The Benefits of Discreet Sex Toys

The benefits of discreet sex toys

Having an enjoyable and fulfilling sex life is important for many people, but it can be difficult to find ways to keep your sex toys discreet. Discreet sex toys offer a way to explore pleasure without others knowing about it.

Table of Contents:

  • Choosing Discreet Sex Toys
  • Storing Your Discreet Sex Toys
    • Tips for Keeping Your Toys Out of Sight
    • Ideas for Hiding Your Toys in Plain Sight
    • How To Dispose Of Used Sex Toys Safely And Discreetly
  • Cleaning and Maintaining Your Discreet Sex Toys
  • Using Discreet Sex Toys Safely and Responsibly
    • Understanding the Risks Involved with Using Sex Toys
    • Guidelines for Using Your Toy Responsibly
    • Tips for Enhancing Pleasure While Minimizing Risk
  • FAQs in Relation to Discreet Sex Toys
    • What are the best discreet sex toys for women?
    • How can I ensure my sex toy purchases remain private and discreet?
    • Are there any discreet sex toys that are suitable for travel?
    • What is the most effective way to store a discreet sex toy when not in use?
  • Conclusion

Choosing Discreet Sex Toys

When it comes to sex toys, there are a variety of options available. Some popular types include vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and anal beads, cock rings, and strap-ons. Vibrators come in various shapes and sizes for internal and external stimulation. Dildos can be used for penetration alone or with a partner. Anal plugs and beads offer pleasurable sensations when inserted into the anus. Cock rings help maintain an erection while also providing extra stimulation during intercourse. Strap-ons provide hands-free pleasure for couples looking to explore new sexual positions or roles during playtime.

When choosing a discreet toy, there are several factors to consider, such as size, shape, material type (silicone is often preferred), noise level (some vibrators can be pretty loud), battery life (rechargeable models are ideal), waterproof capabilities (for use in the shower or bathtub) and vibration settings/patterns if applicable. Additionally, you should ensure that your toy is body safe by checking the product label before purchase; some materials may contain toxins that could cause irritation or infection if not properly cleaned after each use.

Key Takeaway: When shopping for sex toys, consider size, shape, material type, noise level, battery life, and waterproof capabilities. Make sure to check the product label for body safety before purchase.

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Storing Your Discreet Sex Toys

Storing sex toys can be challenging, especially if you have children or nosy roommates. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your toys out of sight and away from prying eyes.

Tips for Keeping Your Toys Out of Sight

When storing your sex toys, the most important thing is that they remain out of sight. Invest in opaque storage containers with lids so that no one can see what’s inside. If possible, store them in a locked box or drawer to which only you have access. Make sure to choose a large container to fit all of your toys and accessories without becoming overcrowded. It’s also helpful to label each container with its contents, so you don’t accidentally open the wrong one. It is best not to let stored toys touch other toys as some materials can destroy other materials just by them touching.

Ideas for Hiding Your Toys in Plain Sight

If you want an even more discreet way to store your toys, consider hiding them in plain sight by disguising them as everyday items, such as books or boxes on shelves or under furniture cushions. This will help keep curious eyes away from snooping around too much while allowing easy access when needed. Ensure not to put anything too heavy on the toy since this could damage it over time.

How To Dispose Of Used Sex Toys Safely And Discreetly

Once you no longer want a toy, proper disposal is critical for maintaining discretion. Wrap up the toy securely and dispose of it at an appropriate location, such as a public trash bin outside rather than inside the home – remember not to leave any identifying marks behind, like name tags or logos.

Key Takeaway: Storing and disposing of sex toys discreetly is essential for maintaining privacy. Here are some tips to help: invest in opaque storage containers with lids; hide toys in plain sight as everyday items; wash used toys thoroughly before disposal; wrap them up securely and dispose at a public trash bin outside the home.


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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Discreet Sex Toys

Cleaning and sanitizing your toys is an important part of using them safely and responsibly. To ensure that you get the most out of your toy, it’s essential to keep it clean and properly maintained. Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your sex toys:

Tips for Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Toys Properly: Make sure to wash all surfaces with warm water and a mild soap or antibacterial cleaner before use. Rinse thoroughly before drying with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. You should use a toy cleaner for non-porous materials such as silicone, stainless steel, glass, or plastic. Be sure to avoid harsh chemicals like acetone or bleach that can damage the toy’s material.

How to Extend the Life of Your Toy with Regular Maintenance: After each use, inspect your toy for signs of wear, such as scratches or cracks in the material, which could indicate that it needs replacing soon. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place away from other items that may cause damage if stored together (such as metal objects). If possible, store separately in its own bag/container, so dust does not accumulate on its surface over time. Finally, ensure batteries are removed when not in use – this will also help extend battery life.


Key Takeaway: Clean and sanitize your sex toys regularly to ensure safety and prolong their life. Steps include washing with mild soap antibacterial cleaner, drying with a lint-free cloth, using rubbing alcohol or bleach solution for non-porous materials, inspecting for wear, storing away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place, and removing batteries when not in use.


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Using Discreet Sex Toys Safely and Responsibly

Using sex toys can be a great way to enhance your sexual pleasure and experience. However, it is important to understand the risks of using these toys and how to use them safely and responsibly.

Understanding the Risks Involved with Using Sex Toys

When using any sex toy, certain risks should be taken into consideration. For example, if you’re sharing a toy between partners, ensure it is correctly sanitized before each use to avoid transmitting infections or diseases. Additionally, some materials used in making toys may cause some people allergic reactions or skin irritation. It’s essential to research the material of any toy before purchasing it and ensure that it is safe for your body type and needs.

Guidelines for Using Your Toy Responsibly

It’s also important to take proper precautions when using your discreet sex toy to minimize the risk of injury or infection. Make sure you read all instructions carefully to know exactly how the device works and what safety measures need to be taken while operating it. Additionally, never leave batteries inside a vibrator when not in use, as this could lead to overheating, damaging the device and your skin if touched directly afterward without being cooled down first. Lastly, always keep an eye on cords or wires connected with electrical appliances such as plugs or chargers – they should never come into contact with water at any time during operation.

Tips for Enhancing Pleasure While Minimizing Risk

In addition to taking necessary safety precautions while using sex toys, there are also ways you can maximize pleasure while minimizing risk at the same time. Start by experimenting with different settings on vibrators – varying speeds and patterns can help find just the excellent sensation for yourself or your partner. Also, consider adding lubricant before insertion; this will reduce friction which helps prevent abrasions from occurring during playtime. Finally, don’t forget about aftercare; cleaning up after each session ensures that bacteria won’t build up over time, leading to potential health issues.


Key Takeaway: When using sex toys, it is important to understand the risks involved and take proper precautions. To maximize pleasure while minimizing risk, read instructions carefully before use, and experiment with different settings.


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FAQs in Relation to Discreet Sex Toys

What are the best discreet sex toys for women?

Discreet sex toys for women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For those looking to enhance their sex life without drawing attention, there are small vibrators that can be easily hidden away or worn discreetly under clothing. There are also finger vibes that provide clitoral stimulation without being too obvious. If you’re looking for something even more discreet, consider a remote-controlled toy that can be operated from across the room or with an app on your phone. No matter what type of discreet toy you choose, it’s essential to make sure it is made from body-safe materials and has multiple speeds and vibration patterns so you can find the perfect setting for yourself or your partner.

How can I ensure my sex toy purchases remain private and discreet?

To ensure your sex toy purchases remain private and discreet, it is important to purchase from a reputable retailer that offers secure payment methods and discreet packaging. When selecting a payment method, you can opt for one like bitcoin, crypto, or PayPal, as these options do not leave any trace of the purchase on your bank statement or credit card bill. Additionally, look for retailers offering anonymous shipping with no identifying information in the package sent to you. Jack and Jill Adult automatically provides all of these options for all sales. Following these steps will help keep your toy purchases private and discreet.

Are there any discreet sex toys that are suitable for travel?

Yes, there are discreet toys that are suitable for travel. Many companies now offer small and compact designs which can be easily tucked away in a bag or suitcase. Some even come with their storage cases to ensure complete discretion when traveling. Additionally, many of these toys are made from body-safe materials such as silicone and ABS plastic, making them safe to use while on the go. With so many options available, it’s easy to find a discreet toy perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

What is the most effective way to store a discreet sex toy when not in use?

The most effective way to store a discreet sex toy when not in use is to invest in a storage container specifically designed for the purpose. These containers are opaque, non-porous, and durable enough to protect the toy from dust, dirt, and other environmental factors. Additionally, they should be lockable or have some secure closure so that no one can access the contents without permission. Finally, Find a small container to fit into an inconspicuous place, like under your bed or inside a closet shelf. This will ensure maximum discretion while keeping your sex toys safe and secure until you’re ready for them again.


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Love to Love Secret Box – Black



Sex toys can be a great way to enhance your sex life and bring some excitement into the bedroom. You can enjoy these products without worry or embarrassment with the proper selection, storage, cleaning, and maintenance practices. Shopping for discreet sex toys online is also an easy and convenient way to find what you need without leaving home. No matter how you choose to use them, discreet sex toys are sure to provide plenty of pleasure and satisfaction.

Exploring Sexual Wellness and Disabilities: Tips for Enhancing Intimacy

Old lady and disabled man in a wheelchair posing and discussing sexual wellness and disabilities

The intersection of sexual wellness and disabilities is a complex but important topic. Everyone should have access to resources that can help them enhance their sex life, regardless of disability status.

However, there are many challenges related to accessibility in the bedroom for people with disabilities—and it’s essential we understand how these unique needs must be addressed when discussing sexual health.

We will explore topics such as adaptive sex toys for those with physical limitations, tips on enhancing intimacy despite disability-related barriers, and the role caregivers play in supporting individuals looking to find more pleasure within their sexuality while living with a disability.

Table of Contents:

  • Understanding Sexual Wellness and Disabilities
  • Challenges of Accessibility in the Bedroom
    • Physical Limitations
    • Mental Health Considerations
    • Communication Barriers
  • Adaptive Sex Toys for People with Disabilities
    • Types of Adaptive Sex Toys
    • Benefits of Using Adaptive Sex Toys
    • Where To Find Adaptive Sex Toys
  • Tips for Enhancing Intimacy with Disabilities
  • The Role of Caregivers in Sexual Wellness and Disabilities
    • Understanding the Needs of the Person with a Disability
    • Providing Support and Encouragement
    • Creating an Inclusive Environment
  • Resources for People with Disabilities Seeking Sexual Wellness
    • Online Communities and Support Groups
    • Books, Videos, and Other Educational Materials
  • Conclusion: Embracing Sexual Wellness Despite Disability Challenges
  • FAQs in Relation to Sexual Wellness and Disabilities
    • What are examples of sexual wellness?
    • Do disabled people have sexual desires?
    • Can people with developmental disabilities have sexual relationships?
    • What is meant by sexual wellness?
  • Conclusion

Understanding Sexual Wellness and Disabilities

What is Sexual Wellness?

Sexual wellness is an individual’s ability to experience and enjoy sexual pleasure, intimacy, and connection. It involves understanding one’s sexuality, respecting the rights of others, and having access to accurate information about sex. This includes physical health as well as mental well-being.

What are Disabilities?

A disability is any condition that limits a person’s physical or mental functioning in some way. These can include mobility impairments, sensory impairments (such as blindness or deafness), cognitive impairments (such as autism spectrum disorder), chronic illnesses (such as diabetes or cancer), and psychological conditions (such as depression).

People with disabilities may also have difficulty accessing resources related to sexual health due to a lack of knowledge or limited access to services.

How Do They Intersect?

When it comes to sexual health for people with disabilities, many challenges must be addressed for them to participate fully in intimate relationships. Physical limitations can make certain activities difficult or impossible; communication barriers can prevent meaningful conversations; and mental health considerations must be considered when deciding sex and relationships.

In addition, people with disabilities often face discrimination when attempting to access resources related to their sexual needs, such as healthcare providers who are not adequately trained on how best to meet their needs.

These factors create an environment where people with disabilities may feel excluded from engaging in healthy sexual practices, ultimately negatively affecting their overall well-being.

Key Takeaway: People with disabilities often face unique challenges regarding sexual health, such as physical limitations, communication barriers, and discrimination. It is important to recognize these issues and create an environment where they can access the resources necessary for healthy sexual practices to promote overall well-being.


Challenges of Accessibility in the Bedroom

When it comes to accessing sexual wellness, people with disabilities face a variety of challenges. Physical limitations can make it difficult for individuals to engage in certain activities or positions necessary for sexual pleasure.

Mental health considerations such as depression, anxiety, sexual orientation and PTSD can also affect an individual’s ability to feel comfortable engaging in intimate activities. Communication barriers can arise due to language differences or physical impairments, leading to difficulty expressing needs and desires.

Physical Limitations

Physical limitations vary from person to person, depending on the type of disability they have. For example, someone who is sexually active and wheelchair-bound may be unable to access certain positions typically used during sex without assistance from another person or special equipment designed specifically for them.

Sexually active disabled Individuals with limited mobility may also find it difficult to reach certain areas of their body while masturbating or having intercourse with a partner. Additionally, those living with chronic pain conditions may experience increased discomfort when engaging in any physical activity related to sex which could further limit their ability to enjoy intimacy fully.

Mental Health Considerations

Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD can significantly impact an individual’s ability and desire for intimacy by causing feelings of fear or shame around sexuality and making it more difficult for them to focus on pleasurable sensations during sexual activity due to intrusive thoughts or flashbacks associated with trauma experiences. These mental health concerns must be addressed before attempting any sexual activity so that individuals are better equipped emotionally and mentally to handle the situation if needed

Communication Barriers

Communication barriers can arise due to language differences or physical impairments, leading to difficulty expressing needs and desires. This often results in misunderstandings, which, if not addressed properly beforehand through open communication about expectations and boundaries before engaging in any intimate behavior together, could potentially ruin the mood altogether.

Key Takeaway: People with disabilities may face unique challenges when accessing sexual wellness, such as physical limitations, mental health considerations, and communication barriers. These issues must be addressed before engaging in any intimate behavior.


Adaptive Sex Toys for People with Disabilities

Adaptive sex toys are designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. They can provide pleasure, comfort, and a sense of connection for those who may not be able to experience traditional sexual activities.

Types of Adaptive Sex Toys

There is a wide range of adaptive sex toys available on the market today. Some examples include vibrators that can be controlled by voice or remote control; strap-on harnesses with adjustable straps and support systems, and dildos with ergonomic handles for easier gripping.

There are also special devices designed specifically for people in wheelchairs or other mobility aids that allow them to enjoy pleasurable sensations without having to leave their chairs.

Additionally, products such as lube applicators and lubricants make it easier for individuals with limited dexterity or movement issues to apply lubricant during intimate moments.

Benefits of Using Adaptive Sex Toys

Using adaptive sex toys has many benefits for people living with disabilities. It can help reduce stress levels by providing an outlet for sexual expression and exploration without fear of judgment or rejection from partners due to physical limitations or communication barriers.

Additionally, using these products allows individuals greater autonomy over their bodies which can lead to increased self-confidence and improved body image overall. Finally, using adaptive sex toys provides access to pleasure in ways that may not have been possible before due to physical limitations or lack of access to traditional sexual activities due to disability status.

Where To Find Adaptive Sex Toys

Adaptive sex toys can be found online through various retailers specializing in adult products and medical supply stores catering specifically to disabled individuals’ needs. Many companies offer discreet shipping options, so customers do not need to worry about privacy concerns when ordering these items online. Additionally, local healthcare providers may carry certain adaptive sex toy products if requested.

Key Takeaway: Adaptive sex toys provide pleasure, comfort, and autonomy for individuals with disabilities. Benefits include reduced stress levels, increased self-confidence, and access to pleasurable activities previously impossible due to physical limitations. Adaptive sex toys can be found online or through medical supply stores.


Tips for Enhancing Intimacy with Disabilities

Open communication is essential for creating a safe, trusting environment when engaging in intimate activities with disabilities. It’s important to discuss expectations, boundaries, and desires openly so that everyone involved feels comfortable. Establishing consent is also key; it should be ongoing throughout the experience and can be expressed verbally or non-verbally.

Exploring Different Positions and Techniques: Depending on the disability, certain positions may not be possible or comfortable for both partners. Exploring different positions can help make sex more enjoyable by finding what works best for each individual’s needs. Additionally, using pillows to prop up limbs or body parts can help create new angles of pleasure while reducing strain on muscles or joints.

Many products are specifically designed to enhance intimacy with disabilities, such as adaptive sex toys, harnesses, slings, wedges, and ramps. These items provide support while allowing people with disabilities to explore their sexuality without fear of injury or discomfort.

Additionally, they can add variety to sexual experiences by providing new sensations that would otherwise not be possible due to physical limitations, thus creating a more enjoyable experience for all involved.


The Role of Caregivers in Sexual Wellness and Disabilities

Caregivers play an important role in supporting those with disabilities seeking sexual wellness. Understanding the needs of the person with a disability is essential for creating an inclusive environment that encourages exploration and expression.

Understanding the Needs of the Person with a Disability

Caregivers must understand what an individual needs when exploring sexuality and sexual health. This includes understanding any physical or mental limitations they may have and any communication barriers they face. It also means being aware of any specific accommodations needed to ensure everyone involved feels safe and comfortable during intimate moments.

Providing Support and Encouragement

Caregivers can provide emotional support by listening without judgment, validating feelings, offering encouragement, and helping create a positive space where people feel free to express themselves without fear or shame. They can also offer practical assistance, such as helping find adaptive sex toys or resources that can help enhance pleasure while accommodating physical limitations.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

Creating an inclusive environment starts with recognizing diversity within the disabled community – including gender identity, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and religion/spirituality – so everyone feels seen and respected regardless of their differences. Caregivers should strive to foster open dialogue about sexuality between themselves and their loved ones. Hence, there is mutual understanding around boundaries while allowing room for exploration if desired by both parties involved.


Resources for People with Disabilities Seeking Sexual Wellness

People with disabilities seeking sexability resources have access to a variety of resources. Online communities and support groups provide a safe space for individuals to connect, ask questions, and share experiences. These sexual health networks can be especially helpful for those who feel isolated or lack access to physical support systems. Books, videos, and other educational materials are available online that offer guidance on topics such as communication strategies, body-safe products, and disability-inclusive sex positions.

Online Communities and Support Groups

Online communities are an invaluable resource for people with disabilities looking to enhance their sex lives. There are numerous forums dedicated specifically to the needs of disabled individuals where members can discuss topics like intimacy barriers or finding accessible products in an open environment without judgment or shame. Additionally, many organizations provide virtual peer counseling services where trained professionals offer advice on issues related to sexuality and disability rights.

Books, Videos, and Other Educational Materials

Key Takeaway: People with disabilities seeking sexual wellness can access various resources, including online communities and support groups, books, videos, and other educational materials. These can guide communication strategies, body-safe products, disability-inclusive sex positions, and more.


Conclusion: Embracing Sexual Wellness Despite Disability Challenges

Despite the challenges of having a disability, it is possible to enjoy and embrace sexual wellness. It’s important to remember that everyone’s needs are different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to exploring sexuality. People with disabilities should feel empowered to explore their desires in whatever feels right.

Open Communication: The first step towards embracing sexual wellness and sexual health is open communication between partners or caregivers about any physical or mental limitations they may have. This can help set realistic expectations while allowing each person involved to express their wants and needs without fear of judgment.

Exploring Different Positions and Techniques: Depending on the type of disability, certain positions or techniques may be more comfortable than others during sex play. Exploring different options can help both partners find what works best for them while being enjoyable for both parties involved.

Finding the Right Products: There are many adaptive sex toys available specifically designed for people with disabilities, which can make intimate moments easier and more pleasurable. These products range from vibrators designed for those who cannot grip items easily, adjustable harnesses that provide extra support, and other tools such as lube shooters, which allow individuals with limited mobility access to lubricants without assistance from another person if needed.

The Role of Caregivers: For those who need additional support due to their disability, caregivers play an important role in helping create an inclusive environment where all parties feel safe expressing themselves sexually regardless of ability level. They should strive to understand the individual’s unique needs while encouraging them along the way so they can reach their desired level of intimacy comfortably.


Key Takeaway: Key takeaway: Open communication, exploring different positions and techniques, finding the right products, and involving caregivers can all help individuals with disabilities embrace sexual wellness.


FAQs in Relation to Sexual Wellness and Disabilities

What are examples of sexual wellness?

Sexual wellness is a broad term that encompasses many aspects of sexual health and pleasure. It includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being related to sex. Examples of sexual wellness include using lubricants or toys during intercourse for enhanced pleasure; exploring different types of stimulation such as oral sex or massage; practicing safe sex by using condoms; engaging in communication with partners about desires and boundaries; seeking out education on sexuality topics such as anatomy or kink/BDSM play; taking time for self-care activities like masturbation or yoga to increase body awareness and relaxation.

Sexual wellness is important to overall health and can be achieved through mindful exploration and open dialogue with partners.

Do disabled people have sexual desires?

Disabled people have sexual desires like anyone else. Everyone is capable of experiencing pleasure and intimacy regardless of their physical or mental abilities. It is important to recognize that everyone has the right to explore their sexuality safely and respectfully.

Accessible sex toys can help disabled individuals find ways to express themselves sexually while also providing comfort and support during intimate moments. With the right resources and support, disabled people can find ways to explore their sexuality in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable.

Can people with developmental disabilities have sexual relationships?

Yes, people with developmental disabilities can have sexual relationships. Everyone has the right to express their sexuality safely and respectfully. Individuals with developmental disabilities need to be provided with accurate information about sex and sexuality and access to resources to help them make informed decisions about their bodies and relationships.

With appropriate support from family members, friends, healthcare providers, or other professionals, people with developmental disabilities can explore healthy sexual expression that is consensual and respectful of all parties involved.

What is meant by sexual wellness?

Sexual wellness is taking care of one’s physical, mental, and emotional health to have a satisfying sex life. It involves being mindful of our bodies, understanding how we respond to sexual stimulation, communicating openly with partners about our needs and desires, and learning how to use sex toys safely.

Sexual health includes having safe sex practices such as using condoms or other forms of protection during intercourse. By practicing sexual wellness, individuals can enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling intimate relationship with their partner(s).



In conclusion, it is important to recognize that sexual wellness and disabilities can intersect in many ways. With the right resources and adaptive sex toys, people with disabilities can still enjoy a fulfilling intimate life.

Caregivers also play an important role in helping those with disabilities access sexual wellness services. By embracing these challenges and understanding the importance of accessibility, we can create a more inclusive world for everyone to experience pleasure regardless of their disability status.

It’s time to break the stigma surrounding sexual wellness and disabilities. Let’s create a safe, supportive space for everyone to explore their sexuality without fear of judgment or shame.

With accessible sex toys designed specifically for people with disabilities, we can ensure that no one is excluded from experiencing pleasure and intimacy in whatever way they choose. Let’s take action today by supporting products and services tailored towards those living with a disability – let’s ensure all individuals have access to quality sexual health care!

Communication Skills For Couples: How to Enhance Your Relationship

lady and man sitting at a dinner table discussing communication skills

We all want to have healthy and happy relationships, but communicating with our partners can often be difficult. Communication skills for couples are essential to keep a relationship strong and vibrant. Without good communication, misunderstandings will arise, which could lead to issues such as conflict or, even worse – breakups!

Table of Contents:

  • Understanding Your Partner
  • Expressing Yourself Openly and Honestly
  • Resolving Conflict Constructively
  • Setting Boundaries and Respectful Negotiation
  • Managing Stress in the Relationship
  • FAQs in Relation to Communication Skills for Couples
    • Why do I lack communication skills in a relationship?
    • How a married couple should be communicating?
    • What do you do when your partner has poor communication skills?
    • What are the seven keys to effective communication?
  • Conclusion


Understanding Your Partner

Active listening is an important part of understanding your partner. It involves paying attention to what they are saying, not just hearing the words but taking in the meaning behind them. This means avoiding distractions and giving your full attention to your partner when they’re speaking. Listening actively also includes being aware of body language and facial expressions that may indicate how a person feels or thinks about something.

Asking questions can help you gain further insight into your partner’s thoughts and feelings on a certain topic or situation. Asking open-ended questions encourages conversation rather than one-word answers, which can give you more information about their perspective. Questions should be asked respectfully and without judgment; this will create an environment where both partners feel comfortable expressing themselves honestly without fear of criticism or ridicule.

Showing empathy towards your partner is another way to understand them better. Empathy involves putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to see things from their point of view, even if it differs from yours. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with everything they say; it simply means recognizing how they feel at any given moment so that you can provide support instead of judgment or criticism when necessary.

You can better understand your partner’s needs and feelings by actively listening, asking questions, and showing empathy. Expressing yourself openly and honestly is the next step in improving communication skills within a relationship.


Expressing Yourself Openly and Honestly

Speaking clearly and directly is essential to expressing yourself openly and honestly. It’s important to be direct when communicating your thoughts, feelings or needs to avoid misunderstandings. Be sure to use language that is easy for the other person to understand. This means avoiding slang words or phrases that could be misinterpreted.

Using “I” statements can help you express yourself without placing blame on the other person. Instead of saying, “you always do this…” try using an “I feel…” statement such as “I feel frustrated when I don’t get a response from you right away.” This helps communicate your feelings without accusing the other person of anything wrong.

It’s also important to avoid blaming or criticizing when expressing yourself openly and honestly. Blaming someone else for how you feel can make them defensive and shut down communication altogether, which won’t help resolve any issues between you two. Instead, focus on what YOU need for things to improve between both parties involved by using positive language instead of negative accusations or criticism toward one another.

Expressing yourself openly and honestly is essential for healthy communication in any relationship. Now, let’s explore how to resolve conflict constructively.


Resolving Conflict Constructively

When resolving conflicts with your partner, the key is to identify the problem and focus on solutions rather than blame or criticism. Taking a step back and assessing the situation before jumping into a heated argument is important. Taking time to cool off can help you both approach the conflict more constructively.

Identify the Problem at Hand: Before attempting to resolve any conflict, it’s essential that you first understand what caused it in the first place. Ask yourself questions such as “What was said? What happened? How did I feel about it?” Once you have identified what sparked the disagreement, you can begin addressing it head-on without getting sidetracked by other issues.

Take Time To Cool Off if Necessary: If emotions run high during an argument, taking time apart may benefit both parties involved. This will give each of you an opportunity to clear your heads and come back together when things have cooled down so that there is less chance of saying something hurtful or escalating further into an unnecessary fight.

When discussing how best to resolve a conflict between two people, blaming one another won’t get anyone anywhere quickly. Instead of pointing fingers, try finding solutions that work for both parties involved – this could include coming up with compromises or brainstorming ideas together until everyone feels heard and respected. Doing this will also help build trust within your relationship, which is essential for any healthy partnership.

By resolving conflicts constructively, couples can create a strong foundation of trust and respect that will enable them to negotiate boundaries and reach mutually beneficial agreements.

Key Takeaway: When resolving conflicts with your partner, focus on identifying the problem and finding solutions. Use constructive communication, take time to cool off if needed, and avoid blame or criticism.


Setting Boundaries and Respectful Negotiation

Establish Clear Expectations and Agreements: Setting boundaries in a relationship is essential for both partners to feel secure. Establishing clear expectations and agreements is important so that each partner knows what the other expects from them. This could include how often you communicate, who pays for what, or how much time you spend together. When setting these expectations, it’s important to be honest about your needs and desires while also being open to compromise if necessary.

Respect Each Other’s Needs and Wishes: Respectful negotiation is key when setting boundaries in relationships. Both partners should take the time to listen carefully and understand each other’s needs before making any decisions or agreements. This means not only considering your wants but also understanding why your partner may have different needs than you do. Both parties must be willing to compromise for everyone involved to feel respected and heard.

Respecting each other’s boundaries and negotiating respectfully are key to a healthy relationship. Moving on, we’ll explore how managing stress in a relationship can help keep it strong.

Managing Stress in the Relationship

Stress can be a major factor in relationships if not managed properly. It is important to identify sources of stress, take time for self-care, and talk about stressors openly with your partner to manage stress levels within the relationship.

Identify Sources of Stress: Identifying sources of stress can help you better understand what may be causing tension or conflict between you and your partner. Common sources of stress include work, finances, family obligations, communication issues, lack of time together, and different values or beliefs. Taking time to reflect on these potential causes can help you gain insight into how they might affect your relationship.

Take Time for Self-Care: Taking care of yourself is essential when managing stress in any relationship. Make sure you are taking breaks from the situation when needed and engaging in activities that make you feel relaxed and happy such as exercise or spending quality time with friends or family members outside the relationship. This will give both partners an opportunity to recharge their batteries so they can come back refreshed and ready to tackle any challenges that arise more effectively.

Communication is key when it comes to managing stressful situations within a relationship. Talking openly about what’s causing each person’s individual feelings of anxiety allows both parties involved to express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism from one another, creating a safe space for honest dialogue around difficult topics like this one. It also allows each person to support one another during times when things may seem overwhelming, ultimately leading towards greater understanding between partners and healthier ways for dealing with future conflicts should they arise again down the line.

Key Takeaway: In order to manage stress in relationships, it is important to identify sources of stress, take time for self-care and communicate openly with your partner. Steps: • Identify sources of stress • Take time for self-care • Communicate openly


FAQs in Relation to Communication Skills for Couples

Why do I lack communication skills in a relationship?

Communication is essential in any relationship. Without it, misunderstandings can occur, and relationships can suffer. To improve communication skills, couples should make time to talk openly and honestly about their feelings, needs, and expectations. They should also be willing to listen to each other without judgment or criticism. Additionally, they should practice active listening by summarizing what the other person has said and asking clarifying questions when needed. Finally, couples should work together to find mutually beneficial solutions for both parties involved. With effort and dedication from both partners, communication skills can be improved over time, leading to a stronger relationship overall.

How a married couple should be communicating?

Communication is key to a successful marriage. Couples should strive to communicate openly and honestly with each other, expressing their needs, wants, and desires in a respectful manner. They should also be willing to listen attentively and respond thoughtfully when the other speaks. Regularly scheduled conversations can help couples stay connected and foster understanding of one another’s feelings. It’s important for both partners to feel heard, respected, and appreciated so that they can continue building a strong relationship together.

What do you do when your partner has poor communication skills?

Communication is key in any relationship, and it cannot be easy to navigate when it’s lacking. The best thing to do is to take the initiative and start a conversation about what you need from your partner. Ask them how they feel about certain topics related to sex, such as their desires or fantasies. Listen without judgment, and be open-minded when discussing these topics with your partner. If communication still feels strained, consider seeking professional help together so that you can learn better ways of communicating with each other.


What are the 7 keys to effective communication?

1. Listen: Take the time to listen and understand what your partner is truly saying.

2. Respect: Respect each other’s opinions, feelings, and boundaries.

3. Honesty: Be honest with yourself and your partner about your thoughts, feelings, and desires.

4. Clarity: Speak clearly so that both parties can easily understand each other’s points of view without confusion or misinterpretation.

5. Openness: Maintain an open mind when discussing topics related to sex toys for women or men to foster healthy dialogue between partners on the subject matter at hand

6. Empathy: Put yourself in the shoes of your partner by understanding their perspective on any given topic or situation before responding with your own opinion or solution

7. Compromise: Come up with mutually beneficial solutions that satisfy both parties involved in the conversation


In conclusion, communication skills for couples are essential to having a healthy and successful relationship. By understanding your partner, expressing yourself openly and honestly, resolving conflict constructively, setting boundaries and negotiating respectfully, and managing stress in the relationship, you can build strong foundations of trust with your partner. With practice and dedication to improving communication skills for couples, you can create a fulfilling connection that will last a lifetime.

Exploring the World of BDSM: A Beginner’s Guide

Woman in bedroom with whip in hand exploring BDSM

Are you curious about BDSM and what it entails? Bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism are sexual practices involving an array of activities involving the consensual exchange of power between two or more people. It can be as simple as using blindfolds during sex to something much more extreme, like being tied up with rope or engaging in spanking.

This article will discuss the hard and soft limits and how to safely explore BDSM by understanding its basics, such as safety protocols, common practices, toys used in BDSM relationships, power dynamics, and communication techniques for healthy boundaries. We’ll also provide resources on where to find additional information if you’re interested in learning more about the fascinating world of BDSM in our beginner’s guide!

Table of Contents:

  • What is BDSM?
    • Definition of BDSM
    • History of BDSM
    • Types Of BDSM Play
  • Safety in BDSM
  • Common BDSM Practices and Toys
  • Communication in BDSM Relationships
    • Establishing Trust and Intimacy
    • Negotiating Limits and Expectations
  • Resources for Learning More About BDSM
  • Conclusion

What is BDSM?

Unknown to many in a vanilla dating world, BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. It is a form of sexual expression that involves the consensual exchange of power between two or more partners.

BDSM sexual practices can range from light bondage play to intense sensation play, role-playing scenarios, and even humiliation.

Definition of BDSM

BDSM is an umbrella term that describes various activities involving consensual power play between two or more people.

The building blocks of BDSM involve physical restraint (bondage), psychological control by a dominant partner (dominance/submission), pain (sadomasochism), or any combination thereof. The goal of these activities is usually pleasure through exploration and trust-building with one’s partner(s).

Learning BDSM History

Practicing BDSM has been around since ancient times in various forms throughout different cultures worldwide. In modern times, it was popularized by the novel “Story Of O” which detailed a woman’s journey into submission through her relationship with her lover Rene who practiced dominance over her as part of their sexual relationship.

Since then, there have been numerous books written about the subject as well as organizations formed to promote education on safe practices within this lifestyle, such as the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF).

Types Of BDSM Play

Each person’s interests will vary depending on their individual preferences. Still, all should be discussed beforehand to ensure everyone involved feels comfortable with what they are doing before engaging in any type of activity together.

BDSM is a form of sexual expression and erotic practices that can be rewarding and pleasurable as long as safety and consent are always kept in mind. Moving on to the next heading, let’s explore how to ensure safety when engaging in BDSM.

Key Takeaway: BDSM is a consensual power exchange between two or more partners and can involve physical restraint, psychological control, pain or any combination thereof. It has been practiced since ancient times in various forms and should be discussed beforehand to ensure everyone involved feels comfortable.

[BDSM Infographic]

A survey conducted via Jack and Jill Adult Instagram states that 62% of people have tried BDSM

Infographic Poll From Jack And Jill Adult on the percentage of people who have tried BDSM

Safety in BDSM

Safety practices are essential in BDSM.

Establishing Boundaries and Consent: Before engaging in any BDSM activities, it is important to establish boundaries and consent.

This means discussing what activities are okay or not for each person involved and agreeing on a safe word that can be used if either partner needs to stop the activity at any time.

It is also important to discuss expectations around aftercare practices such as cuddling or talking afterward.

Physical Safety Practices: When engaging in BDSM activities, it is important to consider physical safety and never forget your partner’s safe words.

This includes using proper equipment such as restraints and impact toys, ensuring that all surfaces are clean before use, and ensuring that all participants have been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It is also important to practice good hygiene by washing hands before and after play sessions.

Mental Health Considerations: Engaging in such activities can bring strong emotions for both partners. Therefore, you must check in with yourself regularly during play sessions about how you feel emotionally and physically.

If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable at any point during the session, make sure your partner knows so they can adjust accordingly or stop altogether if necessary.

Aftercare practices involve taking care of yourself mentally and physically following a session by providing comfort measures such as cuddling or talking with your partner about the experience afterward.

Taking some time alone may also be beneficial, depending on individual preferences; this could include listening to music or reading a book while reflecting on the experience without judgment from anyone else present during the session.

It is essential to practice safety when engaging in BDSM activity, and understanding the risks involved can help you have a more enjoyable experience. Now that we’ve discussed safety let’s consider some common BDSM practices and toys.


Key Takeaway: BDSM activities should involve establishing boundaries and consent, taking physical safety measures, and engaging in aftercare practices to ensure mental health. These include discussing expectations, using proper equipment, practicing good hygiene, checking in with yourself during play sessions, and providing comfort afterward.


Common BDSM Practices and Sex Toys

Bondage, one of the BDSM basics, is a type of activity that involves restraining someone using rope, cuffs, or other materials. It can be used to create an intense sensation of helplessness and vulnerability. Common bondage techniques include Japanese-style rope bondage (shibari), suspension bondage, leather/chain restraints, and more. Popular toys for this type of play include handcuffs, blindfolds, gags, spreader bars, and floggers.

Impact Play Techniques and Sex Toys: Impact play involves striking the body with implements such as paddles or whips to cause pain or pleasure. This type of play requires careful negotiation between partners beforehand to ensure safety and consent. Popular sex toys for impact play include paddles, crops, canes, single tails (whips), etc.

Sensation Play Techniques and Toys: Sensation play is another form that focuses on creating different types of sensations on the skin through various methods, such as temperature changes (hot wax) or tactile stimulation (feathers). This type of play can explore new levels of pleasure or pain depending on what both partners are comfortable with. Popular toys for sensation play include massage oils/candles; feathers; ice cubes; hot wax; clamps; pins & needles etc..

Role-playing scenarios involve two people taking on specific roles during their session to add an extra layer of intensity and excitement to their dynamic. These roles could range from teacher/student dynamics up to master/slave relationships – it all depends on what both parties are comfortable exploring together.

BDSM practices and toys can be incredibly fun to check out different aspects of your sexual exploration. However, it is important to communicate desires openly with your partner about expectations, boundaries, and safety before engaging in any sexual activity.


Key Takeaway: BDSM involves various forms of play, such as bondage, impact, and sensation, that require careful negotiation beforehand for safety and consent. Popular toys include handcuffs, paddles, feathers, etc. Role-playing and power exchange can add an extra layer of intensity to the dynamic.


Communication in BDSM Relationships

Good communication is essential in any relationship, but it’s especially important in BDSM relationships. Establishing trust and intimacy between partners is key to creating a safe and enjoyable experience for both parties, and are great building blocks for an enjoyable experience. Negotiating limits and expectations can help ensure that everyone involved feels comfortable with the activities they are engaging in.

Establishing Trust and Intimacy

Trust is essential to any relationship, as it allows partners to feel secure enough to examine their boundaries without fear of harm or exploitation. It also helps create an atmosphere of mutual respect, which can lead to deeper levels of intimacy between partners. Couples should discuss their interests and desires before engaging in any activity to build trust.

They should also discuss safety protocols such as using safewords or setting time limits on certain activities so that both parties know what to expect from each other during playtime. Additionally, couples should be honest about their feelings throughout the process so that no one gets hurt emotionally or physically by something unexpected happening during playtime.

Negotiating Limits and Expectations

Negotiating limits and expectations before engaging in any activity is another important step for building trust within a BDSM relationship. This involves discussing what activities each partner wants to engage in (or not engage in) and how far they are willing to go with certain activities, such as spanking or bondage play.

It is essential for both partners to be honest about their comfort level with different types of play so that neither person feels pressured into doing something they don’t want to do or aren’t ready for yet. Additionally, talking through potential scenarios beforehand can help prevent misunderstandings down the line when things get more intense during actual playtime sessions.

Communication is essential in relationships to ensure trust, intimacy, and safety. Next, we will review the available resources for learning more about BDSM.


Key Takeaway: Establishing trust and intimacy, as well as negotiating limits and expectations before engaging in any BDSM activity, is essential for creating a safe and enjoyable experience. To build trust, couples should talk openly about their interests and desires before engaging in any activity together; they should also discuss safety protocols such as using safewords or setting time limits on certain activities. Additionally, couples should be honest about their feelings throughout the process so that no one gets hurt emotionally or physically.


Resources for Learning More About BDSM

For those looking to learn more about BDSM, there are a variety of books available. From beginner’s guides to more advanced topics, these books can provide an in-depth look at different aspects of BDSM and relationships. Popular titles include The New Topping Book by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy, The Ultimate Guide to Kink by Tristan Taormino, Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns by Philip Miller and Molly Devon.

Online Communities: Many online communities and social media sites are also dedicated to discussing BDSM topics, such as FetLife or Reddit’s r/BDSM subreddit. These forums allow people to ask questions anonymously while getting advice from experienced practitioners in a safe environment. Additionally, some cities have local meetups for kinksters that can be found through sites like Meetup or Facebook groups.

Finally, professional organizations are devoted to educating people about safety and practices, such as the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) or the Society of Janus (SoJ). These organizations offer workshops on various topics related to BDSM as well as providing resources for finding qualified professionals who specialize in this area of expertise.



BDSM is a type of sexual activity that can be both thrilling and rewarding for those willing to explore it. It requires communication, trust, and understanding between partners to ensure safety and satisfaction. If you’re interested in learning more about BDSM, plenty of resources are available online to help you get started. With the right knowledge and tools, anyone can safely enjoy the exciting world of BDSM!

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Should Size Matter? What to do if Your Partner Has a Small Penis

should penis size matter?

During the many open conversations our culture and society have regarding sexuality, three words get asked without a definitive answer or conclusion–does size matter? Much like the preferences of art, literature, and film, the answer is one that’s completely subjective and will differ greatly depending upon who’s asked the question. We bring this up because addressing the topic is actually quite difficult for some. Despite the recent strides many have made in terms of divorcing themselves from the toxic masculinity that’s been a major part of their upbringing, the underpinnings of the male ego still exist when it comes to the awareness that they might have issues measuring up to the competition. 

Superficiality and the Fragility of Ego 

While the ego and self-esteem of some might whimper or be hindered by not having a member of unusual or above-average size, many are quick to assume that what lies between their legs is the definitive statement as to establish their worthiness of the affection of others. This, of course, is a falsehood that while difficult to overlook from time to time, is easily explained away. 

The prospect that a smaller-sized organ is a basis for an entire relationship is immature, superficial, and so far removed from reality, that it’s essentially a non-issue in the real world. If anything, this is a good example of the unrealistic expectations set by celebrity culture and fictionalized accounts that take place in mainstream pornographic films. While pornography is healthy and can benefit excitement in the bedroom, it’s a reality that’s fabricated and not to be seen as a direct representation of life. 

The bottom line is this–the size of someone’s genitalia is not the be-all-end-all factor in a long-lasting relationship. 

Medical Facts About Penis Size 

The average flaccid penis measures about 3 inches in length and this number is expanded to roughly 5 when erect. This is considered the average across the male population, so even if your partner isn’t the second incarnation of John Holmes or Harry Reams, there’s a good chance that their member is a size that’s acceptable. 

However, there are actual cases that are attributed to those whose members are considered smaller than average. We’ve opted to focus on three in particular that are the most common. 

  • Trapped Penis This occurs after the male penis is circumcised after birth. It’s very important that the genitalia heals properly. When this doesn’t occur, the penis can become trapped beneath the skin, hindering growth. 
  • Webbed Penis This occurs when the scrotal skin gets attached too high to the penis, causing it to look smaller than it actually is. 
  • Buried Penis This is a rare occurrence when there’s an excessive amount of extra skin around the penis. Men who have this affliction have trouble getting aroused, erect, and performing. Luckily, this can be alleviated through cosmetic surgery. 

While we’re on the subject of medical research, it’s important to remember that a larger member doesn’t instantly equate to great sex and orgasm through penetration. As a matter of fact, female orgasm is seldom hindered by size and more by stress. If you’re concerned about the ability to reach a proper climax with your partner, have a line of communication open. But also remember that poor self-esteem can be a major factor in someone’s ability to perform in the bedroom–so talk about the situation tactfully. 

Great Sex When Size is Taken Out of the Equation 

If we go under the assumption that size has no bearing on sexual pleasure, and that a night of passion can be had with someone of less than average size, we’ve amassed some tips from experts that can accentuate the night and make the possibilities for pleasure seem endless. 

  • Just as anxiety can hinder the achievement of female orgasm, the same can be said about the male erection. While your partner might not have an issue with getting hard, it might not be at its fullest potential. Introducing foreplay into the evening might be the extenuating circumstances that are needed for a natural extension. 
  • While the female vagina gets “wet” when it’s properly aroused, many couples tend to favor lubrication for easy entry and penetration. We recommend trying the experience with less lube to accentuate the sensation. For anal penetration, it’s still recommended that you be generous with lube and its application. 
  • Just because your partner might not be a tripod, doesn’t mean he can’t rock your body. One of the ways you can elevate the pleasure during penetration is to utilize the same pelvic muscles that you use when you hold back urine. (This seems gross, we know. But we wanted to get the point across in a way that was instantly understandable.) 
  • Another technique you can try is experimenting with new positions. One of the greatest things about a sexual relationship between two consenting adults is the aspect of breaking new boundaries and attempting to take pleasure and ecstasy to new and exciting thresholds. 

Penis Pumps 

Of course, here in the modern era, there’s always a solution to almost any problem. One way in which some men find relief from their size issues is by the use of a penis pump. This device allows blood to flow to the penis much quicker, allowing an erection that’s a bit larger than usual. Effective, adequate priced, and non-invasive, the device has satisfied customers and even received high praise from the Mayo Clinic as a safe way to treat erectile dysfunction and offer a short-term solution in the bedroom.

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The Etiquette of Sexting

Sexy woman holding a mobile phone texting about erotic fantasy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several decades, then you’re aware of the process known as “sexting.” In the 90s, not everyone had access to a cell phone, so texting was usually done in the form of naught instant messaging, chat rooms, or even e-mail. Technology is wonderful, isn’t it? These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find an individual who doesn’t have access to a smartphone with camera and app capabilities. In this regard, the game has changed dramatically. It seemed that only a decade ago, our flip phones with their low-res graphics were game-changing implements, but things are quite different in this day and age. The phones we carry can take high-definition video and pictures, allowing us to sext one another and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. 

Advantages in the Modern Age 

As technology exists in a constant state of progression and evolution, it’s only natural that we would seize the opportunity and take advantage of what it has to offer us. When it comes to sexting, there are a remarkable number of advantages that it offers us. While some still prefer the aspect of writing letters and receiving lengthy compositions which extoll the deep adoration and love we have for one another, sexting is slightly more instantaneous than this method. 

In the past, our friends and colleagues might have found a long-distance relationship somewhat difficult and odd. Sexting not only allows more instantaneous communication but allows us to experience the sights of one another even if the two parties live a considerable distance apart from one another. Technology has allowed us to be closer to one another, even though distance can vary slightly. 

Some Things to Remember 

Aside from long-distance relationships, several dating apps have allowed us to meet new people with the click of a button. While there’s the excitement that meeting someone new and seeing what may develop, there are a few things that one should remember before partaking in their sexting adventures. 

  • Don’t rush into sending nudes too quickly. Allow any sexting conversation to grow organically, asking too soon if the other person wants to see your body without being obscured by clothes may come across as desperate and a red flag. 
  • Talk about boundaries. Establish early on what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Having a mutual agreement and consent between parties is one of the most important aspects of sexting. 
  • Be sure that the person is trustworthy. Some people give off red flags that way some people hand out business cards. If something feels amiss or sketchy then it probably is and should be avoided. 
  • Check the recipient before sending any messages or photos. While this seems redundant, picking the wrong name in your list of contacts is an accident that many make on a regular basis. The last thing you want is for your boss to accidentally receive a photo of you in the buff. 

Sexting Etiquette: What to Do 

While you certainly won’t find the rules of sexting engagement in this Post’s Guide to Etiquette, they’re just like any other social interaction that you undertake on a regular basis, there is a substantial amount of what’s acceptable and what causes contention. Because good news should always be first, we’ve gathered up things that you should do that involve sexting. 

  • Develop Trust & Obtain Consent Before any conversation you have that might become lurid and photo exchanges that will be “revealing”, it’s important that you develop trust with the party on the other end and that you obtain consent before any exchange. Don’t just spring something on the fly. (Don’t be that person.)
  • Talk About Turn-Ons and Fantasies Just like any other escapade that sets your passions on fire, you should be open about your fantasies and what turns you on. This will allow the both of you to find a common ground that you can enjoy, or possibly some new worlds you can explore. 
  • Ask Questions and Contribute to the Answers Madonna once remarked that “people never say what they want, so they never get what they want.” This is true when it comes to having the perfect sexting experience. Ask them what they want, ask them what makes them aroused, this will give you an idea of how to steer the conversation. Once you have the answers, contribute as much as possible, it’s a group effort and not a solo one. 
  • Pace Yourselves It’s not a race to get yourself off. It’s supposed to be a gradual pace so both of you can savor each moment that passes. No one likes a quickie. 

What You Shouldn’t Do 

Just like the proper manners you would exercise on a date, there are certain things you should never do via sexting. Just as they’re plenty of things that will make your experience more enjoyable, there are others that will instantly deflate and experience and cross lines that may not be easily mended. 

  • Never Cross Boundaries, Personal or Otherwise When you obtained consent, some boundaries were most likely set by the two of you that you agreed upon. Going outside someone’s boundaries is not just rude, it gives someone every right to break off contact with you. 
  • Don’t Lie About Your Current Location The golden rule of any internet or anything not directly in person is “only believe half of what you hear.” If you’re in a crowded room or on public transportation, don’t lie to the person on the other end and say you’re in the privacy of your own home. You run the risk of having your private life exposed to someone who doesn’t need to know. 
  • Don’t Send Anything Without Consent While you might be an exhibitionist, the person you’re speaking to may not be. Don’t surprise someone with a photo of your neither regions unless you have permission to do so. 
  • Don’t Share Someone Else’s Photos or Messages That Have Been Shared with You What happens during sexting should ALWAYS stay mutually exclusive between the two of you. Even if there’s a falling out, don’t turn something into revenge porn. It’s terrible and vile behavior that should be partaken in. 

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What Is A Dildo & How Do You Use Them

Jack and Jill Dildo

If you’re new to the world of using toys for the act of self-pleasure, then you might be unfamiliar with what a dildo is. That is unless you watch early seasons of South Park and various films of the pornographic variety. Fear not, for Jack and Jill Adult is much more than an emporium of goods for the discriminating adult, we believe in educating the masses on all matters of the flesh, pleasure, pain, and everywhere in between. So, if you’ve ever been curious about what the dildo is and what its proper uses are, you’ve come to the right place. And yes, we mean that in both ways.

Humble Beginnings

The storied history of our phallic-shaped friend is not one that begins in modern times. No, the story of the dildo stretches back thousands and thousands of years. While the exact origin of the masturbatory device is still unknown, a recent archaeological find in Germany found a siltstone phallus dating back upwards of 30,000 years ago. While it might be hard to think of sexuality in terms of prehistory, it’s always been a part of human evolution and the experience that accompanies it.

During the excavation of Pompeii, several phalluses were found, carved upon walls, and murals depicting the object were quite commonplace. This is not a surprise to historians and experts of Greco-Roman history. The phallus didn’t have the stigma or taboo ever associated with it, and a depiction of an erection was considered by many to be a sign of good luck and fertility. Finding one displayed in such a public manner would be contentious today, and these findings speak to the puritanical mindset that evolved as civilization expanded.

Dildo: A Definition 

Now that the brief history lesson has concluded, we’re now able to provide a proper definition. In short, a dildo is a phallic-shaped object that can either have a void-less shape, or a cylindrical likeness with little to no detail. However, some people aren’t fans of the abstract in their art, and descriptiveness is needed to have a more intimate meeting. To this end, dildos can have great detail, including the head, shaft, and testicles being made to look as life-like as humanly possible. 


A popular definition and one that’s most associated with the dildo is that it’s a tool for self-love. Or, if you prefer, we can be more direct in our phrasing, and it’s an item used for masturbation. However, this is only part of the equation. Yes, using the dildo in “she-bopping” (or masturbation if you prefer). However, like most toys that are used for any form of foreplay or intercourse, the dildo can be used by partners of either sex. The object is not exclusive to one type of activity or gender. While its most common use is vaginal, the dildo can be used for anal penetration as well.

The main point we’re making is that it’s used for pleasure. And like most forms of art or theater, the best uses are entirely subjective.

What Are They Made From? 

Much like the many uses that dildos can be utilized for, the material made to construct these pleasurable objects can vary. The most common material used is silicone or plastic. However, some people prefer their phalluses made from materials such as metal or glass. However, you take it is also subjective, just like how you prefer to use it. 

What’s the Difference Between Dildos and Vibrators?

This question is two-tiered, similar to a two-headed…you know. The short answer to this question is that dildos are objects made to remain stiff and erect, and are usually made entirely up of a single compound, while vibrators are made from mechanics and elicit vibrations. But, to answer this inquiry with slightly more depth…and yes, we intend that pun, here we go…

A dildo’s primary function is to simulate intercourse, be it vaginal or anal. And while a dildo has a variety of functions and uses, a vibrator is usually strictly used to stimulate the female clitoris and g-spot. Now, there are some dildos that elicit their own vibrations, so the definition isn’t always so cut and dry. Vibrators are primarily used for external use. 

Misconceptions of These Statuesque Erections

Just like anything else that we encounter in this world on a day-to-day basis, the dildo has some misconceptions about it that have found their way into the ever-widening lexicon of popular culture. Let us dispel them the best we can…

The biggest misconception is that a female who uses one will grow tired of, or is intent on replacing their partner. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Any masturbatory act is never meant to replace the importance of human interaction and the intimacy that comes from a partnership. The person who came up with this most likely has some issues they had to work out. 

The second biggest misconception is that they’re painful. Again, this is false to a point. Like many other things, dildo use depends heavily upon the person who uses it. Know your limitations and be sure to use a decent amount of lube to avoid any pain that might subside from penetration.

Clean After Use 

Let’s be honest—after any sexual activity, we have the need to clean ourselves up. Dildos are no exception. While there’s no definitive guide for cleanliness, it’s best that they get cleaned after every use, especially if you have multiple partners and plan on using it in multiple locations on yourself or others. This is a hygienic necessity that shouldn’t be ignored in any way. 

Most Importantly…

Enjoy yourself! 

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App-Enabled Adult Toys: A Definitive Guide

App Enabled Adult Sex Toys

There’s something to be said about technology and the various advances it makes on a yearly basis. While you might not hear about these innovations on the nightly news or read about them in the latest tech-based journal, it was only a matter of time until technology caught up with devices that were utilized for both self-pleasure and those serene, intimate moments with your partner. On your smartphone, you most likely have an app for just about everything. Ordering takeout, checking the stock market, and even requesting a ride-share to get to and from various destinations. Well, now you can control your toys of pleasure from not only a remote but an app right on your phone. Technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? 

How Do Sex Toy Apps Work? 

While technology has yet to find a remote-controlled orgasm (we’re sure they’re working on it as we write this), a sex toy app can be utilized the same way you control your television when you have someone over to “Netflix and Chill.” While the basic television remotes are designed to be used from 5-10 feet away, apps have a longer range. Some can control toys from the other side of the world. Never has the phrase “reach out and touch someone” had such a double meaning. 

The ability to control your vibrator or cock ring from a distance is a great way to add some spice to your love life. And if you’re in a master/servant relationship, you now have a way to turn on and off your submissive’s pleasure center with the touch of a button. You might say that this innovation can help you and your partner come together in new and exciting ways. And yes, we mean it in the context that you might be thinking of. 

App-enabled sex toys are safe to use, and some can even be accessed via Bluetooth. 

Other Asked Questions About App-Enabled Toys 

Can I Use App-Enabled Toys in the Shower?

While we strongly recommend NEVER bringing your phone into a shower or hot tub with you, waterproof toys are available. You know, just in case.

What Material Are App-Enabled Toys Made From? 

The only difference between App-enabled toys and regular ones is that they can well, be controlled by an app. You’ll find that they’re constructed with the same materials such as silicone and glass. And as such, they should be cleaned periodically. 

What Types of App-Controlled Toys Are There? Where Can I Find Them? 

Like many other sex toys, app-controlled ones come in a variety of uses, and this is the area that we’ll be exploring next. Of course, you can find them at Jack and Jill Adult, your one-stop shop for all things kinky and sensual. And as we’re going to find out, we’ve got the app-enabled goods for both girls and boys.

App-Enabled Toys for Boys 

We’re going to break from stereotypes and begin our exposure with toys for boys. That’s right, guys. It’s time to climb out of the sandbox and get some grown-up goodies. You’ve outgrown the action figures, so now it’s time for some app-enabled action of a different kind. 

  • Lovense Diamo Cock Ring…$143.00 For the app-enabled boys’ toy, this is technology utilized to the ninth degree! Solo or partnered, this is what you’ve been waiting for. The Lovense Diamo Cock Ring is both discreet and waterproof, making it perfect for those nights in the hot tub. Controllable via the Lovense APP, you can control the action yourself or let your partner take control. 7 settings mean that no matter what your libido might be, there’s a niche for it. 
  • OhMiBod Lumen LED Pleasure Plug…$132.00 We didn’t forget all you boys who enjoy being a back door man…not at all. For those who enjoy the rear as their main point of entry, the app-enabled toy boom is here for you. Waterproof, controllable through not just one app, but two. Low charging times and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty make it the perfect gift. 

App-Enabled Toys for Girls 

Now that we’ve done our good deed for the boys, it’s time to show the world that girls just want to have fun. Whether you’re with your partner or doing the she-bop, there are plenty of options available. 

  • OhMiBod Blue Motion Nex 1 2nd Generation…$141.90 Smooth, discreet, and not to mention neat. This can be utilized for self-love or you can choose to share it with someone special. This G-spot vibrator is compatible via Bluetooth and includes seven settings, one for each level of your libido. A standard range of 26-30 feet can be accentuated with the use of the OhMiBod app. 
  • We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibe…$141.90 This is where discreet and kink meet. If you’ve ever been stuck at the office and need to relieve some…tension. This little gem can easily be hidden within the panties and controlled via remote control or through we connect app. If you’ve ever wanted to be adventurous in public…this could very well be your first step. 

Finding the Very Best (and the rest) App-Enabled Toys at Jack and Jill Adult 

You might be wondering why we chose to keep this list shorter than you might have expected. Well, have the fun of experimentation and exploration, are you? Remember what they say, the journey is always greater than the destination, and finding the perfect app-enabled toy can be quite a life-changing event. 

For our extensive inventory, sales, and more articles such as this one with enflame the senses, visit our store’s official website here Thank you, and be sure to come again…several times.

Swallowing and the Benefits it Contains

Swallowing and the Benefits it Contains

A question that anyone who was a teenager during the 1990s will remember is “spit or swallow?” This question, meant to taunt anyone who was foolish enough to answer, was of course referring to what one did after making someone ejaculate during fellatio. Adulthood means dispelling and disregarding immature teenage shenanigans instead of doing proper research and making informed decisions. Today, the information we’re sharing with you pertains to fellatio, and the benefits one can receive from swallowing their partner’s seed. 


The act of sex allows our brain to produce the chemicals that are necessary for adequate and positive mental health. Among these is oxytocin. This chemical produced by the brain is found in semen, along with prolactin, estrone, cortisol, and even serotonin. These chemicals are not only necessary to boost our moods but can alleviate depression and anxiety. 

Better Sleep

One of the most popular sleep aids currently on the market is melatonin. This is another chemical that’s released in the brain that allows us to get a good night’s sleep and wake to feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. And, yes, you guessed it, melatonin is another chemical compound that’s found in semen. Not only can you get this necessary chemical for a good night’s sleep, but you can save on those overpriced gummies you find at the store. 

Reducing the Risk of Illness During Pregnancy 

If you’re already pregnant, then this information is quite useful. Even if you’re not but plan on having children in the foreseeable future, this will also help. A recent study determined that there was a direct correlation between the ingestion of semen and a reduced risk of preeclampsia. This is a complication that can develop during pregnancy and can cause fatal harm to both the fetus and the mother carrying it. Who knew that fellatio throughout the course of a full-time pregnancy could result in natural health benefits? Well, you do now. 

Jack and Jill Adult 

Whether you spit, swallow, snowball, or have different habits that don’t involve fellatio at all, Jack and Jill Adult can provide you with anything and everything you need to take your sex life up into the stratosphere. And because we understand that what happens in the bedroom is between you and your partner, we practice complete discretion and honor the privacy of all our clientele. Not to mention, we offer FREE shipping on all orders over $60. For our store and more info on sexuality, come visit

There are Five Turn-On Triggers: Which One is Yours?

Turn On Triggers

There’s a chance you’ve either heard or used the phrase “what turns you on?” Or perhaps, you’ve described something that you don’t like as a “turn-off’ or “dealbreaker.” Turn-offs are a normal part of someone’s unique sexual chemistry, and they don’t necessarily mean that you have a weak libido by any means. The facets that stimulate you are known as turn-on triggers, and if one isn’t present during a sexual encounter, the results can vary. To find out what turns you on, we’ve compiled a list of the five turn-on triggers that exist. 


Just as some people learn better from visual aids, some libidos are excited by visual stimulation. If you find yourself being turned on by pornography, watching some choice films or clips with your partner can accentuate your evening. 


A person whose libido gets stimulated from mental aspects is known as sapiosexual. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “talk dirty to me” this best describes the type of stimulation this person’s libido needs. When spoken in whispers, it’s amazing what dialogue can accomplish. 


While the phrase “you make me horny” almost seems childish when compared to some of the other suggestive dialogue that gets uttered in the bedroom, a person whose libido is triggered by desire will think of these four words like music to their ears. Sometimes keeping words as specific and direct as possible can work wonders in the bedroom. 


For some, sex isn’t at the very top of their list of priorities. Knowing how to approach the subject can make all the difference, and offering incentive is usually the best way to get the ball rolling. It might be flowers or a massage, but the smallest gesture goes a long way. Always keep in mind that the most important rule in any sexual relationship is consent. 


Some human beings are known as “products of their environment.” This usually refers to how their moods can fluctuate depending on their immediate surroundings. This person’s libido is accentuated by candles, pleasant aromas, and even music and lighting. Paying close attention to what they like in these categories can intensify the evening. 

Jack and Jill Adult

No matter what your libido trigger might be, the expansive and luscious inventory at Jack and Jill Adult has something that will help turn any quiet evening into a fiery night of passion. We practice complete discretion and offer free shipping on orders over $60. Visit and don’t leave your libido unsatisfied.

Get Your Libido Back

unhappy couple sitting behind each other in bed

Are you experiencing a dry spell? If you aren’t craving sex like you used to, it doesn’t have to be permanent. Whether you want to feel more like yourself again or you want to satisfy your partner, there are ways to get your libido back. 

It is natural to have times when you don’t crave sex. However, you may notice your sex drive has gone down more than or longer than normal. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it may not be ideal for your sex life.

There are several reasons why you may not be craving sex. For one, the longer you go without sex, the harder it is to get aroused. This is because the parts of the brain responsible for desire and arousal have a weaker communication with the genitals than if you were having sex regularly. People with vaginas who have not had sex in a long period of time may struggle with vaginal lubrication.

One way to solve this problem and get your libido back is by scheduling sex. If you set aside a time to have sex with your partner or by yourself, you can work towards getting turned on more regularly. Expect your scheduled sex it be a little awkward at first because you may not be in the mood when you’re doing it.

Another way to get your libido back is by trying new things outside of your sex life. Perhaps you aren’t craving sex because you aren’t feeling inspired or excited in general. You can recharge your creativity by going to concerts and museums or singing, dancing, or drawing. Relaxing with creative activities can help you get out of your head and boost your libido.

In addition to creative activities, try some sensual activities to get your libido back. Some examples of sensual activities are taking a burlesque class, watching sensual scenes in movies, or engaging in acro-yoga.

Maybe you’re not craving sex because you’re a little bored by it. If your sex life as become predictable and unexciting, try new sexual activities, fantasies, or kinks by yourself or with a partner. This can reawaken your libido and help you explore new areas of your sex life.

Lastly, listen to your body. While you may want to engage in sex when you’re not turned on to get your libido back, you should also stop engaging in sexual activity if your body does not want to.

Consider shopping with Jack & Jill Adult to discover sex toys, sexy lingerie, and other items that may help you get into the mood. You can shop our website or visit any of our Florida locations to see what we have to offer.

Planning a Sex Scavenger Hunt with Jack and Jill Adult

Jack and Jill Adult Sex Scavenger Hunt

If you spent some of your formative childhood years in groups such as Boy and Girl Scouts, then you might be familiar with the concept of a scavenger hunt. If so, then you probably have some nostalgia about the itemized lists and searching high and low to not only find all the items, but be the first to do so. Reaching adulthood means taking on responsibilities and outgrowing many of the pursuits and hobbies that made childhood memorable. However, being an adult also comes with certain advantages, especially of the naughty variety. 

If you’re familiar with Jack and Jill Adult, then you know all about our vast selection of toys made for ladies and gents. If you and yours are looking to add a little (or a lot) of spice into the batch, it might be time to partake in a sex scavenger hunt. It’s just like the one you took part in as a child…only the rewards and items are for mature audiences. 

Items to Set the Mood

  • A Place to Kiss
    • Location or body part, either works splendidly
  • A Place to Have Sex
    • Be as daring and adventurous as possible
  • Music to Set the Mood
    • Smooth Jazz or Death Metal—you decide. 
  • Items to Enhance the Experience
    • Candles and incense are always good, even some light perfume can create the right aroma.

Items to Look for to Enhance the Experience 

  • Under it All
  • Assume Nothing…Except the Position
    • While there might be a position the two of you favor most, find something new and un-tested.
  • Lube it Up
    • Lubes come in many styles, whether it’s tried and true or something new, this is one ingredient that guarantees excitement.
  • Blinded by Desire
    • Even if you’re not into the rougher side of things, a blindfold can heighten the senses and increase the pleasure.
  • Lick it Up
    • What good is a night of pleasure if all the senses aren’t teased and satisfied? Find something to lick off their body. You’ll thank us later. 
  • Talking up a Storm
    • In case you haven’t tried it before, some suggestive dialogue can really get things going…
  • Toys “r” Fun
    • There are many sex toys that can be used in a variety of ways. Stash a few around the room, with the winner choosing how they’re used.

All Your Items Await You at Jack and Jill Adult

When it comes to finding the best toys and products for a pleasure seeking adventure, Jack and Jill Adult have has the best selection since 1998. With complete discretion for our customers and free shipping on orders over $60, we’re your one-stop-adult-shop. Visit for more info.

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