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5 Reasons to Masturbate Together

Did you know May is Masturbation Month? That’s a real thing, and of course, it’s meant to be celebrated. If you stopped masturbating once you hooked up with your current partner or you hide it as your dirty little secret, stop. Masturbating together is a legitimate way to get sexy in your relationship.

You’ve probably already realized you were lied to about sex from a young age, right? Think about things you’ve already figured out: Sex toys are great! Threesomes don’t have to suck. Butt stuff can be sexy. So why keep believing old, tired stories about masturbation?

Still not convinced? Check out these five reasons you should masturbate with your partner.

It’s Another Way to Have Sex

Not all sex penetrative. If you’re naked (or not), feeling some sexual pleasure, and don’t stop until you orgasm or you’re worn out, you’re having sex. Masturbating together, usually until orgasm, is just another way to get off together without getting into the same position from the last 20 times you had sex.

Sure, you might be nervous or a little weirded out at first. You probably felt the same way the first time your partner touched your butt or found your g-spot, too. But if you can get into it, the nerves fall away because you know what gets you off. If you’ve fantasized about being watched, now it can be a reality. If you wondered what your partner looks like when they touch themselves, now you know. And every bit of it can fuel your mutual pleasure.

You’re Guaranteed Pleasure

Let’s get real here. Sometimes, even when you really want it to be good, having sex doesn’t hit all the right spots. Maybe it’s because you’re in a rut. Maybe you’re mentally writing your grocery list. It could be that you’re annoyed with your partner because they can get their empty glass to the kitchen counter but can’t manage to put it in the sink! (You’re not alone.)

Masturbation is about self-pleasure, touching yourself in just the right way to feel good. No matter what’s going on between you and your partner (tired sex or small annoyances), if your mind is into it, your body will follow. Instead of awkward moments, you’ve got guaranteed pleasure.

You’ll Learn What Your Partner Likes

Be honest: your partner doesn’t touch you the same you touch yourself. The same is true in reverse. You both may love how the other makes you feel, but you can always learn a little more. Here’s your chance! Masturbate together, and you’ll get a close up view of how your partner touches themselves and what they do to get off.

Take those lessons to heart, and the next time you have sex, you’ll have a better idea of what will make your partner hot. You’ll be a rockstar, and they’ll experience even more pleasure. Don’t forget, the same is true in reverse. They’ll know more about what you like and will touch you in more of the right places and right ways.

It’s a Different Way to Have a Quickie

Want to get off but don’t have time for sex as you normally do it? You can have a quickie in bed if you want. Or you can put your hands down your pants together and start wanking. You’ll still get off; you’ll be together; and you’ll get all the other benefits of masturbating together.

Don’t be afraid to pull out a sex toy that works great for you. When it comes to a quickie, it’s not about style and finesse. You’re there to get off as fast as you can so you can back to the rest of your life. Pro tip: if you’re a parent, and your quickie is in between naps or demands for food, pick a quiet toy or just use your hand.

You’ll Gain a New Level of Intimacy

Because masturbation is something we tend to do in private, there’s something jarring about letting someone watch or be with you. They’ll be able to see every expression on your face. The noises you make and the way you move your hand will be on display for them. At the same time, you’ll be able to see that about your partner, too.

Watching someone at the height of their pleasure and enjoying what you see can bring you both closer together. You’ll know each other better than anyone else ever could. You’ve let your partner in on a secret – what you look like and how you sound at the moment you find your own pleasure. That’s a powerful show of trust that could make your relationship stronger than before.


Masturbation doesn’t have to be something you do when you’re desperate and alone. It definitely has a place in any healthy, sexually active relationship. You might need something a little different from the usual routine, or you might find the idea incredibly sexy. Whatever reason you use, make Masturbation Month a time to try something new, like masturbating with your partner.

Have you ever masturbated with your partner? Is it something you’d do again? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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