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Sex Toys and High-Tech

Take a look around you, wherever you are, and you’ll probably see a handful of unique, high-tech devices that didn’t exist 20 years ago. There’s also a good chance you’re reading this on a smartphone, tablet or laptop that wouldn’t have been around even 10 years ago.

It should come as no surprise that the world of sex toys is also embracing high-tech ideas. While some of the toys out there might be high-tech for the sake of technology only, there are many that actually make sex more fun and a whole lot smarter.

Keep reading to learn more about how sex toys are moving into the 21st century with their end-user in mind.

Body Safe Materials

If you walked into a sex shop 20 years ago and found a toy that looked promising, chances are it was made of rubber, plastic or some other material that really wasn’t particularly good for your body. Over time, these toys often took on bacteria because they were made of porous materials.

Today, manufacturers of sex toys are much smarter when it comes to what they put out on the market. For the most part, that’s because consumers are a lot smarter about taking care of their bodies and knowing what they want in a sex toy.

Items like the Icicles No 5 Glass Dong are particularly popular today because they’re easy to clean, healthy for internal use, and completely non-porous. Glass toys can even be placed in warm or cold water for additional sensation play.

Popular toys like the Tantus Curve in midnight purple are also made of body safe, phthalate-free silicone.

Sleek Design

More and more these days, companies are looking to make sex toys that come in a sleek design. That doesn’t mean that function comes as a second thought though.

Products like the Sensuelle Impulse Rechargeable Slimline Vibrator and the Callie by Jopen Vibrating Wand are all beautiful enough for display, even if you do prefer to keep them in your bedside drawer.

Even toys for men are getting more sophisticated, as companies like Tenga introduce the Flip Hole masturbator to men that once would have gone to great lengths to keep their toys away from prying eyes.

Unisex Toys

Along with body safe, high-tech materials and a sleek design, a lot of sex toy makers are starting to embrace the fact that not every toy needs to be made just for men or women. In fact, men and women can both get a lot of pleasure out of a variety of different toys.

The Tryst Black Multi-Erogenous Massager is just one example of this unique kind of toy, designed to be used by both men and women. Made from quality black silicone, this powerful toy can be used to massage the clitoris and prostate, or worn around the penis like a typical penis ring.

The Tryst Black Multi-Erogenous Massager also acknowledges another trend in the sex toy industry these days – the fact that more and more couples are breaking down the walls and being honest about what’s really fun and exciting in the bedroom.

Jack and Jill

Visit Jack and Jill to learn more about all of the great sex toys on the market today. Whether you’re looking for high-tech sex toys, or you just want to stock up on the tried-and-true basics, Jack and Jill should be your one-stop shop for everything you want and need in the bedroom!

Do you prefer your sex toys to be high tech or do you prefer something more basic? Let us know in the comments!


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