which one will end up in your bedroom, ready for frequent use. 

Gläs Joystick Dildo

No, that is not a misspelling. The brand name is indeed Gläs, and the dildo we’re about to describe is one of its best models that we highly recommend to anyone.

The Joystick is made out of borosilicate glass. This feature is key for several important reasons:

  • The material is highly resistant to heat and cold
  • It’s highly durable and will only break if we drop it onto the hard floor
  • The body of the sex toy is easy to clean and maintain
  • The item will stimulate the vagina or anus of anyone who’s not into soft, velvety realistic options.

Indeed, the Joystick doesn’t look realistic. But there is a purpose for its signature ribbed look. Namely, we can achieve immense pleasure when we insert it into ourselves, especially near the big, bulbous end tailor-made to stimulate the G-spot.

As we stated, glass dildos like the Joystick lend themselves well to heat and cold play. We need to either keep the sex toy in the fridge for 20 minutes or soak it in warm water for about the same amount of time. Soon enough, we will be on the steady course of feeling novel sensations that words cannot describe. 

Shaft Model A Flexskin Liquid Silicone 7.5″ Dong w/Balls – Oak

Realistic and velvety seems to be what the market wants. And we think that Shaft from Model A delivers on that front and many others.

Once we get past the hefty cost of Shaft, we can see that it offers your standard-issue dildo fare. Its figure and shape are realistic and resemble a proper penis that’s always up. Furthermore, the head is appropriately curved, and the veins give it an extra note of realism. And of course, we can’t forget the testicles and the suction bottom, suitable for solo play and partner fun.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of owning the Shaft is the material. Each dildo is made out of high-grade Flexiskin liquid silicone. The material is far from porous, and we’ll be able to clean the dildo within minutes after use. But, more importantly, Flexiskin is so soft and pillowy that it can almost be mistaken for natural skin. So, don’t miss the opportunity to give this substitute penis a good try. 

Colours Pleasures 7″ Yum Yum Dildo – Pink

Yes, Yum Yum is the appropriate name for this splendid product from Colours, a brand of NS Novelties. One look at this fantastic tool, and we can see why so many people, the ladies, in particular, want to use one to pleasure their bodies. 

Yum Yum comes in a fashionable mix of pink and white. Its patterned exterior feels like satin, while the body is made of superior-grade silicone. In other words, the Yum Yum is hard enough to take on any person who uses it but soft enough for people to enjoy it during foreplay before penetration.

The Yum Yum is 7 inches long and veiny, based on real-life models of penises. It can also be used as a part of a strap-on if you want to have some fun with a partner. The suction bottom enables us to place the Yum Yum on any flat surface and enjoy some hands-free fun.  

King Cock Plus Triple Density Cock 6 Brown

King Cock Plus is one name that you’ll often hear since they make outstanding products. More than one of King Cock dildos will make their way onto our list, with plenty of others being available on our website for any curious future users.

Let’s start off with their 3D, i.e., Triple Density brown 6-incher. This spectacular product has a sturdy interior and a velvety, gentle, skin-like exterior. The feel is beyond real, and the user will not be able to tell the difference between the 3D toy and the real thing. And if your partner is interested in giving it a try, you can place it in a strap-on harness and go to town. Hands-free fun is also on the table. The suction bottom of the dildo is incredibly durable and adaptable to any flat surface. 

The material of the Triple Density cock is pollutant-free and will not harm the human body, similar to silicone. Furthermore, it’s easy to wash and maintain and easy to store. In short, it’s the kind of toy you don’t want to miss out on. 

Colours Girth – Purple

Colours is back once again, but we have its famed Girth line this time. The line draws its fame from high-quality, superior silicone dildos that are thick, durable, and perfect for penetration. Naturally, the toys come with excellent suction bottoms that help them stay firm and upfront on any flat surface.

One look at the Purple variant of the Colours Girth line will say plenty. It’s an excellent silicone sex toy with just enough veins and creases to satisfy anyone. The color choice is one of its best features since it allows the users to change things up from skin-colored items. 

King Cock Slim Double Dildo Black 12 Inch

Rounding up the list, King Cock is making a comeback with its Slim 12-inch double dildo. A true US original, the Slim sex toy is made out of pollutant-free rubber and is exceptionally firm. That firmness makes it both durable and extremely powerful as a toy, capable of providing satisfaction to two partners at once.

The jet black color of the King Cock Slim double dildo was not chosen by accident. Plenty of users prefer this color, as it is alluring and draws the user right in. Furthermore, its length works to its advantage. If users feel the need to insert a little extra into themselves, they have 12 whole inches of pure pleasure to enjoy. 

Dildo and Vibrator Buyer’s Guide

With our list of sex toys nice and ready, we should stress that buying a pleasure tool is not something a customer should take lightly. To pick the best toy that fits our needs, we need to go over several vital details. To help out some potential buyers, we’ve prepared this handy buyer’s guide for getting the best toy on the market today.


In terms of size, we need to look at both the length and circumference.

On average, an American man’s penis is 6 inches long. With that in mind, anything between roughly 5 and 7 inches in length can be counted as an average phallic sex toy. Anything beyond seven counts as big, while anything drastically bigger (e.g., 14 inches) falls under the category of ‘brutal’.

The toy’s girth we want will depend on how much we can handle. The best way to decide is to use a ruler and measure the toy’s diameter that catches our eye. That diameter will give us an idea of how thick the toy would be while penetrating the vagina. For reference, an average sex toy of this type is roughly 1.5 inches in diameter, so we can use that as a yardstick. 


There are different types of dildos based on their shape, purpose, and function. A typical retail website will usually list off multiple categories, some of whom overlap. 

The basic division is between vibrators and regular toys. A vibrator typically has different settings, and we switch between them to adjust the intensity. Some modern vibrators also have remotes, so you or your partner can control them from a distance. The level of control will depend on whether the toy has app connectivity, making it perfect for online adult performers. They are also USB rechargeable, and some even come with software updates. 

Shape-wise, dildos and vibrators can be realistic-looking, smooth, bumpy/ribbed, or have atypical shapes. The atypical ones can either look like animal reproductive organs, fantasy elements such as tentacles, or have unique designs. 

Dildos also vary depending on where they enter or how we use them. Some are purely for anal stimulation, while others, like double dildos, can simultaneously satisfy two people. There are even sex toys that help with G-spot and prostate stimulation, as well as packing dildos that simulate having a flaccid penis. That last subsection isn’t useful for penetrative sex, but they are nevertheless quite handy and popular.


In terms of material, we will provide a brief rundown of dildos you should buy and the ones you ought to avoid. 

These are the materials you will want to check out since they are easy to clean and maintain, plus they will almost never contain any phthalates or other pollutants:

  • Silicone (as well as silicone variants)
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Elastomer
  • Acrylic
  • ABS plastic.

The following materials are the lowest quality for dildos. Some of them might work, but it’s best to avoid them if you intend to shop for a decent sex toy:

  • PVC
  • Latex
  • Jelly
  • Cyber Skin
  • Fanta Flesh
  • Futurotic.


Some dildos might cost a solid amount of money, depending on the material they’re made from and the general features they might have. Anywhere around $50 is a reasonable price for a sex toy. However, we recommend that the buyer pay less money than that if they are a first-time user. Starting off with a less costly toy will give the user some perspective on what they like and how it satisfies them. Once they have that information, they can purchase something pricier that helps them achieve sexual satisfaction.

The general rule for buying sex toys is fairly simple. First, compare and contrast the popular brands that people shop for today. Then mark the cheapest and the most expensive products, and you’ll have a neat little range. Anything under that range is probably of poor quality, while anything higher might be a rip-off. 

Jack and Jill Dildos and Vibrators: The Bottom Line

Dildos play a key role in keeping one’s sexual health and self-esteem in order. It might not seem like it to an untrained eye, but those silicone replicas are our companions, ready to give us our dose of orgasms any time we desire them. So, don’t worry about all the taboos related to dildos. If you’re interested, shop for one today and treat your vagina or your anus to some of the best self-pleasuring sessions ever!

Jill’s LanditRabbit by Jack and Jill Adult


If you haven’t experienced a “blended orgasm” yet, you will very soon, with the help of Jill’s LanditRabbit by Jack and Jill Adult. This rabbit-style vibrator is a pleasurable, multitasking toy that can take your sexcapades to new heights. 

For those unfamiliar, rabbit vibrators are a love-child of a clitoral vibrator and a dildo. It is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina. Notably, a sweet spot inside the vagina called the G-spot.  

Jill’s LanditRabbit is a classic-yet-modern rabbit-style vibrator. Read on to discover why this sex toy can help you “land it” every time! 

Jack and Jill Adult: Why We Chose Rabbit Vibrators

We’ve decided to include rabbit vibrators in our line of Jack and Jill Adult sex toys for one crucial reason — us ladies need to stick together. One research found that only 18.4% of women can orgasm from intercourse alone. That means that the rest need additional stimulation to get off. 

So, it stands to reason that we created a toy that can do just that! Thanks to this silicone bunny, you’ll soon be seeing stars every time you decide to play solo or with a partner.

Genital Touching Sexual Pleasure And Orgasm [Infographic]

Infographic on Women Experience With Genital Touching Sexual Pleasure And Orgasm

What Makes Jill’s LanditRabbit So Amazing

1. The Famous Rabbit Ears

Jill’s LanditRabbit by Jack and Jill Adult features the famous rabbit-ear-inspired clitoral stimulator. That means you get to feel like a true Charlotte from the one Sex and the City episode we remember all too well (“The Turtle and the Hare“) each time you use it. 

The rabbit ears earned their popularity for a reason. Aside from looking cute, the shape fits perfectly over your clit. So, you can feel the vibrations and a fluttering motion at the center of your clitoris and the sides.

Flexible Ears

The clitoral stimulator is flexible, meaning you can maneuver and hold it in places that feel good to you each time. The flexibility is important because different people have different clitoris-to-vulva distances. So, it is hard to find the perfect position stimulating both the clit and the G-spot with nubs sitting in one place.  

Powerful Motor

The stimulator also has its own motor with seven powerful speeds and patterns to choose from. Thanks to this system, you can set the vibe for your external hot spot independently from the shaft. 

Close-up of LanditRabbit’s Ears

2. The Shaft

Not many think about the length when buying their first rabbit-style toy, but this is a mistake. Ideally, the shaft should be just long enough to stimulate your G-spot. But if you buy a non-flexible toy that goes too deep or not deep enough, you will miss out on a big part of the whole experience.

The Perfect Length

Jack and Jill Adult rabbit vibrators sport 8.2″ height, 1.3″ width, and 1.5″ depth. The shaft is also gently arched with a unique blunt tip. This particular design perfectly syncs with the vulva, ensuring you hit the right spot every time. In addition, the vibrator tip is slightly broader, providing the ultimate pleasure to your G-spot. 

Flexible Shaft

Since the shaft is flexible, you can adjust it to create the perfect angle. Like the clitoral stimulator, the shaft has its own motor with seven mighty speeds and vibrating styles. That way, you can set different stimulation speeds for your internal and external areas.

3. The Material

We usually put toys on or inside the most sensitive parts of our bodies. Although they bring us hours of fun, not all of them are safe enough to be in contact with the skin and soft tissue inside the genitals. Some of the common adult toys have been linked to various side effects ranging from irritation to cancer.

Why Is the Right Material So Important?

The problem is that the vagina rapidly absorbs chemicals without metabolizing them. That is how the harmful substances from toys can enter your bloodstream without being broken down first. For this reason, you should pay special attention to what kind of material your toy consists of. 

Our Rabbit Vibrators Are Safe

At Jack and Jill Adult toy store, we closely inspect the materials we use for our adult toys. Jill’s LanditRabbit is made of luxurious, soft silicone, with the handle consisting of durable ABS plastic. The latex is body-safe and phthalate-free, so you can use our rabbit vibrator for prolonged periods without worrying about harming your health.

4. Waterproof

Another great thing about Jack and Jill’s rabbit vibrators is that they are fully waterproof toys. Hence, you can freely take them to the bath or a shower.

5. Rechargeable

Rechargeable sex toys are good for the environment and great for your pocket! Jill’s LanditRabbit comes with a charging cable included in the price. 

How to Care for Jill’s LanditRabbit Vibrator: Tips from Jack and Jill Adult

Keep It Clean

One of the most essential tips for the safe use of any sex toy is to keep it clean. Washing the toy before and after each use is a must if you want to avoid bacteria build-up and risks of infection. The best way to clean the Jill’s LanditRabbit is with the Jack and Jill Toy Cleaner

But if you ever run out of toy cleaner, you can use warm water and soap instead. Since this rabbit vibrator is a waterproof toy, washing it in a shower or bath after you finish it won’t cause any damage. 

Use Lube

The second rule for safely playing with sex toys is using plenty of lube. Lube helps you maintain enough moisture for a smooth glide. This will prevent irritation and tearing of the vaginal tissue. 

As previously mentioned, vibrating rabbits usually consist of silicone. However, you can’t use just any lube with silicone toys. For instance, silicone-based lubes can damage the material shortening your toy’s lifespan. 

Water-based lubes are a good choice, although you usually have to reapply them more often. For instance, Jack and Jill water-based lubricant is less likely to irritate. In addition, it mixes well with just about any material.

Jack and Jill Adult Superstore: Final Thoughts on Vibrating Rabbits

If you own one and enjoy our LanditRabbit, we would love your feedback! Feel free to explore our website and find more products that we offer. 

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The Jackie Love Rechargeable Bullet by Jack And Jill Adult

the Jackie love rechargeable bullet vibrator

It’s been a while since we’ve been this excited about a new line of bullet vibrators — and this one costs less than $65! Jackie Love Bullet is a small but powerful sex toy from our own Jack and Jill Adult! 

But what makes this little rechargeable bullet vibrator different from others on the market? You can already see that it looks amazing, so let’s talk about what it can do!

Size Matters

Since bullet vibrators are generally meant for external use, people often think that size isn’t an important feature. But just like with any other sex toy, the wrong size can spoil the fun. We put a lot of thought into creating a rechargeable bullet of perfect dimensions. 

Jackie Love Bullet vibrator is small enough to let you easily find and stimulate that one tiny spot and make you go wild. At the same time, it is not too small, so you won’t have trouble grabbing hold of it. Forget about everything else — the ideal proportions alone are enough to turn this little buddy into your new best friend.  

Body-Safe Material Is a Must

Sex toys come in contact with the sensitive skin on the genital area regularly. It is extremely important to choose toys made of body-safe materials. Most bullet vibrators consist of plastic, silicone, or rubber. However, there can be a huge difference in quality, with more expensive toys often using higher-grade materials

We spared no expense in the making of the Jackie Love vibrating bullet. Consisting of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, both of these materials are safe and long-lasting.  

Easy Settings and Different Speeds

Vibrating adult toys are among the most popular sex toys because they often feature a range of speeds and vibrating patterns to tickle your fancy. Bullets tend to be buzzy, delivering pleasure directly to the clitoris. 

With seven escalating speeds and 13 pulsing vibration patterns, the Jackie Love bullet is no exception. That means you will find the ideal vibe to increase your climax quota and have longer, deeper, and more intense orgasms.

But what makes the difference between our toy and other bullets is how much power it holds. The motor in Jackie Love is solid and durable. You can even place it in penetrative sex toys, like dildos and strap-ons, and still feel its powerful vibrations. 

The two-button interface is also pretty simple to use. The buttons’ position makes them easily accessible during action. But thanks to the smart design, you can also put the bullet vibrator in your bag without worrying it will go off in the middle of a subway ride. 

Long Battery Life

At Jack and Jill, we care about both your pocket and the environment. That’s why we’ve created a rechargeable bullet. When the petite little package arrives at your door, inside, you will find an included cable along with your new vibrating bullet. Once charged, the toy will provide you with thirty to forty minutes of continuous play. 

Noise Level

If you have roommates or exceptionally thin walls, you probably want a sex toy that doesn’t make too much noise. Luckily, this rechargeable bullet is so discreet that it’ll help your private time stay private. So, you can freely enjoy your solo play session or sex time without cluing your neighbors in. 

How to Use Jackie Love Bullet

If you need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, rest assured — according to one study, 36,6% of women need it too. But necessary or not, clitoral pleasure feels incredible. So, why not throw it into the mix anyway? With the help of Jackie Love Rechargeable Bullet, you will get hot and ready for action in no time. 

You should have no trouble using this sex toy, no matter your sexual experience or inexperience. First, simply wash the vibrating bullet with warm water and soap, pat it dry, and add lube. Next, gently press the toy against your clitoris and use the buttons to find the type of vibration that feels the best for you. Then, enjoy the ultimate satisfaction only Jacky Love can provide!

How to Care for Jack and Jill Adult Toys

When it comes to sex toys, hygiene is everything. A general rule of thumb is to wash your toys before and after each use to avoid infections. In addition, it would be best to use special sex toy cleaners, such as Jack and Jill Toy Cleaner. That said, warm water and soap should do the job just fine, too.

After you clean your rechargeable bullet, leave it out in the open to dry. Store it in a dark and dry place, preferably in the original packaging.

Another essential thing to consider is the type of lube you use with your bullet. For instance, silicone lube can damage silicone toys. So, when using your Jackie Love bullet, it might be best to opt for a water-based lube. 

Final Thoughts 

Discreet, powerful, and petite — Jackie Love rechargeable bullet is hard to beat. It is compact and lightweight, making it great to hold and maneuver. Likewise, it offers a healthy selection of speed settings to flip between. The highest quality materials provide a luxurious feel while being safe for your body and health. 

This sex toy is of perfect size and can fit in most bags (perfect for travel). It also comes in small packages that look inconspicuous if you have nosy neighbors. So, if you want a nice rumbly power that won’t break your budget, the Jackie Love bullet is your best option. 

The Benefits of Vibrators: How to Enhance Your Sex Life and Health

the benefit of vibrators with rabbit vibrators and bullet vibrators lined up

Aside from being straight-up amazing, sex toys also have numerous health benefits. When you use a sex toy, you might get more than you bargained for. Sexual pleasure is pretty much a guarantee. But did you know that using sex toys can also regulate your blood pressure, relieve stress, and improve the state of your pelvic floor? 

Many women don’t understand just how many health benefits even a sex toy can have. If your friend, who happens to be a former nurse, tells you how genital vibration can help you with physical and mental health issues, listen to her. She knows her stuff.

Since many people don’t know what sex toys can do for them, we’re diving into all the perks of vibrator use!

Sex Toys Beyond the Sexual Satisfaction: Women’s Health

Using sex toys to regulate physical or mental health isn’t exactly a novel idea. Vibrators predate electricity, and they were used to “treat” made-up states in women across the globe. Today, such misogynistic notions are well outdated. Still, the fact remains that vibrators (among other sex toys) can help you improve both physical and mental health.

So, you’re not the only one if you found yourself praising your clit cuddler like the We-Vibe Melt for getting you through the pandemic. Many people found solace in using sex toys (both pre and during the pandemic).

There are even medical data to back you up. A recent study found that women’s health can greatly benefit from sex toys. Vibrators can help you improve your urinary and reproductive systems as well as your vascular and mental health. The same study states that both men and women can reap these benefits. 

So let’s see what precisely one vibrator can do for your body and mind, shall we?

Increase Your Odds of Survival (With a Vibrator)

Although we’ve spent the previous few paragraphs praising sex toys for their magnificent capabilities, we have to say that simply using sex toys won’t ensure you’re completely healthy.

But it can improve your odds of living a longer life. How?

Well, vibrator use (or any sex toys, really) can improve your cardiovascular health. Frequent masturbation can keep your heart healthy. But, of course, it’s not a substitute for healthy living and regular exercise, nor will it prevent heart disease. Still, now and then, a bit of solo activity can help you keep those cholesterol levels down.

A nationally representative study at the Michigan State University found that women who experience more sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction have lower chances of getting hypertension. Hypertension is high blood pressure that can often lead to heart attacks and even stroke. 

But why is that? When women orgasm, their heart rate goes up right before and during the orgasm. Then, it steadily goes down sometime after the orgasm is finished. This might sound familiar to you, as it’s the purpose of high-intensity workouts (to get your blood pressure up and then down and increase your blood flow). 

So, orgasming is kind of like exercising. One orgasm is the equivalent of a treadmill walk of about 1.7 miles per hour at an admirable 10% incline. Women who frequently achieve orgasms have a better chance of maintaining their heart health.

Increased blood flow has another fringe benefit because it keeps your immune system in good shape. 

And Improve Your Sexual Health

Sex toys can do so much more than regulate our blood pressure. Both men and women can (and do) benefit from exercises such as Kegels. However, using a vibrator can also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

As we age, our pelvic floors get weaker (as does the rest of our body). However, we mustn’t let them deteriorate completely. The pelvic floor is integral for not only sexual health but also the proper function of our urinary tracts as well.

Regular sexual activity and penetrative sex can aid in keeping our pelvic floor nice and tight. But if you’re sans partner, don’t worry; a sex toy will do a great job.

Doing Kegels, or clenching and unclenching your pelvic floor muscles while a vibrator is inside you, is an excellent way to keep your muscles strong and in optimal shape. 

When it comes to strengthening the pelvic floor, the type of vibrator doesn’t matter much. You can opt for anything from the small Mini Swan Wand to the much bigger Fun Factory Sundaze

Better Bladder Control

One of the advantages of having a strong pelvic floor is better bladder control. We know that it might be challenging to link penetrative sex (with a person or a sex toy) and bladder control, but hear us out. As we said, vibrators can do more for women’s health than just enhance sexual pleasure. 

According to a national survey and a systematic review done at the University of New Mexico, women who engage in frequent sexual activity (including sexual stimulation and penetration) have stronger pelvic floor muscles. 

Furthermore, they also have fewer issues with the urinary tract. For example, urinary incontinence, the most common pelvic floor dysfunction, isn’t an issue for these women because a stronger pelvic floor allows them better bladder control. 

A Healthier Vagina

When buying vibrators, many of us only think of them in terms of sexual pleasure and sexual stimulation. We rarely think that using a vibrator can help us with anything other than reaching an orgasm (or, if we’re lucky, multiple orgasms).

But sex toys improve our sexual health. Studies have shown that women who use a vibrator have healthier vaginas. With time, our vaginas lose their natural elasticity. They also become more short and narrow. One way to ensure our vaginas maintain their elasticity is to have frequent sex (or masturbate regularly). 

When we get aroused, the lining of our vaginas and our vaginal walls produce secretion. This keeps everything well moisturized. And we all know that moisturization is vital when it comes to keeping ourselves young and plump. Moisture helps with elasticity which means that masturbation that involves vaginal penetration keeps our vaginas young! 

Not only do vibrators offer plenty of health benefits, but women who regularly masturbate are more likely to do self-exams of their genital area. Furthermore, they are more likely to schedule regular appointments with their gynecologist and take care of their sexual health. 


Women who have vaginismus know just how difficult that condition is. It’s hard to believe that sex toys improve our muscle tonus so that we can deal with this horrible condition, but it’s true. 

A sex toy company rarely promotes only sexual pleasure. Instead, most of them also focus on sexual health and preach sex-positivity. That’s why you’ll find many companies in the sex toy industry that put a lot of effort into sexual health promotion and offer toys (or better said, different devices) that can help with various conditions (vaginismus included).

For example, the She-ology Dilator Set is an excellent pick for women who experience a lot of pain during penetration. 

Menopause and Sex Toys

Kind of like erectile dysfunction in men, menopause happens to every woman sooner or later. But menopausal symptoms can wreak havoc on a woman’s body. Aside from hot flashes, migraines, mood swings, troubles sleeping, and a slowed metabolism, women in menopause also experience vaginal dryness and a low sex drive.

Having sex during menopause can be a scary prospect. Many women find sex during menopause not as pleasurable as it was or even painful. Considering what ordeal menopause is, it’s difficult to comprehend that one sex toy can be a game-changer there.

But it can. A vibrator (or any similar sex toy), paired with a lot of lube and some goodwill, can change how a woman treats her body during menopause. Vibrators can even become medical devices during this time.

As our estrogen levels drop during menopause, our vaginas lose elasticity and moisture, making them more fragile. Furthermore, our vaginal linings become more thin and dry, and our vaginal openings shorten. 

Vaginal Dryness and Erectile Dysfunction

One in three women experiences severe vaginal dryness that leads to painful sex during menopause. 

Sex toys can help significantly here. They will help with arousal, but they will also help women relax enough for sexual intimacy. Vibrator use can dramatically improve menopausal sex and even reignite a sexual relationship. 

They can also help with the low sex drive. Because a sex toy can help with arousal, vibrator use can increase sexual desire.

What’s more, because middle-age doesn’t just affect women but also influences erectile function in men, vibrators can lend a helping hand on more than one front. That is a massive benefit for both men and women struggling to maintain their sexual spark in middle age.

A vibrator is an excellent substitute for an erect penis in bed. The notion that you should only use it for solo play is outdated and wrong. So, vibrators can improve your sex life and sexual intercourse in many ways. 

Vibrators Can Boost Your Sex Life

Couples who experience dry spells after decades together often turn to relationship therapy (or marital therapy). Sexual and relationship therapy is no longer the taboo it once was, which is a fantastic improvement that we should all take advantage of. 

Although there’s no one perfect “sexual medicine” for couples who struggle with sex, vibrator use is one of the better solutions. No matter the issue a couple is struggling with, a sex toy can offer a lending hand. 

First of all, it will be a novelty for couples who haven’t used a vibrator or any other sex toy before. However, trying out something new and spicing things up can significantly improve your sex life. 

On the other hand, for couples who are struggling with menopausal symptoms or need help with delayed ejaculation, as explained before, sex toys can help on both fronts. That’s why sex toys play a prominent role in plenty of sex and relationship therapy sessions. 

Vibrators and Physical Health 

If we take a step back away from the notion of sexual medicine, we’ll see that a sex toy can also help with some other issues. First, of course, various sexual activities can help us maintain our health (especially sexual health). Still, to not rely on a partner (and their sexual prowess), we can opt for a bit of solo activity and use sex toys to relieve some issues.

Better Sleep

You’ve probably noticed that when you reach orgasm, you get sleepy. You might have also noticed that you sleep better after spending a portion of the night rolling in the sheets. But why is that?

When we climax, our bodies go through a whole ordeal. As mentioned before, our heart rate shoots up during an orgasm and then gradually goes down. What’s more, our blood pressure stabilizes. These are excellent conditions for falling asleep.

While that’s true, many other things also happen after an orgasm. For example, when we climax, our brains release various chemicals. One of those is prolactin.

Prolactin is a hormone that some women are familiar with because it plays a vital role in breastfeeding and lactation. But it also affects our sleep. It’s a growth-sleep hormone that promotes rapid eye movement. As some of you know, rapid eye movement or the REM stage of sleep is the stage when we dream. It’s also the stage that precedes the deep sleep stage (which is when our bodies and minds rest the most during the night and regenerate).

So, having an orgasm right before bed is an excellent way to improve your sleep schedule. Vibrator use before bed can ensure that you fall asleep quickly and effortlessly and rest more (because you’ll fall into the deep sleep stage quicker and stay in it longer).

Less Stress and Anxiety

Prolactin isn’t the only hormone our brains release during and after an orgasm. When we climax, our brains get flooded with different chemicals, which are mood boosters.

If you’ve never heard of the feel-good hormones, you’re missing out on some fun knowledge. 

Oxytocin and serotonin (also known as the bliss chemicals) are the two primary hormones released during an orgasm. Oxytocin, or the love hormone, is the hormone responsible for muscle contractions (and ejaculation). The more oxytocin our brains release, the stronger our orgasms.

But oxytocin also does so much more than ensuring we come like we never did before. When our brains release this hormone, we feel elated, bonded with our partner, generally happy, and less stressed. Oxytocin also promotes wound healing and better immune response.

So, it’s logical that frequent orgasms can generally help us reduce stress (among other things). 

Orgasms also affect anxiety. Sex and masturbation can be excellent tools of distraction. They help us relax, release the feel-good hormones in our bodies, and generally boost our moods. 

Orgasms also help us release tension and regulate our breathing. Those who have mild or severe anxiety know just how important breathing patterns are when stress hits. 

Orgasms affect our nervous systems. So, they can be an excellent remedy for neurological conditions such as anxiety and depression. But, of course, sexual medicine won’t completely solve your issues. It especially won’t be as effective as therapy and medication. Still, having an orgasm or two every day can help you feel better.

Less Pain

We can’t talk about the feel-good hormones without mentioning all the wonderful things they do for our bodies. For example, oxytocin and dopamine can help you reduce pain.

Now, we’re not talking about severe pain here. For example, the pain that follows surgical interventions after a spinal cord injury or serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis requires serious medication. But when it comes to regular, everyday pain, such as the one that accompanies periods or migraines, orgasms can help us there. 

According to a study done at Harvard University, the feel-good hormones are stored in the pituitary gland and are released during pleasurable acts. Now, orgasms aren’t the only thing that will trigger their release. You can also reduce pain by releasing these hormones during exercise or other pleasurable activities. 

However, masturbating is easier (and more pleasurable) than exercising. That’s why many people opt to use sexual sensations to trigger the release of the feel-good hormones.

Women who frequently used a vibrator reported significant improvements concerning period pains and pains in general. The genital vibration, paired with an orgasm, quickly and efficiently lessens cramps and the pain that goes along with them.

Exploring Your Body and Sexuality

So, it’s clear that vibrators and sex toys, in general, can help us maintain physical health. However, owning and using a sex toy can do wonders for our mental health. Aside from affecting stress, anxiety, and depression, using a sex toy can also improve our mental health by boosting our confidence and helping us get intuned with our bodies.

Body Confidence

Sex toy companies promote health, better sexual function, and pleasure. But because sex toys can help us get familiar with our bodies and explore, they also encourage other health topics like body positivity and confidence.

Today, sex toy companies are more focused on ensuring their clients get the most out of their products. However, one of the fringe benefits of vibrators (and of the most important points in various health topics) is that they allow us to gain more body confidence.

By using sex toys, we explore our bodies, get familiar with our likes and dislikes, and learn how to pleasure ourselves. That means we don’t have to rely on other people to satisfy us. It also means we gain more confidence in bed and life. When you know what you want, it’s easy to ask for it. What’s more, it’s also easy to expect it. 

Exploring Pleasure

Of course, the most essential function of a vibrator is the sexual function. It’s a tool that, depending on the type, has different settings and capabilities that will allow us to experience a sexual sensation we might not have experienced before. 

As with anything in life, we might like that sexual sensation, or we might not. But the vital thing is that we can explore it. Vibrators allow us to explore our bodies and do something to ourselves without relying on others and their sexual prowess. 

In other words, with a vibrator, we can reach orgasm with no help, in many ways, and learn to please ourselves.

Closing the Orgasm Gap 

For some reason, people are still unwilling to talk about the orgasm gap. But, on average, in heterosexual relationships, women orgasm fewer times than men. Considering that we’re capable of multiple orgasms, that seems odd.

91% of men report climaxing during intercourse, while only 64% of women can say the same. That means there’s a massive discrepancy between men and women in heterosexual relationships. 

But how can vibrators help?

Well, women orgasm more frequently during masturbation. The satisfaction rate is much higher when a silicone, ABS plastic, or TPE penis is involved. Does that mean that men are bad at sex?

No, of course not. Women need consistency of stimulation to orgasm. Sometimes the tiniest thing can throw us off rhythm and ruin the entire experience. A vibrator is much more reliable when it comes to consistency. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean we should forgo men entirely. It does, however, mean that we can use vibrators and make good use of their intended sexual function even when we aren’t flying solo. Vibrators can help us close the orgasm gap; we need to give them a chance during coupled play. 

Heterosexual men report lesser levels of satisfaction during intercourse that involves sex toys. But before you let that discourage you, consider that men use vibrators and other sex toys to pleasure their partners.

So, their lower levels of sexual satisfaction make sense. Bisexually identified men report the same or higher levels of sexual pleasure when using sex toys. That proves that sex toys really can help close the orgasm gap.

A Few Parting Words

Overall, vibrators (and specifically genital vibration) can help you boost your sex life and help maintain physical and mental health. They are excellent devices that can practically transform your sex life. All you have to do is pick one and let it change you!

Penis Extenders For Erectile Dysfunction

penis extenders for erectile dysfunction

There are millions of men suffering from impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction or ED. Some of them seek professional medical advice on what to do. Others undergo surgery that’s potentially dangerous for their lives. To many, a satisfying sex life seems like a distant dream, and it’s devastating, to say the least, to see so many good men under so much pain.

Of course, there are also millions of men who will openly state that there’s no cause for alarm. Nevertheless, plenty of them has tried to treat ED (or moderate ED, at the very least) using an external penile prosthetic device called a penis extender. And while penis extenders are primarily used to enhance the man’s member, they can also help recover erectile function. This article will explain how they do that.

Penis Extension Explained

Now, we can’t jump into ED treatment just yet. First and foremost, we need to explain penis extension to the uninitiated.

An extender is an external penile prosthesis that men use to enhance themselves. It’s a tool that increases one’s penis size and, supposedly, helps promote sexual recovery. 

Depending on what kind of tool you need, extenders usually come in one of three different forms:

Let’s go over them quickly.

Penile Extender Kits

Out of the three types, penile extender kits are the ones that most closely resemble what medical devices ought to look like. So naturally, the other two types are also medical. Still, they look more like traditional sex toys and are often marketed as such.

So, what does a typical penile extender kit look like? Well, it usually contains three sections. The first section is called the Basal ring; that part is where we insert the penis, and it’s specially designed to lay comfortably against our pelvis.

The second section of an extender kit is a bit more complicated. It contains a pair of screws, as well as both hexagonal and round cylinders. This is the most movable part of the device, and by adjusting the cylinders, you effectively adjust the traction tension of your penis. 

Finally, there’s the front piece, where the tip of the penis is fastened. In other words, it’s the type of device where you put your entire penis in and adjust it slowly to stretch it and gain length. Some peer-reviewed studies have been done to find out how effective these types of extenders can be. Their results have mostly been positive, with additional research still very much on the way. 

Penis Extender Study [Infographic]

Penis Sleeves

Most penis sleeves, also known as penis sheathes, actually do look like sex toys. One such sleeve, more often than not, looks like a hollowed-out dildo, usually with its glans exposed. Now, while they may look like sex toys, they are every bit the medical devices as extender kits are. Some of the other names for this device include cock sleeves, penis enhancers, and penis extensions

Some sleeves have a smoother interior chamber, allowing for a solid grip on your penis shaft. Others, however, happen to have a ribbed internal chamber with various nodes that tease your member as you’re having sex. The device works in such a way that both partners can achieve sexual pleasure during penetrative intercourse. There are even sleeves that you can place around a flaccid penis before the act. 

Elator-Like Extenders

The Elator, and other penis extenders like it, don’t look like a typical sleeve. Instead, it’s a simple device that consists of two rings and two rods. The rods go along the underside of the shaft. One of the rings goes around the base of the penis to constrict blood flow (much like a cock ring might). The other goes just under the head.

There are two main selling points with this type of extender. Firstly, it lets you have a satisfying sexual experience without even having an erection. Secondly, due to its design, it exposes the penis almost completely, allowing you to feel everything during any sexual intercourse.  

Different Types of Penis Sleeves

We’ve touched on the subject of extender kits before and how they help extend the man’s penis. So, here, we will focus primarily on regular penis sleeves. And before we delve into how they work, we need to classify them first.

Complete Sheathes

A complete sheathe covers the entirety of the penis, from the base to the glans. Depending on the model, they can be made of silicone, rubber, plastic, or a combination of those materials. The softer the material is, the more likely it will feel like natural skin.

There are also sleeves with a base ring where you can place your testicles for added pleasure, as well as options with a built-in vibrator. The latter can stimulate the woman’s G-spot during penetrative sex, satisfying both partners in the process. 

Partial Sheathes

Unlike complete sheathes, partial ones don’t cover everything. Instead, they leave the glans exposed to enhance sexual pleasure for the man. Even when flaccid, the glans are highly sensitive, so any penetrative stimulation will result in a pleasurable experience. 

Harness Sleaves

A harness sleeve is essentially a strap-on dildo but with a central opening where a man inserts his penis. These support devices are usually made out of a thicker material, like plastic, and come with harnesses that you can strap on to prevent them from slipping off your member during sex. 

The GETREAL Penis Extender With Rings 8″ / 21cm Flesh
Side View
Bottom View

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Once again, there’s a distinction to be made here between sleeves that are used for sexual enhancement purposes and extender kits (and other support sleeves) that help treat sexual dysfunction. An extender kit, as we mentioned earlier, is not a sex toy. Instead, it’s a device that you use over a long period to achieve permanent lengthening. So, let’s go over the kits first.

To use a kit, you need to lube it up, preferably with water-based lubricants. Once you do, place your penis through the basis and fasten your glans to the front piece. Then, according to your routine, turn the screws and set the pistons to your target length for the day. Leave it on for a minimum of three hours each day, and only increase the number of hours as you progress down your routine.

Penis sleeves work a little easier than that. Once again, you have to lube up your penis and your device. Next, insert the penis while it’s half-erect. You will want it to reach full erection once it’s inside of the device. If you can’t get an erection by any chance, make sure that the extender you have is for both flaccid and erect penises. 

Using Penis Extenders to Treat Erectile Dysfunction 

There’s a good reason why some penis extenders are marketed as ED support sleeves. Health articles and current scientific research both agree that sleeves can not only enhance one’s sex life but also help treat ED.

A significant percentage of men will report suffering from some form of impotence. Usually, it’s moderate ED that passes after a while. But severe ED is not rare, and it can have devastating effects on a man’s life. A common side-effect of having ED is premature ejaculation, and suffering from it can also lead to infertility, or rather, difficulty in even conceiving a child.  

There are multiple potential causes of ED. Some include medical conditions such as prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, and numerous cardiovascular problems. Other causes derive from bad habits, like excessive drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or engaging in extreme activities with lots of health risks (rafting, parkour, snowboarding, extreme martial arts, etc.).

With all that in mind, can penis extenders help with ED? The answer depends on what kind of extender you get. Purchase one that fits well and offers you pleasure during intercourse. You can gradually start to see results as your erections become more frequent with each passing day. However, the wrong type of extender can significantly harm you, so be careful what you’re buying and always do your research. 

If you’re using an extension kit, it might take a while to achieve your goal. However, we advise that you stick to it through the end, as it will provide less immediate but more permanent results than a cock sleeve.

Pros and Cons of Using a Penis Extender

Naturally, penis extenders are more than merely one of many non-surgical strategies to enhance one’s penis and can serve other purposes, too. But, once again, we will mainly focus on penis sleeves in this article, as they are a bit more common and, depending on who you ask, a bit more fun than kits. So, let’s quickly go over all of the advantages and disadvantages of using these particular types of enhancement devices.


  • A penis extender can work on either erect or flaccid penises, providing pleasure irrespective of the organ’s firmness
  • Depending on the design, they can pleasure both partners in different ways
  • They are easy to wash and maintain
  • Unlike some other methods, they don’t have prolonged health effects (if used correctly)
  • They boost the confidence and self-esteem of users
  • They come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and settings options.


  • They can be pretty pricy
  • Depending on the material, they can get damaged quickly if too much force is applied
  • Some materials may cause allergic reactions in certain users
  • While it may increase your penis, it does not increase your stamina
  • Unlike an extension kit, a sleeve will only provide you with a temporary extension. 

Other Types of ED Treatments

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are relatively common among sexual enhancement devices. They enlarge the penis using vacuum suction, giving it extra girth in the process. And while they are popular and relatively safe, they don’t produce permanent results. In other words, we would have to use it over and over again before every single intercourse. 

Cock Rings

Cock rings, also known as tension rings and constriction rings, are small devices that go around the base of the penis, constrict the flow of blood, and keep it hard. Men frequently use them in conjunction with penis pumps and other accessories. Sadly, they share the same unique disadvantage as penis pumps insofar as they offer short-lasting results. 

ED Medications

When in doubt, you can always try to pop a pill. Sexual medicine (sex med, for short) has progressed quite a bit over the past few decades, and there are now medications with FDA approval that can help men get and maintain an erection. The most common ones are Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. But, of course, we strongly advise you to see a medical professional before trying any of the medications mentioned above. 

Penile Implants

By far the most intrusive and arguably the most dangerous, surgical implants are widespread nowadays. A typical penile implant is a rigid rod (or semi-rigid, depending on what you need) that is inserted alongside the shaft of the penis, with an inflation pump that provides air and fills the rod up. The process will essentially give the man an erection at any point, but it’s incredibly invasive and a potential hazard. 


Sometimes, the real reason behind erectile dysfunction lies in something negative that’s happening in the man’s life. With that in mind, all the man has to do is seek professional help and talk his problems over with a doctor or a psychiatrist. Anything from stress, anxiety, and panic attacks can directly affect the man’s sex drive, so solving those issues becomes crucial. And yes, a simple, honest conversation can help.

Penis Enlargement and ED Treatment: A Summary

If we take all the ED treatment options into account, few are as non-invasive and effective as penis extenders. So, if you do your research and find the type of extender that works for you specifically, you can slowly get back in the game. In a matter of months, or even weeks, your erection will be back in full force, and your sex life will change once again for the better. 

Cock Rings For Erectile Dysfunction

cock rings displayed for erectile dysfunction graphic


Luckily, if you suffer from ED, you can get one of many medical devices or sex toys that help with erections. This article will cover essential details specifically related to cock rings and how they can help treat ED. In addition, we will cover a few other methods that might help you have an erect penis at any point during the day. 

Of all the medical conditions that men can suffer from, few are as distressing and challenging to handle as erectile dysfunction or ED. Not being capable of getting or maintaining an erection can have severe consequences for the man’s self-esteem, as well as both physical and mental health. While said issues are common and usually don’t last too long, they can get severe enough to warrant professional medical advice. Even better news, many sex toys on the market today can assist with ED issues

Erectile Dysfunction Explained

But before we move on to the cock rings themselves, we need to talk about ED in depth. And to talk about treating ED, we must understand how erections work. 

Erections 101

So, how do men get an erection? It all has to do with muscles, blood vessels, and our reaction to external stimuli. 

When a man is aroused, our nerves release certain chemicals that increase the amount of blood that flows into the penis. Each penis consists of two erection chambers called the corpus cavernosum. These chambers are spongy tissue that relaxes and traps the blood inside, making the organ firm. 

When we reach the climax, the muscular tissue contracts, and the blood trapped within flows back into the circulation. Our penis slowly goes flaccid, refilling itself with new blood. 

A flaccid penis will shrink in cold weather and fall asleep more often than not. The shifting size directly results from the balance of blood that enters and exits the corpus cavernosum. And yes, it can retract even if the man feels worried, embarrassed, sad, or depressed. In other words, it’s completely normal. 

ED 101

ED is more common than one might think. Roughly a third of all men globally suffer from ED, be it minor or significant. 

So, how do we diagnose this issue? Well, ED occurs due to one of the following causes:

  • Advanced age of the man (usually above 50)
  • Obesity
  • Cardio-vascular disease
  • Slow blood flow
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Low levels of testosterone
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Various hormone imbalances
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Heavy use of blood-thinning medications
  • Sleep disorders
  • Drug use
  • Too much alcohol consumption
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Tobacco use
  • Damage to the pelvic area (usually due to injury or surgery)
  • Sexuality problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Misuse of sex toys
  • Lack of exercise or general movement
  • A consequence of cancer treatment.

As you can see, of all the physical and mental health conditions men suffer from, ED seems to have the biggest number of possible origin points. In other words, instead of an ED ring, you might just need to apply a few lifestyle changes. We will cover that a little later in the article. Let’s focus on how a cock ring treats erectile dysfunction.

Stainless Steel Cock Ring

What Is a Cock Ring?

Researching devices that help us maintain an erection and achieve better sex, we might run into several different terms for what is essentially the same tool:

  • Constriction ring
  • Penis ring
  • ED ring
  • Penile ring.

A cock ring is a circular, hollow sexual aid that men place around the base of the penis to keep it hard. There are several types of these rings based on where we put them:

  • Penile rings
  • Penoscrotal rings
  • Testicle rings.

The third type is more or less self-explanatory. We take our ring and strap it around the base of our testicles. As a result, the scrotum will swell up. Not only does it help maintain an erection, but it’s also an excellent way to spice up intimate times. However it’s a good idea to shave off any pubic hair before placing this ring to avoid any discomfort. 

Penile rings, on the other hand, only go around the base of the penis, roughly around the area where the blood flows directly into (and out of) the organ. To be more precise, the ring goes near the exact same place where another organ helps keep the blood inside, a band of fiber called Tunica albuginea. So, if we have trouble with either blood flow or the Tunica itself, the ring will be our best bet of keeping the blood in. 

Finally, there are penoscrotal products. They contain two separate rings joined together. The first ring goes around the base of your penis, and the second ring around the testicles.

Sometimes, people combine cock rings with vacuum erection devices (also known as vacuum pumps) to promote blood flow into the penis. And if done right, this vacuum method can help a man reach powerful orgasms.  

5 Snap Adjustable Cock Ring

Cock Rings Categorized

Constriction rings come in various shapes and sizes. Still, the most common classification refers to what they’re made of or contain. As such, the most common ones include:

Let’s quickly go over all four of them.

Soft and Stretchy Cock Rings

There are many stretchy silicone sexual aids out there, and cock rings made out of this material seem to be the most common. They are also the cheapest rings money can buy and the easiest to clean and maintain. 

However, they require some getting used to because a tight-fitting ring can permanently injure the user. Even flexible silicone is still firm enough to restrict too much blood flow if it’s a mismatch in size. 

Soft and Stretchy Cock Ring

Adjustable Cock Rings

An adjustable cock ring is an ED device with different fasteners and adjusters. For example, they can contain velcro, a string, or any other flexible material that enables us to properly lock them in place depending on how hard we want to restrict blood flow to our penis. 

Vibrating Cock Rings

A vibrating cock ring, as its name suggests, contains a vibrator tiny enough to stimulate our partner’s clitoris during intercourse. The vibrations might also make the male partner feel good. Still, generally speaking, they are generally viewed as a sex toy for two. All you have to do is manage settings properly and adjust the vibration speed to a level where you both feel comfortable. 

Solid Cock Rings

A solid ED device is there for experienced users who want to try something more challenging. Usually, that involves hard metal rings with no adjustments and no flexibility. However, we generally tend to avoid rings that can harm us, so we strongly recommend using a flexible, soft silicone option unless it’s a medically reviewed item meant for ED treatments.  

Vibrating Cock Ring

Other Benefits of Using Penis Rings

Of course, we won’t just use a penis ring if we feel our penis failing and staying flaccid frequently. In fact, there are plenty of other reasons why gentlemen would get a hold of some tension rings and utilize them in the bedroom. So, let’s get over some of the benefits that cock rings bring aside from handling impotence. 

Penis Enhancement

ED rings work wonders when combined with a vacuum erection device. Affixing a penis pump to a member that already has a ring at its base will help maintain an erection and significantly expand the organ. 

Penis pumps on their own come with a host of different medical benefits. According to some peer-reviewed studies, they can help with penile rehabilitation after procedures such as radical prostatectomy. They can also provide lots of psychological satisfaction, giving men with ED a much-needed self-esteem boost. 


Because of how it swells up and all of the nerve endings, our penis with a cock ring on will be more sensitive than usual. And that is always a plus, no matter if we’re having intercourse, oral sex, or even if we masturbate. Having a ring on might awaken certain sensations we never knew we could feel before. 

Perfect for Both Partners

Women can feel immense satisfaction while having intercourse with a man who has a cock ring. It allows them to feel their partner in different and exciting ways. And as we mentioned earlier, specific rings come with additional vibrators that help stimulate the clitoris. So, depending on the ring, the possibilities can be endless.

More Intense Oral Sex

Oral pleasure is an integral part of any healthy sexual relationship. Utilizing a device that can constrict blood flow and maintain an erection will give the partner more time to pleasure you orally. Furthermore, since your penis is more sensitive with the device on, you’ll enjoy the act in different and exciting ways.

More Intense Handjobs

A typical handjob might not sound as exciting as receiving oral sex or regular intercourse. Still, if done right, it can raise intimacy between partners. That level rises even further if the male partner uses a penile ring. Not only can the other partner satisfy them via regular handjobs, but they can also toy with the ring itself for additional pleasure. 

Improving Anal Intercourse

Partners who enjoy anal intercourse will appreciate the use of cock rings. The device serves two functions here. The first is roughly the same as with any other form of intercourse. It’s there to enhance the penis and make the person on the receiving end feel immense satisfaction.

The second function a cock ring might serve involves penetration. If done well and safely, complete penetration with the ring on can provide a pleasant surprise for the partner. However, we have to stress that both parties consent to this act and that you lubricate your penis and your device before entry.

Additional Options

There are certain intricate cock rings that come with additional accessories, such as butt plugs, anal beads, cock locks, and even double-ended rings with two vibrators attached. These particular additions are meant to stimulate both the penis and the anus, and in some cases, even the prostate. These cock rings are an excellent tool if you like to stimulate both yourself and your partner at the same time. 

Other Methods for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

To enhance sexual performance and maintain erections, people might be tempted to get other ED treatments that don’t involve them trying to use a cock ring. So, what other methods of handling impotence are there, and how safe can they be for us? Here’s a brief list of some of the most popular options. 

ED Medications

Right now, there are certain medications on the market that can help increase blood flow, which is why they’re often marketed as ED drugs. Some of the most popular ones include Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Nearly all of them are FDA-approved, and experts securely process them regularly. But long-term use of even those products can cause issues, so we urge you to talk to your doctor before use. 

Natural Remedies

When we talk about natural remedies, we refer to both certain lifestyle changes and actual substances that we can take. So, let’s quickly go over the consumable remedies first. The most prominent ones we can use right now include:

  • Horny goat weed 
  • Yohimbine
  • Ginseng
  • Ginkgo
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone
  • Propionyl-L-carnitine
  • L-arginine.

The list is relatively brief, but essential nonetheless regarding what lifestyle changes we can make. 

First and foremost, we need to get our bodies in shape. That will entail physical activities, such as running, exercising, jogging, playing sports, hiking, biking, etc. Anything that can get the blood flowing will do the trick.

Next, it’s time to stop the intake of certain substances. To maintain an erection more frequently, we will have to quit smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or eating unhealthy food. Instead, we should focus on getting balanced meals, lots of rest, and drinking plenty of fluids to improve our bloodstream. 

Finally, we must reduce the amount of stress in our lives. The more stressful we are, the less likely we’ll be to get hard and focus on staying hard throughout intercourse. So, if possible, we should frequently engage in activities that relax us and help reduce any feelings of anxiety, panic, and general annoyance. 

Other Sex Toys

Cock rings aren’t the only toys that can stimulate a man enough to help him maintain an erection. In fact, that selection is rather vast, including but not limited to:

  • Penis pumps
  • Penis sleeves
  • Male vibrators
  • Penis extenders
  • Hollow strap-on dildos
  • Prostate massagers
  • Couples’ vibrators.

Penile Implant Surgery

Aesthetic surgery for penis enhancement is incredibly popular, and some men do undergo these procedures in order to treat erectile dysfunction. However, we don’t recommend this approach. While it might help erectile dysfunction, it can also have the exact opposite effect. Furthermore, there are far too many cases of botched surgeries that cause irreversible damage to the groin area.  


Ultimately, the problem with ED might not stem from your body but your mind. Taking that into account, it’s a good idea to visit a professional and talk the problem over with them. Sometimes, it’s also wise to have the partner come along. After all, some of the stress preventing an erection could result from relationship-related problems. 

Cock Rings and ED Treatment: A Summary

Erectile dysfunction can be a severe condition with huge adverse effects on a man. That’s why medical devices like cock rings are vital and why we urge our readers to acquire one if necessary. However, as always, we stress that you practice caution when purchasing one such product. Make extra sure that it fits well and doesn’t constrict too much. Your safety must come first, and pleasure will inevitably follow. 

The Proper Way To Use A Cock Ring

how to use a cock ring

Cock rings, penis rings, C-rings, pleasure rings — no matter what you call them, are fun, sexy introductory sex toys. Cock rings are easy to use, and there’s a vast range of models to choose from, which means you are guaranteed to find one that fits your penis and your budget. However, if you’ve never used them, it’s normal to have some questions. 

What exactly does a cock ring do? Is it safe to use? Is a vibrating model preferable to a standard one? How long will the battery or charge last?

What Are Cock Rings?

A cock ring is a ring-shaped band that fits around the penis, dildo, or cock and balls. It’s designed for men and people with penises to squeeze the shaft (or shaft and balls). As a result, the cock is firmer and stays up longer, prolonging the duration of penetrative sex. 

A person wearing a cock ring feels pleasure because of the extra stimulation and pressure on the penis. Vibrating rings also help achieve a stronger orgasm. But how does that work?

Erections occur when the arteries going into the penis dilate, causing it to expand more than usual. At the same time, the veins leading away from the penis tighten, trapping as much blood as possible inside.

According to Gigi Engle, a certified sex coach and author of All the F*cking Mistakes, cock rings help more blood pool in the penis by adding a form of constriction on top of that vein activity, resulting in more powerful boners. That is especially important for people with erectile dysfunction. 

Why People Like Cock Rings

Here are several reasons why a cock ring may help you.

A Cock Ring Can Help You Keep Your Erection Up 

The ring traps blood inside your penis, helping you keep a hard-on, no matter what kind of model you opt for. It should work even if you struggle to get an erection in the first place. A tight-fitting cock ring at the base of your penis can also aid in the prevention of “venous leakage”, a kind of erectile dysfunction caused by tissues in the penis failing to hold the blood ineffectively. 

It Gives You a Confidence Boost

Stressing about whether you’ll be able to stay hard or last long enough can cause performance anxiety. The more you think about it, the less likely you will perform well. But using penis rings will give you a sense of security you need to relax. They will add to your girth, but they will also make sure you stay firm longer, resulting in better sex.

A Cock Ring Delays and Intensifies Orgasms

This sex toy puts pressure on the area around the base of the penis and testicles, which may postpone ejaculation. That doesn’t really come as a surprise if you think of cock rings as an advanced version of the squeeze technique that men use to delay orgasm. 

Moreover, there are penis rings that feature an additional ring to wrap around the testicles. The ball ring pulls down on your balls, causing the delayed effect. 

It Makes Penetrative and Oral Sex Better for Your Partner

The majority of women need clitoral stimulation to get off. But if you use vibrating cock rings during intercourse, you will be able to engage the clitoris as well. Other cock rings also have built-in “girth extenders” that make your shaft feel wider when inside a partner. 

How to Use a Cock Ring?

In most cases, men can safely use cock rings, regardless of sexual experience. However, if you suffer from certain health conditions, consult with your physician first. 

Furthermore, it might be best to stick with models of cock rings medically reviewed by an expert to avoid injuries like penile strangulation. Here are a few simple guidelines on how to enhance your sexual performance with the help of cock rings. 

Find the One That Fits Just Right

A cock ring should be tight but not so tight that you become numb. Beginners should start with stretchy or adjustable silicone because it’s easier to fit it around your size. Silicone cock rings are also easy to remove and clean. We generally recommend stainless steel or metal rings to more experienced users. 

Use Lube

Just like with other sex toys, you should use lube with cock rings. So, before putting the ring on, spread a few drops around the inner part. Lube will make the ring smoothly slide down your penis or dildo. 

Just a quick reminder: you should buy the correct type of lube for your sex ring. For instance, silicone lube doesn’t go well with silicone cock rings. It will damage the material, and your sex toy will have a shorter lifespan. If in doubt, go with a water-based lube.

Put the Ring on a Semi-Erect or Flaccid Penis

It would be best if you didn’t put a cock-ring on an erect penis. Even if you add some lube, it will be difficult and uncomfortable, especially if you buy a tighter variant. When your shaft is flaccid or semi-erect, it is simpler to place the ring over the head of the penis and slide it down. You may need to experiment a little to see what works best for you.

Make Sure to Position It Right

Tension rings can go at the base of your penis or around the shaft and balls. But if you are a novice, you might want to acquire one that surrounds only the shaft. It is easier to put it on, and you will less likely hurt your balls. On the flip side, when using a condom, putting a cock ring over the shaft and balls leaves some space around the rim of the rubber. That means the ring won’t slide around and force the condom up. 

Put the shaft ring on first, and when it’s positioned down your length, move on to the ring intended for testicles. Since you are dealing with a very sensitive body part, proceed carefully. Stretch the ring as far as possible without actually snapping it and gently place testicles inside, one at a time. Adjustable rings do very well here because you can make them bigger for balls to go through. 

In the end, using a cock ring should feel nice and snug but not uncomfortable. If you notice any pain, numbness, or abrupt changes in skin color (such as turning bright red or deep purple), the sex toy is too tight. That’s your cue to take the ring off — this is not the time to take one for the team. 

Take the Cock Ring Off After 20 Minutes

A general recommendation is to wear a cock ring for 20 to 30 minutes. As previously mentioned, cock rings restrict blood flow, which is usually harmless for a brief period. However, it can become quite unpleasant, much like placing a tight rubber band on your finger. In addition, a slow blood flow to the genitals for an extended period might cause tissue damage.

Pro Tip: Mind the Manscaping

Before strapping on your new toy, it’s a good idea to trim or shave your pubic hair. Nothing kills the mood like the pain from the cock ring pulling your hair out.

Disclaimer: We created this page to help users learn more about our products. We securely process all the information we find from peer-reviewed studies, invaluable services of wellness professionals, and websites like Men’s Health and Healthline Media Websites. However, the information you find here shouldn’t be used as a replacement for professional medical advice. 

Most Common Types of Cock Rings

Adjustable Cock Rings

These rings include D-rings, snaps, Velcro, or lasso-style adjusters to make it easier to slip on and remove the toy. You wear them beneath the scrotum and around the penis. For instance, Jack and Jill Lasso Single Lock (Adjustable) Translucent Silicone cock ring is great for beginners. It is made of body-safe and durable silicone and features a safe locking system.

Or you can opt for Jack and Jill Cock Ring The Silicone 5 Snap (adjustable) Black that has five different size settings. This sex toy consists of premium, phthalate-free hybrid silicone, which is ultra-soft but retains its shape. 

Stretchy Cock Rings

Stretchy types usually consist of soft silicone. They come in the shape of a closed circle that you stretch to place around the penis and under the scrotum. Such cock rings are quite popular because you can easily put them on and off. The only drawback is that they are not adjustable, so they might not be as snug as you wish. 

Jack and Jill Collar Black Silicone Medium—1.875×0.75″ is a perfect example. This simple ring is made of high-quality silicone, so it’s durable and flexible. Stretchy rings can also come in a pack of three, like Jack and Jill Cock Ring The Tri-Pack Silicone Gasket (.75″, 1″, 1.25″) Translucent, so you can find your perfect fit. 

Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating toys have a little motor that causes vibrations, enhancing the experience for both the wearer and their partner. Although some men enjoy this sensation, most wear vibrating rings to help their partners achieve a more powerful clitoral climax. Unlike other kinds, you should wear vibrating rings near the base of the cock, but not below the balls. 

Willing to give it a go? Try We-Vibe Pivot — Blue! Manage settings to experience ten different vibrating sensations and to connect to the free We-Connect app. 

Solid Cock Rings

If you are a novice, it would be best to skip this model. Solid rings are worn behind the scrotum and at the base of the penis. However, they can cause a penile injury, such as penile strangulation, if you use a cock ring that is too small for your erectile capability. Take, for instance, Rouge Urethral Probe and Cock Ring Stainless Steel. This toy is designed for deep probing and is not for the faint of heart.

Cock and Ball Rings

These sex toys are perfect for men who prefer testicular stimulation during sex. Ball rings are also useful for postponing ejaculation since they pull the testicles away from the body (to ejaculate, the balls have to retract into the body). 

Jack and Jill Cock Ring The Hoist Smoke provides great support and a gentle lift. It consists of phthalate-free Super Elastique 3000, a stretch-to-fit material that offers a perfect fit and incredible comfort regardless of size.

Cock Ring and Butt Plug Toys

Like Double Penetrator Ultimate Cockring—Purple, specific cock rings are attached to a butt plug. You wrap the cock ring around your base before inserting the butt plug for extra pleasure. 

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when experimenting with cock rings is to be safe. But having fun is a close second! So, be cautious, pay attention to how everything feels, and have fun with this new addition to your sex life. Only then will you be able to decide if a cock ring is to become a permanent part of your sex toys collection.Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

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