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How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life

Sex is often said to be one of those things that’s still pretty great even when it isn’t the best lovemaking of your life. If you’re like most people though, you’d love to have the best sex of your life every time you do it!

While that might seem like a lofty, unattainable goal, there are some things you can do to spice up your sex life and make it hotter than ever before. Use this guide to learn how to have great sex, even if you’re with a new partner, or you’ve got a handful of kids limiting the amount of time you can be alone in the bedroom.

Pick Partners Wisely

If you’re already paired up, you can skip this section about choosing partners. After all, you’ve already done it, and for the most part, you probably feel good about your decision. If you’re not part of a couple though, whom you pick to sleep with is the most important issue to address if you want to have an amazing love life.

While it might be easy to find somebody attractive and end up in bed with them, it’s not always your best bet. That’s because truly amazing lovemaking generally relies on at least some emotional connection and interest in the person you’re in bed with!

Take time to choose your partners wisely by dating and getting to know them. Even if you don’t wait six months, a few dates first can make sex a whole lot more enjoyable for both of you.

Plan to Be Spontaneous

Couples with busy lives or children often complain about how hard it can be to find time to even be alone. If you’re in that boat, planning might sound like a pretty awful way to make love. Instead, plan to be spontaneous.

Book time with your partner for a date – but try four hours for that movie instead of two. Have the sitter take the kids to the park and don’t make any plans at all.

You’ll find that making love comes naturally when you’ve got time to let it happen.

Try Toys

When you’re in the right situation, having great sex should be pretty easy. For most people, having a good time with the right partner will be pretty natural. Sometimes though, a little outside stimuli is exactly what men, women, and couples need.

No, we’re not talking about knocking on that attractive neighbor’s door with a bottle of wine and a secret plan. We’re talking about including some toys into your love life that will make time in bed even more fulfilling.

For example, many couples really enjoy items like vibrating penis rings. The Tryst Black Multi-Erogenous Massager, the basic Reusable Vibrating C-ring, and the Wireless Rockin Rabbit Vibrating Ring are all amazing additions to some alone time for any couple. Even products designed to help women achieve orgasm like the Magic Wand Original and the Bodywand Original Body Wand Massager can make sex more exciting for couples.

Whatever toys look appealing, don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about them. Including some unique toys in your time in the sack can really turn the heat up, even if you’re already about to boil over!

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill can help you find the ultimate sex toys for a great romp in the hay. Whether you’re looking for basic toys like vibrators and penis rings, or more exotic varieties like blindfolds and handcuffs, we’ve got it all.


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