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How to Get Your Sex Toys Through Airport Security

Anybody who has been on a commercial flight in the last 15 years knows about security restrictions. You already know you can’t bring that big bottle of shampoo with you, and you already know sharp items like razors are a big no-no. If you’re like a lot of people, you wonder about bringing your favorite sex toys though.

While there’s no ban on sex toys, getting them through security can sometimes be problematic. For many people, the idea of a TSA agent handling your toys can also be downright embarrassing.

No matter what you plan to bring with you, there are some ways to do it without the hassle of extra security scrutiny. Use this guide to help you get all of your favorite toys through security and to your final destination with you.

Remove All Batteries

Battery-operated sex toys like vibrators are very common, and it makes sense that they’re among the most traveled-with toys. However, the batteries that power them can be a big problem when trying to get through airport security. That’s because batteries can be hazardous if exposed to heat.

If your favorite sex toy uses batteries, go ahead and bring it with you, but pack it without the batteries. You can buy what you need at your final destination for just a few bucks.

You’ll also avoid the potentially embarrassing situation where a toy starts buzzing in your carry on or when a TSA agent finds it in your bag and decides to start checking it out to see what it is.

Use Plastic Bags

Many people don’t like the idea of traveling with sex toys, not because of the embarrassment of having them seen, but because they don’t want people touching them with their dirty hands! To avoid that, put any sex toy you plan on traveling within a plastic bag.

No matter what size toy you’re traveling with you should be able to locate an appropriate bag at your local grocery store. Plastic bags are also helpful for dirty laundry, so pack a few in your luggage for the return flight home.

Check All Liquids

A lot of people have a favorite lubricant they wish they could bring along with them on vacation. If you’re one of them, you may travel without it because of stringent rules that prohibit certain amounts of liquid aboard an aircraft.

Just because you can’t walk on an airplane with your favorite lube doesn’t mean you can’t take it though. Instead, pack it in a sealed plastic bag and check it in your luggage.

You can even put it in a waterproof cosmetics bag to make sure none of it gets on your clothes if you end up on a particularly bumpy flight.

Think Small

Even if you love your Magic Wand Original, packing one in your suitcase may be a bit conspicuous. If you want to travel under the radar, think about packing a smaller sex toy that also packs a big punch.

Toys like the Sensuelle Point Rechargeable Bullet, the Power Trance Super Bullet and the Tenga Flip Hole for the guys out there all travel virtually unnoticed. Just because you love your bigger toys doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of fun with powerful, yet travel-sized versions.

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