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Should Size Matter? What to do if Your Partner Has a Small Penis

During the many open conversations our culture and society have regarding sexuality, three words get asked without a definitive answer or conclusion–does size matter? Much like the preferences of art, literature, and film, the answer is one that’s completely subjective and will differ greatly depending upon who’s asked the question. We bring this up because addressing the topic is actually quite difficult for some. Despite the recent strides many have made in terms of divorcing themselves from the toxic masculinity that’s been a major part of their upbringing, the underpinnings of the male ego still exist when it comes to the awareness that they might have issues measuring up to the competition. 

Superficiality and the Fragility of Ego 

While the ego and self-esteem of some might whimper or be hindered by not having a member of unusual or above-average size, many are quick to assume that what lies between their legs is the definitive statement as to establish their worthiness of the affection of others. This, of course, is a falsehood that while difficult to overlook from time to time, is easily explained away. 

The prospect that a smaller-sized organ is a basis for an entire relationship is immature, superficial, and so far removed from reality, that it’s essentially a non-issue in the real world. If anything, this is a good example of the unrealistic expectations set by celebrity culture and fictionalized accounts that take place in mainstream pornographic films. While pornography is healthy and can benefit excitement in the bedroom, it’s a reality that’s fabricated and not to be seen as a direct representation of life. 

The bottom line is this–the size of someone’s genitalia is not the be-all-end-all factor in a long-lasting relationship. 

Medical Facts About Penis Size 

The average flaccid penis measures about 3 inches in length and this number is expanded to roughly 5 when erect. This is considered the average across the male population, so even if your partner isn’t the second incarnation of John Holmes or Harry Reams, there’s a good chance that their member is a size that’s acceptable. 

However, there are actual cases that are attributed to those whose members are considered smaller than average. We’ve opted to focus on three in particular that are the most common. 

  • Trapped Penis This occurs after the male penis is circumcised after birth. It’s very important that the genitalia heals properly. When this doesn’t occur, the penis can become trapped beneath the skin, hindering growth. 
  • Webbed Penis This occurs when the scrotal skin gets attached too high to the penis, causing it to look smaller than it actually is. 
  • Buried Penis This is a rare occurrence when there’s an excessive amount of extra skin around the penis. Men who have this affliction have trouble getting aroused, erect, and performing. Luckily, this can be alleviated through cosmetic surgery. 

While we’re on the subject of medical research, it’s important to remember that a larger member doesn’t instantly equate to great sex and orgasm through penetration. As a matter of fact, female orgasm is seldom hindered by size and more by stress. If you’re concerned about the ability to reach a proper climax with your partner, have a line of communication open. But also remember that poor self-esteem can be a major factor in someone’s ability to perform in the bedroom–so talk about the situation tactfully. 

Great Sex When Size is Taken Out of the Equation 

If we go under the assumption that size has no bearing on sexual pleasure, and that a night of passion can be had with someone of less than average size, we’ve amassed some tips from experts that can accentuate the night and make the possibilities for pleasure seem endless. 

  • Just as anxiety can hinder the achievement of female orgasm, the same can be said about the male erection. While your partner might not have an issue with getting hard, it might not be at its fullest potential. Introducing foreplay into the evening might be the extenuating circumstances that are needed for a natural extension. 
  • While the female vagina gets “wet” when it’s properly aroused, many couples tend to favor lubrication for easy entry and penetration. We recommend trying the experience with less lube to accentuate the sensation. For anal penetration, it’s still recommended that you be generous with lube and its application. 
  • Just because your partner might not be a tripod, doesn’t mean he can’t rock your body. One of the ways you can elevate the pleasure during penetration is to utilize the same pelvic muscles that you use when you hold back urine. (This seems gross, we know. But we wanted to get the point across in a way that was instantly understandable.) 
  • Another technique you can try is experimenting with new positions. One of the greatest things about a sexual relationship between two consenting adults is the aspect of breaking new boundaries and attempting to take pleasure and ecstasy to new and exciting thresholds. 

Penis Pumps 

Of course, here in the modern era, there’s always a solution to almost any problem. One way in which some men find relief from their size issues is by the use of a penis pump. This device allows blood to flow to the penis much quicker, allowing an erection that’s a bit larger than usual. Effective, adequate priced, and non-invasive, the device has satisfied customers and even received high praise from the Mayo Clinic as a safe way to treat erectile dysfunction and offer a short-term solution in the bedroom.

The Solutions You Need at Jack and Jill Adult 

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