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Red Rider Adjustable Strap-On With 7-Inch Dong Review

Strap-on sex toys have become immensely popular in the bedroom. While they were once the domains of mostly women, they’re now finding homes in the toy chests of more adventurous male-female partnerships, as well as those more traditional lesbian couples.

However you plan to use your strap-on, you need one that’s built for comfort and designed to provide a good time for both partners. The Red Rider adjustable strap-on with 7-inch dong should be your go-to toy!

From a wild experience you won’t ever forget, to a toy that you use almost every night, this unique, high-quality strap-on will do the job for everybody. Best of all, you won’t need to replace it in a few months since it’s built for everybody from beginners to more advanced players.

Keep reading to learn more about the amazing, tantalizing Red Rider adjustable strap-on with 7-inch dong.

G-Spot and P-Spot Stimulation

Not all strap-on sex toys are created equal, and while all of them are designed for penetration, they don’t all do the job when it comes to stimulation. In fact, some toys completely miss the point and don’t seem to offer much G-spot or P-spot stimulation at all.

The Red Rider was designed with a dildo that stimulates your most sensitive parts. Whether you’re using this for vaginal or anal sex, you’ll hit the mark every single time.

Isn’t sex a whole lot more fun when you’ve got the right toys to get you off? We sure think so!

Just the Right Size

Many strap-on toys come with dildos that are just too small to be truly exciting, especially for more advanced players and people used to penetrative sex. Others are far too big for trying out new things in a comfortable way, which is particularly important if you plan on using your strap-on for anal sex.

While quality lubricant can help, the Red Rider strap-on is the perfect size for pretty much everybody. Offering a full 7.5-inch length and 1.63-inches in girth, this toy is going to be a satisfying experience for everybody who puts it on or enjoys their partner putting it on.

Quality Harness, Quality Sex

Many strap-on toys that you find on the market these days are designed for a one-time thrill. If you’re looking for something built to last though, you might be sorely disappointed with most toys on the market.

The Red Rider harness strap-on is designed with quality in mind. Even players who love to use their strap-on toys regularly will marvel at the quality, especially when you consider the fairly low price point.

If you want something that will stand the test of time and be a favorite in the bedroom for months and years to come, look no further than the Red Rider. Best of all, this harness can be used with different toys since it comes with a 1.75” diameter O-ring.

That means you’ll get plenty of use out of this harness, even if you like to play with different toys from time to time. Variety is the spice of life after all, right?

Jack and Jill

Visit Jack and Jill to learn more about the Red Rider Strap-On and how it can help you spice things up in the bedroom!


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