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How to Store Your Sex Toys

How to Store Sex Toys

Have you ever gotten the urge to grab your vibrator, put it on high, and forget about your annoying boss, idiot coworker, or that the rent is due? You rummage around for your favorite toy and find it coated in dust and some opaque coating you don’t even want to …

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Exploring the Benefits of Couples Vibrators for Your Relationship

Exploring couples vibrators for your relationship

Couples vibrators are the perfect way to add excitement and pleasure to your relationship. They offer a unique opportunity for couples to explore new sensations together without any fear of judgment or embarrassment. Whether you’re looking for something more intimate or want increased sexual satisfaction, introducing a vibrator can be …

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Sexy Up Halloween

Sexy up Halloween graphic with pumpkins, haunted house, and a cat

Halloween is always a good excuse to hold someone close. Whether cuddling up to watch a scary movie, huddling in close during haunted houses, or curling up together for a hayride, the chill of autumn with the thrill of Halloween equals a chance at romance. Be the cuddle post when …

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Giving the Gift of Sex

woman in a sexy christmas costume

There’s no time of year more stressful or monetarily consuming than the holidays. For these few months, life becomes unbelievably hectic as we scramble to get all our affairs in order and get the important people in our life presents that they’ll most likely forget about by January. Exciting, no? …

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How to Care for Your Sex Toys Properly

Female hand soak in soap bubbles

You want to care for your sex toys to maintain their quality and cleanliness. Proper sex-toy care can help your sex toys last longer and help you stay hygienic when using them. Here is how to care for your sex toys properly: You should clean your sex toys after each …

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Enjoy Foreplay

couples kissing on a beach

Want to experience longer, more pleasurable sex? It all starts with foreplay. Enjoy foreplay! Foreplay is the key to safe and pleasurable sex. Many people believe foreplay is just for women, but this isn’t true. Foreplay is for everybody. Foreplay includes everything from kissing, to hand jobs and fingering, to …

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Sex Positions That Don’t Require a Bed

Bed for couples

Even though most adult activity takes place in a bed, there is no reason that you and your partner can’t venture out to other areas of your home to experience a little passion somewhere other than your bedsprings. That’s why the folks at Jack & Jill Adult, your go-to provider …

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How Often Should You Be Having Sex?

happy couples in bed

For a very long time, the topic of sex (and how much of it you were having) was pretty much off-limits. But in today’s society where things have become a little more open and a little less taboo, people are finally opening up about these types of activities and realizing …

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Summer of Self Love: Warm-Weather Solo Sex Tips

woman wearing summer hat

They say that spring is the horniest season because everything is blooming and as the animals that we are, we get a little frisky. But summer seems to see a lot of action too and if your libido skyrockets with the temperature, you’re not alone! Summer heat can turn even …

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5 Fun Examples of Sex Toys in Popular Culture

woman watching TV

Sex toys have become more and more normalized in recent years. And we think that’s a great thing! As more of us are willing to talk about our toy use, inevitably that means more representation in fiction as well.  Here are five of our favorite examples of storylines featuring sex …

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The Best Egg-Style Sex Toys for Easter and All Year Long

woman in white suit wearing white rabbit mask

Easter is almost upon us. It’s the perfect time to enjoy longer days, time with your loved ones, plenty of chocolate… and, of course, thematically appropriate sex toys.  To that end, I wanted to share some of my favorite egg-style sex toys. From Tenga’s unbeatable egg masturbators to the classic …

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