How to Get the Best Orgasms from Anal

Backdoor sex can be tricky. For many, unnecessary worries and doubts detract from an otherwise pleasurable experience. Like most sex acts, getting off from anal has as much to do with the mental turn on as it does the physical.

We at Jack and Jill have a few beginner tips to get you in the game.

Steps to Achieving Anal Orgasm

  • Start small: When using anal sex toys for the first time, try a small butt plug or vibe like a pocket rocket. Remember that while a woman’s vagina self-lubricates, allowing for easy, painless insertion, the anus does not (which brings us to our second point.)
  • Go heavy on the lube: Whether it’s a penis, dildo or set of beads, apply anal lubricant to the booty and whatever will be going inside it. The easier the insertion, the quicker your orgasm will be. When using an anal sex toy, remember to use lube specific to the material.
  • Try a sex toy trainer: Anal trainers are great for longer, more intense orgasms because they prepare you for each stage of development in your sex game. Once you get used to butt play, you may require wider and deeper penetration in order to climax. With toys like the Juli Ashton Beginner Kit, you easily can swap toys in the heat of the moment.
  • Change positions: The enjoyment of this sex act is all about comfort. Many couples assume doggy style as a natural position for backdoor action, but spooning usually allows for more intimacy. It also provides a great opportunity for a slow buildup of cuddling, kissing and prepping leading up to the big O.
  • Stimulate the G-spot: Once you know you can achieve an orgasm from butt play, you need to know where to aim. You can indirectly stimulate a woman’s G-spot (located in her vagina) through the walls of her anus. You also can use a penis or insertable toy for deep stimulation while avoiding the often painful mistake of thrusting in and out repeatedly.
  • Use your body: While it’s unlikely you’ll bring a partner to orgasm through anal teasing alone, a rim job (licking around the anus) or finger play is a nice complement to a clitoral or vaginal orgasm. The anus includes plenty of nerve endings, just like a penis or vagina. Any stimulation will feel nice as long as it’s welcome.

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