The Best Sex Toys for a Long Distance Relationship

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You may think having a healthy sex life with your partner requires proximity, but think again. Long-distance couples can have an excellent sex life with one another, even if they’re hundreds of miles away. These are the best sex toys for a long-distance relationship:

A love egg toy is a toy designed for insertion into the vagina. Some love egg toys are compatible with smartphone apps, meaning a user who is miles away can control the toy.

Butt plugs are ideal toys for anyone of any gender. A butt plug with a motor can pleasure you or your partner. Using a vibrating butt plug during phone sex can help you or your partner feel an increase of pleasure, even from a distance.

Some vibrating underwear sex toys are made with a remote control that allows a partner to control the vibrations. Couples can use this toy whether they’re right next to each other or miles away.

Some sex toys are designed to replicate the feeling of oral sex. Consider a sucking toy designed for use on the clitoris for you or your partner if you cannot have oral sex together. This toy can replicate that feeling until you get to see your partner again.

Stroker toys are a type of sleeve that is designed for use on a penis. You can find pulsating, vibrating, and super realistic-feeling strokers that couples can use when they’re away from each other.

Seek couples set if you’re looking for corresponding toys. You can find sets that contain a vibrator wand that pleasures the G-spot and a sleeve that gives a realistic feel of penetration. These toys are designed to be used by couples, even if they’re far away from their partner.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, shop for sex toys for you and your partner at Jack & Jill Adult. We carry top-quality toys that can help you and your partner have a thriving sex life, no matter how far apart you are.

Exploring Anal Masturbation

Blue Green Dildo for Anal Masturbation

Many people either have a hot or a cold response to anal. While some people strongly believe it’s not for them, others greatly enjoy it. If you’ve never experimented with anal masturbation, consider exploring with these tips:

You won’t know if anal isn’t for you if you never try it. Anal masturbation involves stimulation of the pudendal nerve, which is the same nerve involved in the pleasure of the penis, perineum, vulva, and clitoris. When you try anal play by yourself, you can move at your own pace to determine if it’s right for you. Additionally, you can explore the sensations of being both the giver and the receiver.

The first thing to do when experimenting with anal masturbation is to take care of your hygiene. Empty your bowels and bathe with antibiotic soap. Next, you’ll need plenty of lube. A silicone or a water-based lube is appropriate for anal play.

The ideal position for first-time anal masturbation is pulling your knees up to your chest and using a pillow under your pelvis. This gives you ideal access and comfort.

Don’t start off too strong. Simply massage the anus before penetration. Once you become aroused, you can try inserting a well-lubricated finger. Repeat this process slowly, contracting and relaxing the muscles of your anus as you insert.

Once you feel more comfortable, you can start introducing sex toys into your anal masturbation routine. Anal sex toys are flared or flanged for your safety. Your muscles contract when you orgasm and if a toy isn’t flared or flanged it can get lost in the rectum.

After using your anal sex toys, always be sure to clean them and completely dry them before putting them away for your health and safety.

Discover top-quality anal sex toys at Jack & Jill Adult. Shop our website or visit one of our Florida locations to discover the most ideal toys for you.

Sex Toy Guide for Men

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The world of male sex toys brings a whole other exciting dimension to eroticism. The variety is incredible with the numerous shapes and sizes for whatever your pleasure may be. Jack and Jill Adult presents a guide about sex toys for men.

Male Masturbators: A male masturbator (stroker or stroker sleeve) stimulates the entire penis for solo pleasure or as a part of foreplay for couples.

Pocket Pussies & Realistic Vaginas: Pocket pussies are held in the palm of the hand and provide a tight and natural feel. A realistic vagina has an amazing form with true-to-life internal anatomy and characteristics that mimic the real thing.

Fleshlights: Fleshlights are obtainable in a variety of orifices and textured inlays that are constructed using SuperSkin material for a totally natural feeling.

TENGA: TENGA products are top-shelf goodies when it comes to sex toys for men and there is a tantalizing spectrum available for purchase.

Male Vibrators: The unbelievable selection of male vibrators offers a delectable array of pure bliss.

Prostate Massagers: A prostate massager has the magnificent ability to stimulate the prostate by inserting it into the anus. This massaging can produce powerful orgasms that radiate throughout the body.

Penis Pumps: A penis pump may give a long-lasting increase in penis size over time. If a cock ring is placed over the base of your penis before using the pump, your shaft will likely retain its additional length and width after you remove it from the device.

Penis Extenders: An extender is a fabulous way to explore enlarging the length and circumference of your penis.

Cock Rings: A cock ring maintains blood in the penis which can boost the firmness of your member and even improve endurance. The rings are available in many different styles and can be worn during sex or prior to using a penis pump to prolong an erection.                                                                                                                             

Vibrating Cock Rings: This cock ring works like its non-quivering counterpart, except it vibrates. A vibrating cock ring can be used with a male masturbator or during a sexual encounter with a companion.

Jack and Jill Adult has a variety of sex toys for men that help enable the most powerful orgasms imaginable. All of our merchandise is top-quality and tantalizing. Jack and Jill Adult has several locations in Florida and our products may also be purchased in privacy through our website.

The Ultimate Anal Sex Guide

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The notion of anal sex can seem stressful to people who are curious about giving it a try. Jack & Jill Adult provides you with an ultimate anal sex guide below to help alleviate any fears.

shop sex toys

Feeling apprehensive about anal sex can cause the muscles around your anus to become tense and make perforation a painful and grueling and act. The best way to become familiar and comfortable with anal penetration is to start by practicing alone.

First, experiment with inserting a small butt plug ideal for newbies during your usual masturbation escapades. Another terrific idea is to try using a vibrating anal toy when you masturbate. Always use plenty of lubrication for optimal comfort and ease. Anal relaxers are also available to further your comfort. These creams contain mild numbing substances or muscle relaxants. Take it slowly and gently in order to relax and begin to enjoy the penetration. Make certain that you stop if you need to. 

Cleanliness is a top concern for the majority of participants when it comes to anal play. An effective solution that prevents a possible messy embarrassment is to use an anal douche. This product flushes water throughout the rectum and is simple to use.  

After you are comfortable using anal toys alone, introduce them into the bedroom…or any other room…to your partner. Added confidence can be attained by douching beforehand since you’ll know that your bottom is squeaky clean. This reassurance may also assist you in relaxing during anal shenanigans with your partner. Have fun exploring and make sure that the doors of communication are always kept open with your companion. When it comes to intimate pleasure between people, trust and respect are vital.

Jack & Jill Adult is the perfect place to obtain items you can enjoy while engaging in anal sex and every other type of sex imaginable. Our company has stores throughout Florida and clients can also shop for products in the privacy of their homes by using our website. Jack & Jill Adult can be contacted by calling 1-800-307-9531.

When to Use Water-Based Lubricants

Elite by Jack and Jill Premuim Water Based Lubricant 4 oz
anal lube

Lubricant is a normal, healthy product to use during sex. There are many different types of lubricants you can shop from to find something that is most ideal for your unique needs. If you’re curious about when to use a water-based lubricant, keep reading for more information.

Water-based lubricant is the most popular lubricant. It comes either with or without glycerin. Products with glycerin have a slightly sweet taste.

Water-based lubricant is also sometimes called “versatile lube” because it can be used during almost any type of sexual activity. Water-based lubricant can even be used with silicone toys. Water-based lubricant is also safe to use with both latex and non-latex condoms. Water-based lubricant can even decrease the risk of condom breakage.

There are several pros to using water-based lubricants. For one, this lubricant doesn’t typically stain sheets. Additionally, a water-based lubricant made without glycerin isn’t likely to cause vaginal irritation. Finally, this type of lubrication has a longer shelf-life than other types of lube.

At Jack & Jill Adult, our water-based personal lubricant is an affordable and safe product to use in the bedroom. Our formula is made from plant-based glycerin and provides a silky smooth and comforting glide without stickiness or tackiness. Find this lubricant in 2, 4, and 8-ounce sizes. We also carry a premium water-based lubricant that does it all. This lube selection has a superior slickness and is made from a super smooth gel that mimics the body’s natural lubricant. This lubricant comes in 2 and 4-ounce bottle sizes.

You can shop our selection of lubricants either online or at one of our Florida stores. Be sure to shop with Jack & Jill Adult to discover high-quality, safe lubricants made to improve your sex life!

Consider a Jack & Jill GETREAL Realistic Dildo

Jack & Jill GETREAL Realistic 7 inch Dildo

Many people prefer a realistic dildo over less realistic options. Some find that a more realistic dildo that replicates the shape, size, texture, and firmness of a penis is more pleasurable and allows for easier orgasms. If you’re considering a more realistic dildo, think about a Jack & Jill GETREAL realistic dildo.

At Jack & Jill, we have eight GETREAL realistic dildos to shop from. Our dildos range in size from 7-inches in length to 9-inches. Our dildos also have flesh that ranges from 17 to 23-centimeters. We have selections with or without testicles and our dildos come in two colors: “flesh” and “brown.”

Owning a realistic dildo allows you to have pleasure on demand. Whether your partner isn’t around or you want to pleasure yourself while your partner rests between performing, a dildo can provide you with what you want. Realistic dildos also offer incredible stimulation. If you opt for a GETREAL dildo with lifelike testicles, you can experience additional stimulation by rubbing the testicles on the perineum, clit, or legs during use.

The GETREAL dildo is the perfect dildo. The texture replicates velvet soft skin, which is made from TPE. The incredibly realistic design includes a pronounced head and veins. The GETREAL dildo is entirely body-safe. You can use it alone or with your partner. These dildos even come with a super sturdy suction cup so you can stick it to a variety of hard surfaces for solo play. 

The GETREAL dildo at Jack & Jill Adult is waterproof, phthalate-free, and cleans up easily with a Jack & Jill toy cleaner. Find the perfect GETREAL dildo for you on the Jack & Jill website or at one of our Florida stores.

Top Sex Toys Every Gay Man Should Own

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With so many options to choose from, how do you know what’s the best sex toy for you? Jack and Jill Adult has you covered. We compiled a list of the top sex toys every gay man should own. Maybe you want to have fun alone or get down with your partner, whatever the reason, these gadgets of pleasure will take you to the next level.

1. Clone Your Willy

Why not make your own toy with a Clone A Willy Kit? You’ll have the perfect package to spice up your sex life and try different things like pegging. Plus, it’ll be fun to make it whether you do it alone or with a partner.

2. Twin Turbo Bullet

Anal play is not the same without a bullet, but why settle for one when you can have two? The COLT 7-Function Twin Turbo Bullets offer twice the pleasure and is a must-have sex toy.

3. Strap One On

If size or soreness is a problem as a top, you can try using a strap-on with your partner. It will make the experience more pleasurable for both of you and bring something different into your sex life.

4. Pump It

Every gay man should own a penis pump. The amazing sensations these devices bring are unlike any other experience. Grab one for a fuller look and feel while pleasuring yourself or your partner.

5. Keep It Clean

An anal douche is a must for every gay man who wants to ensure they stay clean and healthy. Our recommendation is the COLT Anal Douche. It’s made from latex and rubber, plus it’s reusable. 

6. Lube Up

Yes, every gay man should own lube. It minimizes pain and makes the whole experience more pleasurable. Pjur Analyse Me is one of the best around. It is silicone-based but adds a different sensation to your sexual exploits.

7. Deep Throat Sucker

Everyone wants a good deep throat, but sometimes it’s not available to you. That’s why you should own a deep-throat sucker. It’s the perfect toy for those days when you just need a little head.

8. Anal Trainer

When you start having anal sex, it can be quite painful. An anal training kit can help you ease into the experience. It’s also great fun to mess around with and figure out what you like best.

9. Vibrating Cock Ring

You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned vibrating cock ring. It’ll keep you hard, aroused, and ready for pleasure. 
At Jack and Jill Adult we know sex toys like a mechanic knows cars. We have one of the widest collections of sex toys for gay men. Visit our website or give us a call on 1-800-307-9531, Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 5 pm EST. Get frisky with yourself and a sex toy.

Top Anal Sex Questions

Silicone Gem Anal Kit Black

Anal sex can expand your possibilities in bed. However, it’s important to be educated and informed before trying anal sex. Here are the answers to some of the top anal sex questions:

What is anal sex?

Anal sex is sexual activity involving the anus. Anal sex can range from light touching of the anus with a finger, to oral sex involving the anus, to penetrative activity with a finger, toy, or genitals.

Is anal sex safe?

Anal sex can be perfectly safe, as long as the proper protocol is followed. Consent, comfort, and plenty of lube is required for anal sex. Additionally, hygiene and diet and nutrition can improve the conditions of anal sex.

What is the best position for anal sex?

Anal sex can be had in many different positions, but some may be more comfortable for individuals than others. A position where the anus is in full view can help the giver navigate anal sex with ease. Additionally, a bent-over position where the receiver can relax into a pillow or mattress may provide the most comfort. Missionary with the receiver’s legs in the air can also offer comfort, with the added benefit of eye contact. The receiver can also be on top if they are comfortable doing so.

Are there any anal sex health risks?

Like any other form of sexual activity, there are risks involved in anal sex. Sexually transmitted infections can be passed from person to person through anal sex. Using condoms during anal sex can reduce the chances of an infection. If the receiver is not fully comfortable with anal sex, they can experience pain that can lead to hemorrhoids or tissue tearing. There is also a bacterial risk during oral anal sex. 

With a stronger understanding of anal sex, you and your partner can have a more enjoyable experience. If you’re interested in sex toys designed for anal play, you can shop with Jack & Jill Adult to discover the products you’re looking for. Browse our website or visit us at one of our Florida stores.

Adult Toys to Spice up the Bedroom

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Some people see sex toys as taboo or something that is only used by those who are unsatisfied with their sex life. However, this couldn’t be more far from the truth. Sex toys can be used by partners to spice up the bedroom. Read on to learn about common sex toys used by partners.

butt plus online sex store

Vibrators are among the most popular sex toys on the market. Vibrators aren’t just for women to use by themselves though. A woman can use a vibrator with her partner to help her experience pleasure.

Similarly, a woman and her partner may be interested in using dildos in the bedroom. Dildos come in countless sizes and styles and some even perform unique functions. There’s a dildo on the market for everyone.

A common sex toy that both men and women can use is a butt plug. However, these toys are not as easy to use as they look and an individual must work their way up in order to safely use a plug. If you or your partner have an interest in a butt plug, start by just using fingers and plenty of lube. 

Bondage toys aren’t just for people with a sadomasochistic kink. While these toys are excellent for those with kinks, they’re also excellent for couples who want to increase the trust and communication between one another one. Toys like handcuffs, ropes, and blindfolds can help couples increase excitement and trust in the bedroom.

Of course, always be sure to have consented when using any of these toys with a partner. You can shop for these sex toys, and many others, at Jack & Jill Adult. Browse our selection online or visit one of our stores on the southwest coast of Florida.

Push Your Sexual Limits

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Do you want to expand your sexual limits? If you want to try something different, but you’re too embarrassed to try new things with a partner, there are things you can do by yourself to help you feel more comfortable and confident. Here’s how you can push your sexual limits:

Dirty talk comes natural to some people, while others feel embarrassed or shy talking dirty to a partner during sex. If you find yourself feeling unsure of what to say, try talking dirty to yourself. It may feel a bit weird, but it can help you feel more comfortable saying certain phrases that may turn your partner on.

Working on your stamina by yourself can help you perform longer with a partner. Masturbating can help you learn your own personal pacing. When masturbating, try to last as long as possible. It will take practice, but you can train yourself to last longer in bed.

butt plugs

Trying new positions is always fun, unless you’re physically struggling. Working on your flexibility can expand your potential in bed. Try yoga or lifting weights to build up your muscles and improve your flexibility. The more strength and flexibility you gain, the more positions and possibilities you and your partner can explore safely and comfortably during sex.

Backdoor play is one of the things you want to explore alone before trying with a partner. Anal sex requires extensive preparation and you have to work yourself up before doing it with another person. You should always keep lubrication handy, and you should start with just one or two fingers. Then, once you feel more comfortable, you can start playing with anal beads or a butt plug.

For help expanding your sexual limits and trying new things, shop with Jack & Jill Adult. We have a variety of toys and supplies you can shop from to find exactly what you’re looking for.

8 Vibrating Anal Toys to Make Backdoor Pleasure Even Better

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The most important thing about any anal toy you use is comfort. Lube is a must, and buying the right size is required. But one feature that can make a big difference in your backdoor pleasure is vibration.

The added sensation in vibrating anal sex toys helps your body relax and eliminates discomfort. Even better, it amps up your own pleasure so you have a better experience overall.

Upgrade your backdoor pleasure with one of these vibrating options.

Thump It 7x Butt Plug

Thump It 7x Butt PlugThe Thump It 7x Butt Plug isn’t your typical anal sex toy. It features an inner weight that uses Kinetic Technology to create a thumping sensation once inserted and turned on. The vibrations don’t buzz, they thump. Choose from three speeds and four patterns to find what feels best to your booty. This rechargeable silicone butt plug comes with a remote control for a hands-free experience.

Pretty Love Remote Control Beaded Plug

Want a set of anal beads but would prefer a few vibrations added in? Try the Pretty Love Remote Control Beaded Plug. Yes, it’s a butt plug but the beaded texture provides the look and feel of anal beads. With the suction base, you can mount it anywhere. Use the remote to cycle between four vibration settings and four rotation settings to enjoy the beads to the fullest extent. It’s great for solo play or fun with a partner.

Fujiko’s Anal Probe

Fujiko’s Anal ProbeYou probably don’t expect an anal probe to vibrate but that’s only because you haven’t tried Fujiko’s Anal Probe, a waterproof anal toy that looks more like a bullet than anything else. Choose from silver or purple, and pick from multiple speeds when you play. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold while the slim, tapered shaft makes it comfortable to use.

Pinpoint Probe

What makes the Pinpoint Probe so unique? It might look like any other prostate massager, but this sex toy includes a lot of control and even more pleasure. Choose from 12 functions of vibrations, pulsations, and escalations all while you enjoy the rolling pleasure ball with its three independent speeds. The ridged shape of this anal toy only adds to the sensations you’ll feel once you put it in and turn it on.

Rocks Off O-Boy

Rocks Off O-BoyThink Rocks Off only make bullet vibrators for her? Think again! The Rocks Off O-Boy is a seven-speed, silicone prostate massager that’s packed with sensations and power. This brand is known for vibrations that provide plenty of pleasure, and now they’ve given it to you in another form — for your backdoor fun!

Nexus Ace Remote

Nexus makes all kinds of great sex toys for men, and they’ve included all that power and pleasure into the Nexus Ace Remote Control Butt Plug. Choose from multiple sizes and enjoy six powerful but quiet functions and a tapered plug built for comfort. Hand your partner the remote, and let them play from up to 25 feet away. It’s a great option for kinky fun, role play, and other sexy hijinks for you and your significant other.

Master Series Cobra

Master Series CobraThe Master Series Cobra Vibrating P Spot Massager looks unassuming, but like a cobra, it’ll strike with plenty of force and intensity. That’s because of the curved shape designed to reach both your perineum and your prostate at the same time. Choose from six vibrating modes, use the remote to focus on the fun, and enjoy the big (and maybe even multiple) orgasms this prostate massager provides.

Renegade Vibrating Massager 1

You might feel like a renegade the first time you use the Renegade Vibrating Massager 1 but it’s only kinky the first time you do anything. This vibrating prostate massager features a removable bullet vibrator, so you can play with extra sensation when you want and remove it when you want to keep it lowkey. The curved shape and ridges are designed to maximize your pleasure while the silicone feels comfortable against your P-spot.


No matter what kind of anal sex toy you want — prostate massager, anal beads, probes, or butt plugs — there’s a vibration option available. Add sensation and pleasure while decreasing discomfort with any of the toys on this list. Your butt will thank you for it every time you use it.

Are you into anal play? Do you have a favorite sex toy to use? Comment below and let us know what you think!

8 Prostate Massagers That Could Give You Multiple Orgasms

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No sex toy can guarantee multiple orgasms. But it is possible for cis men and other people with penises to experience more than one big O at a time. Prostate massagers help make that fantasy a reality.

How? Because, when stimulated, the prostate can help you orgasm — even if you don’t ejaculate. Prostate massagers offer direct, intense, accurate stimulation to help get you to your big O, whether it’s the first or one of several.

Check out these prostate toys to find the one that could provide you the multiple orgasms you crave.

G Stroker

G Stroker

We’re going in hot on this one. The Nexus G Stroker is a remote-controlled prostate massager made with tiny stroker beads in the shaft. As it sits in your rectum and against your prostate, the beads add extra sensation up and down your rectum. Find your perfect setting with six vibration modes and three speeds to choose from. And rock against it so your perineum gets a little love too, thanks to the ridged stimulator at the base of the massager.

Revo Stealth

Looking for something a step up from the G Stroker? Check out the Nexus Revo Stealth. This black prostate massager also includes a remote control and multiple settings. The key difference between this and the G Stroker is that this toy includes a two-speed bi-rotational shaft to twist and turn against your prostate. The perineum massager at the base also has six stimulating functions to choose from. Enjoy this in bed or in the shower, as it’s waterproof.

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Stimulator

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Stimulator

Dr. Joel Kaplan is known for his p-spot toys, and the 6.5” Prostate Stimulator is one of many in a long-line of prostate pleasure. In fact, it may be an upgrade to some of his most well-known options. Shaped like a vibrator, this prostate massager gives you the reach to find your prostate in a way that most other massagers can’t. You can go as deep or as shallow as you need without sacrificing stimulation. The curved tip allow you to pinpoint your pleasure and the ridges offer extra sensation.

Pinpoint Probe

Don’t be fooled by the name. The Pinpoint Probe doesn’t just poke around up your butt. This elegant silicone prostate massager offers plenty of pleasure and fun. The rolling pleasure ball offers extra sensation. The 12 functions and three speeds give you more choices to find what feels amazing to you. Enjoy the stimulation, the speed, and the ridges as you get yourself off, perhaps more than once.

Cock Ring Plug

Cock Ring Plug

Prefer a sex toy that pulls double duty? The Blush Performance Cock Ring Plug helps keep you harder and prolong your orgasm with the penis ring. The added prostate massager makes that orgasm bigger and better. With each thrust, the plug massages your prostate, turning you on more and more. This simple toy is made of body-safe silicone and is completely waterproof so use it wherever the mood strikes.

Rocks Off O-Boy

The Rocks Off brand took the well-known power of their vibrators and put it in a prostate massager with the Rocks Off O-Boy. The shaft features plenty of ridges, curves, and bumps to add sensation. The vibrator offers seven speeds so you can get as intense as you like. You get all that power in both a prostate massager and a perineum stimulator. Will you be able to handle that much sensation? There’s only one way to find out!

Apollo Prostate Probe

Apollo Prostate Probe

Looking for something simple, without all the bells and whistles? A prostate massager that fits comfortably in your body and hits the exact right spot? The Apollo Prostate Probe could be exactly what you need. It’s smooth and sleek without the ridges of other toys. It’s curved to reach your prostate easily, and it’s slim so beginners feel maximum comfort.

P-Zone Plus

Maybe you don’t want to go quite as simple as the Apollo, but you still don’t need anything that vibrates, pulsates, or escalates. The 9’s P-Zone Plus Prostate Massager is another great, easy option that hits all the right spots, including your perineum, without any complicated buttons or features. The easy-grip handle will give you the confidence to use it, while the curves and ridges hit your hot spots — both against your prostate and your perineum.


Not everyone can have multiple orgasms and not every prostate massager will make it happen. As with any sex toy, it’s important to explore the sensations you crave and your own body to find what works for you. To make sure you have the best experience possible, always add plenty of lube and start slow with smaller prostate massagers as you explore prostate pleasure.

Have you ever used a sex toy to have multiple orgasms? Which one? Share with us in the comments below!

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