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Penis Extenders For Erectile Dysfunction

There are millions of men suffering from impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction or ED. Some of them seek professional medical advice on what to do. Others undergo surgery that’s potentially dangerous for their lives. To many, a satisfying sex life seems like a distant dream, and it’s devastating, to say the least, to see so many good men under so much pain.

Of course, there are also millions of men who will openly state that there’s no cause for alarm. Nevertheless, plenty of them has tried to treat ED (or moderate ED, at the very least) using an external penile prosthetic device called a penis extender. And while penis extenders are primarily used to enhance the man’s member, they can also help recover erectile function. This article will explain how they do that.

Penis Extension Explained

Now, we can’t jump into ED treatment just yet. First and foremost, we need to explain penis extension to the uninitiated.

An extender is an external penile prosthesis that men use to enhance themselves. It’s a tool that increases one’s penis size and, supposedly, helps promote sexual recovery. 

Depending on what kind of tool you need, extenders usually come in one of three different forms:

Let’s go over them quickly.

Penile Extender Kits

Out of the three types, penile extender kits are the ones that most closely resemble what medical devices ought to look like. So naturally, the other two types are also medical. Still, they look more like traditional sex toys and are often marketed as such.

So, what does a typical penile extender kit look like? Well, it usually contains three sections. The first section is called the Basal ring; that part is where we insert the penis, and it’s specially designed to lay comfortably against our pelvis.

The second section of an extender kit is a bit more complicated. It contains a pair of screws, as well as both hexagonal and round cylinders. This is the most movable part of the device, and by adjusting the cylinders, you effectively adjust the traction tension of your penis. 

Finally, there’s the front piece, where the tip of the penis is fastened. In other words, it’s the type of device where you put your entire penis in and adjust it slowly to stretch it and gain length. Some peer-reviewed studies have been done to find out how effective these types of extenders can be. Their results have mostly been positive, with additional research still very much on the way. 

Penis Extender Study [Infographic]

Penis Sleeves

Most penis sleeves, also known as penis sheathes, actually do look like sex toys. One such sleeve, more often than not, looks like a hollowed-out dildo, usually with its glans exposed. Now, while they may look like sex toys, they are every bit the medical devices as extender kits are. Some of the other names for this device include cock sleeves, penis enhancers, and penis extensions

Some sleeves have a smoother interior chamber, allowing for a solid grip on your penis shaft. Others, however, happen to have a ribbed internal chamber with various nodes that tease your member as you’re having sex. The device works in such a way that both partners can achieve sexual pleasure during penetrative intercourse. There are even sleeves that you can place around a flaccid penis before the act. 

Elator-Like Extenders

The Elator, and other penis extenders like it, don’t look like a typical sleeve. Instead, it’s a simple device that consists of two rings and two rods. The rods go along the underside of the shaft. One of the rings goes around the base of the penis to constrict blood flow (much like a cock ring might). The other goes just under the head.

There are two main selling points with this type of extender. Firstly, it lets you have a satisfying sexual experience without even having an erection. Secondly, due to its design, it exposes the penis almost completely, allowing you to feel everything during any sexual intercourse.  

Different Types of Penis Sleeves

We’ve touched on the subject of extender kits before and how they help extend the man’s penis. So, here, we will focus primarily on regular penis sleeves. And before we delve into how they work, we need to classify them first.

Complete Sheathes

A complete sheathe covers the entirety of the penis, from the base to the glans. Depending on the model, they can be made of silicone, rubber, plastic, or a combination of those materials. The softer the material is, the more likely it will feel like natural skin.

There are also sleeves with a base ring where you can place your testicles for added pleasure, as well as options with a built-in vibrator. The latter can stimulate the woman’s G-spot during penetrative sex, satisfying both partners in the process. 

Partial Sheathes

Unlike complete sheathes, partial ones don’t cover everything. Instead, they leave the glans exposed to enhance sexual pleasure for the man. Even when flaccid, the glans are highly sensitive, so any penetrative stimulation will result in a pleasurable experience. 

Harness Sleaves

A harness sleeve is essentially a strap-on dildo but with a central opening where a man inserts his penis. These support devices are usually made out of a thicker material, like plastic, and come with harnesses that you can strap on to prevent them from slipping off your member during sex. 

The GETREAL Penis Extender With Rings 8″ / 21cm Flesh
Side View
Bottom View

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Once again, there’s a distinction to be made here between sleeves that are used for sexual enhancement purposes and extender kits (and other support sleeves) that help treat sexual dysfunction. An extender kit, as we mentioned earlier, is not a sex toy. Instead, it’s a device that you use over a long period to achieve permanent lengthening. So, let’s go over the kits first.

To use a kit, you need to lube it up, preferably with water-based lubricants. Once you do, place your penis through the basis and fasten your glans to the front piece. Then, according to your routine, turn the screws and set the pistons to your target length for the day. Leave it on for a minimum of three hours each day, and only increase the number of hours as you progress down your routine.

Penis sleeves work a little easier than that. Once again, you have to lube up your penis and your device. Next, insert the penis while it’s half-erect. You will want it to reach full erection once it’s inside of the device. If you can’t get an erection by any chance, make sure that the extender you have is for both flaccid and erect penises. 

Using Penis Extenders to Treat Erectile Dysfunction 

There’s a good reason why some penis extenders are marketed as ED support sleeves. Health articles and current scientific research both agree that sleeves can not only enhance one’s sex life but also help treat ED.

A significant percentage of men will report suffering from some form of impotence. Usually, it’s moderate ED that passes after a while. But severe ED is not rare, and it can have devastating effects on a man’s life. A common side-effect of having ED is premature ejaculation, and suffering from it can also lead to infertility, or rather, difficulty in even conceiving a child.  

There are multiple potential causes of ED. Some include medical conditions such as prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, and numerous cardiovascular problems. Other causes derive from bad habits, like excessive drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or engaging in extreme activities with lots of health risks (rafting, parkour, snowboarding, extreme martial arts, etc.).

With all that in mind, can penis extenders help with ED? The answer depends on what kind of extender you get. Purchase one that fits well and offers you pleasure during intercourse. You can gradually start to see results as your erections become more frequent with each passing day. However, the wrong type of extender can significantly harm you, so be careful what you’re buying and always do your research. 

If you’re using an extension kit, it might take a while to achieve your goal. However, we advise that you stick to it through the end, as it will provide less immediate but more permanent results than a cock sleeve.

Pros and Cons of Using a Penis Extender

Naturally, penis extenders are more than merely one of many non-surgical strategies to enhance one’s penis and can serve other purposes, too. But, once again, we will mainly focus on penis sleeves in this article, as they are a bit more common and, depending on who you ask, a bit more fun than kits. So, let’s quickly go over all of the advantages and disadvantages of using these particular types of enhancement devices.


  • A penis extender can work on either erect or flaccid penises, providing pleasure irrespective of the organ’s firmness
  • Depending on the design, they can pleasure both partners in different ways
  • They are easy to wash and maintain
  • Unlike some other methods, they don’t have prolonged health effects (if used correctly)
  • They boost the confidence and self-esteem of users
  • They come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and settings options.


  • They can be pretty pricy
  • Depending on the material, they can get damaged quickly if too much force is applied
  • Some materials may cause allergic reactions in certain users
  • While it may increase your penis, it does not increase your stamina
  • Unlike an extension kit, a sleeve will only provide you with a temporary extension. 

Other Types of ED Treatments

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are relatively common among sexual enhancement devices. They enlarge the penis using vacuum suction, giving it extra girth in the process. And while they are popular and relatively safe, they don’t produce permanent results. In other words, we would have to use it over and over again before every single intercourse. 

Cock Rings

Cock rings, also known as tension rings and constriction rings, are small devices that go around the base of the penis, constrict the flow of blood, and keep it hard. Men frequently use them in conjunction with penis pumps and other accessories. Sadly, they share the same unique disadvantage as penis pumps insofar as they offer short-lasting results. 

ED Medications

When in doubt, you can always try to pop a pill. Sexual medicine (sex med, for short) has progressed quite a bit over the past few decades, and there are now medications with FDA approval that can help men get and maintain an erection. The most common ones are Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. But, of course, we strongly advise you to see a medical professional before trying any of the medications mentioned above. 

Penile Implants

By far the most intrusive and arguably the most dangerous, surgical implants are widespread nowadays. A typical penile implant is a rigid rod (or semi-rigid, depending on what you need) that is inserted alongside the shaft of the penis, with an inflation pump that provides air and fills the rod up. The process will essentially give the man an erection at any point, but it’s incredibly invasive and a potential hazard. 


Sometimes, the real reason behind erectile dysfunction lies in something negative that’s happening in the man’s life. With that in mind, all the man has to do is seek professional help and talk his problems over with a doctor or a psychiatrist. Anything from stress, anxiety, and panic attacks can directly affect the man’s sex drive, so solving those issues becomes crucial. And yes, a simple, honest conversation can help.

Penis Enlargement and ED Treatment: A Summary

If we take all the ED treatment options into account, few are as non-invasive and effective as penis extenders. So, if you do your research and find the type of extender that works for you specifically, you can slowly get back in the game. In a matter of months, or even weeks, your erection will be back in full force, and your sex life will change once again for the better. 

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