Exploring the Benefits of Couples Vibrators for Your Relationship

Exploring couples vibrators for your relationship

Couples vibrators are the perfect way to add excitement and pleasure to your relationship. They offer a unique opportunity for couples to explore new sensations together without any fear of judgment or embarrassment. Whether you’re looking for something more intimate or want increased sexual satisfaction, introducing a vibrator can be an enjoyable experience that brings you closer.

Table of Contents:

  • What are Couples Vibrators?
  • How to Introduce a Couples Vibrator into a Relationship
  • Tips for Using a Couples Vibrator with Your Partner
  • Safety Considerations When Using a Couples Vibrator
  • Shopping for a Couples sex toy
  • FAQs in Relation to Couples Vibrators
    • What are the benefits of using a couples sex toy?
    • How do I choose the right couples vibrator for me and my partner?
    • Are there any safety considerations when using a sex toy?
    • Can I use a couple’s vibrator during intercourse?
    • Is it possible to control a couple’s vibrator remotely?
  • Conclusion

What are Couples Vibrators?

Couples vibrators are sex toys designed to be used by two people during sexual activity to increase sexual satisfaction for more pleasure and better sex. They can provide a variety of intensities, depending on the type of toy chosen. They come in many shapes and sizes, from small finger vibes to larger wearable models that can be worn during intercourse, and are great for maintaining passion in a relationship.

There are several types of sex toys available on the market today, including wearable models that fit around the penis or clitoris, dual-action vibes with both internal and external stimulators, remote-controlled options for added convenience, as well as traditional egg-shaped vibes that offer pinpointed pleasure when held against the body.

They can add extra excitement, and intensity to your lovemaking sessions. They help enhance sensation for both partners and allow you to explore new positions without worrying about losing contact with each other’s bodies due to awkward angles or uncomfortable movements caused by manual stimulation alone. Additionally, using sex toys like a We Vibe, for penetrative intercourse allows you to experiment with different speeds and patterns until you discover the sex toy’s impact on orgasms.

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Jack And Jill Adult Couples Vibrator Poll Infographic


How to Introduce a Couples Vibrator into a Relationship

Introducing a sex toy into your relationship and sex life can be an exciting and fun way to spice up your sex life. However, it is important to talk openly with your partner before adding a new type of sexual satisfaction to your playtime. Just ask any sex expert or family therapist.

Talk to Your Partner About It: Before incorporating toys into the bedroom, it’s important to have an honest conversation with your partner about why you want to use one and what kind of experience you are looking for. Ask them how they feel about using a toy together to be sure they do not feel uncomfortable and if any concerns or hesitations need addressing. Make sure both of you are comfortable with the idea before moving forward, as adding sex toys affect sex lives, and everyone wants to be able to enjoy sex and sexuality. It’s best to approach the idea in a nonjudgemental position.

Choose the Right Product for You and Your Partner: Once you’ve discussed using a vibrator or other sex toys, take some time to research different brands and models and the sex toys impact on your relationship so that you can choose one that fits both of your needs and ensure no one will feel threatened. Consider factors such as size, shape, material, vibration settings, noise level, penetrative sex toys or nonpenetrative sex toys, etc., to find something that works best for both of you. You want something that adds sexual pleasure for both parties.

When introducing new sex toys into the bedroom, don’t rush things – start slow by exploring each other’s bodies without the toy first, then gradually add it in when ready and feeling sexual. Take turns experimenting with different positions or techniques and tickling erogenous zones while discussing what feels good or not so good along the way until you find something enjoyable for both partners to reach orgasm and relationship satisfaction.


Tips for Using a Couples Vibrator with Your Partner

Using a couples vibrator with your partner can be an incredibly enjoyable, sexual, and intimate experience. It’s important to set the mood and create an atmosphere that is comfortable for both of you. Dim the lights, light candles or play soft music – whatever helps you relax and feel at ease. Communicate openly and honestly with each other about what feels good, what doesn’t feel good, and how far you want to take it. Experimenting with different positions and techniques can help make orgasms even more pleasurable for both of you.

For example, try using one hand to hold the sex toy while your other hand caresses their body in areas they enjoy being touched most – such as their neck or inner thighs – or use it as a massage tool on sore muscles after a long day at work. You could also experiment with different speeds or patterns depending on which type of sex toys you have chosen; many models come equipped with various settings so that you can find out which ones are most stimulating to reach orgasm.


Key Takeaway: Creating a comfortable atmosphere is critical to using a couple’s vibrator for an enjoyable experience. Communicate openly, experiment with positions and techniques, and explore different speed patterns of the device for physical pleasure.


Safety Considerations When Using a Couples Vibrator

Cleaning and Sanitizing the Toy Properly: It is important to clean and sanitize your sex toys before and after each use. This will help prevent any bacteria or germs from spreading between partners. Cleaning can be done with mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. Make sure to rinse all the soap residue thoroughly before using it again. For extra sanitation, you can also use an antibacterial toy cleaner or wipes specifically designed for sex toys.

Choosing Quality Products from Reputable Brands: When shopping for a sex toy, it’s important to choose quality products from reputable brands tested for safety standards. Look for products made with body-safe materials such as silicone or ABS plastic free of phthalates, BPA, latex, lead, cadmium, and other potentially hazardous chemicals found in some cheaper toys on the market today.

Couples should be aware of their bodies when using a sex toy so they don’t overdo it or cause injury by applying too much pressure in sensitive areas like the clitoris. Start slow and experiment with different settings until you find what works best for both partners without causing discomfort or pain. If at any point either partner experiences discomfort during playtime, stop immediately and take a break before continuing again at a lower intensity level if desired.


Shopping for a Couples Sex Toy

When shopping for a couples vibrator, it’s important to research and choose the right product for you and your partner. Start by researching different brands and models to find one that fits both of your needs. Consider features such as size, shape, material, power level, noise level, battery life, and vibration patterns. It’s also important to consider your budget when selecting a sex toy. Prices can range from $30-$200 or more, depending on the type of toy you are looking for as price really does reflect quality in the sex toy industry.

Once you have narrowed down some options based on price and features, read reviews from other customers who have purchased the same product. Reviews can provide valuable insight into how well a particular model works in practice rather than just theory. They can also give helpful tips about using the toy with a partner that may not be covered in the manufacturer’s instructions or product description online.

Finally, look at any additional accessories that come with each model, such as storage bags or charging cables, so you know exactly what is included before making your purchase decision. By taking these steps when shopping for a sex toy, you will be sure to find one that meets all of your needs while staying within budget.


FAQs in Relation to Couples Vibrators

What are the benefits of using a sex toy?

Vibrator use can be incredibly beneficial for both partners. It can help to increase pleasure and intimacy during sex, as well as provide new sensations that may not have been experienced before. For women, the vibrations from sex toys can provide extra stimulation to the clitoris or G-spot, which can lead to more intense orgasms. For men, it can help with erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow and sensitivity in the penis. Additionally, playing together allows for shared pleasure and connection between partners, creating an even stronger bond than before.

How do I choose the right couples vibrator for me and my partner?

Choosing the right couple’s vibrator for you and your partner can be daunting. It is important to consider both your needs and preferences when selecting a toy. Start by considering size, shape, power level, material type, and other features that may appeal to both of you. Consider whether or not you would like a remote control option and any special features such as dual stimulation or adjustable speeds. Additionally, it is important to research the product’s safety ratings before purchasing. Finally, take into account your budget to find an affordable yet quality toy that will meet all of your needs.

Are there any safety considerations when using a couples sex toy?

Yes, there are safety considerations when using a sex toy. Before use, make sure to read the instructions carefully and follow all directions. Check for any signs of damage or wear before each use. Use only water-based lubricants with silicone toys and avoid contact with other materials, such as latex condoms or silicone lube. When finished, clean the toy thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s instructions using warm soapy water or an approved cleaner specifically designed for sex toys. Store your toy in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Can I use a couples vibrator during intercourse?

Yes, a couple’s vibrators can be used during intercourse. They are designed to provide extra stimulation for both partners and enhance pleasure. Couples vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that works best for your particular needs. Some even feature remote controls or app-controlled settings, allowing you to customize the experience further. When using a couple’s vibrator during intercourse, it’s important to communicate with your partner about what feels good and adjust accordingly as needed.

Is it possible to control a couples vibrator remotely?

Yes, it is possible to control a toy remotely. This can be done through the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, which allows users to connect their device with another person in order to share and control pleasure from a distance. Many modern sex toys come equipped with this feature; sending an orgasm over wi-fi takes intimacy and pleasure to the next level.


Vibrator use can be an exciting and enjoyable experience for both partners. It can help to enhance intimacy, pleasure, and connection in the bedroom. When introducing a couple’s vibrator into your relationship, it is important to communicate openly about toys with your partner. Discuss what you are comfortable with and how you would like to use it. Be sure to consider safety considerations when using any sex toy or device. Shopping for one should also involve research to find one that best produces orgasm and suits your needs as a couple. With the right communication and preparation, sex toys can be an incredibly fun addition to any relationship!

Sexy Up Halloween

Sexy up Halloween graphic with pumpkins, haunted house, and a cat

Halloween is always a good excuse to hold someone close. Whether cuddling up to watch a scary movie, huddling in close during haunted houses, or curling up together for a hayride, the chill of autumn with the thrill of Halloween equals a chance at romance. Be the cuddle post when your partner reaches out for comforting support, and ignite those flames of passion. At Jack and Jill Adult, we love giving you ideas for the holidays, so check these costume and sex toy tips to sexy up your Halloween!

Play Dress Up

Dress up like a stranger. Put on a mask, ring the doorbell like a trick-or-treater, and start some role-play fun. Where are you going to put your treat for your partner to eat???

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is as good an excuse to get as sexy as possible as any, so drum up your best sexy Halloween costume ideas to see if you can win the best sexy Halloween costumes contest. Coming up with a sexy costume is pretty easy, as it’s dressing as skimpy as possible, then pop some animal ears on top of your head and maybe a tail and g-string. Some take the Greek theatre philosophy that leaving it up to the imagination makes it even wilder than showing everything all at once, so get creative with it, no matter your body type.

Halloween Party Star

Be the star at costume parties by getting some classic ideas for dressing. Shop with your partner, and change who is the man versus the woman in the relationship. You cannot go wrong with a skin-tight catsuit, as leather and latex make everything better year-round.

More Sexy Costumes

Don a cape with little else, and see if you can be the sexiest pair at the party. Shop for a sexy belt, opt for hot ladies’ wear and be the main menu for sexy bunny ears during the spooky season. Little Red Riding Hood grew up to be hot, throw on a sexy Mad Hatter hat, dress all in pink with bubbles, and don’t forget to try to scare the heck out of little kids as a sexy zombie.

Women’s Lib Costumes

You can support women’s liberations while still looking sexy. Think of strong female movie characters like Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. Even Betsy Ross can be sexy sewing, and Rosy the Riveter also has that sexy working-class woman look that can be a turn-on.

Sexy Big Girls

I don’t care if you are XXL, as Halloween is the time to hide in a costume, calling out that inner confidence as if people don’t like it; who cares? Your size does not matter, as you can still look perfect in your coverage, even busting out a short skirt that will make heads turn.

Hunky Big Dudes

The same goes for men who wouldn’t usually come out of their shells, as Halloween is the time to order that Amazon outfit, spray on some white or red hair dye, act as confident as the heroes in the movies, and try to get ready for some love. It’s not about the sizes so much as how cool your costume is at the parties, so get creative, reveal your personality, and you might be amazed who wants to grab on for a ride. Of course, one size does not fit all, so apply your inner feeling and check any restraints to be yourself, the only one in stock; live it up.

It’s Fantasy Time

Halloween is the time to live out those inner fantasies. Dressing up is the first step for some great role-play, so how else can you kick it up a notch? Might I recommend electrostimulation?

Scary Movie Fantasy

Tie each other up. Play out a scary movie with a sexual twist. Fall is the best time to act out vampire and werewolf fantasies.

It’s Bondage Time

If you have not explored the world of bondage, Halloween is as good a time as any, as blindfolding your partner only adds to a scary scenario, such as a haunted house or scary movie playing in the background. When you don’t know what’s happening next, the heartbeat increases as the fight or flight response kicks in, wondering what could be lurking around the corner for an innocent victim tied up with love cuffs, bear flesh exposed. There’s no telling what could be waiting, and whether it’s fur and leather, hot candle wax and ice cubes, or even some attachments from that electrostimulation, get ready to orgasm hard.

Bob For Fun

Put a new twist on some classic Halloween games. Instead of bobbing for apples, try bobbing up and down on your partner’s rod. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, blindfolded partners can try to insert a butt plug into their tied up partner.

Carve Up Pumpkins

Go old school, and get a couple of pumpkins to carve with your partner. Challenge each other to carve out your fantasy into the pumpkins. See who can get the sexiest pumpkin carved.

The Great Pumpkin

If you are lucky enough to be able to find a gigantic pumpkin, you can get your loved one riled up by jumping out of it in a skimpy outfit. It’s like a candygram, only for Halloween, and if you cannot find a giant pumpkin to fit you, get one of those oversized cakes and jump out of it.

Pet Dress Up

Nothing is sexier than finding some accessories for your pet to match you. Regardless of pet color, there are many ideas for pet costumes, so why not have your pet look as perfect as you? While having a pet is optional, feeling as if you want someone to discover you is simply hot.

A Cereal Killer

Halloween is the perfect time to bust out Count Chocula cereal. Make some sticky marshmallow treats with it, or simply pour it on the bed and have sex on it. Either way, it’s a small-sized treat that can be fun to eat from each other’s orifices and other places.

Pop Up Scare

Jump scares and pop-up scares are a fun thing to do during the spooky season, so set some traps for your partner and see if you can get their heart racing a bit. Have someone naturally grotesque jump out from behind the porch at unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. See if you can scare the kids enough to drop their candy, which is more to pass out to the next ones.

Be A Kid

Don’t forget to channel your inner child. Go trick or treating, and see who will give you candy. With a big enough mask, they won’t be able to tell how old you are, so try it!

Be a Mermaid

Hold your breath while wearing a mermaid outfit underwater. See if you can jump out of the pool to scare people. Everyone loves a sexy mermaid; it might be hard to walk in a tail.

From the Trees

Hang from the trees like a monkey and wait for your unsuspecting partner. Jump down and try to scare them. Chase them into the bedroom and see if they will take advantage of you.

Hide Your Affairs

Nothing is scarier than hooking up with a neighbor, thinking that you are alone, then your partner jumps out of the closet to bust you. When you think you are slick cheating, be aware that your biggest fears can also come true this time of year. Be forewarned!

Sexy Caramel Apples

Get all sticky, gooey, and gooey with some warm caramel. Put some on apples, dress up the apples as sexy as possible, and put a little caramel on your lover. Make sure it’s not too hot, then lick up the sticky sweetness off of them and see where that leads the two of you…

Cum Play Here

You can always check out some of my books if that’s not enough to get your motor running. Be sure to check out the latest at Outlandish Writer. To really get the fun started, party like pirates.

Giving the Gift of Sex

woman in a sexy christmas costume

There’s no time of year more stressful or monetarily consuming than the holidays. For these few months, life becomes unbelievably hectic as we scramble to get all our affairs in order and get the important people in our life presents that they’ll most likely forget about by January. Exciting, no? When life gets this tense, you need a release. And there’s no better way of achieving this by giving the gift of sex. Because we care about the effectiveness of your libido as much as you do, Jack and Jill Adult is offering some prime gift packages to spice things up under the mistletoe. 

Gifts for the Grabby (and Grabbed)

Kama Sutra Feel Me Playset $37 While the term ‘playset’ might be synonymous with the toys you had as a child, these are for grownups! The Kama Sutra is one of the most revered books in the world, and proof that love was wild and alive in the ancient world. Now you and your partner can embrace these venerable traditions (and one another) as you unwrap things by the tree. Also available—

  • Kama Sutra Arouse Me Playset $41
  • Kama Sutra Trust Me Playset $41
  • Kama Sutra Surprise Me Playset $37

Earthly Body Hemp Seed Tasty Travel Collection – Strawberry $20

Sexual chemistry excites the senses. Now you have the chance to give your partner something that will thrill touch and taste. The holidays only come around once a year, may it be your blessing to make it a more exciting time. 

Shunga Fruity Kisses Collection $48

A treat from the far east makes its way to the wild west. Break out the mistletoe and pucker up, this set, which also comes with aphrodisiac oil will stimulate the senses and give you an evening of sensual delight. Things will heat up like chestnuts on an open fire. 

For more wonderful (and stimulating) gift ideas visit We offer free shipping on orders over $60 and offer complete and total discretion to our customers. We would also like to wish all of our clientele a very Merry Christmas and even happier New Year.

How to Care for Your Sex Toys Properly

Female hand soak in soap bubbles

You want to care for your sex toys to maintain their quality and cleanliness. Proper sex-toy care can help your sex toys last longer and help you stay hygienic when using them. Here is how to care for your sex toys properly:

You should clean your sex toys after each use. If you don’t, you run the risk of spreading bacteria. Additionally, this can ruin the quality of your toy. To clean your sex toys, follow the instructions that come with your toy. If your toy doesn’t have instructions, rinsing your toy with boiling water can clean and disinfect it. You can also fill your sink with soap and water and scrub your toy this way. The best way to clean your sex toys is with toy cleaners, which you can buy at adult store retailers.

Once your sex toy is clean, you can store it. Avoid places that get damp or dusty. If your toy comes with a container, keep it in the container for safe storage.

Lastly, when using sex toys, be sure you’re using the most appropriate lubricant for the product. Silicone-based lubricants can break down the toy and open the pores, which can allow for bacteria to get in. A water-based lubricant is usually the best way to go.

Now that you know how to care for your sex toys, you’re ready to shop with Jack & Jill Adult. Browse our selection of sex toys online to find toys designed for countless uses. You can also visit one of our Florida locations to shop our products in person.

Enjoy Foreplay

couples kissing on a beach

Want to experience longer, more pleasurable sex? It all starts with foreplay. Enjoy foreplay!

Foreplay is the key to safe and pleasurable sex. Many people believe foreplay is just for women, but this isn’t true. Foreplay is for everybody. Foreplay includes everything from kissing, to hand jobs and fingering, to oral sex. Foreplay is basically anything but intercourse.

It is possible to experience an orgasm during foreplay. Doing so actually allows for deeper forms of penetration, such as anal sex. Alternatively, foreplay can act as a substitute for intercourse if you’re in a hurry. Instead of skipping foreplay, skip on intercourse and try things like mutual masturbation. You may find that foreplay is just as pleasurable, if not more pleasurable than intercourse.

If you’re having a stressful day or your partner is more in the mood than you are, foreplay is an excellent way to help you get turned on. Rather than jumping right into sex, try a form of foreplay that turns you on so you and your partner are on the same page. Not only can this help you both get turned on, but it can help you form a stronger connection to one another. 

You can also explore new things with your partner during foreplay to learn what you may like and dislike during sex. Experimenting during foreplay is a safer way of trying new things. Plus, when you’re aroused by foreplay, penetrative sex is safer and more pleasurable for both partners.

Seeking sex toys to help you and your partner enjoy foreplay? Shop with Jack & Jill Adult. We have everything from lingerie, to lube, to vibrators to help you and your partner get in the mood. Browse our extensive inventory online or stop into one of our Florida locations.

Sex Positions That Don’t Require a Bed

Bed for couples

Even though most adult activity takes place in a bed, there is no reason that you and your partner can’t venture out to other areas of your home to experience a little passion somewhere other than your bedsprings.

That’s why the folks at Jack & Jill Adult, your go-to provider for things to heighten your sex life, wanted to share a few positions that you don’t need a bed for:

Real Love Gets Down on the Floor 

Sometimes when things really heat up, you end up here anyway. Why not just start on the floor and get as dirty as you want right from the opening bell. Use a couple of pillows or a duvet to give you a comfy foundation. You can also enjoy doggy-style on the floor if you place the pillows under your knees.

Shower Power

This is a great place to get wet and wild. And being under the warm, flowing water adds a whole new set of pleasurable sensations to the experience. One partner can lean against the shower wall while the other performs the deed, or they can face the wall and get it from behind. These are both extremely hot. 

However, it is important to remember that if there is a big height difference, this activity can be a little difficult or even dangerous. If that is the case, there is no reason that you can’t have a little fun with non-penetrative sex such as oral or mutual masturbation.

As you can clearly see, a mattress and sheets are not necessary for naughty fun. And if you are looking for other ways to spice up your adult playtime, check out all of the fun toys and accessories we have at Jack & Jill Adult

You can reach us at 1-800-307-9531 or send us a message in the help section if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

How Often Should You Be Having Sex?

happy couples in bed

For a very long time, the topic of sex (and how much of it you were having) was pretty much off-limits. But in today’s society where things have become a little more open and a little less taboo, people are finally opening up about these types of activities and realizing that it is normal healthy adult behavior. 

By talking more openly about it, we can also learn about what marks a healthy, happier sex life. With that in mind, your naughty neighbors here at Jack & Jill Adult wanted to share some recently released research from the University of Toronto that gives us a surprising look at how often the happiest couples have sex. This study was done over the course of 40 years, from data collected on over 30,000 Americans. 

Although many of us may picture a happy couple as two people who can’t keep their hands off of each other, the fact is that the results are probably not what you expected. The final conclusion of this study showed that the happiest couples consistently had sex right around the once-per-week mark. 

While it is true that physical intimacy creates a stronger emotional connection, there is a limit to the depth of that connection that can be reached through sex. This is true of all couples surveyed over the four decades, regardless of age, race, gender, or length of the relationship. 

It is important to understand that no matter where you fall on the spectrum, from once a day to once a year, all that matters is that you and your partner are satisfied and fulfilled with your own, personal sex life.

Jack & Jill Adult has everything you need to add a little excitement and variety into your one-on-one time with that special someone. From toys to outfits to many other accessories, let us make your intimate time even more fun and satisfying. You can reach us by dialing 1-800-307-9531 or by contacting us in our help section.

Summer of Self Love: Warm-Weather Solo Sex Tips

woman wearing summer hat

They say that spring is the horniest season because everything is blooming and as the animals that we are, we get a little frisky. But summer seems to see a lot of action too and if your libido skyrockets with the temperature, you’re not alone! Summer heat can turn even the coolest among us into wanton drones. There’s nothing worse than a long, hot, sticky night, tossing and turning, too hot to even get off but desperate to get to sleep. Never again! This summer, beat the heat with these five tips for a sexy summer of self love.

Netflix & Chill Your Sex Toys and Lube

Netflix & Chill Your Sex Toys and Lube

Temperature play can be super sexy any time of year, but popping your toys and lube into the freezer before you get down to business can give you some heat relief while providing a whole new range of sensations. Try freezing metal items like nipple clamps, butt plugs or dildos, and cooling glass or ceramic toys in cold water. Even silicone sex toys will benefit from 15 minutes or so in the freezer. In a pinch, an ice cube will provide loads of sensation (while it lasts). Extreme cold can be overwhelming but also very exciting for nipples and genitals, just throw down a towel first. 

Work with Nature Not Against It

Did you know that temperature influences the ability to orgasm, as well as the intensity of orgasms? Usually warmer is better, but if you feel uncomfortably hot and restless, you likely won’t finish either. No air conditioner? No problem. Set a bowl of ice in front of a fan, or use a clean spritzing bottle to add a cool mist to the air in front of the fan. Keep bedroom windows and blinds/curtains closed during the day so the room has less opportunity to heat up. After dark, let the cooler evening air in and enjoy a less stifling solo session.     

Take a Sex Toy on an Adventure

Take a Sex Toy on an Adventure

Make use of discreet and portable toys like vibrating butt plugs and panty-vibes. Pop one in, pocket the remote control, and take yourself out for ice cream. That double scoop of mint chip will taste all the more wickedly delicious if you’re ordering it with a naughty secret in your pants. None will ever be the wiser … unless you lose control. But isn’t that part of the thrill? By the time you get home you will be so primed for release you’ll be bursting at the seams!   

Cool Showers or Baths, Anyone?

Cold showers have become the punchline for so many jokes about horniness and libido. They do help cool you down literally and figuratively, but a cool, not cold, bath or shower is also a great way to get your sexy on when you’re alone and the weather is warm. Who needs a pool when you can find a comfortably cool water temperature and get dirty before you get clean? Incorporate a water safe vibe or butt plug, or put your suction-cup-base dildos to good use on the wall of the shower or the bottom of the tub. 

If you want to use lubricant, silicone will have the longest staying power but it’s not compatible with silicone toys, so choose wisely. Soap may feel like the perfect lube but be careful of irritation and proper rinsing when you’re finished. If in doubt, stick to water-based lubes and reapply as needed. Oh, and one more suggestion: get a detachable shower head.  

Stock Your Fridge and Freezer

Stock Your Fridge and Freezer

Don’t forget: masturbation is a form of self-care. When we reward ourselves for good self-care habits, they are easier to maintain over time. This summer, stock your fridge and freezer with treats to enjoy in your own personal afterglow. Mini fro-yo bars or convenient frozen smoothie packs, even just some lemon water and pre-washed and chilled fruit will round out any hot weather masturbation marathon. Even if you don’t need the incentive from positive reinforcement, hydration is crucial. Take the time to replenish yourself after you have lost precious bodily fluids.


Making small preparations or accommodations for intimate self-care may seem excessive or over the top, but aren’t you worth the extra consideration? Life is short, so why not make the most of the small pleasures where we can. If that means planning ahead for some “you time,” make the effort to pamper yourself. Don’t suffer through another sweltering summer stuck to your sheets, frustrated because it’s too hot to even bother. Keep your cool. #HotPersonSummer doesn’t have to be literal. 

How do you plan to keep cool and have a summer of solo fun this year? Let us know down in the comments!

5 Fun Examples of Sex Toys in Popular Culture

woman watching TV

Sex toys have become more and more normalized in recent years. And we think that’s a great thing! As more of us are willing to talk about our toy use, inevitably that means more representation in fiction as well. 

Here are five of our favorite examples of storylines featuring sex toys in popular culture, from that infamous Sex & the City episode to the present day. This article contains spoilers, so we recommend you watch the shows first if you want to! 

Charlotte’s Rabbit, Sex & the City (1998)

Charlotte’s Rabbit, Sex & the City (1998)

In the 1998 episode The Turtle and the Hair, Miranda tells her friends about her new “Rabbit” vibrator. Intrigued, they visit a sex shop together and Charlotte buys the toy. Charlotte quickly becomes so enamored with her new pink, buzzing friend that she starts blowing off plans with her actual friends to stay home and masturbate. The rest of the gang stage an intervention, confiscating the toy. 

There are valid criticisms of this storyline. It pushes the false idea that a person can become addicted to a sex toy or that a toy can ever replace human relationships. But on the plus side, it did a huge amount to normalize women’s sexual pleasure and female masturbation. More than two decades later, rabbit vibes still owe this episode a huge debt of gratitude for their enormous popularity. 

Janey Gets Caught Masturbating, Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

This 2001 comedy, which riffs on classics of the genre such as She’s All That and 10 Things I Hate About You, opens with the character Janey masturbating with a large, pink, rotating vibrator. She is quickly interrupted by her family (and then a priest and a group of random local children, for some reason) coming to wish her a happy birthday. A dog pulls the blanket off the bed and the vibrator flies through the air, coming to land on the cake Janey’s grandma is carrying. 

This isn’t exactly a positive representation, as it arguably presents the idea of female masturbation as the butt of a joke. This is particularly true because the character’s lack of conventional beauty is a major plot-point in the movie. But if you can deal with the dodgy messaging and the sheer cringe factor, it’s pretty funny. 

Alice and Dana’s Sexual Explorations, The L Word (2005)

Alice and Dana’s Sexual Explorations, The L Word (2005)

A staple feature of so many queer womens’ coming-out stories, The L Word has been described as what would happen if Sex & the City was written by and about lesbians. This six-season sensation ran from 2004 to 2009 and chronicles the loves, lives, and adventures of a group of lesbian (and occasionally gay, bi, and trans) friends in Los Angeles. And there is a lot of sex in this show. 

Alice and Dana’s best-friends-to-lovers storyline resonated with many people. Their devastating break-up followed by Dana’s death from breast cancer in season 3 still brings a tear to our eye. But before all that tragedy, they’re one of the sexiest and most sexually explorative couples on the show. 

It begins when Alice asks Dana to penetrate her with a strap-on. Dana is initially unsure, wondering if the request means Alice is secretly craving sex with men, but quickly comes around. The look on Alice’s face when Dana emerges from the bathroom wearing her harness is almost too hot for words. 

Later, there’s a hilarious scene where the girls go through airport security and their bag full of sex toys gets flagged by the TSA officials. (“Yeah, nipple clamps,” Alice says when the guard holds the offending item up.) 

Vibrators for Older Women, Grace and Frankie (2017)

Grace and Frankie is a genuinely sweet and hilarious sitcom about two women in their 70s who develop an unlikely bond when their husbands suddenly leave them… for each other. One of the many adventures they embark on together involves founding and running Vybrant, a company dedicated to making accessible vibrators for older women. 

Particular highlights include when they try to sell their vibes to the members of a very conservative women’s club, and when Frankie accidentally promises free vibrators to thousands of people on Twitter. 

I love that this show demonstrates that older women are still sexual beings who want and deserve love, pleasure, and sexual happiness. Grace and Frankie date, masturbate, have sex, and fall in love, and have the time of their lives doing it all. 

Kat Pegs Cody, The Bold Type (2020) 

Kat Pegs Cody, The Bold Type (2020) 

If The L Word is Sex & The City for lesbians, then The Bold Type – which follows the adventures of three friends working at a New York City women’s magazine – is SATC for millennials. 

Kat Edison spends much of the first four seasons of The Bold Type exploring her sexuality after meeting Adena El-Amin and falling for a woman for the first time. In season 4, she labels herself as “bisexual.” For bi women who so rarely see ourselves portrayed positively on screen, this was huge. 

When Kat hooks up with cute male bartender Cody, he asks her to peg him. She’s not sure at first, but she gets into the idea when she visits a sex shop with besties Jane and Sutton and chooses a strap-on. She ends up with a bright rainbow silicone dildo that is absolutely perfect and is surprised by how much she enjoys the pegging. 

Best line: “Maybe it’s like a Harry Potter situation? The strap-on chooses you?” 

What are your favorite TV and movie scenes featuring sex toys? Let us know down in the comments! 

The Best Egg-Style Sex Toys for Easter and All Year Long

woman in white suit wearing white rabbit mask

Easter is almost upon us. It’s the perfect time to enjoy longer days, time with your loved ones, plenty of chocolate… and, of course, thematically appropriate sex toys

To that end, I wanted to share some of my favorite egg-style sex toys. From Tenga’s unbeatable egg masturbators to the classic love egg, there’s bound to be something here that you will love. 

Tenga Egg Twister

Tenga Egg Twister

Tenga Eggs are innovative masturbators for men and other people with penises. Inside the cute little egg-shaped case, you’ll find a stretchy masturbation sleeve that can take solo sex or partnered hand sex to the next level. They’re also super petite and discreet, making them ideal for popping in your case for a sexy weekend away. 

The Twister Egg is lined with a swirled pattern that feels absolutely amazing against your shaft. You can enjoy a wide array of sensations – why not try twisting as well as stroking? Tenga Eggs can stretch up to 12 inches, making them suitable for all shapes and sizes. 

Fifty Shades Freed I’ve Got You Rechargeable Love Egg

Channel your inner Ana or Christian with the official Fifty Shades pleasure line, approved by author E L James. The I’ve Got You is a rechargeable love egg vibrator that offers 8 patterns and 12 incredible speeds, from a low rumble up to a powerful buzz. This dreamy little egg can sit inside you for pleasure all day long, or you can use it as an external clitoral vibrator. 

Feeling daring? Put it in before you go out, and then hand the remote control to your partner. They’ll be able to give you a little jolt of buzzing pleasure whenever they want, at the touch of a button. 

VeDO Peach Rechargeable Egg Vibe

VeDO Peach Rechargeable Egg Vibe

I’m a bit obsessed with VeDO, who offer amazing sex toys at amazingly affordable price points. The Peach is a rechargeable egg vibrator for people with vaginas which is discreet yet surprisingly powerful. 

Its small size makes it non-threatening for beginners, and its long tail makes it easy to retrieve at any time. Switch through the ten different vibration modes at the touch of a button with the handy included remote control. The Peach is also splashproof, so you can wear it in the shower and get down and dirty while you get clean. 

Minx Aqua Silks Vibrating Egg

If you’re trying an egg vibrator for the first time and don’t know what to expect, the Minx Aqua Silks Vibrating Egg is an ideal pick for you. Small and affordable, it still packs a punch power-wise! 

It offers four speeds so you can experiment and find out exactly what sensations work for you. It’s even waterproof, so you can play in the bath or shower. Best of all, the Minx Aqua Silks egg comes with a corded remote control, so you can hand it over to your partner and let them blow your mind. The Minx Aqua Silks egg vibe requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

Sensuelle Remote Control Petite Egg

Sensuelle Remote Control Petite Egg

The Remote Control Petite Egg from Sensuelle can be controlled via the discreet remote from up to 30 feet away. Hand the control over to your partner before you go out, and Easter parties will never be the same again! 

The Sensuelle Remote Control Petite Egg is incredibly quiet, but we can’t promise you will be once you feel its powerful buzz. It offers 15 different settings and is 100 percent waterproof. Since it’s rechargeable, you’ll never have to worry about flat batteries again. 

Bonus: Happy Rabbit Clitoral Vibe

If egg-style toys aren’t leaving you feeling egg-celent, here’s something that’ll make you a happy bunny. Happy Rabbit is a line of premium toys for people with vulvas, and I absolutely love this cute but powerful little clitoral vibe

It fits in the palm of your hand, but don’t let the small size (and affordable price) fool you. The Happy Rabbit Clitoral Vibe offers 12 vibration speeds, and the super-cute tail also doubles as an ergonomic finger-rest. This is one Easter Bunny that will have you hopping for joy. 

Happy Easter!

However you’re celebrating, we hope you have a happy Easter weekend that includes plenty of rest and relaxation… and, of course, hot sex and orgasms. 

New Year, New Sex Toys

blue sex toys in a pile

We did it! We survived the dumpster fire that was 2020! For a lot of people the past year put the world into perspective in big ways and small. It made us more aware of what’s important, but it also gave us time to examine our priorities around much smaller things too. Like what and who really matters, and that self care really is necessary and important. A lot of folks have spent the better part of a year now, starved for touch and intimacy. In many instances this has changed how people experience pleasure. It has also created a movement in which masturbation is seen, now more than ever, as a necessity for our well-being. 

In light of a hellish year, and in the spirit of a fresh start, let’s get back to sexy stuff and attack your sex toy collection! This is a great time to take an inventory of what you have, get rid of what you don’t like or use, and add some hard-working basics onto the roster to ensure you get everything you can out of your partnered or solo sex life. 

Here are some ideas on what to ditch, as well as some recommendations for fun new items to keep you happily sustained. 

Say Goodbye to Dangerously Cheap Sex Toys

Say Goodbye to Dangerously Cheap Sex Toys

We have all done it. Spontaneously hit “add to cart” on some cheap and cheerful sex toys without considering what makes them only cost the same as a couple of lattes. Sex toys are like any other industry. There are well priced quality items out there, but you need to be a bit discerning because some of the most inexpensive materials are the ones that you should avoid. 

One of the worst offenders are insertable “jelly” toys like butt plugs and dildos. Jellies are appealing because they are usually brightly colored and pleasantly soft, as well as inexpensive. This is because they are filled with phthalates, a family of industrial chemicals used to soften polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics. Phthalates are carcinogens (cancer causing!) that can also damage the liver, kidneys, and reproductive system. 

“Jelly” toys, as well as rubber/PVC and vinyl toys, are not only toxic to one degree or another, they are porous. This means they can never ever be fully sanitized no matter how hard you try. If you have some of these sex toys kicking around, consider how long you’ve had them. For toys in good condition (no cracks, tears, or strong odors), use them with condoms. If they have any noticeable wear and tear, or it’s been more than a year, it’s time to toss them. 

Say Hello to Silicone, Glass, and Ceramic

When it comes to insertable/penetrative toys, body-safe is best. Luckily, there are some awesome, affordable items made of silicone, glass, ceramic and other materials that are easy to clean and sanitize which don’t pose any significant risks when you put them into your body. Silicone feels very realistic. Glass toys are beautiful and very hard wearing. And ceramic and wood insertables are often uniquely designed and/or handmade. Worth it! 

Check Your Expiration Dates

Check Your Expiration Dates

Nothing lasts forever (I’m looking at you, pandemic!), and that includes condoms, lubes, massage balms and oils. Not all of these products will always have an expiration date, so it’s a good idea to get in the habit of noting when you purchase them and rotating them out of use. 

In general, lubes and oils will last one to three years, depending on how they are stored. Keep them away from prolonged direct light or heat (somewhere cool and dark like a drawer or bedside table). Toss them as soon as you notice the color, texture, smell or efficacy of the product changes. 

Most condoms have a three to five year shelf life. While you may no longer trust an expired condom to protect you from pregnancy or STIs, they can be good for solo use on sex toys. Slip one onto a dildo for easy clean up afterward. Use one if you want to go from anal to vaginal without stopping to properly sanitize it. 

Discard products that you are unsure about. When in doubt, air on the side of caution. Your body will thank you. 

Clear Out the Clutter

Clear Out the Clutter

Once you eliminate the problem pieces in your collection, examine what’s left and make a few cuts from the team. Toss out things you don’t use, or sex toys that have seen better days. Do you really need that knotted clump of frayed bondage rope that you only ever used with your ex that one time? Are you ever going to wear those tattered crotchless undies again? Isn’t it time to let go of those cheap handcuffs that you lost the keys to? You know the answers to these questions. Out with the old, in with the new!

Upgrade to the Sex Toys You Want

Maybe you have always dreamed of a big, powerful wand vibrator, or you’re curious about some BDSM related gear. Perhaps this is the year you get into lingerie or you start using quality lube. Whatever it is that your heart desires, it’s out there and it can be yours. Do some research, (our blog is a good place to start!), and invest some time in deciding what you want out of your toy collection and how you can best grow it over time so you have all the fun supplies, toys and tools you need.


Exploration with sex toys and pleasure items is natural, healthy, and can go along way towards a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life. We live in uncertain and stressful times. Indulging in sexy fun, alone or with someone, and buying quality products to do so, is not frivolous. It is an investment in yourself, and you are absolutely worth it. 

5 Resolutions to Make for a Sexier 2021

blonde woman holding 2021 balloons

I have mixed feelings about new year’s resolutions. On the one hand, using the start of a new year as an opportunity to reset, review where you are, and consider where you want to go can be powerful. On the other hand, setting too many resolutions can be a recipe for frustration and failure. 

For many of us, especially those who are non-monogamous and/or don’t live with our partner(s), 2020 has been quiet in the sex department thanks to the ongoing pandemic. We also don’t know exactly how 2021 is going to look. 

With that said, I wanted to offer you five ideas for resolutions you can make to have a sexier 2021, whether you’re partnered or single, vanilla or kinky. As always, take the things that work for you and leave the rest. 

Prioritize Pleasure

If you make only one resolution this year, make it this one. We all have busy lives with lots of conflicting responsibilities. This can mean that pleasure, including sex, gets put on the backburner far too often. 

But pleasure isn’t a luxury or something we should only get when we’ve ticked everything off our to-do lists. Pleasure is essential for physical wellbeing and mental health. So in 2021, promise yourself you’ll consistently prioritize pleasure in your life. You deserve it. 

Treat Yourself to Awesome Sex Toys

Whether you’ve never tried sex toys before or are looking to add to your collection, treating yourself to great sex toys is one of the best ways to take your sex life to the next level in 2021. Why not try a powerful wand vibrator, a glass butt plug, or a silicone stroker?

Whatever toys you invest in this year, make it a resolution to buy exclusively body-safe products. Look for non-toxic and non-porous materials such as silicone, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, or treated wood. These products can be a little more expensive than porous products or those containing phthalates, but they’re better for your body – and, if you take care of them, will last you years! 

Make Friends with Lube

Make Friends with Lube

Lube makes every sexual activity better. There’s a misconception that lube is only for anal sex or for when a person with a vulva isn’t getting wet, but it’s actually a great addition to any kind of sex. 

If you’ve never used lube before or only reach for it occasionally, make it a resolution to incorporate it into your play more often in 2021. Whether you’re doing penetrative sex, oral sex, hand sex, or playing with toys, a good-quality lube can make things more comfortable and fun. It’s not just for partnered sex, either. If you’ve never used lube during solo sex before, give it a go. 

A gentle water-based lube is a good bet for most bodies and is also compatible with all types of sex toys. Silicone-based and oil-based lubes can also feel great and offer a change of sensation, but make sure they’re compatible with your toys and any barriers you’re using before you start. 

Try Something New

“Variety is the spice of life,” as the saying goes. So make it your resolution to try something new for the new year. 

This could take many different forms. We’ve already mentioned trying out new toys. But what about watching some new porn or reading some new erotica? You could experiment with different roleplay scenarios, try spanking, learn how to tie your partner up, or play with hot wax.  Feeling really adventurous? Why not check out a sex party or swinger’s club? 

The beauty of this resolution is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. If everyone involved is consenting and having fun, you’re doing great. You’re limited only by your imagination. 

Pay for Your Porn

Pay for Your Porn 

Chances are, you pay for many of the other kinds of entertainment you enjoy, from TV and films to books. Porn is also a form of entertainment that users should be paying for, whether you buy clips directly from performers, buy videos on sites like Manyvids, or subscribe to your favorite performers’ OnlyFans channels. 

Paying for your porn has numerous advantages. You’re supporting the workers who make the content you love, which enables them to feed their families, pay their bills, and make more delicious content for their fans. Paying also means you avoid contributing to the enormous problem of stolen content online. (Free tube sites republish work that would normally be behind a paywall without compensating the performers.) 

You can feel confident that the content was produced and published consensually. And you’ll be able to get access to all kinds of amazing, creative work that isn’t available on the free porn streaming sites. 


What are your 2021 sexy new year’s resolutions? We’d love to know what you’re looking forward to this year and how you’re planning to level up your sex life. Let us know in the comments! 

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