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What Are the Best Positions Using Adult Sex Furniture?

Sure the Kama Sutra makes it look easy, but trying a new sexual position isn’t always smooth sailing. It can be difficult to find the right angles in which both partners are comfortable.

To switch things up in the bedroom and make it easy to experiment, we at Jack and Jill recommend trying adult sex furniture, with these top five positions.

1. Missionary – For deep thrusting, conducive to a G-spot orgasm, the Liberator Wedge provides the perfect lift. Both partners will assume the usual position with him on top (or her, this is great for strap-ons too!). The woman just needs to lift her bottom up onto the wedge toward the elevated side to allow for maximum penetration.

2. Anal From Behind – While the Liberator Wedge will also work for anal positions; theMicrofiber Ramp may be better suited as it has an adjustable height ranging from 10-14 inches. Not only is it velvety soft, cushiony and ergonomic, the sex wedge is versatile for several different positions. For anal, the person on top can put his or her knees on the ramp to create a steep downward angle for the bottom.

3. Cowgirl – For woman-on-top positions, The Incredible Sex Stool allows for hours of play without putting a strain on the knees and hips. While it’s ideal for couples that are overweight, this piece of sex furniture supports all body types. All the woman needs to do is climb on top, and start riding, facing her partner head on or giving them a show from behind.

4. Standing up – Those new to an adult door swing are in for a wild ride, literally. The Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing fits over a doorframe with no tools required. One partner straps in with their full weight supported (up to 300 pounds), while the other has their way with them. The swing is ideal when the man stands, adjusts his partner to the ideal height, and proceeds with some sexy swinging action.

5. Oral – Couples can take oral to new heights with the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing. It holds up to 350 pounds and has a full 360-degree range of motion. The generous giver can strap in and perform flying fellatio (yes, it might draw a few laughs at first, but that’s all part of the fun!) without unnecessary strain on the neck or rug burns on the knees. Oral won’t be the only thing performed on this weightless adult sex swing – your imagination is the only limit.

Jack and Jill

From a practical sex wedge to a kinky bondage-style sex swing, we at Jack and Jill offer sex furniture for any position and, more importantly, any body type. Trying something new will result in more comfortable yet far kinkier sex, so give some of our sex furniture a try today!


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