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7 Things You Should Know About Lube

Personal lubricant is liquid gold when you’re in the mood and need help easing penetration or reducing friction. Lube is often treated like a dirty little secret no one wants to admit. As a result, it’s often misused and misunderstood. The reality is that most people benefit when they add lube to whatever kind of sex they’re having. There’s nothing wrong with needing, using, or wanting it. Like sex toys, lube is meant to enhance your sexual experience so all you feel is pleasure and not pain.

There are Multiple Types of Lube

There are Multiple Types of LubeWhen you buy a lube, it’s important to pay attention to what kind you’re choosing. There are three main types of lubricant plus a variety of specialty lubes. It’s important to know what you’re getting and what you need. Basic lubes include water based, silicone, or a hybrid of the two. You can also buy lubes that add sensation – hot, cold, tingling – or come in different flavors. While these specialty lubes can be used to reduce friction, they’re most often used to add pleasure.

Know Which Lube to Use on Condoms

Personal lubricant can definitely be used with condoms. Latex condoms should only use water based lubricant. Silicone lube can damage latex condoms causing holes or tears. Latex-free condoms, though, can use silicone or water based lube. Remember, lube doesn’t act as a spermicide, though. It only reduces friction.

Choose the Right Lube for Your Sex Toys

Choose the Right Lube for Your Sex ToysSex toys come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, from dildos and vibrators to anal plugs and masturbation sleeves. Lube can and should be used with any sex toy you have if you need it. Like condoms, though, it’s important to know which kind of lube works best with your toys. All sex toys are safe with water based lubricant. Vibrators, dildos, and others made of PVC, TPR/TPE, silicone, and other soft or possibly porous materials should stay away from silicone lube unless the manufacturer indicates differently.

Always Use More Than You Think You Need

In most cases, there’s no such thing as too much lube. That’s because so many people use too little. Whether you’re trying anal sex or toys or need lube for other sexual penetration, always reapply as needed and don’t be afraid to start with more than you think you’ll need. This is especially important in anal penetration as this part of the body isn’t naturally lubricating. Forcing penetration without enough lube can cause injury. It’s much better to be slippery with the stuff than feeling pain during sex.

Treat Lube Like Any Other Sex Toy or Product

Treat Lube Like Any Other Sex Toy or ProductSometimes the mind is willing and the body won’t cooperate. This is also true when you’re mind says, “Yes, yes, yes!” but your vagina refuses to get wet enough for sex or masturbation. Treat your lube like any other sex toy you enjoy. You use vibrators and dildos because they enhance your pleasure. Lube is no different. Keep it nearby and treat applying some, when needed, as just another thing you do to make sure sex is great for you and/or your partner.

You Need Lube When You’re in Water

Getting your freak on with your partner in the shower, tub, pool, or ocean might sound sexy, but the mechanics can make it very difficult. Water washes away any natural lubrication your body produces which can make penetration harder to do. Lubing up first can be a great way to keep everything moving smoothly, but make sure it’s the right kind. Water based lubricant will wash away once you get in the water. Silicone lube is thicker and stickier. Use enough, and you’ll be slick and slippery right when you need it most.

Try Several Lubes to Find Your Favorites

Try Several Lubes to Find Your FavoritesNot every lubricant is loved by everyone. Look around and try several to find the kind you prefer best. Most people need more than one type of lube for their sexual pleasure. Thicker lubes can be great for vaginal or anal penetration. Silicone lube is necessary for water play. Lubes that create sensations can enhance your experience. Flavored lubes are fun for oral sex. Don’t be afraid to try and own lots of lubricant. Sometimes the search to find what you like is half the fun.


Just as you might experiment with vibrators or dildos, it’s a good idea to experiment with lubes, too. Look for brands at Jack and Jill that feel good against your skin, make penetration better, and clean up easier. Not every lube is right for everybody, but everyone can benefit from lube. It’s something you’ll want to keep around. Giant dildos, anal play, vaginal dryness, and sex in water are just a few times you may need a tube or bottle. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much lube.

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