Tips for Staying Present During Sex

Turn inwards…

Mindfulness practices often focus on turning inward. Do a full-body check to assess where there is any tension, openness, or not much sensation. Observe the part of your body where you feel your breath most,  such as your nose, mouth, stomach, etc… Why not try fantasizing about a new or favorite sexual fantasy. Ponder whether or not you feel safe and secure and if you do not, think about what would make you feel protected. Get in touch with all of your senses to be fully aware of your inner self. 

Look outwards…

Carefully take notice of what is in your surroundings in every direction including any doors or windows. Perhaps you just need to do something different than what you are actually doing. Another tip is to select a sexual position that necessitates more concentration, physical coordination and maybe some balancing efforts.


Talk about it to figure out if there is a sensual act that always carries you to a place where you consistently focus on your body, rather than distracting thoughts.

Talk dirty… 

Get into the mood by verbally disclosing a secret fantasy or an extra hot experience to your partner.

Speak with a therapist…  

A counselor is trained to assist you in determining if there is a particular issue that may be inhibiting you from letting yourself go and fully enjoy being totally present during sexual rendezvous.

Try sex journaling… 

You can strengthen the emotional connection with your companion by journaling. Then, talk about your experiences together and discuss any detachments that occurred during intimacy.

Get ready for your next encounter…

Rehearse mindfulness during each and every one of your daily activities. By honing your concentration skills, you can then bring your newly-found ability into the bedroom.

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