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Learn How to Squirt With a Body Massager

Although there’s been a lot of sex talk in the past couple of decades, some things about our bodies remain a mystery. One of those things is highly sought after among pleasure-seekers — squirting. As a result, squirting is having a moment. The number of people searching for it on Pornhub doubled between 2011 and 2017. And yes, mere mortals can do it — squirting is not reserved only for professionals — but it might not look like you think. 

So, what is squirting, and where does all that juice come from? Is it pee? What does it feel like? Most importantly, how can you make yourself squirt and orgasm with a body massager?

Read on to find out! 

What Is Squirting?

Since the beginning of time, we’ve known that some women can release significant amounts of fluids from their genitals while being aroused or orgasming. The liquid can even be fired out from their bodies with water blaster power in some cases. This phenomenon is known as squirting or female ejaculation. However, some peer-reviewed studies suggest that squirting and female ejaculation are not the same thing.

We need to have a quick female anatomy lesson to understand squirting better. First, women have a urethral sponge, or a G-spot, located about two or three inches inside their vaginas. You can find it on the vagina’s front wall, towards the belly button. Next to it are the Skene’s glands that produce the vagina’s natural moisture. 

Sometimes when a lady is aroused, the skene’s gland fill up with fluid. The fluid leaks into the bladder. If pushed outside through the urethra during sexual activity, we call it squirting or female ejaculation. But despite what XXX movies are telling us, the liquid doesn’t always gush out of the body — it can drip, leak, dribble, or stream. 

Is Squirting the Same as Orgasm? 

While some people like to call it the squirting orgasm, squirting and orgasm are different. You can squirt before, during, or after a climax. In some cases, you can squirt but not orgasm at all. The two are different sensations and experiences. 

What’s more, ejaculation feels different for everyone. For example, some people say squirting feels like an orgasm; others report it feels like a massive release, while many don’t even feel it happening. 

But What Is That Liquid? Is It Pee?

No, it’s not pee. It can contain some traces of pee because the fluid goes to the bladder, where it mixes with whatever is waiting in there. Still, the liquid itself is called prostatic fluid (PSA). 

For gents, the male prostate produces prostatic fluid or PSA. In women, the Skene’s glands (paraurethral glands or female prostate) are made of prostate tissue, creating an ejaculate equivalent to precum in men. The glands help create the ejaculate and drain it into the bladder or the lower end of the urethra. Some experts say that the size of the Skene’s glands can decide if you will have a dramatic female ejaculation or drip a few drops.

PSA is usually white or colorless, while pee is yellow. Unlike urine, it also has no specific smell or taste, or if it does, they both tend to be sweet. Also, urine contains uric acid, while PSA is alkaline. 

Can Everyone Do It?

The jury is still out on that. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, between 10 and 50 percent of women experience female ejaculation at least once. Many sex educators also claim everyone can squirt — at least in theory. 

So, you probably can achieve ejaculation given the proper training and preparation. Still, there’s no guarantee you will. But if you are interested, it’s worth giving it a shot. 

Does It Look Similar to What You See in Adult Videos?

You might squirt like actresses in XXX movies, or you can experience something else entirely. Such scenes in movies are usually staged for theatrical purposes. In some cases, actresses fill their vaginas with water, then push it out dramatically using their vaginal muscles. Or they drink lots of fluid and urinate, pretending it’s female ejaculation.

Women who often squirt in real-life report they can’t guarantee it will happen every time. Also, the amount of juice during ejaculation can vary from one occasion to another. 

According to a 2013 research of 320 participants, ladies can release anywhere between 0.3 ml to more than 150 ml of female ejaculate. That means you can leak a few drops or half a cup while squirting — no one can tell. A sex educator, Lola Jean, holds the record for most ejaculation liquid with 1250 ml in 25 seconds of squirting. 

How to Squirt 

Like any other sexual activity, squirting will depend on your mood, preferences, and experience. There are a few ways to trigger your waterfalls: clitoral play, intense G-spot stimulation, or a combination of the two. You can also do it alone or with a partner. In any case, these steps might help you make it rain. 

Prepare the Space

Where you choose to trigger squirting — bed, floor, bathtub — make sure it’s comfortable. The process leading up to the ejaculation can take a while, so you want to avoid feeling stiff or cold in the middle of it. 

Likewise, some women can leak a lot of liquid while squirting, so you might need a waterproof blanket. The amount of fluid released will depend on how much water you drank before the act. Just because you usually don’t release a lot when you ejaculate, it doesn’t mean you won’t create a flood next time. 

So, it would be best to prepare for any scenario. Nothing can ruin your mood like worrying about your Egyptian cotton sheets or favorite comforter getting wet.

Get (Very Much) Turned On

The key to unlocking the squirting level is arousal and being relaxed. So, take your time, go slowly, enjoy a hot bath, and have your partner or husband massage your back, inner thighs, and genitalia. First, stimulate your clitoris, nipples, and vulva using your favorite magic wand. Then, let your partner rub you or pleasure you orally. 

Do whatever works best to bring you to the brink of orgasm, and then slow down. By doing so, your Skene’s glands will fill with fluid. 

Get Into the Right Position

Lying, sitting, bending over — it all comes down to your personal preferences. Still, many women say they feel most relaxed when lying on their backs, legs wide open, enjoying whatever stimulation they want. For others, the cowgirl position or doggy style works best as they allow them to use a wand and stimulate the clitoris while having partnered sex. But if you feel self-conscious when all the attention is on you, you can also try the 69 position because it will provide a welcome distraction.

Find Your G-Spot

When you are aroused, the urethral sponge swells, and you can locate it more easily. Try feeling for it with clean fingers and lots of lube (you’ll be in there for a while). Or help your partner navigate through the vaginal canal until they find a spongy spot sensitive to touch. If you find it and it feels good, apply a bit of pressure or let your partner stroke in and out or side to side.

However, keep in mind that not everyone has a sensitive G-spot. Also, if you feel uncomfortable, in pain, or like you have to urinate, you probably went after the G-spot too soon. Try going back to stimulating your other erogenous zones with a body massager until you become more turned on. Instead of fingers, you can also use sex toys that do a good job at stimulating the inner hot spot, like g-spot massagers.  

Don’t Forget to Touch the Clit

If you can’t find your G-spot or if touching it doesn’t do it for you, you should know that you don’t need G-spot stimulation for squirting. Toys that focus on your clit, like magic wands, are enough to get you there. So, use your favorite masturbation routine, putting enough pressure on the clitoris or nipples.

Do What Feels Good to You

Use any combination of oral sex, toy, penis, dildo, or hand that feels best. However, remember that having something inside your vagina might block the squirt from coming out of your urethra. So, the best way to go about it would be to use a hand, toy, or penis for penetrative sex until you feel you are about to squirt. Then remove them and continue with the clit stimulation until the big finish.

For some people, squirting comes if they continue using their magic wand after climaxing. When you feel squirting or orgasm is overcoming you, push outward using your vaginal muscles.

Why Some Women Can’t Do It

No matter how much you tried, you didn’t manage to squirt? You don’t have to feel bad; the reasons behind this can be psychological or physical. For instance, some women hold back because they are ashamed of the amount of liquid or a strong splash they produce. Others fear their partners will think they wet themself. 

For many, it’s just a matter of a wrong technique, not being turned on enough, or not responding well to certain types of stimulation. Even trying too hard to squirt can prevent you from getting there. Anything that puts pressure on women can make squirting more unattainable.

So, keep in mind that female ejaculation is entirely natural, and the fluid you produce is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Also, squirting is not some superior orgasm you or your partner must chase to prove you are skilled lovers. Enjoy the process leading up to it, and let it happen on its own. And if you can’t make it work, you still had a great time. 

Best Clitoral Squirting Vibrators

The best way to achieve dripping orgasms is to use sex toys that stimulate your clitoris, such as body massagers. Wands work best because of the powerful vibrations women can feel deep inside their vaginas, not just on the clitoris. So, check out the best sex toys to help you have an intense squirt session.

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman — Black/Gold

Body massagers are great because they make you orgasm in waves, and Satisfyer Wand-er Woman is no different. This XXL wand is flexible, powerful, and features fifty vibration combinations. It is also waterproof, which can come in handy if you plan to make it rain. 

Pillow Talk Cheeky Wand — Teal

Beautiful and effective, Cheeky Wand makes you feel lovely all over. This body massager is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand and not get in the way during intercourse. It also has an ultra-premium soft silicone surface that feels great against your sensitive flesh. Press and rub it against your vulva for more stimulation for squirting purposes.

Palm Power Waterproof Rechargeable Massager

This Palm Power’s wand is a new generation body massager. It sports a flexible neck, ensuring it stays with your hot spot at all times. In addition, the ergonomic handle is suitable for more extended use, rendering it perfect for the long process leading up to squirting. You can also purchase several detachable heads to cover all your sex toy needs. 

Evolved My Secret Wand — Purple

Our new favorite Secret Wand has intense vibrations, looks stylish, and is entirely waterproof and submersible. Use it for clitoral stimulation to get enough ejaculate in your glands and make a splash.

G-Spot Massagers

Clitoral orgasm and stimulation not enough to make you squirt? Don’t worry — you can always try a G-spot massager. Here are a couple of suggestions.

Glas 7″ Curved Glass G Spot Stimulator — Clear

G-spot massagers don’t have to be high-tech to be efficient. Curved Glass title=”G Spot Stimulator” is simple and perfect for beginners who are still exploring and trying to locate their G-spot. This glass toy is curved just the right way to hit it every time. Its weight also creates delicious pressure adding to the experience.

Adam & Eve Eve’s G Spot Thumper w/Clit Motion Massager — Teal

Take your satisfaction to a new level with Eve’s G Spot Thumper. This G-spot stimulator has pleasure beads and unique motions making it feel like fingers are stroking your favorite spot. It also comes with remote control, allowing the partners to play with different sensations together. 

What If You Didn’t Squirt?

The goal of this game is not to make yourself create Niagra falls or for the partners to feel good about their skills. The whole point is to explore your body and possibly find something new to enjoy. Found your G-spot, and it feels good? That’s amazing! In the sex world, it’s the equivalent of finding a holy grail.

Found it but discovered it doesn’t do anything for you? That doesn’t mean you did something wrong — now you know your body better. The fun is trying out new techniques and adding some spice to your love life. So, relax and give squirting a try — we hope it ends in a toe-curling splash.


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