10 Dildos You Can’t Afford to Miss

three dildos lined up on a table

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll get straight to the point. Dildos are amazing. They’re the unspoken friends that allow us to have immense pleasure, and all it takes is the push of a button, the tap of a phone app, or the flick of a switch. We all like to play with ourselves every once in a while. And for maximum enjoyment of our self-play time, we will need the right kind of sex toy. Furthermore, the choice of the said toy can have immense benefits for our health and self-esteem.

Now, sex toys come in different shapes and sizes. A typical sex toy can be as simple as a penis ring or as complex as a sex robot. It can look intimidating, but it can also look cute and adorable. The variety of sex toys nowadays is immense, and we can’t recommend buying one enough.

In this particular article, we will focus specifically on dildos and vibrators. Below are some of our top picks for the best artificial penile toys. In addition, we’ve compiled a handy buyer’s guide that will let you know what to look for when it comes to adult products.  

4 Main Reasons to Buy a Dildo

Of course, before we move on to the sex toys themselves, we need to focus on the ‘why’. As we stated earlier, some people think that dildos are scary and that getting the wrong type of sex toy might lead to some nasty consequences. However, it’s 2022, and the taboos on sex toys are slowly breaking down. So, if our readers need further convincing, here are 4 rock-solid reasons to own a nice, firm sex toy in your home. 

Reason #1: It Improves Your Sexual Performance

In terms of sex lives, let’s focus specifically on women and gay and bi men. Sometimes, achieving stronger orgasms requires a bit of help. For example, maybe your partner suffers from ED, or there might be predictability in the bedroom. Alternatively, the ladies might suffer from sexual arousal disorder, and sometimes penetrative sex won’t be enough help in fixing it. 

Similar issues can occur with guys who enjoy being penetrated. On the one hand, they might require something more exciting in their lives, and sex toys can help. But on the other hand, erectile dysfunction can prevent them from enjoying some intimate fun. 

By acquiring a dildo, a vibrator, or any other sex toy, we can significantly improve our time in the bedroom. Sex toys are versatile enough that we can use them in different ways. For example, one woman can enjoy a dildo or with her partner. In addition, sex toys are the perfect stress relief option for men and women. But most importantly, a toy allows the individual to practice and improve in performing sexually, which can benefit them in future relationships.

Reason #2: It Improves Your Health and Well-being

Thus far, science has been on the fence regarding sex toys. Sure, a toy feels good, but can it positively affect one’s health? 

As it happens, there are plenty of ways sex toys can help you feel better. For instance, masturbating regularly can promote better sleep. So, if you have insomnia, get yourself a nice vibrator, pour a bit of lube on it, and fiddle around with it for a few nights. You’re guaranteed to get your beauty sleep.

In addition, using a dildo regularly will make a woman’s pelvic floor stronger than before. A weak pelvic floor can lead to urinary incontinence, which is a condition that’s both frequent and somewhat embarrassing for the ladies to discuss. And yes, a vibrator can help in that particular department. 

Furthermore, sex and masturbation can reduce the risk of heart attacks and lower one’s blood pressure. Not every dildo user will be in a relationship or have an active sex life. Therefore, it’s not only a good idea to get some toys, but it might also add several decades to one’s life.

Now, let’s say that you have chronic pain. Your first course of action might be to reach for a pill. However, a natural remedy for pain is an orgasm. And a mind-blowing orgasm using a dildo could do wonders for people who have an intense headache. 

Finally, we should stress that masturbation and sex both count as exercise. So, by having some sexy time with your favorite toy, you’re shedding those pounds and losing those excess calories. That is more than enough reason to purchase a dildo of high quality. 

Reason #3: It Improves Your Relationship

Sexual health is essential, but toys can serve as proper tools for reigniting intimacy between partners. For example, let’s say that a young heterosexual pair has had some issues reaching the needed sensation in the bedroom. They tried everything from rough clit rubbing to shower sex, and nothing seemed to work. What are they to do? Is that lack of intimacy a potential sign of a breakup, or can they do something about it?

Now let’s imagine that same pair with a couple of sex toys, be they strap-on dildos, anal plugs with a flared base, anal beads, or cock rings. Suddenly, they can experiment with various positions, use different settings and intensities, and even swap toys with other eager couples. The sky’s the limit. And if they share these intimate moments, the couple’s relationship will only grow stronger for it. 

Reason #4: It Helps You Explore Your Sexuality

Exploring one’s sexuality is a process that can last for decades, a journey with endless possibilities. So naturally, your body will seek excitement. Soon enough, you might switch from stimulating your vagina to toying around with your anus. And while you can do that with your fingers, using a fine-shaped dildo is a different story altogether.

For closeted homosexual guys, exploring one’s sexuality is even more of a big deal than it is to the ladies. After all, a solid subsection of gay fellas is likely to have been brought up in an environment where they couldn’t experiment, like a rural area where homosexuality is still seen as a taboo. Therefore, to these men, dating after coming out can be scary. A dildo is a neat way to prepare the inexperienced gay lads to accept who they are slowly. Plus, it gives them a bit of exercise before moving on to an actual partner. 

Both men and women who are experienced with dildos can also benefit from exploring further. For instance, many women harbor fantasies about oversized members, or simply ones with different sizes than what the ladies are generally used to. Therefore, experimenting with an extra-large toy can help them discover what they like. The same goes for ribbed toys, smile-makers, clit vibrators, and other pleasure items. 

Our Top Picks for the Best 10 Dildos

Well, we have our handy list out of the way. Now comes the fun part! Let’s focus on the best ten dildos that money can pay for. All of these sex toy options are available on our website, so anyone eager to shop around for some toys can check them out.

GETREAL Realistic Dildo With Balls 8″ / 20cm Flesh

A thermoplastic elastomer is an excellent material for modern dildos. It’s soft enough to feel like real skin, easy to clean, and you don’t need to worry about any wear and tear or rust. Furthermore, it’s completely phthalate-free, so it’s safe to use regularly.

The good people of GETREAL know all of that, which is why their 8-inch realistic dildo with balls looks and feels so amazing. One look at it, and already you can tell you’re getting a high-end set toy product. It feels like human flesh, complete with wrinkles, pores, and veins. A treat for any ladies or gentlemen looking for a handy sex toy.

In addition to its material, the GETREAL 8-inch dildo is also incredibly versatile. For example, you can use its suction option, place it on a flat surface, and sit on it for hours of fun. Furthermore, it’s strap-accessible, so feel free to put it in a harness and strap your partner. And to make the experience even more magical, it comes complete with realistic-looking (and feeling) testicles. 

In short, the GETREAL realistic dildo is the perfect option for any user. It’s so good that GETREAL made an additional variant, which leads us to our next choice.

GETREAL Realistic Dildo 8″ / 20cm Flesh

Once again, GETREAL gives us a decent 8-inch sex toy with a pronounced head and veins. And once again, it’s a soft, velvety toy that a user can wear in a strap-on harness. And it’s just as easy to clean as the model described above. Furthermore, the shaft design doesn’t look too different, from the shape to the color.

So, what exactly makes this particular GETREAL product differ from the previous one? Well, it’s a simple enough, subtle enough difference for anyone to notice. Namely, this model doesn’t have the addition of testicles.

The GETREAL realistic dildo we’re looking at here is something a bit more traditional. It’s an excellent standing model with a suction bottom that can be placed anywhere and used anytime. And while it might not look as realistic as the other one, it is nevertheless just as effective. So, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t need testicles on your sex toy, you’ll enjoy this splendid item from GETREAL. 

Blush Loverboy Manny the Fireman – Latin

Manny the Fireman does not vibrate. This is because Manny the Fireman does not contain any phthalates. Furthermore, Manny the Fireman might require a condom to stay fresh longer. Also, considering its girth, Manny the Fireman might need more lube than other dildos — water-based lube, of course.

Naturally, we love Manny the Fireman from Blush Novelties, so we can’t help but repeat its name so often. With its ‘discreet packaging’ and robust and hefty shape, this dildo is the perfect sex toy for anyone looking for a challenge. Of course, it’s made of PVC, so it’s a bit porous, but it contains no harmful ingredients and is entirely safe to use. 

What separates this sex toy from the others is the shape and the shade. Manny the Fireman is slightly darker than other dildos within the same range, plus it’s curved ever so slightly for that realistic feel. The added suction bottom and testicles make it the perfect treat for someone willing to play solo. It’s strong, shapely, and gets the job done — that’s a win in our book. 

Major Dick Straight w/Balls & Suction Cup Commander in Chief – Vanilla

Ignite has given us no shortage of incredible dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys to play with. One line, in particular, has left a few women (and men) with ruffled panties, that being Major Dick. And one product from Major Dick’s Straight line, the Commander in Chief, makes it into our list.

The Commander in Chief does look like the most soldierly of artificial penises. It’s as hard as the real thing but as straight and erect as a stick. Unlike Manny the Fireman, it has no curvature, but that’s by design, and the ladies love it. 

And speaking of sticks, the suction section of the Commander in Chief will stick to anything. This sex toy will find its place anywhere as long as the surface is flat, whether it is a wall, tiled floors, wood, plastic, or metal. Enjoy hours of fun without even thinking of using your hands. 

And if the vanilla option isn’t working for you, you can always opt for the slightly darker caramel. The feel is the same, as is the length, girth, and durability. They only differ in color, so it’s up to you which one will end up in your bedroom, ready for frequent use. 

Gläs Joystick Dildo

No, that is not a misspelling. The brand name is indeed Gläs, and the dildo we’re about to describe is one of its best models that we highly recommend to anyone.

The Joystick is made out of borosilicate glass. This feature is key for several important reasons:

  • The material is highly resistant to heat and cold
  • It’s highly durable and will only break if we drop it onto the hard floor
  • The body of the sex toy is easy to clean and maintain
  • The item will stimulate the vagina or anus of anyone who’s not into soft, velvety realistic options.

Indeed, the Joystick doesn’t look realistic. But there is a purpose for its signature ribbed look. Namely, we can achieve immense pleasure when we insert it into ourselves, especially near the big, bulbous end tailor-made to stimulate the G-spot.

As we stated, glass dildos like the Joystick lend themselves well to heat and cold play. We need to either keep the sex toy in the fridge for 20 minutes or soak it in warm water for about the same amount of time. Soon enough, we will be on the steady course of feeling novel sensations that words cannot describe. 

Shaft Model A Flexskin Liquid Silicone 7.5″ Dong w/Balls – Oak

Realistic and velvety seems to be what the market wants. And we think that Shaft from Model A delivers on that front and many others.

Once we get past the hefty cost of Shaft, we can see that it offers your standard-issue dildo fare. Its figure and shape are realistic and resemble a proper penis that’s always up. Furthermore, the head is appropriately curved, and the veins give it an extra note of realism. And of course, we can’t forget the testicles and the suction bottom, suitable for solo play and partner fun.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of owning the Shaft is the material. Each dildo is made out of high-grade Flexiskin liquid silicone. The material is far from porous, and we’ll be able to clean the dildo within minutes after use. But, more importantly, Flexiskin is so soft and pillowy that it can almost be mistaken for natural skin. So, don’t miss the opportunity to give this substitute penis a good try. 

Colours Pleasures 7″ Yum Yum Dildo – Pink

Yes, Yum Yum is the appropriate name for this splendid product from Colours, a brand of NS Novelties. One look at this fantastic tool, and we can see why so many people, the ladies, in particular, want to use one to pleasure their bodies. 

Yum Yum comes in a fashionable mix of pink and white. Its patterned exterior feels like satin, while the body is made of superior-grade silicone. In other words, the Yum Yum is hard enough to take on any person who uses it but soft enough for people to enjoy it during foreplay before penetration.

The Yum Yum is 7 inches long and veiny, based on real-life models of penises. It can also be used as a part of a strap-on if you want to have some fun with a partner. The suction bottom enables us to place the Yum Yum on any flat surface and enjoy some hands-free fun.  

King Cock Plus Triple Density Cock 6 Brown

King Cock Plus is one name that you’ll often hear since they make outstanding products. More than one of King Cock dildos will make their way onto our list, with plenty of others being available on our website for any curious future users.

Let’s start off with their 3D, i.e., Triple Density brown 6-incher. This spectacular product has a sturdy interior and a velvety, gentle, skin-like exterior. The feel is beyond real, and the user will not be able to tell the difference between the 3D toy and the real thing. And if your partner is interested in giving it a try, you can place it in a strap-on harness and go to town. Hands-free fun is also on the table. The suction bottom of the dildo is incredibly durable and adaptable to any flat surface. 

The material of the Triple Density cock is pollutant-free and will not harm the human body, similar to silicone. Furthermore, it’s easy to wash and maintain and easy to store. In short, it’s the kind of toy you don’t want to miss out on. 

Colours Girth – Purple

Colours is back once again, but we have its famed Girth line this time. The line draws its fame from high-quality, superior silicone dildos that are thick, durable, and perfect for penetration. Naturally, the toys come with excellent suction bottoms that help them stay firm and upfront on any flat surface.

One look at the Purple variant of the Colours Girth line will say plenty. It’s an excellent silicone sex toy with just enough veins and creases to satisfy anyone. The color choice is one of its best features since it allows the users to change things up from skin-colored items. 

King Cock Slim Double Dildo Black 12 Inch

Rounding up the list, King Cock is making a comeback with its Slim 12-inch double dildo. A true US original, the Slim sex toy is made out of pollutant-free rubber and is exceptionally firm. That firmness makes it both durable and extremely powerful as a toy, capable of providing satisfaction to two partners at once.

The jet black color of the King Cock Slim double dildo was not chosen by accident. Plenty of users prefer this color, as it is alluring and draws the user right in. Furthermore, its length works to its advantage. If users feel the need to insert a little extra into themselves, they have 12 whole inches of pure pleasure to enjoy. 

Dildo and Vibrator Buyer’s Guide

With our list of sex toys nice and ready, we should stress that buying a pleasure tool is not something a customer should take lightly. To pick the best toy that fits our needs, we need to go over several vital details. To help out some potential buyers, we’ve prepared this handy buyer’s guide for getting the best toy on the market today.


In terms of size, we need to look at both the length and circumference.

On average, an American man’s penis is 6 inches long. With that in mind, anything between roughly 5 and 7 inches in length can be counted as an average phallic sex toy. Anything beyond seven counts as big, while anything drastically bigger (e.g., 14 inches) falls under the category of ‘brutal’.

The toy’s girth we want will depend on how much we can handle. The best way to decide is to use a ruler and measure the toy’s diameter that catches our eye. That diameter will give us an idea of how thick the toy would be while penetrating the vagina. For reference, an average sex toy of this type is roughly 1.5 inches in diameter, so we can use that as a yardstick. 


There are different types of dildos based on their shape, purpose, and function. A typical retail website will usually list off multiple categories, some of whom overlap. 

The basic division is between vibrators and regular toys. A vibrator typically has different settings, and we switch between them to adjust the intensity. Some modern vibrators also have remotes, so you or your partner can control them from a distance. The level of control will depend on whether the toy has app connectivity, making it perfect for online adult performers. They are also USB rechargeable, and some even come with software updates. 

Shape-wise, dildos and vibrators can be realistic-looking, smooth, bumpy/ribbed, or have atypical shapes. The atypical ones can either look like animal reproductive organs, fantasy elements such as tentacles, or have unique designs. 

Dildos also vary depending on where they enter or how we use them. Some are purely for anal stimulation, while others, like double dildos, can simultaneously satisfy two people. There are even sex toys that help with G-spot and prostate stimulation, as well as packing dildos that simulate having a flaccid penis. That last subsection isn’t useful for penetrative sex, but they are nevertheless quite handy and popular.


In terms of material, we will provide a brief rundown of dildos you should buy and the ones you ought to avoid. 

These are the materials you will want to check out since they are easy to clean and maintain, plus they will almost never contain any phthalates or other pollutants:

  • Silicone (as well as silicone variants)
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Elastomer
  • Acrylic
  • ABS plastic.

The following materials are the lowest quality for dildos. Some of them might work, but it’s best to avoid them if you intend to shop for a decent sex toy:

  • PVC
  • Latex
  • Jelly
  • Cyber Skin
  • Fanta Flesh
  • Futurotic.


Some dildos might cost a solid amount of money, depending on the material they’re made from and the general features they might have. Anywhere around $50 is a reasonable price for a sex toy. However, we recommend that the buyer pay less money than that if they are a first-time user. Starting off with a less costly toy will give the user some perspective on what they like and how it satisfies them. Once they have that information, they can purchase something pricier that helps them achieve sexual satisfaction.

The general rule for buying sex toys is fairly simple. First, compare and contrast the popular brands that people shop for today. Then mark the cheapest and the most expensive products, and you’ll have a neat little range. Anything under that range is probably of poor quality, while anything higher might be a rip-off. 

Jack and Jill Dildos and Vibrators: The Bottom Line

Dildos play a key role in keeping one’s sexual health and self-esteem in order. It might not seem like it to an untrained eye, but those silicone replicas are our companions, ready to give us our dose of orgasms any time we desire them. So, don’t worry about all the taboos related to dildos. If you’re interested, shop for one today and treat your vagina or your anus to some of the best self-pleasuring sessions ever!

The Best Dildos for Beginners

Buying your first dildo sex toy is an exciting and daunting task because a lot of research and thought goes into making a decision. Furthermore, if you’re still trying to figure out what you like regarding penetration, sex, and masturbation, making a choice is much harder. 

That’s why sex toys for beginners, like beginner dildos, are the perfect solution! They are great both for solo play and partnered sex, and they can practically transform your sex life. But what is the best dildo for beginners? Which toy is the perfect pick for someone who’s just now dipping their toes in the deep waters of sex toys

Keep reading to find out!

Why Even Opt for a Dildo?

The worldwide sex toy market is massive. What’s more, it’s constantly growing. Even the global pandemic couldn’t break it. Moreover, during lockdowns and the first COVID year, the market grew even more than predicted. Therefore, it’s likely that nothing can (nor should) slow it down. 

Thanks to the neverending technological developments, the sex toy industry is getting new categories of toys (like teledildonics and other interactive toys) each minute. 

So, how does one even pick a category of sex toys when browsing through a sex toy shop site? 

Although that’s a complicated question, there’s an easy answer. You start small and simple and work your way up. And there’s no more straightforward toy to operate than the mighty dildo. 

A Dildo Is Straightforward

Some people find sex toys scary because they think they won’t be able to use them. However, with dildos, that fear is completely unfounded. 

Designed to look like a real penis (or at least resemble it), a dildo is the easiest toy to use. So, you can treat it like that and call it a day. And, as a nice bonus, you can also have as much foreplay as you like (which isn’t always the case when a real penis is involved).

Of course, the market is full of different sex life? Alternatively, are you looking for the perfect dildo for lesbian couples or anal penetration?

Either way, the market has what you’re looking for. But not every dildo in every category is suitable to be a starter dildo.

You Can Easily Control It

Another great benefit of dildos is that you control the penetration. The toy doesn’t really do much in terms of features (it won’t move on its own or vibrate), so you have complete control over it. That’s what makes dildos an excellent pick for novices.

Dildos Aren’t Complicated

Some dildos offer plenty of features. However, most dildos (especially the beginner-friendly ones) offer just a few. That makes them easy to use. You don’t have to think about which button to press at what time to get a few orgasms out of the toy. With a dildo, you can enjoy vaginal penetration (or any penetration) if you so choose.

How to Find the Perfect Dildo for Beginners?

It’s probably apparent that huge dildos aren’t the best option for someone who’s never owned a sex toy. However, it’s OK if that’s as far as you’ve gotten in deciding which dildo to buy. To lend a helping hand, here’s a quick buyer’s guide that will help you shop for the best dildo for you.


When browsing through a sex toy shop site, pay attention to the material of the toys you’re interested in. Of course, every toy you buy should be body-safe. Your best bet is to choose one of the silicone dildos. The Femme Funn Turbo Baller, for example, is made entirely out of medical-grade silicone.

But why opt for silicone instead of some other cheaper material? First of all, you don’t want to treat your private bits like an afterthought. It’s important that you shop for high-quality dildo sex toys because they can save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Always Go the Body-Safe Route

Body-safe materials lower the risk of infections and are easier to maintain and clean. They’ll also last you much longer. That’s why silicone, TPE, metal, and glass are preferable to plastic, PVC, jelly, and other porous materials. If the material is porous, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria sooner or later.


Picking the right material is a huge part of ensuring you’ve chosen a safe dildo. However, there are also some other things to consider there.

For example, if you’re looking for a dildo with anal penetration in mind, you need to get a toy with a flared base. Remember, anal play is only fun if you keep it safe. Otherwise, you might end up in the ER.

Furthermore, it’s also crucial that you use the right lube with your toy. For example, if you opt for silicone dildos, make sure you get water-based lube. Silicone lubricants will eat away at the silicone toys, damaging them. 


Of course, the size of the dildo might seem like the most crucial factor to you, primarily if you’ve never used dildo sex toys for vaginal and anal penetration. Although toys of all sizes can provide sexual pleasure, the best dildos for beginners are the small ones. 

As they say, start small and work your way up. Alternatively, if you’ve always dreamed of a dildo with quite a bit of insertable length, opt for a slim one. Don’t let your desire for orgasms write checks your body can’t cash.

For example, something of average size, like the GETREAL Realistic Dildo With Balls, is an excellent fit for both novices and dildo sex toy enthusiasts. 

Type of Stimulation

Like there are different sizes of dildos to choose from, you can also pick a dildo based on the type of stimulation it offers. Regular dildos don’t do much other than offer vaginal and anal penetration. However, you can also go for a vibrating dildo, a dildo that provides clitoral stimulation, a dildo that comes with a harness, and one that has a slight curve to the shaft. The latter is perfect for G-spot and P-spot stimulation, etc.

So, you have plenty of options. You must decide which type of stimulation you’re interested in before you buy a dildo sex toy. 


One of the factors to consider is also the appearance of the toy. Are you looking for a realistic dildo or something that looks more like it belongs on the pages of a fantasy graphic novel?

Realistic dildos are extremely popular, but the great thing about these toys, in general, is that they come in all shapes and sizes. So, if a realistic-looking penis dildo isn’t for you and you’d prefer something different, you’ll quickly find it.


Just like materials, the texture is also important. How the toy feels is an essential factor. It can make your solo time more pleasurable or completely ruin it. Silicone dildos don’t have the same texture as metal dildos. Similarly, you can’t use them in the same way. Metal dildos are perfect for temperature play, and they offer a smoothness that only glass dildos can rival. 

But if glass and metal dildos aren’t your thing, you have other options. TPE dildos, on the other hand, have a more realistic texture. As a result, they’ll feel more like a real penis than any other toy. 

Best Dildos for Beginners

These factors are vital for picking your perfect fun new play toy. However, to further aid you in your pursuit of pleasure, there are a few dildo categories that are a perfect fit for beginners. We recommend you avoid categories like big dildos (and especially massive dildos) because although they are undoubtedly fun, they may be something you need to work towards.

Average Size Dildos

Suppose you’re looking to spice up your sex life without going overboard. In that case, a dildo with an average insertable length is a great pick. Of course, you don’t want to go too small and get something that looks more like a butt plug than a dildo, but you don’t want to get something massive either.

An average size dildo that has a shaft of between 5 or 6 inches like the Ruse Shimmy Silicone Dildo With Balls will be more than enough to take you to Pleasure Town. This dildo also offers G-spot stimulation. If you also involve your clitoris during fun times, you’ll have a full-body experience that you’ll never forget!

Small Soft Dildos

A small soft dildo is an excellent pick for beginners because it’s easier to handle. In addition, the size is average or below average, and the extra softness makes the toy more pleasurable. These dildos, like the ColourSoft 5″ Dildo, usually have a slight curve to them as well, which makes them ideal for G-spot or prostate stimulation.

The added layer of soft silicone makes these dildos highly comfortable to use. However, that also makes them more flexible, so keep in mind that you’ll have to use more lube with them to achieve penetration.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are one of the most popular categories of sex toys in the world. If you prefer a toy that looks and feels like the real deal, this category is definitely for you. 

A realistic dildo is soft to the touch (like the GETREAL 8 Inch Dildo), and it has a realistic head that will breach your vaginal opening beautifully (or other openings, of course). What’s more, the dildo looks so real that it even has veins on its shaft.

Differently Shaped Dildos

If you opt to shop for differently shaped dildos, your vagina (and your clit) will thank you for it. These toys are great because they offer multiple points of stimulation. 

Just because a dildo looks weird doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. For example, if you’re looking for something you can enjoy with your partner, the double dildo like the Together Female Intimacy Vibe might be the perfect fit. 

Suction-Cup Dildos

Handy and ideal for some shower play, suction-cup dildos are an excellent pick for beginners. They stick to flat surfaces (such as the shower wall), which allows you more control. It also offers the chance of a hands-free experience. 

Plus, suction-cup dildos are great if you want to play with your partner. Not to mention, they fit great in a strap-on. So, they give a lot of bang for your buck.

There are different suction-cup dildos, but people usually shop for those with balls, as they offer a more realistic feel.

Remote Controlled Battery Operated Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

Dildos With a Base

Dildos with a base are great for strap-on play and anal play. If you and your partner are into pegging, these dildos are the perfect pick for you. 

However, a dildo with a base will be a great choice, even if you’re playing without a partner. It is safer than other types (which is always a good thing for beginners). 

Slim Dildos

Although they aren’t an excellent fit for a strap-on, slim dildos are an excellent choice for someone who never used a sex toy. They’ll go easy on your vaginal opening. In other words, they are perfect for easing yourself into sex toy use.

Vibrating Dildos

Glass and metal dildos might look amazing, but nothing is a better fit for a beginner than a vibrating dildo. Vibrators are the most popular sex toys, and a dildo-vibrator combo will treat your body right. 

With different vibration patterns and intensities available to you, a dildo vibrator will stimulate just about everything. Vibrators can offer more than a regular penis ever could, making them a perfect choice for beginners. 

Always remember that no matter which type of dildo you get, it’s vital that you keep it clean. Use a sex toy cleaner or some mild soap and warm water to clean your toys before and after each use. That will keep both you and the toys safe!

Can Dildos Cause Miscarriage?

Is it okay to continue using your favorite dildos when expecting? While being pregnant is a beautiful experience, it does require many lifestyle changes. With so much talk about what you should or shouldn’t do during pregnancy, you might wonder what is allowed in the bedroom.

This article will look at how safe it is to use dildos and vibrators while pregnant. Moreover, it will discuss a few ground rules about combining sex toys and pregnancy and which love toys might be the best choice. 

A Pregnancy Dilemma: Is Using Dildos and Other Sex Toys Safe?

Your sex drive might skyrocket or vanish entirely during pregnancy. That is because a lot is happening in your body, and hormonal changes can cause you to respond differently to sexual activity. For instance, an increased blood flow to your vagina can make you more sensitive to touch. On the other hand, worrying about the baby, tiredness, morning sickness, and other pregnancy symptoms make some women lose interest in sex. 

For the ladies who are still feeling up for some bedroom action, the question remains: is it safe to use a vibrator, dildo, and other adult toys during pregnancy? Yes, it is perfectly safe. Unless your OB/GYN tells you otherwise, you can use both vibrating and non-vibrating toys in all stages of pregnancy. That means you and your partner can enjoy a healthy sex life without causing any harm to your baby. 

So, if you have a normal, low-risk pregnancy, sexual activity and masturbation with the help of any sex toy are okay. Some experts recommend them to relieve stress and take your mind off the usual pregnancy discomforts. Furthermore, masturbation, either alone or with your partner, can help you when your growing belly starts making your favorite sex positions uncomfortable. 

Is There a Chance of Hurting the Baby While Using a Vibrator During Pregnancy?

Masturbation and sex toys do not pose any risk because the uterine muscles and amniotic sac completely protect your baby. Moreover, the mucus plug seals your cervix, safeguarding against infections. Nevertheless, many pregnant women worry that a penis or penetrative toy can harm the baby. But rest assured, a penis, dildo, or vibrator will not come into contact with the fetus, nor will vibrations disturb it. 

It would be best to clear it with your doctor first to be on the safe side. Unless they put you on pelvic rest (meaning no intercourse or penetration) for a medical reason, you can freely vibe along. 

Some Guidelines to Follow When Using Sex Toys While Pregnant

Suppose a medical professional decides you can continue using a vibrator or dildo during pregnancy. In that case, you should follow some safety rules. That way, you can avoid putting your and your baby’s health at risk. 

Your Toys Must Be Clean

A general rule of thumb is to wash your toys before and after each use to avoid infection. But this notion becomes much more critical during pregnancy. So, our best advice is to make sure anything you introduce into your vagina is clean. 

If you have silicone toys like dildos that don’t vibrate, you can boil them for 5 to 10 minutes or wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher. You can clean battery-operated toys with warm water and antibacterial soap for around twenty seconds. Make sure to wash them all over, buttons and handles included, rinse and dry thoroughly before using them.

Also, read the instructions that came with your toy carefully. Different materials, like rubber, nylon, leather, and plastic, can have other cleaning routines, and it’s vital to follow through. 

Keeping your collection of sex toys clean is the best way to protect your body against most vaginal infections. That’s especially important during pregnancy since an untreated vaginal infection can increase the risk of preterm labor. Unfortunately, in most cases, women don’t recognize the symptoms of infection before it’s too late. While that’s usually not a big problem, it can cause severe complications in pregnancy. 

Try Not to Penetrate Too Deeply 

Your anatomy won’t let you go too far, so you don’t need to worry about piercing the placenta. But that doesn’t mean you won’t damage your cervix, especially if you penetrate too deep. So, if you notice any pain or discomfort, you should stop the penetration. Moreover, avoid using toys with sharp edges for the time being. 

Don’t Use the Same Toys for the Anus and Vagina

Even with a thorough cleaning, you can’t be sure you managed to get rid of all bacteria and viruses. Bacteria in your anus can cause an infection if transported to the vagina. So, to protect your and your baby’s health, never use the same toy for anal and vaginal penetration. Or, if you can’t avoid it, put on a fresh condom before switching orifices. 

Never Share Your Dildos

According to some peer-reviewed studies, sharing toys is always risky, so it would be best for pregnant women to avoid it altogether. Still, if you are using a vibrator and want to share it with your partner, you can always put a new condom on as you swap it over. 

Watch Out for Cramps, Blood, and Pain After You Use a Vibrator During Pregnancy

Orgasms can trigger mild cramps in pregnant women, called Braxton Hicks, which should slowly go away on their own. That is normal, and you shouldn’t worry about them unless they increase or become more painful. In that case, contact your doctor immediately. 

Lust Remote Control Dual Rider

When Is It Not Safe to Use Toys? 

There are several instances when you need to be more cautious or avoid vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys altogether. 

If You Have Placenta Previa

Placenta previa is when your baby’s placenta lies low, covering your cervix. In such a case, any penetration, especially in later pregnancy, can lead to heavy vaginal bleeding. 

When You Are at Risk for Premature Birth

There’s a chance the orgasm can cause contractions in this situation. So, it would be best to put your sex life on hold while closely tracking pregnancy.

Your Water Has Broken

If your water has broken, there’s a greater risk of catching an infection. That’s why penetrative toys like dildos are not a good choice. 

You Have a History of Cervical Weakness

weak cervix starts to soften as you go into your second and third trimester, which can cause bleeding, your mucus plug falling out, or your water breaking. Therefore, it’s better to steer clear of toys or sexual activities until your due date. 

You Had Heavy Bleeding

Several things can cause bleeding during pregnancy. But if you have experienced heavy bleeding, especially in your first trimester, it’s best to avoid sexual activity.

For more details on safe sex during pregnancy and other parenting information, click here

Safety Of Using Sex Toys While Pregnant [Infographic]

The Best Toys to Use During Pregnancy

It is okay if you don’t feel comfortable using your old sex toys during pregnancy. So, if you are thinking about shelving your dildo for nine months, there are some other toys you might find more appealing. 

Lust Remote Control Dual Rider — Purple

This state-of-the-art toy can stimulate your vulva using twelve different sensations. The best part about it? It has a remote control so you can make yourself comfortable and take charge of your orgasm hands-free.

LELO Smart Wand 2 Medium — Deep Rose

Not willing to give up on vibrators during pregnancy? This Smart Wand from LELO has a curved handle that can help you out when there’s a baby bump in the way. Another plus side is that it also works as a body massager that can come in handy throughout pregnancy. 

Screaming O My Secret Remote Control Panty Vibe – White 

Vibrating panties are also a good way to enjoy some solo time hands-free. Screaming O’s Panty Vibe are lace panties with a pocket you can put a multifunction bullet into. You operate it using a remote control that looks like a ring. 

So, Can Dildos Cause Miscarriage?

In healthy and low-risk pregnancies, dildos will not cause miscarriage or harm the baby. So, you are free to continue playing solo or with your partner as usual. However, you shouldn’t use dildos, vibrators, or other sex toys if your pregnancy is risky and your doctor prohibits penetrations and orgasms. If that’s the case with you, don’t worry — it won’t be long before you get to use your favorite toys again.

What Is A Dildo & How Do You Use Them

If you’re new to the world of using toys for the act of self-pleasure, then you might be unfamiliar with what a dildo is. That is unless you watch early seasons of South Park and various films of the pornographic variety. Fear not, for Jack and Jill Adult is much more than an emporium of goods for the discriminating adult, we believe in educating the masses on all matters of the flesh, pleasure, pain, and everywhere in between. So, if you’ve ever been curious about what the dildo is and what its proper uses are, you’ve come to the right place. And yes, we mean that in both ways.

Humble Beginnings

The storied history of our phallic-shaped friend is not one that begins in modern times. No, the story of the dildo stretches back thousands and thousands of years. While the exact origin of the masturbatory device is still unknown, a recent archaeological find in Germany found a siltstone phallus dating back upwards of 30,000 years ago. While it might be hard to think of sexuality in terms of prehistory, it’s always been a part of human evolution and the experience that accompanies it.

During the excavation of Pompeii, several phalluses were found, carved upon walls, and murals depicting the object were quite commonplace. This is not a surprise to historians and experts of Greco-Roman history. The phallus didn’t have the stigma or taboo ever associated with it, and a depiction of an erection was considered by many to be a sign of good luck and fertility. Finding one displayed in such a public manner would be contentious today, and these findings speak to the puritanical mindset that evolved as civilization expanded.

Dildo: A Definition 

Now that the brief history lesson has concluded, we’re now able to provide a proper definition. In short, a dildo is a phallic-shaped object that can either have a void-less shape, or a cylindrical likeness with little to no detail. However, some people aren’t fans of the abstract in their art, and descriptiveness is needed to have a more intimate meeting. To this end, dildos can have great detail, including the head, shaft, and testicles being made to look as life-like as humanly possible. 


A popular definition and one that’s most associated with the dildo is that it’s a tool for self-love. Or, if you prefer, we can be more direct in our phrasing, and it’s an item used for masturbation. However, this is only part of the equation. Yes, using the dildo in “she-bopping” (or masturbation if you prefer). However, like most toys that are used for any form of foreplay or intercourse, the dildo can be used by partners of either sex. The object is not exclusive to one type of activity or gender. While its most common use is vaginal, the dildo can be used for anal penetration as well.

The main point we’re making is that it’s used for pleasure. And like most forms of art or theater, the best uses are entirely subjective.

What Are They Made From? 

Much like the many uses that dildos can be utilized for, the material made to construct these pleasurable objects can vary. The most common material used is silicone or plastic. However, some people prefer their phalluses made from materials such as metal or glass. However, you take it is also subjective, just like how you prefer to use it. 

What’s the Difference Between Dildos and Vibrators?

This question is two-tiered, similar to a two-headed…you know. The short answer to this question is that dildos are objects made to remain stiff and erect, and are usually made entirely up of a single compound, while vibrators are made from mechanics and elicit vibrations. But, to answer this inquiry with slightly more depth…and yes, we intend that pun, here we go…

A dildo’s primary function is to simulate intercourse, be it vaginal or anal. And while a dildo has a variety of functions and uses, a vibrator is usually strictly used to stimulate the female clitoris and g-spot. Now, there are some dildos that elicit their own vibrations, so the definition isn’t always so cut and dry. Vibrators are primarily used for external use. 

Misconceptions of These Statuesque Erections

Just like anything else that we encounter in this world on a day-to-day basis, the dildo has some misconceptions about it that have found their way into the ever-widening lexicon of popular culture. Let us dispel them the best we can…

The biggest misconception is that a female who uses one will grow tired of, or is intent on replacing their partner. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Any masturbatory act is never meant to replace the importance of human interaction and the intimacy that comes from a partnership. The person who came up with this most likely has some issues they had to work out. 

The second biggest misconception is that they’re painful. Again, this is false to a point. Like many other things, dildo use depends heavily upon the person who uses it. Know your limitations and be sure to use a decent amount of lube to avoid any pain that might subside from penetration.

Clean After Use 

Let’s be honest—after any sexual activity, we have the need to clean ourselves up. Dildos are no exception. While there’s no definitive guide for cleanliness, it’s best that they get cleaned after every use, especially if you have multiple partners and plan on using it in multiple locations on yourself or others. This is a hygienic necessity that shouldn’t be ignored in any way. 

Most Importantly…

Enjoy yourself! 

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The Difference Between Dildos and Vibrators

Dildos and vibrators are a terrific way to get things nice and hot behind the bedroom doors, whether you use them for a solo play session or with a partner. The challenge for anyone trying to make the most of these love gadgets is deciding which one to use. Both dildos and vibrators can make sex much more interesting, but which is best for you?

To help you choose your ideal bedroom toy, we will look at dildos and vibrators and talk about the difference between them. We will also uncover what kinds of dildos and vibrators exist, so you can pick the one that fits you perfectly.

What Are Dildos?

Generally speaking, a dildo is a sex toy for oral, vaginal, or anal penetration. Dildos have been around since ancient times, and some consider them to be the oldest sex toys in the world, with the oldest ones dating back 28,000 years.

What distinguishes dildos from other similar sex toys? First, a dildo isn’t necessarily shaped like a penis (as you will quickly notice in every sex toy store), so the shape isn’t the determining factor. Instead, we generally recognize this sex toy by what it can’t do — vibrate.

So, a dildo is a sex toy we use for insertion that does not need batteries. That means it doesn’t vibrate or pulsate by itself, making the user stimulate the right spots manually.

Dildos are fantastic for folks who want to have more fun in the bedroom while taking more control over their penetration. But although handy, they are not for everybody. For example, some people may find it more challenging to reach orgasm without additional stimulation, such as vibrations. 

Types of Dildos

Dildos come in various materials, including stainless steel, glass, medical-grade silicone, wood, and even 24k gold. In most cases, they are phallic-shaped, but nowadays, you can find everything from dragon and horse dildos to ice cream and unicorn shapes. In any case, here are the most common types you can find on the market.

Realistic Dildos 

Penis-shaped dildos are among the most common, with realistic dildos being the top choice for many users. Their prices vary greatly, depending on the silicone used, quality, and how lifelike the details are (veins, wrinkles, the head, scrotum, etc.) 

Realistic dildos, such as Skinsations Penetrator 7″ Dildo, can be a perfect option if you want some solo fun. Some partners use them and lube to prepare the vagina for intercourse. 

Dildos with Testicles

The unique design of dildos with testicles serves two purposes. For one, it makes them look more realistic. But, on the other hand, when used, the testicles slap against the thighs and create a true-to-life experience. The GETREAL Realistic Dildo With Balls 7″ is an excellent example of such a dildo. It is soft and pliable but firm enough to hold its shape and satisfy you for as long as you need it to. 

Dildos Without Testicles

Dildos without balls usually have a longer insertable length but can be bulky. The longer shaft is necessary and practical, allowing you to grab a good hold of them while in action. The GETREAL Realistic Dildo 7″  is a dildo without balls that you can take for a test ride and decide if such design is suitable for you. 

The GETREAL Realistic Dildo 7” By Jack and Jill Adult

Real Skin Dildos

Real skin dildos are made using a special silicone that feels like natural skin. The material quickly catches body temperature and retains it, making these sex toys feel even more true-to-life. 

If you’ve never owned such a dildo, this Real Skin All American Whoppers 6.5″ Dong w/Balls with a slight curve is a good choice. In addition, the price is very affordable, so you won’t have to spend too much while figuring out if this type of silicone sex toy is the best for you.

Suction Cup Base Dildos

A suction cup turns a dildo into a hands-free adult toy, allowing you to prop it on any hard, flat surface. Moreover, the best dildos with suction cups can fit onto a strap and harness, which opens new possibilities for couples looking to spice things up. Blush Au Naturel Mister Perfect — Mocha is a fantastic realistic dildo with a suction cup. It is handcrafted and harness-compatible, perfect for lesbian couples and pegging!

Double Dildos

You can find two kinds of double dildos. First, there’s a double-headed dildo, which is just a long shaft with a penis head on each end. The other is a U-shaped double dildo designed for vaginal and anal penetration. In general, double dildos equal double fun, allowing you to go extra deep or share it with a partner for dual pleasure, thanks to the substantial insertable length. 

Classix 18″ Bendable Double Whammy — Blue is your classic example of a double dildo. It is firm yet flexible, so you and your partner can bend it just right. Ruse 18″ Slim Double Dong – Purple is a U-shaped large dildo for when you are feeling extra adventurous. Use them both with some lube for the perfect glide.

Hard Dildos

Unlike soft silicone dildos that are flexible, crystal, glass, and metal dildos (usually stainless steel) are hard and unyielding. So if you are having your doubts about glass, don’t worry. Such dildos are made of borosilicate glass which is very firm and won’t shatter even if you drop it. 

Hard dildos are your best bet for stimulating certain areas, such as the A-spot. For instance, Glas Spiral Staircase Full Tip Glass Dildos will hit your G-spot and is excellent for temperature play.

Aside from those mentioned above, many other kinds of dildos serve different kinks. Some include squirting dildosinflatable dildoshuge dildos, and clone-your-own kits.

Visual Difference Between Dildos and Vibrators

What Are Vibrators?

A story claims that Cleopatra invented the first vibrator, having bees put inside a clay box. Although that is probably just an urban legend, there is no denying that the vibrator invention was a game-changer for women in terms of sexual pleasure. After all, with more than 37% of women requiring clitoral stimulation to climax, sex toys like dildos don’t do it for everyone. 

What history can confirm, though, is that vibrators were invented in the 19th century. Dr. J. Mortimer Granville created them to treat muscle aches. The devices were steam-powered at first. Today, they have one or two motors powered by rechargeable batteries.

So, generally speaking, we call most handheld vibrating toys and bullets — vibrators. They are considered to be the most common adult toy. 80% of adult women in the US who own sex toys have a vibrator.

People prefer vibrators because they have several functions that help stimulate all the hot spots. They also give users more control because they feature different speed settings. That way, you can tailor the experience to your moods and needs.

Types of Vibrators

A whole range of adult toys can fall under the vibrator category. Still, you will mostly find them classified in the following way.

Classic Penetrative Vibrators

These vibrators resemble dildo sex toys — they are phallic-shaped and have a considerable insertable length. There’s even a sub-category called a vibrating dildo. Curve Novelties Gossip Charlie — Violet is a traditional penetrative vibrator that features seven different vibration modes. It is also waterproof and has a lush touch finish for smooth vaginal penetration.

Clitoral Vibrators

As the name suggests, clitoral vibrators focus on external stimulation, namely your clitoris. You can find them in various shapes, but they tend to be smaller than penetrative vibrators. INYA The Rose Rechargeable Suction Vibe — Rose is a clitoral vibrator that uses pressure wave technology to produce “fluttering” waves of pleasure. 

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators provide both penetrative and clitoral stimulation. Usually, they have the shape of a penetrative vibrator with the addition of a built-in clitoral vibrator on the side. There are various rabbit-style vibrators you can try. Still, we recommend Jill’s FlashRabbit because of its notable insertable length and rotating head. 

Jill’s FlashRabbit

Wand Vibrators

Originally created to be massagers for sore muscles, wand vibrators quickly found their way into the women’s hearts. They are large, powerful, and have a round head on the top. You can use them with lube for vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation. 

You can try Pillow Talk Cheeky Wand — Teal if all that sounds good. It is a miniature wand made of ultra-premium soft silicone that offers deep and rumbling vibrations. 

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are tiny, cylindrically shaped vibrators that look like — you already know where this is going — bullets. Bullets are often shorter and thinner than other kinds of vibrators (but you can find bigger ones). They typically have smooth, round ends, although others can have points that resemble rabbit ears. 

A bullet in its truest form is the Jackie Love Rechargeable Bullet. It is both a discreet and mighty sex toy. 

Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are small, wearable gadgets that resemble rings. To enhance manual stimulation, put one on your finger or have your partner put it on theirs. They are meant to improve manual stimulation rather than completely replace it. Dorcel Rechargeable Magic Finger — Black is easy to slip on your finger. It comes with a subtle vibrator with three speeds. 

Vibrating Cock Rings

Cock rings are designed for partners with penises. You put them on and penetrate your partner, minding that you are positioned face to face. If you place the ring right, it should rub against the clitoris, creating exciting sensations. 

Screaming O Charged Ohare Vooom Mini Vibe — Black is an excellent birthday present, a sexy surprise, and a good way to start your journey into the world of cock rings. 

Vibrating Butt Plugs

When thinking of vibrators, we usually think of toys for vaginal penetration, but vibrating anal devices are also a vast category. If you are starting to explore anal sex, we recommend going for butt plugs. Butt plugs are typically small and round, shaped like a sphere, tapered cylinder, or a teardrop. They are terrific for anal penetration, as well as exploratory anal play. 

Take a look at the Pretty Love Remote Control Beaded Plug — 4 Function Black. It vibrates and rotates in and has a lovely contoured form that caresses all your interior sweet spots. If you feel adventurous, you can go further up (yes, we do mean up) the anal road and explore other categories like P-spot massagers used for prostate stimulation. 

Why You Should Choose Dildos Over Vibrators

It all depends on your needs and preferences, of course. However, dildos have a couple of advantages over vibrators. So, here’s why you should buy dildos instead of vibrators. 

1. They Don’t Make So Much Noise

If you have roommates or live with your family, privacy and discretion are your top priorities. But some sex toys that make too much buzz while masturbating provide anything but. Even the most silent motors can cause significant noise in a quiet home. 

In such situations, motorless sex toys come in handy. The best dildo will do the job well while helping your private business stay private.

2. You Can Use Them in the Shower

While some vibrators are waterproof, it is not a very common feature. On the other hand, you can freely use your dildo in the bath without worrying about water damage. 

3. The Advantage of a Suction Cup 

Dildos with suction can help you spice up your sex life. You can prop them onto any hard, flat surface, like a floor, wall, table, etc. Or you can attach them to a strap and use them for pegging. Even if you prefer to lie flat while masturbating, the suction cup works great as a handle.

4. They Look the Most Realistic of All the Sex Toys

If you want a love toy that looks most like a real penis, there’s no better than a dildo. The right combination of soft and rigid can only be achieved if there’s no motor in the middle of the shaft. Also, all that noise vibrators make can spoil the whole experience. So, if you are into ultra-realism, dildos are the closest thing to an actual erection you can get.

5. They Are Affordable

Of course, you can always find inexpensive vibrators and pricey dildos. But generally speaking, dildos are usually cheaper than vibrators. That is because they don’t have motors or complex technology inside, so they require less engineering, labor to build, and material, all of which affect the final price tag. 

6. They Don’t Require Special Care or New Batteries

Once you buy a perfect dildo, you don’t have to invest any more money. It doesn’t require any special care, so you can use it as much as you want and wash it with warm water and soap or a sex toy cleaner. That way, you will prevent harmful bacteria from entering your body. Just throw it away and purchase a new one when the time comes.

Unlike vibrators, dildos don’t make you spend money on battery replacement. Also, they will never run out of power in the middle of your play. 

7. You Don’t Have to Worry About Overusing It

Like any other appliance, vibrators have motors that can overheat if you use them for a prolonged period. Unfortunately, no matter how much fun you are having, you will have to turn off your vibrator and let it cool off after a certain amount of time. Otherwise, you risk damaging the motor and paying for expensive repairs.

On the other hand, the right dildo can serve you for hours. It never needs rest, and if you care for it properly, it will last you a long time.

Why You Should Buy a Vibrator Instead of a Dildo

If you prefer to add a bit of flair to your solo time, then vibrators might be a better fit for you. First, take a look at why vibrators can sometimes beat even the best dildos. 

1. They Offer a More Intense Stimulation

It’s no secret that vibrations stimulate your favorite spots in a way you can never replicate manually. For this reason, many users claim vibrators give them stronger orgasms than dildos. Moreover, some vibrators can even stimulate both hot spots for a more powerful orgasm. 

2. They Provide Various Options for a Customized Experience

With many vibrators, you can choose between several levels of intensity, different pulsating sensations, and heating options. More advanced ones can even connect to an app, allowing you to create an out-of-this-world experience.

For instance, you can have it pulsate along with the beat of your favorite song. Or you can share the app with your partner and have some fun together, whether they are lying next to you or live across the world. 

3. They Don’t Require Special Care or Manual Labor

Like dildos, vibrators are easy to maintain with soap and water or sex toy cleaning products. But battery-operated devices have one more advantage — they take care of your pleasure, with only minimal assistance from you. So, you don’t have to worry about stopping mid-way because your hand needs some rest. 

4. You Can Get All the Best Dildo Features and Then Some

Many vibrators on the market have all the benefits of a good dildo but with an additional vibrating option. So, you can find vibrators that provide real cock shape and feel, suction cup, water resistance, and everything else you already love about your dildo.  

So, What Is the Difference Between Dildos and Vibrators? 

While the origins and uses of dildos and vibrators differ, both play critical roles in the past and future of human sexuality. Dildos and vibrators can come in various shapes and sizes but serve the same purpose — to bring you hours of sexual pleasure. Still, the main difference between them is that vibrators have a motor and can stimulate you using vibrations while dildos cannot. 

Which one you will choose will depend on your personal preference. Still, having both in your bedside drawer and some lube will make sure you are covered no matter what kind of mood you are in. 

Finding the Perfect Sex Toy Size

Wondering how you can find the perfect sex toy size? Masturbation is no longer the torrid act of transgression it once was. As a matter of fact, just the opposite is true. Sex-perts agree that the act is not only healthy, but it’s just about as normal breathing. While some people are content with using their ten digits when it comes to achieving climax, some wish to take things a bit further. While you might have outgrown both the sandbox and have little use for an easy bake oven, there are some toys that are made just for grown-ups. Finding the perfect one is much easier than you may realize, and we’re here to shed some light on the activity that we all do when the lights are out. 

Size…it Matters 

Finding the ideal size for a toy can sometimes all come down to familiarity. You don’t need something that’s too small, unless discretion is what you’re going for. Think of what your partner brings to the poker table. Assuming you and your partner are very open about one another’s sexual practices (and you should be, breaking the puritanical stigma is of the utmost importance), don’t be shy about measuring up the goods. If you’re satisfied with your partner, then getting a toy that’s on the same playing field will do the trick for the moments when they’re indisposed. Naturally, some libidos are stronger than others, so if you want to go a few sizes up and experiment with how deep you can take things…by all means, enjoy. 

It Was Good Enough for Goldilocks…

Now, we don’t recommend breaking into a house where three people live, trying their food, and sleeping in their beds. Unless of course, there’s consent from all parties involved.  That’s not exactly what we’re referring to when we use the analogy to a beloved children’s fable. If your adventures involve you flying solo most of the time, you’ll want a toy that isn’t too small to help you get to where you need, and you don’t want something so big it causes discomfort. You’ll need one that…well…is just right. With the average dildo being approximately six inches in length, it’s a great starting point. From there you’ll be able to discern the size of the ideal companion piece…be it a little bigger or smaller. 


The term “dildo” means something vaguely phalical that mimics penile penetration. The length can vary — 2 inches to monster sizes. Women say the feeling of being infiltrated or the feeling of completeness of the vagina is what does the job. Although dildos are aimed at simulating penis penetration, that’s not necessarily true. Some prefer a vibrating dildo to stimulate the clitoris. 

Rabbit Vibrators

Similar to a dildo, a rabbit vibrator stimulates two areas – clitoral and g-spot. It has rabbit ears which provide vibrations for the clitoris while an extra component inside the vagina provides g – spot stimulation. The rabbit is available in many sizes just like dildos are. This kind is of sex toy is ideal for someone who finds dueling sensations enjoyable or whoever likes mixing sex toys. 

I Guess My Appetite Was Bigger Then My…..

Many People experience buyers remorse due dildo size being too big or too small. It’s usually a very good idea to really think about the size of a toy and what you can accommodate in reality, before an online purchase of a dildo. Be sure to think about this when you are not sexually charged. Once you are aware of this then go ahead and consider size with online shopping. Product descriptions will let you know the size.

Are The Balls Included In The Size?

Another thing to consider when purchasing a dildo online are the balls. Some manufacturers include the balls in the length, and some do not. This makes a big difference in the end.

Jack and Jill Adult

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The Best Sex Toys for Women in 2022

“Sugar and spice and everything nice…” That’s what little girls are made of. While this saying might be applicable to the days where Barbie and easy bake ovens are the ideal toys of being a girl, there’s necessities a woman has that can’t be quelled by a dressed-up doll or a batch of cupcakes fresh from the oven. Not even close. In this day and age, sexuality and most importantly self-love are no longer to be discussed in whispers. And, now that you’re an adult, some mature stimulation is needed when the moment calls for it. Today, we’re going to explore the most popular and commonly used. No particular reason, we just want to stimulate our readers. 

Clitoral Vibrator 

It’s hard to imagine that even in 2022 some men can’t find the clitoris. (Shocking, no?) Luckily, you don’t have that problem, and a clitoral vibrator will certainly reward you for this familiarity. The next time you’re with him, show off some proper clitoral stimulation to elevate the evening. Maybe he can take some notes…

G-Spot Vibrator 

Some swear by the myth that the G-spot is just about as hard to find as the Loch Ness monster. Truth is, it’s not. (It’s the spongy tissue that’s part of the clitoris. The G-spot vibrator can help you achieve a g-spot orgasm, which is described by some sex experts (sexperts?) as a rolling crescendo, much like experiencing a wave at the ocean crash against you. 

Clitoral Suckers

Showman P.T. Barnum once proclaimed that “there’s a sucker born every minute.” If that’s the case, then that might account for the popularity and abundance of clitoral suction vibrators that are currently on the market. By utilizing air flow, these devices can simulate the same feeling of having your clitoris sucked on by your partner. (Just remember the lube.) 


If there’s one phrase that can be used to describe the dildo, it’s ‘tried and true.’ The use of a phallic shaped object as both a symbol to promote fertility and a tool for self-induced simulated penetration dates back centuries. Usually composed of plastic, silicone, and metal, the modern dildo comes in many forms and some models even vibrate while in use. Now that’s some progress. 


The future of the sex toy is now. Aside from adding a new word to your vocabulary, these devices are objects of self-pleasure that can be controlled right from your smart phone. That’s right, you can stimulate yourself on the go with no one being ever the wiser. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator

Best of sexually stimulating toys, if you want something unique, let it be the Satisfyer Pro 2—an ecstatic stimulator with pressurewave technology that delivers suction to all of your senses. Built to restore the sensation of oral sex, this rechargeable tablet comes with 11 settings, a USB charging port and features a thin silicone head. It is waterproof so it’ll give some sparkle to any splash.

Gläs Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo

You know, Cinderella may have had a slipper. Glass toys look beautiful and are so spectacular you might have a difficult time keeping them out of view for the public. Made from hypoallergenic glass, this glass is also specially molded to retain heat, cool down and is very important in heat transfer as well. You can put it in the freezer as if it were freezing. On the other hand, you’d have the option of running it in hot water to warm the skin.

Le Wand Vibrating Massager

One of the most powerful sex toys. These vibrating wands are a kind of sex toys that can be extremely effective and with rounded, rotating heads attached to thick handles. Among its benefits, however, it features 20 vibration patterns. You’ll receive an intense sensation from this wand.

The Times

I don’t remember how many times I talked to someone because they didn’t really understand the hush-hush about women’s sexuality. It seems that despite the taboo the conditions, the outlook remains quite good even when it is less severe as it is now. Back when men and women were allowed no formal orgasms. The woman’s genitalia was believed to have been largely neglected until recently, and because it was not acknowledged, there were plenty of partner rooms nearby.

Jack and Jill Adult

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Entering the Ninth Circle of Sex Toys

Toys—you enjoyed them as a child and they allowed you to take playtime to new heights of enjoyment. Now, you’re an adult. Just because you’re a little too big for the sandbox doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy playtime of a different variety. Welcome to the wonderful and often wild world of sex toys! You and your partner have a new playground called the bedroom, so why not maximize the enjoyment with a few choice items? Surrender to your inhibitions as we take you down the river Styx and into the realms of pleasure!

Suit Up!

Remember your favorite costumes from when you were a kid? The princess dress and Ghostbusters jumpsuit that allowed you to become someone else entirely? That concept exists in the adult world as well, and donning the right gear can open the floodgates of your libido. 

  • Bondage & BDSM Gear The Marquis de Sade once stated that “sex without pain is like food without taste.” Crossing the boundaries between pleasure and pain might not be for everyone, but just some slight experimentation can elevate what happens in the bedroom to new heights. S&M is a great way to reinforce trust with your partner and starting out small with blindfolds and ball gags can help open the doors for more daring situations. 
  • Lingerie It’s a fair assumption that whatever you’re wearing will hit the floor once the bedroom door closes and the lights go out. The right outer wear can accentuate the intimacy of the situation and be the perfect way to introduce foreplay. Lingerie is a great way to tease and titillate and show off just enough of your curves to get him (or her) hot under the collar. 

Toys for Playtime 

Naturally, playtime isn’t complete without toys. But which one is ideal? There are a wide variety of toys that can make any situation a night to never forget. Strap yourselves in, we’re about to show you the proper way to accessorize. 

  • Dildos One of the oldest sex toys to exist is the dildo. (And we’re not kidding, either.) These phallus shaped objects come in a wide variety of sizes for various uses, be it for anal or vaginal penetration. Picking the right one depends on the size of your libido. For beginners, it’s recommended to start with a smaller size. For those with larger cravings, size will end up mattering. 
  • Vibrators As far as sex toy are concerned, vibrators tend to be the most popular and cover a wide variety of items. While the most popular are geared towards female pleasure, there also exists a fair amount for the boys as well in the form of cock rings and strokers. Vibrators are great for self-love or pairings with your partner. 
  • Butt Plugs Much like BDSM, anal sex isn’t an activity for everyone. For those who are interested in experimentation, butt plugs can intensify many situations. While the plug stimulates the anal cavity, more focus can be placed on providing pleasure to other various areas on the body. 
  • Anal Beads If butt plugs seem like too much to take in, and you’re still looking to experiment with anal sex, beads are excellent for beginners. Beads can be inserted gradually, one at a time until you or your partner discover the threshold that you both are comfortable with. 

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Choosing the Best Dildo

Just like shopping for a car or any consumer good, picking the right dildo requires practicality and knowing what works best for you. The dildo is one of the oldest toys used for sexual pleasure in existence. Some of the earliest recorded examples of their use trace back to Ancient Rome, where their use was…slightly different. Many soldiers in the Roman legions wore them around their neck as a symbol of virility and strength. Many were discovered in the ruins of Pompeii and were highly regarded as talismans that promoted fertility. Today, they’re still in use, although their primary use is one of pleasure. In order to find the right one that works for you, we’ve compiled some helpful pieces of advice. 

Size Doesn’t Always Matter

Now that we’ve dispelled the eternal question, it’s time to move on to some eternal answers. When choosing the ideal dildo size, personal experience is the best judge to call upon. Think about the most enjoyable and least fortunate experiences you’ve had with vaginal penetration. Picking a dildo that closely resembles the size of your most memorable encounter will ensure that your acts of self-love will be just as favorable. 

Vibrators and Dildos; Know the Difference 

While both dildos and vibrators are phallic shaped objects, there’s quite a world of difference between them. The most obvious one is that vibrators, well, vibrate. While they can also be used for vaginal penetration, they sometimes don’t have the same girth and firmness of a dildo. Vibrators are still best for stimulating the clitoris, which a dildo sometimes can’t. But, if good vibrations are what you crave during penetration, then by all means, a vibrating dildo will be your best option. 

Achieving Orgasmic Nirvana 

The orgasm—sometimes they’re harder to achieve than normal. While you can achieve orgasm with a dildo, it’s not always possible because they’re not geared toward clitoral stimulation. That being said, because of their stiff nature, they’re ideal for achieving an anal orgasm. This means that they’re the perfect toy for both girls and boys. 

Materials and Cleanliness 

Before you purchase a dildo, it’s best to hold it in your hand at least one. (If it’s possible.) Also take into consideration the material that it’s composed from. Silicone, glass, metal, and plastic are the ideal materials to favor because of their durability and easy clean up. It’s recommended that you clean your dildo every time after use, and always use lubrication, especially if you’re planning on any activity involving the anal cavity. 

Jack and Jill Adult 

Jack and Jill Adult is your one-stop-pleasure-shop. Our inventory, much like libido, is always growing and we’re constantly selling top notch products at a discounted rate. We ship all orders with discretion and all orders over $60 include free shipping. Visit our site at for all your needs.

Guide to Common Adult Sex Toys

Are you curious about all the different types of adult sex toys that are out on the market and not sure where to begin? Jack and Jill Adult makes it easy and we have put together a guide on the basic adult sex toys that are out there for you to maximize your pleasure solo or with others.

Cock rings wrap around the penis and are obtainable in many varieties and materials, both pliable and stiff. There are rings that vibrate and styles that contain two rings with one for the base of the penis and the other to go around the testicles. 

Clitoral vibrators are held on the clitoris for sexual stimulation and can also be used during penetration to provide double the pleasure.

G-spot vibrators are shaped to hit the G-spot accurately. The G-spot is located on the front wall section of the vagina.

Clitoris Suckers offer a sensation of having the clitoris tenderly sucked upon.

Dildos are penis-shaped, non-vibrating toys that are geared for penetration. They are manufactured from a variety of substances such as silicone, rubber, and glass and range in size.

Prostate massagers are vibrating sex toys that go into the anus in order to stimulate the prostate.

Butt plugs are available in different shapes, sizes, can mimic rimming, and even vibrate for back door gratification. 

Masturbation sleeves are sex toys that the penis gets slipped into for solo enjoyment. There are sleeves that get warm, vibrate, pulsate, and create the feel of engaging in anal and oral sex. 

Anal beads are placed inside the anus and then removed slowly, bead by bead. You can use them by yourself or with a playmate.

Teledildonics are remote-controlled sex toys that allow you to control your companion’s vibrator or other type of sex toy while near or far. Floggers, paddles, and crops are popular toys. Floggers resemble whips and are commonly fabricated from cushiony leather, paddles are often made with leather or wood, and crops mimic riding crops and are usually constructed out of leather.

Chastity cages are small cages that are worn over the genitals, stopping someone from becoming physically aroused. Chastity cages are mainstream in the BDSM community. 

Sex swings are implements that assist lovers in achieving gravity-defying sex positions.

Jack and Jill Adult carries a delicious buffet of tempting sex toys that lift sensual stimulation to heightened levels. Clients can buy products in our Florida establishments or order privately through our website.

How to Clean & Store Your Favorite Sex Toys

How to Clean Non-Electric Toys

Toys made of porous materials like rubber are more likely to accumulate bacteria, mold, and mildew unless you clean them properly. Non-electric, porous sex toys can be cleaned effectively by using gentle fragrance-free antibacterial soap and warm water. Avoid applying too much soap on elastomer blends as it can damage the skin-like feel. Rinse the soap off with warm water and let the devices dry naturally in a hygienic environment. 

If a non-electric toy is made of nonporous material such as silicone, glass, ABS (a hard plastic), or metal, clean it with soap and warm water. Soda-lime glass toys require keeping the water at a very mild temperature. Borosilicate glass, silicone, and metal (except for gold) toys can be boiled for three or four minutes for thorough disinfection.

How to Clean Electric Toys

Electric toys may be cleaned with soap and water but avoid any submersion in water unless the item is specifically stated as being waterproof. A non-waterproof electric toy should be thoroughly cleaned by using a damp, soapy washcloth. Allow it to dry completely in a clean, non-porous area before storing somewhere.

When to Clean Sex Toys

If you are sharing a penetrative toy with your companion, it is strongly recommended to clean the toy with soap and water before transferring it between partners, particularly when using anal toys. Be certain to rinse off all the soap before placing the toy internally. Never use a towel to dry a toy as lint from towels can stick onto wet toys. Aside from the aforementioned situation, the majority of toys may be cleaned after sex with cleaning solutions geared for sex toys or just by using soap and water.

Storing Sex Toys 

You can simply store your toys in their original packaging or inside plastic containers with lids. It is preferable to clean toys directly after sex and cleansing your toys prior to each use is wise in order to ensure that they are sanitary. 

Jack and Jill Adult carries alluring sex toys that heighten sexual arousal during play and help produce powerful orgasms. We have several stores in Florida and merchandise may also be purchased through our website.

Different Types of Sex Toys

If you want to enhance and expand your sex life, sex toys are a great place to start. Sex toys can help you better understand your pleasures in a way that is safe. There are countless types of sex toys out there that you can use to explore and try new things. Here are the most common types of sex toys:

When you think about sex toys, you might think of vibrators first. A vibrator, also known as a personal massager, is designed to vibrate as a way to stimulate the genitals. People most commonly use vibrators to stimulate the clitoris, but they can also stimulate the vulva, vagina, penis, scrotum, testicles, nipples, and anus. Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed for specific parts of the body and while some can be inserted, others cannot.

Another popular sex toy is a dildo. Dildos are usually made to be used inside the vagina, anus, or mouth. They are available in many different shapes and sizes, but usually resemble a penis.

While some dildos and vibrators can be used for anal use, there are other sex toys made specifically for anal use. These toys include plugs, beads, and prostate massagers. While anal toys can be fun, it is highly encouraged that you use lubrication when playing with these toys.

Sleeves and penis rings are toys made specifically for the penis. A sleeve is a soft tube that the penis is inserted into. Sleeves come in countless sizes and shapes. Some have vibration or suction settings, while others have textured interiors. Strokers are also designed for individuals with a larger clitoris. Meanwhile, penis rings are designed to wrap about the scrotum or penis to slow blood flow to the area. This can heighten sensation and make an erection harder and longer-lasting. The safest type of penis ring is made from soft and flexible materials that are easy to remove.

These are just some of the sex toys you can find when shopping for new and enjoyable products to enhance your sex life. To shop from a wide range of top-quality sex toys, check out our selection at Jack and Jill Adult. We carry all of these mentioned products, and more! Visit one of our Florida stores or shop online with us today!

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