Holiday Sex Toy Wish List

sex toy wish list graphic

I want to be like Oprah and give everyone a sex toy for Christmas this year. There’s nothing quite like knowing there’s a dildo wrapped under the tree, then watching someone’s face with glee as they go to unwrap it. From here, the scenario can go down many ways, but trust me, no matter what the reaction, it will be interesting to watch play out.

Sexy, Not Scared

So many people still get squeamish when discussing sex toys, like they don’t know where to begin and are afraid of the unknown. Well, I’m not a first-timer when using a vibrator, and at this point and time in my life, I know exactly what I like. If I can share my wish list of sex toys, it may inspire others to access what I know to be good ones or am curious to check out, so they may build their wishlists to post for themselves or their personal shopper.

Nice Bondage Outfit

While my partners might appreciate lingerie more than me, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned corset to get the mood started. Pair that with whatever leather that’s been purchased, such as a collar, and you’re ready to look sexy along with the models on the sites. You can’t go wrong fake leather, as it’s more PETA-friendly, but rubber and latex outfits are always fun to kink things up for a minute, especially when paired with lots of lubrication.

Some Shocking Electrostimulation

One of those items that scare many people when they first hear about it is electrostimulation products, but I am here to tell you that it is one of my favorites, topping my wish list nearly every time. It can be hard to find at a lot of average stores (so I’m not sure if it will appear on your Amazon Wishlist), but once you experience it, you’ll appreciate what I’m cluing you into of a lot more. On low settings, it sort of feels like ants walking across your skin, and contrary to popular belief, most products made for sexual use are not designed to be as powerful as an electric chair.

Try it out. Be mindful of conductors like metal, such as with piercings. Other than that, have fun; you’ll love it, and thank me later, as it’s a pretty cool area to explore for first-timers.

Locking Cock Cage

Maybe it’s the dominatrix in me coming out a bit. If we talk about bondage gear, then the next thing on my wishlist is not only the locking cock cage but the one with the metal shaft to go down the urethra as well. Now, you might think that I am bitter from having been cheated on in the past, but whatever past drama aside, this is more to get my dominating side going, as I tend to be a little submissive at times, but when I take over…

Yup, lock that junk up. I’ll be holding onto the key unless I decide to throw it away. Don’t mess with me, and you can sit back and watch whatever shenanigans I decide to get up to…

Pretty Butt Plug

They make the chastity-locking penis cages with the anal probe, but I’d rather have something pretty to look at. Is it bad to sissy up a guy if he likes it? Instead of a chastity device with an inserter, I’d opt for a pretty butt plug for my partner or for myself. Many people always ponder: are butt plugs painful? If you do it right, it shouldn’t be.

More Anal Vibrators

Just talking about anal makes some people squirm and get uncomfortable, but I’m here to tell you that anal products are not just for men. The next item on my wishlist has homme in the name, as it’s made for a man, and this little beauty is all about anal pleasure—this prostate massager is designed with a nice curve to hit the p-spot, perfect for a man’s butt.

A Pighole Squeal

Domination knows no gender, just like the pighole squeal can be used on both men and women. It’s a fun one when bringing out my dominatrix side as the enters into the realm of fisting. If you’ve ever gotten caught up, this helps to keep the hole open for added pleasure.

A Strapless Strap-on

Another favorite of mine is the strapless strap on when venturing into the realm of bondage. Being equally efficient when pegging men as when with a woman, I love that these newer versions vibrate, offering added stimulation. These are a big step up from the old-school versions with the flimsy straps that never seem to fit me quite right or hold up for too long.

Corset Lace Hood

Speaking of bondage, I love this corset lace hood, as it’s breathable. When you want to have the fun of a blindfold without worrying about it slipping off, the hood solves that problem and is cuter than most other options. It brings sexy to the average gimp mask.

While there are all sorts of gifts out there to choose from, there’s one box that I would like to ship to my house as a gift to myself this year. When you don’t want to worry about the outside world or any dating, especially if fearing contact with COVID or whatever, this is one item that I have been lusting over while looking at various websites.

Kinky Sex Machine

I’ve always been curious to check out one of those kinky sex machines to see if they are all they are cracked up to be. Will it allow me to be lazy and still get off? That sounds interesting enough to try, so I’m willing to see if Santa can fit one down the chimney for me.

Vibrating Rabbit Gift

Suppose you have been reading the links and paying attention to what I comment. In that case, when shopping for myself, my go-to item is always a rabbit vibrator. Appreciating the stimulation on both the clit and the g-spot simultaneously, I’m always up for trying variations of the vibrations and the patterns they create to vibrate my clit. This dual action is the reason that this item will always top all of my wishlists to me, as I know what I like.

Pair that up with some Eros Pjur lubrication, and I’m good to go. No partner is required. Just give me a few minutes, and I’m off to the races to please myself, getting off within minutes.

Vibrating Cock Ring

If I am with a male partner, my go-to is a vibrating cock ring. Always go for the more powerful vibrators with a large enough area to hit the clit, even if it slips around during intercourse. Again, I like that two-for-one special of the clit and g-spot the best.

What are the items that top your list? Have you been naughty or nice? Even if you’ve been bad, you can skip waiting on Santa and purchase your sex toy to delight yourself.

Squirting During Sex

squirting during sex graphic

Not everyone will produce a massive squirting during sex, just for the record. Also, to be clear, there is a difference between female ejaculation and a female with bladder issues that tend to pee during orgasm. Though both are considered an extreme release, one could be coital incontinence, and the other could be due to bladder incontinence, a slight difference.

Orgasm or Urine?

Both are involuntary emissions from women during ejaculation, where fluid is expelled with an orgasm approaching. Both can be a bit messy from squirting. In either case, vaginas squirt. One is from squirting orgasms, and the other is pee, properly called urine, which becomes more common as women age. Caused by many problems, such as a cystocele -where your bladder falls out of your vagina, commonly brought on by having big babies naturally – and other issues could be things like bladder polyps or a multitude more.

Release the Muscles

During sexual stimulation, it can be hard to contain fluids. Whether it is a female ejaculation or extra urine, penetrative sex and g spot stimulation cause, pelvic floor muscles to release. Think about it: when you reach orgasm, your muscles tense, then release, including the bladder.

Warm and Wet

People report a female ejaculate squirting orgasms, though it could simply be people squirting urine. Regardless, it’s a watery fluid, and we all know how squirting feels. It’s warm and wet.

During Oyster Season

With a little more research, such as going down for oral sex, you can see if the squirting is coming from up top by the clit where pee comes from or if it is cumming from between the labia, from the depth of the vaginal wall and beyond, with vaginal muscles tensing to squirt. Don’t be scared to earn your red wings; let globs slide down the back of your throat like oysters. Be a champ, as a female orgasm during that time of the month helps with cramps.

Enhancing Sexual Pleasure

Enhance both of your sex lives by exploring female sexuality through clitoral stimulation. Kick things up with a sex machine, pleasure air technology, and sex toys. Plump up that erectile tissue; try reverse cowgirl, as the vulva identifies when the g-spot is stimulated. Put the penis deep inside the pelvic muscles, feel then tense and release during sexual activity, such as during doggy style, which makes sense, as it’s like milking the fluid released for female ejaculation.

Producing an Orgasm

Even solo play can produce squirting orgasms. Lick the belly button and tease out an orgasm. Stimulate the erogenous zones and produce that prostatic-specific antigen that helps with the female ejaculation, also known as the female orgasm; ask a sex therapist. Grab a sex toy or have partnered sex, and that g-spot stimulation makes for experienced squirting.

Men Squirt

Squirting is much more obvious when a man has an orgasm than with a female. Milking the prostate can produce semen quickly. Sex experts are not shocked by a man squirting a few feet, but a lot of people like to have more research into how to make a woman squirt more.

Stimulate the Prostate

Why are men so reluctant to explore stimulating their prostate? A guy told me about getting blue balls and going to the hospital. The doctor stuck a finger up his butt. I had to explain to him that the doctor milked his prostate, which is done by a finger up the butt, almost like a come hither motion; why do guys forget they have g-spots (p-spot) in their anal cavity?

The Skene’s Glands

Women have a similar area to the male prostate. Under the bladder and surrounding the urethra is a glandular tissue known as the Skene’s glands, which is the source of the white secretion seen during squirting orgasms. The sensitivity is not from the upper wall of the vagina but from those glands and ducts behind the vaginal wall, a third of the way up.

Female Prostate Cancer

Though you cannot technically get prostate cancer without a prostate, these glands can foster cancerous growth, affecting the bladder, urethra, and reproductive organs. Producing the PSA ejaculate protein can show up when women get breast cancer, often dropping after radiation. Frequent and painful urination, vaginal itching, painful sex, pain in the lower pelvis, and interruptions to the menstrual cycle can indicate something is wrong. However, these symptoms are not always cancer, as they could be polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis or other medical issues that are worth talking to a doctor about.

Know Medical History

That’s why keeping up with your female medical history is so important. There are so many advances in sexual medicine that getting screened yearly and checked for sexual diseases is essential. That’s also why it’s essential to know if it’s urine or ejaculate and your sexual medicine history in case of any discomfort during sex.

The G-Spot

It’s always exciting when women ejaculate. Hitting the g-spot is not the same for each partner. Not everyone can find the g-spot, but when you have a partner willing to explore the body to find that g-spot that creates the squirting, it’s well worth the journey.

Stimulation with Vibration

Even if you don’t have a partner, the technology is so great these days; the g-spot can be hit with the right dildo. You cannot go wrong with clitoral stimulation, especially combined with a dildo designed to hit the g-spot, like a rabbit. Others prefer anal play.

Some Anal Play

By anal play, you can try a little vibration from something like a bullet, or you can penetrate a little deeper with some anal beads. Don’t be afraid to try out a butt plug during sex or stimulation with sex toys. They have cute jeweled and furry butt plugs to play with, too.

Little Extra Stimulation

Sometimes, a little anal stimulation, combined with clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation, can produce even greater squirting orgasms. The enhanced stimulation can make the toes curl, muscles tighten and release the squirting. Try extra stimulation, as it can go a long way!

My Dad Said…

If you want to get up close and personal, start by gently flickering the tongue on the clit, and once she begins to quiver, insert either your finger or a sex toy, slowly teasing, but making sure to get up and behind that pelvic wall to stimulate the g-spot. See how much of the female ejaculation you can swallow. My dad said, “you can’t get pregnant from swallowing.”

He wouldn’t steer you wrong, now, would he? That’s words from a wise man. Now, go forth and stimulate your partner into producing squirting orgasms, or stimulate yourself until you are wet from multiple orgasms, as that’s one way to help lower your stress levels at least.

Ask My Mom…

Now, if you ask my mother, she will tell you that a dildo is the way to go, as it doesn’t sleep around, get messed up, ask you for money, try to brawl with other dildos, ask to get bailed out of jail or ask for too much of anything at all. While you might need batteries and lube, you don’t have to buy expensive meals, dress up in expensive outfits, or try to impress them. Yes, my mom said that dildos are much more faithful than most partners, always ready to perform whenever you are, and won’t bore you with a conversation, but they are great listeners.

She added that you know where the dildoes have been. Chuckling, “you can ride them as far as your imagination can take you.” I can’t argue with that logic, oh, wise mother.

For Bragging Rights

I’ll let you decide your favorite way to orgasm. Whether you are a girl or a guy, you can always try to mark your furthest squirt and try to beat your own record. Challenge a partner to a squirting contest to see who is the best squirter for bragging records.

If you think you are good enough, take that show on the road and charge admission. Trust me; plenty of people are willing to pay for a good squirting show. Make that money and have as much fun squirting as humanly possible; don’t harm someone by squirting in the eyes.

That’s the danger they forget to warn you about. Eye irritation caused by squirting and a mouthful of golden shower when you thought it was ejaculation. At least I can tell you that you’ve been warned, so don’t come crying to me if you got a mouth full of pee when you thought it was squirting of female ejaculation in your mouth this time, as I am here to write it for the record that it’s not always ejaculation if she has to pee bad at that time, as just like men can get a piss hard-on, a woman might not be able to control urination. Happy squirting!

Is My Dick Too Small?

lady laughing at man with small penis

When you find yourself asking this question, there’s a fifty percent chance that the answer is yes and a fifty percent chance the answer is no, depending on who you ask. Opinions are like noses; almost everyone has one, whether they care to talk about it, or not. I can only answer from a female’s perspective that there are times when a dick can be too big, believe it or not, and if a guy has a small penis, there are many ways to make someone orgasm. Sex toys are one way.

On Genital Sizes

When it comes to dick size, there is no universal answer, as just like when it comes to vaginal size, not all are created equal. While some people think a small chick has a tight snatch and bigger girls have more giant vaginas, that is not always true. I have met tiny ladies with blown-out sloppy vaginas, just like I have met many a big girl with a tight one.

Defying the Odds

That being said, one of the most enormous dicks I ever had inside of me was from a tiny guy that you’d never suspect was packing such a massive surprise, and one of the smallest belonged to a massive guy that looked like he had eaten his former self. That means, if you would have judged by shoe size or height, you’d been utterly wrong by guessing the penis sizes. Further, I had a guy whose dick was so large that we tried with as much lube as we could slop in there, and so many different positions, but I could not fit his penis inside of me no matter what.

Small Penis Story

When I was younger, I met a guy who had spina bifida, and as a result, he had a very small penis, smaller than my pinkie finger when hard. He was the one who proved to me very early on that size did not matter, as he had so many tricks up his sleeve to blow my mind; I honestly did not care that he had a less-than-average penis size. When it comes to making me orgasm, it does not matter if it’s penetrative sex, so much as it is simply sexual satisfaction that has this woman orgasm, as I can only share my sex life.

An Orgasm, Please

It’s not necessarily about being in doggy style or any other sex positions so much as knowing how to create sexual satisfaction, as that’s really what a healthy sex life is all about. It does not matter about the flaccid length or if someone has a tiny penis, but can you make me orgasm to the point that my toes tingle and my mind blows, even if you have erectile dysfunction? Women do not have to have a certain erect penis length to make me cum, so why does my partner’s penis have to be a specific size on a tape measure for pleasure?

Will Not Fit

Don’t get me wrong, as there is a time and a place for a larger penis, but large penises can also be painful, believe it or not. As mentioned, there are times that no matter how horny you are and how hard you try, if it’s too big, it simply will not fit in the hole, which renders it useless. It does not matter about accurate measurement if it’s too big to do anything with, as it simply will not fit, which is not the vast majority of people, but too large of dildoes don’t fit either.

Girth and Length

Most men are under the impression that all women want these massive cocks, but in reality, the girth can be too big, or the length could hit hard and cause pelvic pain in women. It’s normal to believe the media hype that everyone wants whatever they want you to believe. Still, in reality, there are guys with too massive of dicks in the first place shopping for pills to try to make themselves bigger, not realizing they’re too big to start with! No, we do not need to shop in the Magnum section, or I will have problems walking.

With Pelvic Injuries

I have had serious pelvic injuries, and if my partner’s penis size is too big, it hurts. Sure, it’s probably my fault for jumping off a mountain in West Virginia, being told I would never walk again or have children when I had the accident at 19. While I was able to prove doctors wrong on the walking part, I do not have kids and have multiple pelvic issues. There are times when even an orgasm is too much, and I will have to tap out for a moment as my hips or legs freeze up, my muscles cramp, or it feels like an ice pick is stabbing into my pelvis.

On Selfish Partners

It’s hard to find a partner with the perfect penis size, as you don’t want it to be too big to the point that it causes pain, but you want them to be able to give you an orgasm. Not everyone is willing to put in the extra work to find out the various ways to bring their partner to orgasm, no matter the size of their genitals. Some people are selfish, and there’s nothing worse than finding someone whose key fits your lock perfectly, but they are unwilling to use it to bring you to orgasm, as they only turned the key part of the way and came all over.

Two-Pump Chumps

When you’re with a two-pump chump who is only out for their satisfaction, it does not matter how big or small their penis size is, as they are probably not getting a second round. If you cannot get me off and do not seem interested in getting me off, once is more than enough, no matter if it’s smaller penises or larger penises; no orgasm, not worth trying again. That might make me sound like the selfish partner here, but if I am willing to try to get my partner off, I can only expect the same in return, as things should be give and take in bed.

The Magic Measurement

If you are wasting time measuring your penis, there is no magic number to hope to hit, sorry. Instead, try a systematic review of your sexual satisfaction techniques, from oral to bondage, and bring in a plethora of sex toys. If you are convinced that you have a small penis, there’s a lovely invention called penis extension, so don’t have low self-esteem. Penis extensions are great.

The Best Sex

Some of the best sex I had was with my partner, who had the smallest penis and was considered a micro penis, as he was willing to explore more sexually than most. He was the one who broke my cherry into anal, showing me there are a million ways to get off anally. Sprinkle a few bondage sessions with that, tantalizing the senses with feathers, ice, and hot candle wax, and getting strapped in, chained up, and spun around into disorientation and pleasure.

Willing to Please

There’s no correct way to judge a penis size, no matter what anyone tries to tell you, but there is a way to judge if a partner is willing to go above and beyond to please you. I wish guys could figure this out, as women can get each other off orally, with no penis involved. Most women do not carry around a tape measure to measure their clit or their penis, so why should guys be so concerned about their penis size that it keeps them up at night with anxiety, pondering how their penis size compares to other men and their penis sizes?

Research Partner Pleasing

The second to the last guy that I was with was overly concerned about his penis size, convinced that he was smaller than usual when he was average. Convinced of size matter, he researched a tip, or more than a few, on how to make women cum. When he went to finger me, my eyes grew wide with surprise, feeling sensations I had not felt when being fingered by other men before, to which he smiled sheepishly and didn’t want to admit but did: “I watched a lot of Youtube videos on the best ways to please women.”

The Technique Matters

Personal experiences like that make me say that size does not matter so much as technique. If you desire to make someone cum, to the point that you research it and try to put it into action, then penis size does not matter. There are so many oral and finger techniques out there, with multiple holes available, that can affect whether I cum or not, as it’s more impressive to me if you can make me cum without even taking my clothes off, honestly.

Make Me Cum

Give me a good massage and make me cum, before either of us gets fully naked. Can you touch my body in random areas and bring me to orgasm, places other than my ass or vagina? When you can accomplish that, the measuring tape does not matter, nor does girth.

Being a Tease

On the topic of oral sex, I would, hands down, every day of the week rather give a blowjob to a guy with a smaller penis than some oversized dick I cannot even fit inside of my mouth. It seems like the bigger the penis, the more they want you to try to fit in your mouth, but when you have TMJ, that’s just not working for more than 30 seconds at a time, sorry. Guys with large penises can start complaining about me being a tease now, but it’s hard to please a guy with a massive member when your jaw is throbbing and cannot be open any wider.

Are They Bullies?

Small is in the eyes of the beholder of the penis. If you go to the public bathing house, and others are pointing and laughing, is it a too small thing, or are they bullies? You can have a penis larger than Johnny Holmes, but if someone is mean, they will still call it small.

Threatening Penis Size

Sometimes, people have penis envy, as they catch a glimpse of a penis bigger than theirs, so they want to try to put that person down, as they feel threatened by the size of their penis. My mom said, “the old-time unics never cared about penis size, did they?” The moral of the story is just because someone says you have a small penis; they might just be trying to pick on typical male insecurities to make themselves feel better, as they are simply bullies.

Instead of obsessing over your penis size, take this girl’s advice, and learn ways to heighten the senses before you even get naked. Learn the erotic zones, places to touch that are erogenous, as it’s not all about the buried penis or having a large penis; it’s more about having a satisfying sex life, not the erect length, the flaccid penis average length, or any of the silly measurement that you might have thought mattered. What matters to me is if you can make me orgasm, not how, as I don’t care if it’s orally, vaginally, anally, or with an erotic massage, so much as you make me cum enough to relax and forget about my stress.

Sexual Arousal Areas

I don’t care if you have a webbed penis or a trapped penis, as I have scar tissue from my accident and am open to other areas of sexual arousal. I like to orgasm as much as the next person, and I am open to exploring whatever avenues there are for making myself cum, as well as making my partner ejaculate. It’s not about size so much as having fun and enjoying it.

All of this may be self-reported, but learn from my experiences and believe what I tell you. Stop worrying about your dick size, and start worrying about ways to bring a person to orgasm above and beyond the typical penetrative sex, as there are several ways to bring about sexual satisfaction. Stop considering cosmetic surgery and do some sexual research.

Instead of researching the average penis size and obsessing over what an average penis size should be or what the best erect penis length is, stop looking up the average penis sizes and check out some of my books. The sizes and shapes of female and male breasts and nipples can vary even more than the sizes and shapes of penises from different cultures around the globe.

Clone-A-Willy Kit – The Complete Guide

clone a willy kit displayed on a blue background

Have you ever had a penis that was so great you could not stand to see it leave? There have been times when I have told guys, “I wish I could just save your penis for later.” No, we don’t have to rely on the means of Lorena Bobbitt, as there’s now the Clone-A-Willy.

Even better than dealing with any type of illegal or bloody situation, instead of Sada Abe trying to savor her lover’s genitals forever, there’s no bloody mess required. Just grab the Clone-A-Willy kit, mix the concoction that is body safe and will not harm your lover, put the penis into the mold, and you can even get a vibrator to insert inside of it.

This is a much safer, totally legal process that does not require anyone to go to jail. Sure, it’s easy to fall in love with a favorite penis, especially when it fits your lock like the perfect key, but replicating it into a silicone Dildo you can enjoy for years to cum is much better. That way, you can feel your lover’s member inside you, even when he is nowhere close.

Prepare the Mixture

Preparing the concoction for the mold is as easy as simply mixing a couple of ingredients together. These are algae-based and completely body safe, so even if some got down the tip of the dick, it’s not going to cause any danger, and you can merely piss it back out. As the liquids blend, they may thicken slightly, and once applied to the penis, the viscosity may continue to increase, solidifying to create that mold for the silicone mixture.

The mixture might be a little cooler than the air, so prepare yourself. Also, when preparing for the mold, you might want to get a fluffer to make that penis hard unless you are looking for a soft mold of his dick. The harder and bigger it is for the mold, the better the dildo will be after, as you want to capture the essence of his manhood most effectively.


The Perfect Replica

Having a fully erect penis is essential for the molding process. Do whatever means necessary to capture the exact copy you want, including the erection and even a curved penis to hit that g-spot. This perfect replica will be your new favorite sex toy, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. That will make you feel as if your lover’s penis is right there with you, even if the rest of his body is elsewhere on the planet. Hence, it’s worth the small wait time.

The Clone-A-Willy kit comes with two jars, an instructional video, and there are four simple steps when you follow the instructions correctly. When mixing with the stick, try to avoid creating a lot of little bubbles, aiming for the liquid mixture to be smooth, so don’t mix it fast and furious, as those bubbles are more likely to form with extra air pockets. Pour it into the tube, and the disposable container can be recycled after the dildo-making process.

Customize Your Willy Kit

The cool thing is that there are different Clone-A-Willy kits. Whether you were looking for the big black cock of your dreams, a cute pink one, or even a glow-in-the-dark dildo, you can customize your willy to be precisely what you’re looking for in your new favorite sex toy. Way better than a cardboard cutout of your favorite penis, the Clone-A-Willy kits even have the option of adding a vibrator into the finished mold to kick up the good vibrations.

Deliver the orgasm that your lover would give you in person with a vibrating insert to stimulate the g-spot or clit. You can even mold the balls with the penis, so you know you have the exact copy of your lover’s body. The vibrator just adds to the fun quite a bit.

Are you more into the jet black big cocks? Would you prefer neon purple? The benefit of the glowing dildo is that it’s easy to spot at night when you wake up with a need for an orgasm.

Mind the Bubbles

Clone-A-Willy kits include molding gel, mixing bowl, balsa wood stick, molding powder, plastic tube, more silicone, and everything you need for a fun evening. While the kit comes with everything except a pussy, there’s a cure for that as well. They have the Clone-A-Pussy kit where you can create Sex Toys from your favorite vagina as well, which uses a similar molding mixture and measuring cup to make the perfect mold, but again, be mindful of any visible bubbles when you are creating molds of genitalia to create the perfect sex toy.

Savor That Dick

Once you stick the vibrator into the dildo, you will feel that you made the right product, a perfect clone made of silicone, capturing that erection in a complete pleasuring device. You will no longer feel the need to rush to the extremes that Bobbitt and Abe went to, as there’s no reason to cut off a penis only to have the blood rush out, and it’s not erect. Savor that dick, and wait until you are ready, as the simple steps ensure you will have a cum worthy sex toy in the final product, soft as silicone, always the right temp for sexy fun with your lover’s cloned dick.

There’s no wondering if the dildo you ordered through the mail will be a perfect size. Is it too big, too small, or not hitting you correctly? You choose the penis that you like the best, clone that willy for you to keep until the end of time. There’s no waiting to see if your lover wants to play, as the sex toy is always ready to please you on demand.

An Overseas Lover

Whether there’s an ocean separating you and your lover or not, it does not matter. Have the comfort of his dick, even if your lover is overseas. You know how it feels inside you, and it hits all the places you want it to, so bust it out when you get lonely to feel as if your lover is in bed with you. This will be your new favorite silicone vibrator, as you made the willy the way you want, according to your specifications, based on your lover’s penis mold.

A Dying Lover

Unfortunately, nobody gets out of life alive. If your lover faces severe medical complications, the Clone-A-Willy kit will allow you to preserve his penis after death. Though a lover’s physical body may perish, the cloned willy can continue to pleasure you for years to cum.

No Other Cock

Maybe you are so satisfied by your lover that you know no other dick will do. Maybe your lover gets jealous and does not want any other penis besides his inside of you. This is the answer for those situations, as a cloned willy ensures you have your lover’s member.

Is It Messy?

Obviously, when you are combing the liquids from the Clone-A-Willy kit, you want to be mindful not to spill the molding powder when making your willy clone. Try not to make a mess when stirring the molding mix, or when you pour it into the tube. As long as you are not sloppy with the mixing process, there’s no reason for the molding to be messy.

Be sure to prepare the room you are in with plenty of newspaper on the floor, as this process can get very messy! One friend of mine had the unfortunate experience of her dog running into the kitchen as the mailman delivered the mail and tracked the mixture all over the place! What a mess!

Should I Shave?

When molding the balls, it might not hurt to shave a little bit. It won’t hurt putting your junk into the mold, but once it hardens, it could tug pubic hair a little bit. It will come off, even with pubic hair, but if you are shaved, you prevent any uncomfortable snag.

Without the Extras

The nice thing is that when you clone your favorite penis, you can enjoy all the orgasms, without the extras, like leaving the toilet seat up or dirty laundry left on the floor. No, the customized vibrator will not yell at you, ask you for money, question where you’ve been, or any of the annoying things that might typically come with having a guy hanging around. Cone-A-Willy’s not much of a talker, though a great listener, willing to be hard whenever you feel ready, and you know it will hit exactly where you want it to, even with a cock ring!

Next Shopping Venture

When you’re looking to purchase your next dildo, why not customize your vibrator? Follow the instructions, measure, pour, mix, and fill the tube with the mix molding to the erection you like best. Once you have your clone mold, you can make some for your friends to enjoy too.

Endless Orgasm Action

Know you have the length that pleases you in four simple steps. Once it is complete, you can send that guy on his merry way and still have that hard-on that pleases you best. With endless riding action, you will be glad to have your dearest member to please you always.

Hooking Up in a Hurricane

Graphic showing a hurricane with trees

Get Out There

If you have been trapped inside your house, hunkering down for Hurricane Ian, it’s time to get out there now that the danger has passed. After being cooped up long enough to feel like Quasimodo, it’s time to check out the light of day. Simply emerging from what’s remaining of your home is enough of a first step to meeting someone, as there are rubbernecks plenty, people aimlessly walking around with cameras, looking to talk to just about anybody.

It’s Permanently Friday

It’s a permanent Friday, as everyone has found their schedule clear enough to hook up. It doesn’t matter if you have been burning the midnight oil until the hurricane hit because now it’s time to dust off that sex toy box and hook up for some hurricane sex. This is your time to shine, so get out there. 

Three Easy Steps

First step: WALK OUT OF THE HOUSE. Second step: stand around outside long enough, and you will run into someone randomly who is also lonely and bored. Third step: offer to help.

That’s all you have to do. Offer to help. Other lonely people are doing the same thing.

Whatever You’re Into

It doesn’t matter if you are into same-sex partners, trans, bi, straight, or whatever; people are open to it right about now. In the wake of the hurricane, people are bored, not having to answer to their bosses quite yet, and they’re open to striking up a conversation. They have nothing but time on their hands, so why not have them put their hands on you?

Can’t Thank Enough

Why do I say offer to help? Now, you’ve become a hero. How can they ever repay you?

Well, banks are closed from the hurricane. People are short on cash. Might as well hook up.

Sticky Hurricane Sex

How about some little quickie hurricane sexual encounters? Hope you stocked up on rubbers before the storm day romp, as there are not a whole lot of stores to run to for condoms. You don’t want to suffer real-life consequences of raw sex because of your new friends-with-benefits situation.

Creative Animalistic Sex

Nobody has their clothing neatly arranged, and it’s not like the publication’s eyebrow-raising Facebook without too much power or internet. Why not have a pitch-black sexual encounter? If the stuff in the fridge is going bad and you don’t want it to go to waste, try kinking up some sexual stuff to involve food; toss out vanilla sex! Get out that whipped cream and those leftover strawberries! It will all go rancid anyway.

Find Free Things

Go out to get free stuff and find a new friend with a benefits situation, as there are all kinds of places like churches offering free meals that are getting tons of people showing up there, many of them just as lonely as you, isolated from friends and family, but more than willing to make a new friend to spend some quality time with after curfew. Show that you have an independent voice by a quick escape plan with a hurricane buddy, or hunker in during the story and have sex to the exploding power transformer serenade. Try swallowing semen; this ritual rebuilds teeth according to one cultural account, and you can always trust the cultural news.

Calm Your Partner

That’s one way to calm an angry partner, and it’s a classic move that only a few would ever be willing to deny; works every time during a rage. Go down and start sucking. Don’t ask how long it’s been since they last washed that general region; get over this gross factor and start sucking.

Surviving The Dangers

If planning ahead of time, think about who you want as a survival partner carefully, as you may want to avoid awkward post-coital banter with the fire department, as they forgot to avoid highly scented candles, knocking them over by accident during orgasm in the dim lighting.

Hurricanes are enough of a scare, so don’t have someone add other near-death experiences. If you’re going to be stuck indoors, having sex on neon red Cheeto dust, then it makes perfect sense to rally support with single storm preppers that like to get kinky in the pounding rain.

Hope you put some whips and chains in that interior hallway closet, creating a cramped space to kick the bondage into high gear, gushing body fluids with enough sweat to flood the interior. Pungent body odors be damned, disrobe entirely and start the coital play.

Bust out the emergency stash of lubrication, and as the winds pick up, with enough stimulus and rampant lawlessness, your hurricane plans will include a simple trick that makes the howling winds only add to the screaming orgasm that results in a creaking foundation to combat boredom.

Hot Hookup Spot

Typically, people might say that going to the local supermarket might be a place to find someone to hook up with, but as the local media could point out, most stores are not open. Stay up on the donation centers on the local news because if you’re in south Florida, that’s where people are flocking to, many of them lonely with too much time on their hands.

Why complain about standing in line when you could be eyeing who to hook up with there?

This is not the time to sit at home and cry alone. Offer to help anyone; you never know who they might know who is also single and ready to mingle. Just put it out there.

I’m so lonely. I got divorced. I’m single or whatever your story, tell it to others.

More than likely, they have a story, too, or they have a friend with a story. If that friend is nearby, you offer to help that friend, become a hero, and score. Nothing is sexier than someone willing to lend a helping hand in a time of need, doesn’t matter what you do, how much money you have, or anything, so long as you are there helping in the time of need.

It’s like when a person is broken down with a flat tire on the side of the road. If you can help, that person is grateful. That’s the classic way to start a legit long-term hookup.

We Love Heroes

Everyone wants a hero. Everyone wants someone to be there for them. Just offer to help.

It can be as simple as picking up twigs in the yard or as massive as getting a tree off their house. Maybe it’s simply offering water or ice to someone, even if you know they don’t need it. Sometimes, the simple act of offering is enough of an in to get to the bedroom and score.

Double score if you are an emergency responder. Many people have fantasies about being rescued, especially by people in uniform. If you have uniforms to throw on, strut around, chat it up with people, and you’re more than halfway to a hookup just by wearing the right outfit.

That being said, all those National Guards out there, looking hot and sweaty in the Florida sun, go flirt with them, too. Most of them are trying to keep a smile on their face, so give them a reason to grin by throwing out your cheesiest pickup lines to see if it can reel them in.

What’s the worst-case scenario? What if it works for your hurricane hookup?

While it might be weird to see the military personnel handing out freebies like water, food, ice, and tarps to people at the same place where a little more than a month ago, we were cheering on baseball games, it’s even more disturbing to see the place shredded with heaps of aluminum cleared enough for the traffic to pass.

Get over the change in the scenery, knowing that the Tampa Bay Rays baseball stadium has been the spot of many people meeting and hooking up over the years, so why not give a smile and wink to that person in uniform with a pickup line?

Service the Servicers

Show how grateful you are. Offer to service the service people. That’s giving back.

At least, I think so. Others may or may not agree. Does it matter?

Hurricane Fantasy Time

Live out your fantasy, whatever that may be. You survived the hurricane. Now, it’s time to celebrate with a bit of recovery effort style of hurricane sex for ultimate hurricane pleasure.

You could also hunker in with one of my books during the hurricaneCheck out my Hurricane Ian Diary. Whenever you’re bored, you can always cum play with me.

Penis Extenders 101 – A Guide For Beginners

A guide to penis extenders

Around 30% of men are not satisfied with their current penis size. We know that the average length of a human penis ranges between 5.1 and 5.5 inches, but even a fraction of an inch below that can make some men feel inadequate. And this feeling of inadequacy makes some men want to try and extend their members as much as possible with a penis extender.

One common method that men gravitate toward gaining an extra inch includes various penis enhancement products and sex toys. The article before you aims to handle that particular subject. More specifically, we’ll be talking about penile extenders, their effectiveness, and how we can use them easily and safely. 

What Is a Penis Extender?

A penis extender is one of many male enhancement devices out there that men utilize to increase the size and thickness of their penis. Of course, they aren’t the same thing as penis pumps, though people tend to mix the two terms up due to how similar they might appear. We’ll cover these differences further down the article.

Penis extensions have been around for decades, their effectiveness comes with varying success. Some people speculate that penis extenders are the only scientifically proven way to increase the organ’s length. However, not all experts agree, and in fact, quite a large number will simply advise men not to use them.

So, let’s try to understand how this kind of penis enlargement device might help a man’s member grow permanently. 

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

For starters, there are different types of penis extenders. However, we will mainly focus on penile extender kits and realistic-looking sleeve enhancers

In the case of penile extender kits, we place our penis within the device that we first need to assemble. Each of these devices tends to contain three major sections:

  • The Basal ring
  • Extension arms
  • The front piece.

Let’s go over them quickly. The Basal ring is a circular section where we insert our penis and which goes against our pelvis. On the other end of the device, there’s the front piece with the space for fasteners. That’s the section that will be fastened to the head of our penis. Some of these pieces have a double-strap support system on the front part for added support. 

Between these two parts, we find the extension arms, and more often than not, they will consist of a screw, a hexagonal cylinder, and a round cylinder. By turning the screws in a particular way, we increase or decrease the penis traction tension. Depending on the goal we aim to achieve and our experience, the penis traction force can be mild or intense.

Of course, the other type of extender we mentioned earlier is the sleeve-like device shaped like a penis. More often than not, these extenders are hollowed out and can have a unique base ring to insert our scrotum. In addition, each device comes with sensation nodes that stimulate the wearer, offering both partners plenty of enjoyment during sex. 


Will Penis Extenders Work If Our Phallus Is Below Average?

A typical penis extension device, even a generic one with few settings, will fit most penises that are slightly below average. After all, the whole point is to make them a few inches bigger, at least. However, if we happen to have a penis that’s significantly smaller than average or if we suffer from some kind of condition, a basic model will just not do. Instead, we will need to buy a specifically designed model for that particular size. 

Will Penis Extenders Work If Our Phallus Is Above Average?

Once again, generally speaking, all extenders will fit penises that are a little longer than the norm. However, if they are too long, we might need to buy special components that can extend the front piece that far or pick a piece with a double-strap system to hold the penis in place. Alternatively, if the girth is large, we’ll require special fastener attachment pieces. 

Using a Penis Extender: A Step-By-Step Guide

Penis extenders are not a one-and-done deal like pills or pumps. If we want a bigger penis, it will be a process that will last for months and will require quite a bit of work on our end. So, here’s a handy beginners’ guide on how to get ourselves a longer penis and improve our self-esteem along the way. 

Preparation Stage

We need to strategize before we even strap our penis enhancement device onto our reproductive organs. We will need to draft up a routine and stick to it. But, more importantly, we will have to record every result in a journal. Said journal will contain the following data for each day of stretching:

  • The exact length and circumference of our flaccid penis
  • The exact length and circumference of our erect penis
  • Traction tension levels
  • The items we used during the day (e.g., strap fasteners and comfort pads)
  • Any other notable changes (bruising, straightening of any penile curvature, unforeseen situations that result in the removal of the device)
  • Potential additional exercises that we do combined with the regime
  • The exact days we took a break from wearing the penis stretcher.

That last sentence might stand out to you a bit. What exactly do we mean by taking a break from wearing penis stretchers? Well, at least once a week, the wearer of the extender should take a full-day break to rest up. This way, they avoid damage to the penile shaft or the penis tissue. 

Weeks 1-4

The first four weeks are what we call ‘the adjustment period. This is the time we get to spend learning about our penis extender of choice and figuring out how it works. Moreover, our penis is getting used to the idea that there’s a device strapped onto it. 

We start each week by placing the penis extension device onto our members and adjusting the tension to its lowest level. Of course, that level will vary depending on what device we have (e.g., the Jes Extender we mentioned earlier) and what our current penis size might be.

The next step is to wear the device for 3 hours almost every day. Anything longer than that will result in penile injury. On the other hand, if we don’t wear it enough, we will not be seeing any results anytime soon. 

As stated earlier, we will need to have at least one whole day when we don’t wear the extender. That allows the penis to recover and adjust to its growing size and girth. This gives us time to return to the everyday normalcy of not having a plastic-and-metal tool for penis extensions strapped to us. 

Near the beginning of week 4, we will want to increase the traction tension slightly. However, it shouldn’t be a drastic change so that we don’t cause any damage.

Once we’re done using the extender, we need to wash it and dry it well. Again, hygiene is crucial in this process, so think of the extender maintenance in the same way the ladies think about maintaining their sex toys. In other words, don’t let the screws rust, the plastic fade, and the entirety of the extender emit an unpleasant odor.

Last but not least, document absolutely everything.

Weeks 5-10

With week 5 rolling in, we guess you got accustomed to both your device and your penis extensions now. So, with this new stage, we should also consider the last tension setting as the default. So, for example, if our original setting for week 1 was 1200 grams, and we changed it to 1300 by week 4, then our starting point for week 5 is 1300.

At this stage, it’s important to keep this setting up to week 9, where we will increase it by yet another level. But, again, nothing must be too drastic or sudden. Let’s remember that we want to make our penis longer and stronger, not bruised and abused. Suppose there are even slight hints of bruises, cuts, pain, discomfort, or general uneasiness. In that case, we need to write them down and see a medical professional ASAP.

One thing that will change during this period is the hours we need to wear the device. If we started off with 3 hours each day in week 1, we’d shift to 4 hours from week five onwards. However, we should also increase the number of days when we set our penis loose. For the first few weeks, we stick to the one-free-day regime. Later on, we can switch to having two days free instead (Wednesday and Thursday, for example).

If and when necessary, we must adjust our components. Adding more elongation bars, for example, could be a good idea if we see a lot of progress. After all, an extender is pointless if it falls short of providing enough elongation with the gear it contains. 

As stated earlier, documenting everything is a must. Furthermore, double-check every single piece of data. A slight mistake or miscalculation can have devastating results. 

Weeks 11-20

The final ten weeks of the beginners’ course are the easiest when it comes to wearing the device itself. By that point, we’ve come to “know” our extender. Wearing it becomes second nature in week 11. We implement it as part of our daily routine, like brushing our teeth or showering.

However, the most challenging part of this period is the relative lack of immediate results. As a result, the penis extensions will be slightly smaller than usual. The results we’re writing down differ in as little as millimeters. But that doesn’t mean we should stop either extending or taking notes.

The process for these ten weeks is simple. Once again, we use the last tension setting from week ten as our basis. The very next week, we will increase the number a level higher. Naturally, even though we came this far with our routine, we still don’t want to up the level too much and too suddenly. Safety must always come first.

Up until week 15, we will stay with the 4-hour wear time and 1‒2 days of break each week. However, as soon as week 16 rolls by, we increase the wear time to 5 hours. Rest days, on the other hand, stay the same. 

It’s worth pointing out that the device might feel uncomfortable to the wearer during these weeks. So, we need to adjust our penis extenders to accommodate our penis’ new length and girth. Getting additional elongation bars would be a good idea. 

Don’t Fear the Plateau Effect

Generally speaking, the plateau effect refers to a phenomenon where a practice that we employed is no longer as effective as before. In other words, if we do something one too many times, we might get less impactful results. 

This phenomenon is incredibly frequent with using penis extenders. Once the final few weeks roll in, we can notice that our penis is growing at a slower (and lower) rate than before. That’s perfectly normal with device-assisted penis extensions. Again we have to stress that the users of penis extenders ought to write down every single change, even a minor one. 

Advice on Using Penis Enhancement Devices

Bigger penis size and better erection quality don’t just come from strapping penis extenders and moving about. We need to know precisely what to do and avoid when utilizing one of these devices. So, listed below are multiple useful penis elongation tips for any prospective man to peruse. 

Get the Best Penis Extenders

Most penis extenders on the open market tend to be cheap devices with little to no effectiveness. Quite a few penile stretchers out there have caused injury and made the people who used them completely turn on the idea of medical extension tools. They either restrict blood flow too much or don’t keep the reproductive organ strapped in well. But not all penis extenders are like that, and the best ones will help.

So, what might the best extender out there be? Well, to answer that, we will need to do a bit of research. Nowadays, thousands of extender reviews extol the virtues and flaws of each listed device for penis extensions. By going over these reviews and customer feedback, shoppers can determine what works for them. We will provide our readers with a handy buyers’ guide later down this article. 

Stick to the Routine

Using a cock extender is essentially like exercising. In other words, there’s a routine (like the one we described earlier), and the user needs to stick with it. Suppose there are minor deviations from the routine. In that case, that’s fine (e.g., if we wear the extender a few minutes over or under the allotted time). But there has to be continuity, and we have to maintain it.

However, there are specific points that we need to consider when drafting our routine. For example, while the number of hours ought to stay as is, there are specific times during the day when we shouldn’t be wearing a penis extender:

  • When we sleep, our cock should not have a plastic-and-metal device strapped onto it
  • Playing sports or doing intense physical activity will be dangerous with a penis extender on
  • Absolutely no penis extenders while we’re driving; it will cause discomfort and can interfere with our control over the vehicle, which might result in a crash.

Set Realistic Goals

We can’t expect any miracles from any phallus-lengthening routine. After all, even the best extenders on the market can’t exactly make a penis grow several inches.

So, as people who have had experiences using a penis extender, we have to stress this point. More often than not, the penis will be extended anywhere between 1 and 2 inches from its original size. That right there is the expected result from using an elongation device and a goal we need to set for ourselves. If we surpass it by a small margin (or fall short just a bit), we can still count it as a success. 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

One detail we’ve been repeating over and over in this article is that we cannot have huge leaps between levels of penis extensions. Much like everything else in life, the best results come after weeks of gradual build-up and hard work. If we were to use a high setting on the very first day, we could seriously hurt ourselves. In fact, that can result in not having a normal erection for a long time. 

Dress Appropriately

Let’s set the scene for you. First, imagine having a state-of-the-art medical device with screws, straps, and plastic bases strapped onto the penis. Then imagine wearing tight jeans or leather pants. It sounds painful, mainly because it absolutely is. 

It’s all about common sense here. To feel the full effects of penis extenders, we have to wear loose-fitting clothes, such as boxer shorts and pants (e.g., sweatpants). It will feel comfortable, but it will give our groin area some breathing room as we move about our day and do our activities without even noticing that we have a penis extender on. 

Avoid Using Penis Extenders as Sex Toys

Medical devices for penis extensions are not there to be our sex toys. They exist to increase penis length and, if necessary, correct penile curvatures. In other words, an extender might look like a penis pump or a masturbator (depending on the model). Still, it is not designed to help men during intercourse. So, we have to advise the men reading this article NOT to try and use it as one.

Since extenders involve straps and screws that directly affect the length of the penis, they can cause a lot of bruising, over-stretching, and even tearing. Those all sound painful and not exactly a recipe for success in achieving sexual pleasure. 

Continuous Use

We’ve covered setting realistic goals, but there’s one more detail we ought to stress. You shouldn’t stop there once you have the desired length and girth for your member. However, you should neither push extremely past that point to avoid tears and bruises.

Instead, dial the setting back and lower the tension level. After a certain point, the organ will ultimately start to retract back to its original length prior to all the penis extensions. By reducing the tension level and moving forward, the device will help the man maintain the current size.

Combine Penis Extensions with Other Routines

Sometimes, penis growth will have to involve more than one type of aid. With that in mind, you will want to combine other routines, methods, and techniques to reach your desired result. Here’s a brief list of everything a man can do to speed up the penis lengthening process:

  • Regular exercises (and reducing body fat, especially fat stored in the stomach)
  • Proper posture
  • Regular movement
  • Lots of fresh air
  • Proper dieting (e.g., cutting down on fatty foods, carbohydrates, alcohol, etc.)
  • Clean living, figuratively speaking (no drugs, no unsafe sex, no extreme sports)
  • Clean living, literally (keeping your room, your home, and yourself neat and tidy)
  • Routine check-ups at the doctor
  • One or two other clinically tested methods for penis extensions (more on that later).

Penis Lengthening Devices: A Buyers’ Guide

Now that we’ve acquainted everyone with the know-how of using a penis extender, it’s time to discuss shopping. Unfortunately, there are far too many scam brands that manufacture and sell faulty products. So, before we buy a device that looks like a pillory, we need to consider every single detail. That way, we’ll make sure not to buy a tool that will potentially maim us.  

The Full Package

Many penis extenders don’t contain extra parts that we might require when we move along with our lengthening process. So, we buy additional stuff and sink more money into the purchase than necessary. Instead, we should aim to buy an extender with everything a prospective user might need. Those elements ought to include:

  • A double strap system
  • An expander system
  • Comfort pads
  • A hypoallergenic exterior
  • Spare screws and pistons. 

Comfort and Safety

A device for penis extensions ought to be safe for use. That means it should contain materials that won’t cause an allergic reaction and needs to work flawlessly without snatching the foreskin or squeezing the shaft too hard. 

Furthermore, each device also needs to feel comfortable. After all, the man who uses an extender has to have it on for several hours during the day. That can feel dreadful if the device is too tight or too heavy. 

Medical-Grade or Not

The extender we aim to buy must be clinically tested and have the approval of the FDA for medical use. At the very least, it should be in the process of gaining said approval. We must again remind our readers that extenders are medical devices meant to help people with physical deficiencies. We must have some sort of certification that marks our penis extenders safe for everyday use. 

Amount of Tension

Some extenders tense up the penis too far and cause bruising. Others are barely strong enough to move it a tenth of an inch. Neither of these options works. We need a device that has a decent range of tension levels. With a tool like that, we can adjust the level based on how far we’ve come in the routine and how comfortable it feels for us. 

User Feedback and Company Reputation

Company websites, are an excellent source for learning as much as possible about the people who make our products of choice. Firstly, we can dig up the company’s history, goals, credentials, experts, and lines of products. Next, we can compare and contrast the prices with other leading brands.

In addition to all of that, many extender manufacturers have a comment section on their websites, where we can take a look at user feedback for each product. However, in this regard, we recommend going to third-party evaluation websites and forums that discuss penis extensions. They will often have direct and detailed feedback from users who purchased their products from the company we’re interested in. 


Many penis extenders are pricey, with some expert kits costing up to $200. That’s more or less an expected amount we could pay for a model that works well. Anything that’s drastically below that is generally low-end stuff that’s risky to use.

However, if the product’s price is hiked up and crosses three digits, we need to be careful. It’s more than likely a scam for gullible customers desperate for a quick solution to their problem. 

Benefits of Using a Penis Extender Device

Length and Girth Gains

The biggest benefit of giving our reproductive organ a good stretching is that it will be bigger and thicker than before. Growing a single inch in length is no small feat, and some extenders can help us grow even beyond that. Furthermore, we no longer need a pump to achieve this effect. With enough tension, that thickness will come on its own. 

Correcting Penile Curvatures

A phallus is not always as straight and firm as we might need it. Sometimes, it can end up bent and misshapen due to certain defects. Unfortunately, there are only two medical solutions to that issue, with one being corrective surgery (which doesn’t always work).

The second solution, of course, is to put our member in a penis extender and go through the regime. In a matter of weeks, it will be straight and hard again. 

Treating Peyronie’s Disease

There are times when scar link tissue, also known as plaque, forms under the skin of our penis. It can misshape it and even cause it to bend, having a serious effect on our sexual performance. That condition is called Peyronie’s disease, and according to some experts, penis extenders can do something about it. 

Lots of people have tried to treat Peyronie’s disease using these medical devices, and the results always tended to be positive. However, most of the reporting that came from the test subjects was anecdotal, so we need to take that information with a grain of salt. After all, the best way to correct Peyronie’s disease is to visit a doctor and seek out their advice. 

Stamina and Self-Confidence Boost

A bigger, longer, harder dick means having more sex and maintaining a healthy erection. If we exercise long enough with our penis extender, we’ll progress in this area. That right there is a significant boost to one’s self-confidence. But in all honesty, just seeing a large penis ready for action can get any man motivated and feeling great. 

Treating Erectile Dysfunction or ED

How many men complain about having a flaccid penis and problems with getting an erection? Yet, according to medical professionals and various studies, at least 52% of all men suffer from some type of erectile dysfunction. And not only is ED affecting the sex life of each man, but it can also be a huge blow to their self-esteem and confidence, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and anti-social behavior.

Therefore, to treat ED and help keep the penis hard, we recommend getting an extender. It’s cheaper and more effective than medication, plus it has a proven track record of success. 

Alternatives to Penis Extender Devices

Penis Pumps

As stated earlier, penis pumps are not the same as extender devices. A pump’s whole point is to temporarily make one’s penis bigger through vacuum suction. If we don’t use them the right way, we can constrict the blood flow to our penis and get a serious injury. 

However, penis pumps have their own benefits, too. Their effects might be temporary, but they provide an excellent psychological confidence boost. Plus, they work exceptionally well when combined with penoscrotal rings. 

Penoscrotal Rings

A penoscrotal ring is a device that’s fitted around the base of the penis and testes. Its main purpose is to restrict blood flow to the member. By doing that, we make our organs stay hard longer than usual. In addition, it swells up and becomes harder than ever. Naturally, we recommend not using this method too much unless the ring is just your size, as it can have a devastating effect on the testicles. 

Male Enhancement Supplements

Male enhancement pills such as Viagra or Cialis are everywhere. They are an excellent source of energy for our sex drive, but their effects are short-lasting. In addition, since both of the products mentioned are over-the-counter drugs, the user might develop an addiction. Nevertheless, they are all FDA-approved and safe when taken in proper doses.

Jelqing Exercises

Jelqing is a form of workout routine that’s supposed to make our erections stronger and harder than before. Depending on which expert we ask, jelqing can help the penis grow in a number of ways. However, science still can’t definitively say that these exercises work because there’s just not enough data available.  

Penile Enlargement Surgery

Surgery should be the very last resort for anyone willing to extend their penis. To achieve their desired penile length, some men pay upwards of $15,000 per procedure. That’s a hefty sum right there, and it doesn’t even guarantee safety. 

Unfortunately, thousands of men across the globe tend to have bloated penises after the procedure and usually have trouble ejaculating or even feeling anything. And there have been plenty of cases that had even more horrific results than that. To put it simply, it’s just not worth it — if you have a choice, always go with the penis extender. 

Penis Extenders: Final Thoughts

Throughout our article, we’ve mentioned many times that penis extenders are not sex toys meant to bring instant pleasure. Instead, they are serious medical tools that can significantly improve the lives of millions of men sensitive about their penis size. So, if you’re reading this, know this — penis extensions are definitely something you’ll want to try. If you do it safely and by the book, you can achieve great success.

So, if you aim to make your member grow a couple of inches in length and girth, get a penis extender today!

The Proper Way To Use A Cock Ring

five assorted cock rings displayed

Cock rings, penis rings, C-rings, pleasure rings — no matter what you call them, are fun, sexy introductory sex toys. Cock rings are easy to use, and there’s a vast range of models to choose from, which means you are guaranteed to find one that fits your penis and your budget. However, if you’ve never used them, it’s normal to have some questions. 

What exactly does a cock ring do? Is it safe to use? Is a vibrating model preferable to a standard one? How long will the battery or charge last?

What Are Cock Rings?

A cock ring is a ring-shaped band that fits around the penis, dildo, or cock and balls. It’s designed for men and people with penises to squeeze the shaft (or shaft and balls). As a result, the cock is firmer and stays up longer, prolonging the duration of penetrative sex. 

A person wearing a cock ring feels pleasure because of the extra stimulation and pressure on the penis. Vibrating rings also help achieve a stronger orgasm. But how does that work?

Erections occur when the arteries going into the penis dilate, causing it to expand more than usual. At the same time, the veins leading away from the penis tighten, trapping as much blood as possible inside.

According to Gigi Engle, a certified sex coach and author of All the F*cking Mistakes, cock rings help more blood pool in the penis by adding a form of constriction on top of that vein activity, resulting in more powerful boners. That is especially important for people with erectile dysfunction. 

Why People Like Cock Rings

Here are several reasons why a cock ring may help you.

A Cock Ring Can Help You Keep Your Erection Up 

The ring traps blood inside your penis, helping you keep a hard-on, no matter what kind of model you opt for. It should work even if you struggle to get an erection in the first place. A tight-fitting cock ring at the base of your penis can also aid in the prevention of “venous leakage”, a kind of erectile dysfunction caused by tissues in the penis failing to hold the blood ineffectively. 

It Gives You a Confidence Boost

Stressing about whether you’ll be able to stay hard or last long enough can cause performance anxiety. The more you think about it, the less likely you will perform well. But using penis rings will give you a sense of security you need to relax. They will add to your girth, but they will also make sure you stay firm longer, resulting in better sex.

A Cock Ring Delays and Intensifies Orgasms

This sex toy puts pressure on the area around the base of the penis and testicles, which may postpone ejaculation. That doesn’t really come as a surprise if you think of cock rings as an advanced version of the squeeze technique that men use to delay orgasm. 

Moreover, there are penis rings that feature an additional ring to wrap around the testicles. The ball ring pulls down on your balls, causing the delayed effect. 

It Makes Penetrative and Oral Sex Better for Your Partner

The majority of women need clitoral stimulation to get off. But if you use vibrating cock rings during intercourse, you will be able to engage the clitoris as well. Other cock rings also have built-in “girth extenders” that make your shaft feel wider when inside a partner. 

How to Use a Cock Ring?

In most cases, men can safely use cock rings, regardless of sexual experience. However, if you suffer from certain health conditions, consult with your physician first. 

Furthermore, it might be best to stick with models of cock rings medically reviewed by an expert to avoid injuries like penile strangulation. Here are a few simple guidelines on how to enhance your sexual performance with the help of cock rings. 

Find the One That Fits Just Right

A cock ring should be tight but not so tight that you become numb. Beginners should start with stretchy or adjustable silicone because it’s easier to fit it around your size. Silicone cock rings are also easy to remove and clean. We generally recommend stainless steel or metal rings to more experienced users. 

Use Lube

Just like with other sex toys, you should use lube with cock rings. So, before putting the ring on, spread a few drops around the inner part. Lube will make the ring smoothly slide down your penis or dildo. 

Just a quick reminder: you should buy the correct type of lube for your sex ring. For instance, silicone lube doesn’t go well with silicone cock rings. It will damage the material, and your sex toy will have a shorter lifespan. If in doubt, go with a water-based lube.

Put the Ring on a Semi-Erect or Flaccid Penis

It would be best if you didn’t put a cock-ring on an erect penis. Even if you add some lube, it will be difficult and uncomfortable, especially if you buy a tighter variant. When your shaft is flaccid or semi-erect, it is simpler to place the ring over the head of the penis and slide it down. You may need to experiment a little to see what works best for you.

Make Sure to Position It Right

Tension rings can go at the base of your penis or around the shaft and balls. But if you are a novice, you might want to acquire one that surrounds only the shaft. It is easier to put it on, and you will less likely hurt your balls. On the flip side, when using a condom, putting a cock ring over the shaft and balls leaves some space around the rim of the rubber. That means the ring won’t slide around and force the condom up. 

Put the shaft ring on first, and when it’s positioned down your length, move on to the ring intended for testicles. Since you are dealing with a very sensitive body part, proceed carefully. Stretch the ring as far as possible without actually snapping it and gently place testicles inside, one at a time. Adjustable rings do very well here because you can make them bigger for balls to go through. 

In the end, using a cock ring should feel nice and snug but not uncomfortable. If you notice any pain, numbness, or abrupt changes in skin color (such as turning bright red or deep purple), the sex toy is too tight. That’s your cue to take the ring off — this is not the time to take one for the team. 

Take the Cock Ring Off After 20 Minutes

A general recommendation is to wear a cock ring for 20 to 30 minutes. As previously mentioned, cock rings restrict blood flow, which is usually harmless for a brief period. However, it can become quite unpleasant, much like placing a tight rubber band on your finger. In addition, a slow blood flow to the genitals for an extended period might cause tissue damage.

Pro Tip: Mind the Manscaping

Before strapping on your new toy, it’s a good idea to trim or shave your pubic hair. Nothing kills the mood like the pain from the cock ring pulling your hair out.

Disclaimer: We created this page to help users learn more about our products. We securely process all the information we find from peer-reviewed studies, invaluable services of wellness professionals, and websites like Men’s Health and Healthline Media Websites. However, the information you find here shouldn’t be used as a replacement for professional medical advice. 

Most Common Types of Cock Rings

Adjustable Cock Rings

These rings include D-rings, snaps, Velcro, or lasso-style adjusters to make it easier to slip on and remove the toy. You wear them beneath the scrotum and around the penis. For instance, Jack and Jill Lasso Single Lock (Adjustable) Translucent Silicone cock ring is great for beginners. It is made of body-safe and durable silicone and features a safe locking system.

Or you can opt for Jack and Jill Cock Ring The Silicone 5 Snap (adjustable) Black that has five different size settings. This sex toy consists of premium, phthalate-free hybrid silicone, which is ultra-soft but retains its shape. 

Stretchy Cock Rings

Stretchy types usually consist of soft silicone. They come in the shape of a closed circle that you stretch to place around the penis and under the scrotum. Such cock rings are quite popular because you can easily put them on and off. The only drawback is that they are not adjustable, so they might not be as snug as you wish. 

Jack and Jill Collar Black Silicone Medium—1.875×0.75″ is a perfect example. This simple ring is made of high-quality silicone, so it’s durable and flexible. Stretchy rings can also come in a pack of three, like Jack and Jill Cock Ring The Tri-Pack Silicone Gasket (.75″, 1″, 1.25″) Translucent, so you can find your perfect fit. 

Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating toys have a little motor that causes vibrations, enhancing the experience for both the wearer and their partner. Although some men enjoy this sensation, most wear vibrating rings to help their partners achieve a more powerful clitoral climax. Unlike other kinds, you should wear vibrating rings near the base of the cock, but not below the balls. 

Willing to give it a go? Try We-Vibe Pivot — Blue! Manage settings to experience ten different vibrating sensations and to connect to the free We-Connect app. 

Solid Cock Rings

If you are a novice, it would be best to skip this model. Solid rings are worn behind the scrotum and at the base of the penis. However, they can cause a penile injury, such as penile strangulation, if you use a cock ring that is too small for your erectile capability. Take, for instance, Rouge Urethral Probe and Cock Ring Stainless Steel. This toy is designed for deep probing and is not for the faint of heart.

Cock and Ball Rings

These sex toys are perfect for men who prefer testicular stimulation during sex. Ball rings are also useful for postponing ejaculation since they pull the testicles away from the body (to ejaculate, the balls have to retract into the body). 

Jack and Jill Cock Ring The Hoist Smoke provides great support and a gentle lift. It consists of phthalate-free Super Elastique 3000, a stretch-to-fit material that offers a perfect fit and incredible comfort regardless of size.

Cock Ring and Butt Plug Toys

Like Double Penetrator Ultimate Cockring—Purple, specific cock rings are attached to a butt plug. You wrap the cock ring around your base before inserting the butt plug for extra pleasure. 

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when experimenting with cock rings is to be safe. But having fun is a close second! So, be cautious, pay attention to how everything feels, and have fun with this new addition to your sex life. Only then will you be able to decide if a cock ring is to become a permanent part of your sex toys collection.Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

Tips for Staying Present During Sex

Couples looking at each other

Turn inwards…

Mindfulness practices often focus on turning inward. Do a full-body check to assess where there is any tension, openness, or not much sensation. Observe the part of your body where you feel your breath most,  such as your nose, mouth, stomach, etc… Why not try fantasizing about a new or favorite sexual fantasy. Ponder whether or not you feel safe and secure and if you do not, think about what would make you feel protected. Get in touch with all of your senses to be fully aware of your inner self. 

Look outwards…

Carefully take notice of what is in your surroundings in every direction including any doors or windows. Perhaps you just need to do something different than what you are actually doing. Another tip is to select a sexual position that necessitates more concentration, physical coordination and maybe some balancing efforts.


Talk about it to figure out if there is a sensual act that always carries you to a place where you consistently focus on your body, rather than distracting thoughts.

Talk dirty… 

Get into the mood by verbally disclosing a secret fantasy or an extra hot experience to your partner.

Speak with a therapist…  

A counselor is trained to assist you in determining if there is a particular issue that may be inhibiting you from letting yourself go and fully enjoy being totally present during sexual rendezvous.

Try sex journaling… 

You can strengthen the emotional connection with your companion by journaling. Then, talk about your experiences together and discuss any detachments that occurred during intimacy.

Get ready for your next encounter…

Rehearse mindfulness during each and every one of your daily activities. By honing your concentration skills, you can then bring your newly-found ability into the bedroom.

Jack and Jill Adult reigns supreme when it comes to the ultimate source of heightening sexual pleasure. Our establishments are located in Florida or you can browse and order through our website instead.

Traveling with Your Toys

Travel documents with luggage and toys

In Stephen King’s novel, Gerald’s Game, a couple abscond to a remote location for a private getaway. Their intentions of taking their sex life to new heights are thwarted, when Gerald suffers a fatal heart attack after tying his wife up. If only they had chosen to bring some stimulating toys instead…

It’s no secret that the right toys can make any experience in the bedroom slightly more exciting, so why not take them with you on a trip to spice up a weekend getaway? Sounds simple, right? Well, if your commute is done via car, train, or bus, you won’t have to worry about anyone else but you and your partner know about what you’re packing and what your intentions might be. On a plane? Not so much. We’ve gathered some tips for traveling with toys in tow…just in time before the holiday rush begins. 

Smaller Toys, Smaller Disturbances 

Sometimes it’s the littlest items that pack the biggest punch. This is something to keep in mind when placing items into your luggage. Larger items might bring about unwanted attention when your suitcase meets the x-ray machine. 

BDSM & Fetish Gear 

The Marquis de Sade once remarked that “sex without pain is akin to food without taste.” While your fondness for being whipped (or being the one who holds the whip) and humiliated might be completely consensual, the security staff at an airport may think otherwise. Whips and riding crops can be classified as “defensive devices” and confiscated. Also, keep in mind that the average airline customer might not have handcuffs and gags in their luggage, so there’s a possibility of questioning. 

Explaining Yourself

What do you tell security when they pull a carefully concealed vibrator or other various items from your luggage? Simple—THE TRUTH. You’re in possession of items used to stimulate your sexual experience, you’re not smuggling hashish across international borders. Chances are, the person examining your bag has seen much more shocking material than the items that help you and your partner achieve the perfect climax. They’ve seen it all, and a simple and truthful explanation is all you need. 

Doing a Little Bit of Late-Night Research 

There might be a restriction on certain items if you’re traveling overseas. Doing some research ahead of time will save you a big headache when you’re entering customs. Don’t think you can be clever and put one over on them—customs agents are trained to find items that are hidden with expertise. 

Whether you’re traveling this holiday season or ringing in the new year at home, your best choice for a toy is Jack and Jill Adult. Our inventory is always growing and sales happen all year round. Don’t get your libido caught in customs, come on over to and find what tickles your fancy.

Up Your Masturbation Game with Sex Toys

Masturbate with Jill's lil' bullet

If you’ve never considered introducing sex toys and other pleasure products during masturbation, you may really be missing out as these tantalizing items can bring about unbelievable sensations. Fascinating products such as vibrators, strokers, oral sex simulators, and weighted metal toys used on the outside or inside your body work wonders to enhance your private sensual experiences. You may want to introduce your newfound exploration encounters with your mate and make them part of your sexual practices together. 

Dabbling in new sexual techniques by yourself is a terrific way of experimentation without feeling any kind of pressure or expectations from your partner. When you discover sexual acts that you can’t get enough of with your special toys, you can then share the how-to details of your intimate pleasures with your companion. Exploring unfamiliar but exciting sexual acts with one another is a fantastic way to bring your relationship to a heightened level of intimacy.

Masturbation is encouraged as a regular practice as it is very beneficial for our overall health. The act itself helps to maintain a robust heart and improves our spirits by decreasing anxiety and depression. By testing out different types of alluring gadgets you will discover which erotic methods your body responds to the best. When you incorporate sex toys and pleasure products that drive you sexually crazy during masturbation, you can elevate your already pleasurable experiences to levels that are beyond your wildest dreams. 

Jack & Jill Adult offers a wide selection of sex toys and pleasure products that will enable you to explore new experiences alone or with a partner. We have various stores situated throughout the state of Florida that we invite you to visit at your convenience. Customers can shop in the privacy of their homes as well by utilizing our website to order merchandise. We can be contacted via phone at 1-800-307-9531.

Sex Toy Guide for Men

Tailgunner Butt Plug MOTO Vibe by Sport Fucker

The world of male sex toys brings a whole other exciting dimension to eroticism. The variety is incredible with the numerous shapes and sizes for whatever your pleasure may be. Jack and Jill Adult presents a guide about sex toys for men.

Male Masturbators: A male masturbator (stroker or stroker sleeve) stimulates the entire penis for solo pleasure or as a part of foreplay for couples.

Pocket Pussies & Realistic Vaginas: Pocket pussies are held in the palm of the hand and provide a tight and natural feel. A realistic vagina has an amazing form with true-to-life internal anatomy and characteristics that mimic the real thing.

Fleshlights: Fleshlights are obtainable in a variety of orifices and textured inlays that are constructed using SuperSkin material for a totally natural feeling.

TENGA: TENGA products are top-shelf goodies when it comes to sex toys for men and there is a tantalizing spectrum available for purchase.

Male Vibrators: The unbelievable selection of male vibrators offers a delectable array of pure bliss.

Prostate Massagers: A prostate massager has the magnificent ability to stimulate the prostate by inserting it into the anus. This massaging can produce powerful orgasms that radiate throughout the body.

Penis Pumps: A penis pump may give a long-lasting increase in penis size over time. If a cock ring is placed over the base of your penis before using the pump, your shaft will likely retain its additional length and width after you remove it from the device.

Penis Extenders: An extender is a fabulous way to explore enlarging the length and circumference of your penis.

Cock Rings: A cock ring maintains blood in the penis which can boost the firmness of your member and even improve endurance. The rings are available in many different styles and can be worn during sex or prior to using a penis pump to prolong an erection.                                                                                                                             

Vibrating Cock Rings: This cock ring works like its non-quivering counterpart, except it vibrates. A vibrating cock ring can be used with a male masturbator or during a sexual encounter with a companion.

Jack and Jill Adult has a variety of sex toys for men that help enable the most powerful orgasms imaginable. All of our merchandise is top-quality and tantalizing. Jack and Jill Adult has several locations in Florida and our products may also be purchased in privacy through our website.

Natural Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

An increased sex drive can help you and your partner have a more fulfilling sex life. There are many ways to increase your sex drive, but natural solutions may be the most appealing to you. Here are some natural ways to increase your sex drive:

Many of us experience high levels of stress, which can lower our sex drive. Adaptogens can help reduce the effects of stress on the body. With reduced stress comes more ideal blood flow for sexual arousal.

Maca root is known for increasing athletic performance, stamina, brain performance, and energy. Additionally, it acts as an ovarian tonic that can balance hormone levels and regulate fertility. Maca root also has a hint of caramel flavor, so it’s tasty too.

Pine pollen is easy to find and can increase your sex drive or your partner’s sex drive. This natural solution is a testosterone booster that can increase stamina and libido. Some people use pine pollen for endurance training in athletics, but it can work for sexual endurance training as well.

One of the most popular natural sex enhancers is epimedium extract, which is also sometimes called “horny goat weed.” It was traditionally used in traditional Chinese medicine as a way to manage erectile dysfunction. However, it also works for women by optimizing blood flow.

Red clover is a botanical known as a phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogens act like estrogen in the body, helping balance hormones in both young women and menopausal women. It can even regulate collagen synthesis as an added bonus.

If you’re looking to enhance your sex life, consider trying any of these natural remedies. You can also shop with Jack and Jill to discover sex toys, lubricants, lingerie, and more. Shop our website or visit one of our Florida locations!

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