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How to Feel Sexy in Lingerie

How many times have you perused the lingerie section of a store and thought, “I wish I could wear that but…”? Then you proceed to list all of the supposed flaws you have and reasons why sexy lingerie is for everyone but you. For some people, the problem isn’t that these lacy and see-through things aren’t “for you.” It’s that you don’t feel sexy in them. Maybe you feel silly or weird. Maybe you think you’re too fat or too old.

Guess what? You’re not. Anyone woman can and should wear sexy lingerie if you want to. All you need is help finding the right lingerie and feeling sexy when you wear it. We have a few tips that will help.

Find Something You Like

When it comes to anything sexual, plenty of people worry about what they “ought” to do, try, or wear when it’s best to go with what you genuinely enjoy. Worry less about what other people do and focus on what you like. That includes your lingerie. Don’t worry about lingerie trends and look for things that look pretty, sexy, or interesting to you. That might be crotchless panties and a set of pasties or it may be a sweet babydoll teddy with a satin ribbon. Wearing what you like is the first step in feeling confident and sexy.

Buy the Right Size

Ignore the number on the tag or the size you wish you were and buy what actually fits. There is nothing more distracting or uncomfortable than a too-small bra pinching into your back or the stockings that bunch around your ankles. When you strut around the bedroom for your partner, they aren’t going to ask what size you’re wearing. They’re going to start drooling over your sexy self. When your sexy lingerie fits you well, the only thing anyone notices is how good you look. But if you look like you’re about to fall out of your lingerie, the fact that the size is too small may be all you’ll be able to concentrate on.

Choose Comfort Over Fashion

What’s sexier? A cotton bra that cups your breasts and shows them off in the best light that you forget you’re wearing? Or the satin push-up with the nipples cut-out that you keep pulling at because the stitching scratches your skin? Whatever lingerie you choose, it should feel good against your body. Being pretty on the hanger or the website isn’t enough. There’s nothing sexy about pulling your panties away from your crotch because the itch is driving you crazy or pulling at the hem of your fishnet dress. It’s distracting to both you and your partner.

Remember, Your Partner Already Thinks You’re Hot

If you look in the mirror after putting on lingerie and immediately wonder about your life choices, stop. Remember one thing: no matter what you wear, your partner thinks you’re sexy as hell. They wouldn’t have sex with you unless they did. It’s okay to want to look sexier for yourself or your partner, but if you think you look ridiculous, chances are, you don’t. Your partner is going to see you decked out in your fishnets, satin, lace, or barely-there lingerie and want to get you naked as soon as possible.

Fake It Until You Make It

When it comes to sex, faking it (as in orgasms) isn’t a good thing. But this time, you’re faking your confidence. Run through the checklist: you’re wearing comfortable lingerie that fits properly and that you think is pretty, sexy, or cute (or all of the above). That’s the only criteria your lingerie has to fit. You know your partner thinks you’re hot as you are, so now it’s time to build your own sexy confidence. Telling yourself, “I look hot!” even when you’re not completely convinced is the first step in believing it. Keep reminding yourself that you are sexy as you are, in or out of lingerie, and eventually you won’t be faking your sexy confidence. It will be very real. The more you strut around, pretending to feel sexy and confident, the sooner you’ll actually feel sexy and confident.


Sexy lingerie for women isn’t just for models on the catwalk or super-confident and super-fit women. Any woman and all body types can feel sexy in lingerie. You simply have to find what fits, what feels comfortable, and what you like. If a pair of cotton panties and a t-shirt can make you feel sexy (and they should!), so can fishnets, stockings, babydolls, and any other lingerie you might buy. What matters is that you find what works best for you.

Have you ever felt sexy in lingerie? Do you want to? Share your thoughts down in the comments below!

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